Raine’s 63rd Post!

by: Raine

Happy 63rd Post!

People always celebrate milestones. A couple’s 25th anniversary. A radio station’s 10 years on air. A club’s 50,000 person membership.

Usually those milestones are counted in even numbers.

Well not here! We’re going in 63s! Why? Because I can. I like the number 63. It’s fun and sassy.

Because 63 is such an awesome number, I’ve decided this post should have all kinds of awesomeness.

Yes, you guessed it. I’m going to extoll the virtues of my amazing fellow bloggers and blog supporters.

They are quite a cooky bunch, the members of my blogging community. They hail from all over the world and between us we speak over ten languages and represent all habitable continents. (Except for Australia, I think. If you’re from Australia, please fess up and join in so my quota can be reached. If you think Antarctica counts as a habitable content, you’re wrong. If you think you’re from Antarctica, you’re a deranged Popsicle and therefore not very useful in a blogging community.)

Awesome Bloggers

Alua – Otherwhere

  • A delightful writer and film aficionado. She enjoys films from all over the world.
  • She likes K-drama and J-dorama. Extra cool.
  • She is always going to film festivals in London and making me uber jealous.

Becoming Bitter – Becoming Bitter

  • Also, know as 14th-century Bitte because of a comment I made when we first met.
  • She has an awesome sense of smell.
  • Don’t mess with her – she’s a deatheater.
  • Her blog is full of dark humor and musings. It’s a jolly good time.

Jawavillager – Javaville

  • A sporadic writer of film reviews, humorous stories about her baby brother, cultural discussions and thoughts on life.
  • She’s pretty much awesome all around.
  • She was my first follower and blogging friend.
  • She wrote a wonderful commentary in my Featured Blog about Dramabeans.

Lafemmeroar – Lafemmeroar

  • A rockin’ humor writer with a wicked style.
  • She runs the Crazy Chicks Club. If you’re crazy and you’re a check, you should join.
  • She has all sorts of helpful advice.

MadDino – Mad Dino Asylum

  • I have nicknamed her Deeno and she runs an asylum.
  • She has an AK-47 and is Darth Vader incarnate. She was also a newt. Picture a newt dressed as Darth Vader.
  • She’s a techie extraordinaire and always has advice for poor little tech moron me.
  • She can write Twitter length recaps – the opposite of me.

Michael Cargill – Michael Cargill

  • A humor blogger. He is dry, witty and very creative.
  • Bitte is always harassing him.
  • He is fascinated with K-drama. I introduced him and now he can’t help but drop by every once and a while. I’m telling you, it’s the K-drama effect.

Min – Noises from the Closet

  • My most lovely friend who is a busy, busy, busy medical student in Mexico.
  • She is one of the smartest people I know.
  • She LOVES k-pop and writes really cool music posts on Mondays.

Shukmeister – Musings of a Twisted Mind

  • A fun friend from the Dramabeans Open Thread.
  • She is a creative writer who has a detailed, focused writing style. Go read her work. Yesterday.
  • She is writing a story inspired by the crazy characters that visit the DB OT.

Zgzgirl – K-DoramaenlasVenas

  • My fellow South Floridian unni.
  • She knows all the hot Korean restaurants down here.
  • She has an awesome Spanish-language blog dedicated to K-dramas. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, go look at the pretty pictures. She uses them well.

Awesome Followers


  • My fellow PSH lover and regular commenter. I appreciate that a lot. It gives me inspiration to keep writing.


  • My fellow Park Shi-hoo addict. She inspired the mini-series.


  • My bestie from graduate school.
  • She’s cool – except she plays the violin.

Miss JB

  • A regular commenter (thank you!) and lover of Park Shi-hoo and K-drama.


  • My most awesome unni who I met in the DB OT.
  • She loves Rain/Bi.
  • She is just as curious about learning as I am.


  • The Shukmeister started a story inspired by him.
  • He’s a flower boy – don’t mess with his hair.
  • If you want to buy him a gift, get him a full length mirror.
  • He’s an actor. Super cool.

The Lurkers

  • All the awesome people who read my blog and make my efforts worth it.

Next goal: Another 63 posts! I’ll see you at post 126!

23 responses to “Raine’s 63rd Post!”

    • 😀 Love you too. I can just imagine you with those hearts. If I was better at photoshop, I’d photoshop them in!

      I was feeling sassy one day and wrote it and just waited to get to 63…

  1. Raine!! Thank you soo much for mentioning me in your Ringu of Chingu. Arigato gozaimasu.

    Now a limerick to complement Deeno’s haiku:

    There once was a blogger named Raine
    Who created an online domain.
    With her love of KDrama,
    She made a Nakama,
    To keep us from being mundane.

    Happy 63rd! Always nice to enjoy a number divisible by 3.

    BTW, the cast of TPM was on Happy Together. You might want to look at to see your fav man get hit in the face by a water pistol. Wet hair + smile = cute.

  2. Oi, Thank you.

    Ranting Cello:

    Entranced by a cat
    Cello is not a guitar
    Pink hatchet of doom

    You in a haiku
    Why did I start number two?
    She loves Park Shi Hoo

    Oooo…that one was a haiku and it rhymed, but did it make sense?

  3. I still feel humbled when someone mentions my name in their blog. Cool! And thank you 🙂

    Happy 63rd post, noona!

    You described me perfectly, right down to the hair obsession. Yep, you don’t mess with the hair. (Someone died from hair products poisoning. Forensic experts also reported that the stomach was lined with broken glass. I’m not saying it was me though.)

    • 😀 You deserve to be mentioned uri dongsaeng. You’re my fellow stage lover and you make me smile.

      And a flower boy never gets his hands dirty. 😉

  4. I like random numbers. Fab choice.

    I like k-drama & j-drama in fact. I just don’t write about them enough…

    Don’t be jealous! I’ll drag you to see some films when you come to the UK. Remember, the KCCUK screens four (!) films a month FOR FREE (!). Remind me, what month is your friend’s wedding again?

    • Actually, to be accurate, they screen 3 for free and one in a cinema but that includes a Q&A. And given that I’m a sucker for Q&A’s I’ll pay for that happily…

      • I love to be dragged to awesome places. I’ll be there in late June/early July.

        And I added that you like doramas!

        I love random numbers too! 😀 I hit 50 posts and was like…I don’t want to celebrate this. 63 sounds better. Haha.

  5. chukhahaeyo,raine!always on the look out for your posts.more more more!most especially for psh-related ones.cheers!^^

  6. Thank you very much Raine! Maybe one day I will fully emerge from the K-Drama closet but not yet.

    You aren’t missing much with the Australians to be honest. They are just like Alaskans but with a different accent.

  7. Happy 63th post. I think this is the first time I get mention in someone’s post. 😀 😀
    I should work on my awesome blog so people can enjoy it. 😉

    • Michael – We will wait for you to come out. We are patient, we K-drama addicts – except when it comes to new episodes.

      zgznoona – you deserve it!

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