Padam Padam: Episode 11 Recap

by: Raine with comments by a most awesome, albeit rabbit obsessed, MadDino

Raine: The ending of last episode left me trying not to hate Ji-na right for jumping to insane conclusions, saying that her mother died because of Kang-chil and other nasty and sundry things. But, I can’t help this hate that wells within me for wimpy, wilty, woe-is-me women. Does she get off of Raine’s hit list by the end of this episode? Read on and find out…

Deeno: You have a hit list? Who else is on it?

“???”??? (from the Padam Padam OST)

There are no additional tracks. *sob* I’ll stick it in when more of the OST comes out! But seriously, the show is on it’s last week and no OST?????????

episode 11 recap

Raine: Ji-na, the heartless hag, decides to break up with Kang-chil even though her mother trusted him. But he won’t stay if she doesn’t want him to stay. He wishes her good health and leaves her in tears. GOOD.

She sobs. He sobs. Sobbing all around.

Deeno: Why is she sobbing? She’s the one that did the dumping. She should be grinning. So you can punch her and knock her teeth out.

Raine: How many teeth?

Deeno: All of them!

Raine: On her way to her car, Ji-na passes a rock wall decorated with a huge pair of feathered wings. Just thought I’d point that out.

Deeno: You point out weird stuff.

Raine: Her father, Detective Jung Min-sik, is hanging out at the pharmacy waiting for her to pick him up and speculating that Kang-chil probably had something to do with Yong-hak’s coma. When Ji-na arrives, the pharmacist stops him as he is leaving to inform him that the man who she spoke with last time was nobody: just her cousin. Cue cute smiles…and Raine gagging.

Deeno: *vomiting*

Raine: At Hyo-sook’s, she is fired up over Kang-chil’s rejection of her affections and Gook-soo notes how easy it is for her to like and dislike. She likes to keep it simple. She’s a single mom, she has to. Then she decides she wants to see Gook-soo’s wings since they really belong to her – her lips brought them out, after all.

Deeno: Why don’t I have super powered lips? My poor rabbits. Squirrels don’t need to fly. They already can.

Raine: They can also squirrel things away in their cheeks. I wonder if Hyo-sook can do that…

Deeno: Didn’t you see that kiss with Kang Chil, definite had something her her cheeks.

Raine: Time for couple shippin’.

Raine: She tries to make him show her his back but ends up falling on top of him instead. She proceeds to babble rather than climbing off of him. Shaken, Gook-soo tells her to get off and when she does, she is quite flustered. His heart is pounding like he’s drunk. Oooooh.

Raine: So he runs out and climbs to the top of a building. He tips his head back with his eyes closed, jumps of the edge and…


Deeno: Yay!


You didn’t fall for it, did you?

No, he didn’t die.

Raine: He sprouts a glorious pair of white wings and FLIES into the moonlight, having a jolly old time.

Raine: That is, until he is shot in the heart. Blood blossoms over his white sweater as he plummets to the ground. Somehow he survives the several hundred mile drop and, now wingless and woundless, hears another gunshot.

Deeno: So awesome! I couldn’t stop smiling.

Raine: In the most lovely mountains, the evil hag and her father take a break for water and discuss memories with Min-ho. He was the rough sort of teenager, deprived of love and rebellious. Ji-na and her father then merrily race to the bottom of the mountains with stakes for a meal.

Raine: Kang-chil is out setting up small troughs to catch bunnies for Deeno’s army. His mother, Mi-ja is angry that he moved out of the house to mope alone over Ji-na. She hands him a banana and asks if he’s hurt because she rejected him – he confirms her suspicians. Relieved, Mi-ja rambles on about how most women like to lead men on but it’s better to be flat out rejected.

Deeno: Kamikaze Chipmunk would make a good minion. Strong and smart. He could build me a death star. Mwhehehe!

Raine: Ke. Ke. Ke. Hrm, if only he HAD been rejected, he wouldn’t have to deal with the wilty-flower hag.

Then, in the most loving of ways, Mi-ja tells him that no one will like him. Honesty is a virtue and knowing now will make it hurt less later. Even if she’s right, Kang-chil doesn’t want to hear it. She slaps an orange in his hand and walks away.

This woman is the master of backhanded love.

Raine: Detective Jung is singing and commiserating with Ji-na over the deaths of Mi-hye and Min-ho. He wouldn’t have yelled and beaten them if he knew they were going to die like that. A statement like that apparently makes for a bonding moment and he and Ji-na sing and get even drunker.

Deeno: That’s how I bond with people, by bragging about beating up others. Only I don’t regret my decisions.

Raine: Ji-na makes an appointment with the lawyer her mother had hired for Kang-chil, Lawyer Song.

Min-suk’s lackey partner finds out where Kang-chil lives and Min-suk has him dig up more info.

Raine: We finally get some action on the Chan-gul side of things. Chan-gul’s mortal enemy, the slimey Prosecutor Joo, told a supportive Judge Park that he was in charge of Yong-hak’s case. The judge believes Chan-gul is being misunderstood about. Oh, by the way, did Chan-gul know that Yang Kang-chil was released from jail? Chan-gul denies any interest but Prosecutor Joo says that Judge Park knew. Also, Detective Jung visited Yong-hak in the hospital, but Joo guesses that Chan-gul doesn’t care about THAT either…

Furious, Chan-gul visits his father and insists he’s being framed. His photographs and accounts are fabricated. Judge Park never mentioned receiving either of those things. But he was blackmailed, Chan-gul protests. Why would you be blackmailed if you’re innocent? Judge Park queries and forbids him to come home until the case is over.


Deeno: Chang Gul looks at his father as if he wants to kill him. I’m all for a little patricide.

Raine: Let’s do King Arthur and Mordred style.

Deeno: Aren’t they brothers?

Raine: Dude, get with your Arthurian legends. Mordred is Arthur’s son by his half-sister who he didn’t know was his sister at the time he slept with her. He was only like 13 or 14 I think.

Raine: Abusive Detective Jung wants Ji-na to marry Young-chul (who we haven’t seen much of lately.) She doesn’t want to. She’ll just live with daddio and although he refuses to do so, he’s grinning like a fool.

Deeno: It a hard choice. Abusive father or cheating ex. Or how about living with the ex-con who supposedly murdered your uncle. I’d rather like to see her go live in the wood instead. Eat berries until she goes crazy and starts murdering those otters she worked so hard to save.

Raine: At the hospital, Kang-chil is getting chemo to keep his promise with Ji-na. Gook-soo thinks he’s silly to keep a promise to a woman who broke up with him. Then, Kang-chil asks what happened to Gook-soo’s wings; they’ve disappeared. So why were there two gunshots? Angel boy is unsure: the first hit him in his chest, the second turned the sky the color of blood. He leaves to figure out the mysteries of life.

Deeno: He just needs to know that blood is good.

Raine: It’s father/son time. Kang-chil beats Jung at a war game, ‘cause he’s one smart ex-con – his kid has to pay for treats because he lost. The girl who is crushing on Jung wants to come, but Kang-chil tells her to date bully Yu-jin instead. He’s game. She’s not.

Deeno: A war game? A war game? No, that, my friend, is Starcraft. Don’t mess with Koreans and their Starcraft. They have professional games broadcast on TV.

Raine: Ooh, my siblings used to play that for days on end.

Deeno: You didn’t recognize it? My brothers used to play so I recognized it. It’s a classic game in PC rooms.

Raine: No, I only heard about it. For days and days and days on end.

Raine: Father and son eat. Jung is a bit unsettled by how little Kang-chil seems to be affected by his heartbreak. Using the opportunity to dole out fatherly advice, Kang-chil tells Jung to keep doing what he is supposed to do, even when he gets dumped.

Jung wants to know if it hurts. It hurts a lot, Kang-chil admits. And the treatment? One more shot of chemo and the first round is done. But grandma Mi-ja can’t know or she’ll flip out. Not to worry ‘cause Jung told her that Kang-chil was drinking with friends. The treatment is not for pain but to fulfill his promise with Ji-na. And for Jung.

That makes Jung, the long family deprived teen, smile, which turns upside down with concern. Cry if you need to, he tells his father. It’s weird to see you smile when you’re hurting. Kang-chil says that Mi-ja was right: no one will love him. But he feels lucky because Ji-na once loved him and that’s enough. Jung thinks she shouldn’t have played him.

Deeno: Deeno agrees with Jung. She’s no good. Well, good for murdering.

Raine: Jung’s phone rings and Kang-chil weasels his way out of the heart-to-heart. It’s Lee Suk, his mom’s “friend”/maybe dad, who’s in Seoul and wants to meet.

Deeno: I think Lee Suk wants to meet him, then kill him. He looks like a serial killer.

Raine: Chan-gul’s lackey takes photographs of Jung and Kang-chil parting ways and cackles evilly.

Raine: In Busan, Gook-soo tells Kang-chil of his plan to kiss Hyo-sook again to get his wings back. Kang-chil forbids it as the good “oppa/big brother” he is. A group of vet students amble buy and a few girls ogle them. Ji-na is with them and Kang-chil stares. “If you like her that much, take her somewhere and sleep with her,” Gook-soo advises and gets smacked upside the head.

Now THERE’S an angel.

The angel-who-gives-sex-advice sidles up to Ji-na in the lunch line and tells her that Kang-chil had treatment and the cancer shrank. The girl beside her ogles him.

Deeno: Deeno wants to ogle, too!

Raine: Raine, too!

Deeno: Rabbit army, too!

Raine: Ogling girl invites Gook-soo to sit with them and Kang-chil has no luck finding another table. He sits with the vet students (including Ji-na) and shovels food into his mouth while listening to ogle girl and the guy next to her argue about who’s going to get them water. Kang-chil gets tired of it and gets her water. The guy, most probably her boyfriend, gets offended and tries to start something. Kang-chil tells him they’re too loud and then downs the water. There, happy? Boyfriend leaves.

Raine: Angel boy siphons the gas out of Ji-na’s car and removes a few plugs. On the highway, he passes by her stopped and smoking car. “Suddenly” their truck has problems. When Kang-chil gets out to push, Gook-soo says, “You know I’m your guardian angel, right? Look in Ji-na’s trunk.” He speeds away and Kang-chil reluctantly helps Ji-na, explaining Gook-soo’s prank.

Deeno: I love him! He’s a million times better than that fat baby with a bow and arrow.

Raine: Then, he quickly leaves and she tells him to get in the car because there is no other way to get back to Tongyeong. He turns, orders her to pretend she doesn’t know him and to mind her own business.


Ji-na, miffed by his disregard, follows him and says that she was ONLY thankful that he fixed her car and that it was hard for her to offer him a ride. How should he treat her, then? Give her a hug? What can he do with someone who doesn’t trust him? She brings up the revenge issue and he lets her have it.

PARK CHAN-GUL!!! He wants revenge on Park Chan-gul! The guy who ACTUALLY stabbed Min-ho! “Whether or not you believe is up to you. I’ve said what I need to. Don’t ever talk to me again.”


Deeno: You are getting way too much pleasure out of this. I’m afraid you may be insane.

Raine: Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing. And I am clinically insane.

Deeno: I’m not letting you anywhere near my asylum. You’ll steal my men.

Raine: Oh, they’ll come to me.

Deeno: Not if I can help it. Which I can.

Raine: We shall see.

Raine: But wait! WAIT! Kang-chil ain’t done. No, no, no. He’s used to unrequited love. He waited for he mom for all those years. He’ll be fine without Ji-na, too.

Raine: Angel boy (stalker wingless angel boy) is waiting for Hyo-sook on her street to demand a kiss. “Is my mouth public property?” she asks him. She doesn’t want him to show up again because he’s moving her heart and she wants to live only for her daughter.

Before Gook-soo can try again, he gets a small beating from Mi-ja. If he doesn’t like Hyo-sook, he better leave her alone or she’ll kick him out.

She leaves him emotionally hurt but stupidly unaffected. “I have my reasons, too. You don’t even know.”

Honey, you are so pretty to look at, but you are one selfish angel.

Deeno: I’ll volunteer in her place. Wait, what am I doing? Why am I coming off as a pervert this time?

Raine: I’ll leave you to jump to your own perverted conclusions as I add more pictures to my PSH photo gallery and contemplate making a shower scene photo gallery…

Deeno: Phew, now I sound normal.

Raine: I thought that would make you feel better. But that is a really good idea now that I mentioned it. A shower scene photo gallery…

Deeno: You want me to throw up, don’t you?

Raine: Suddenly, Gook-soo gets shot in the chest and falls to his knees, calling for Mi-ja. A vision of Kang-chil getting shot in the chest flashes before him, which sends him running to find his hyung.

Meanwhile, Detective Jung tests out his aim with an empty gun as his lackey spies on Mi-ja.

2 + 2 =…

Raine: Kang-chil is working on little houses and boats for his diorama/scaled model/miniature of Tongyeong. It’s so sweet!

Deeno: I’d use it to plan a nuclear attack.

Raine: Prosecutor Joo brings in Detective Jung to look over the people he brought in for the drug case. They are interupted by Chan-gul who reports that “Prosecutor Song” has something to discuss with them. (Didn’t Ji-na call a Prosecutor Song? How many “Song”s are in South Korea?)

Raine: Gook-soo is fretting over his vision and their eminent deaths – he’s only half an angel right now and can’t do much. Adorable Kang-chil promises to protect him no matter what, but his words hold no comfort for the desolate Gook-soo. His father always called him useless and now he feels that way.

The moment is interrupted by a call from Kang-chil’s boss who needs him on-site. His departure triggers another vision for Gook-soo; this time the face behind the gun is just a bit clearer.

Raine: Ji-na the hag meets with Prosecutor Song, the lawyer that her mother hired to defend Kang-chil. The case of Min-ho’s murder depended 100% on eyewitnesses. There were two stab wounds: the death stab to the lung and a superficial cut to the side. But the knife recovered didn’t have any lung tissue on it so it is quite possible that it wasn’t the murder weapon. The real murder weapon, however, is probably long gone.

Deeno: This is why a lightsaber makes a good murder weapon. No blood traces. Just seared flesh.

Raine: Wait, don’t you like blood?

Deeno: Not if it means I’m in jail.

Raine: True.

Deeno: I must be free to kill others. To shed more blood!

Raine: You can pull a Dexter and get lots of blood but leave no traces. Well, at least in the first season.

Prosecutor Song also explains that Mi-hye wanted Kang-chil to know that someone believed in him. Ji-na’s brain finally starts to function again as she remembers all of her conversations with Kang-chil about her mother.

Raine: Detective Jung’s lackey spills the beans that Kang-chil fixed Ji-na’s animal hospital up. He high tails it over to Young-chul who confirms that the contractor, and the carpenter who saved Ji-na from the trap, was Kang-chil.

Raine: Somehow, Ji-na finds Kang-chil as he’s waiting at a bus stop and they talk as the sun is setting.

Basically, she thinks he’s guilty. Her family is just as sorry as he is so he should just let it go. Everything is in the past.

Public hanging? Anyone? Anyone?…Bueller?

Deeno: Deeno! I’ll tie the knot.

Raine: So then she says that her mother believed in him so she will, too, which confuses the heck out of me, but I’m going to run with it.

Raine: It’s Kang-chil’s turn to lay it down. Mi-hye only felt sorry for him and always had the question “What if?” in her eyes. He wants to hand her the evidence so she can believe him without suspicion. What does she mean when she says it’s easy to get over with?

She still can’t love him because of it. Her father is still angry because of it. How is this in the past? Don’t ever speak to him again or even act like she knows him. If he sees her again, he won’t let her go.

Raine: Ji-na has the gall to call him again. Does she take him as a joke? Nope, she wants him to find evidence and prove her, and everyone else, wrong. Make them apologize to him.

Kang-chil is overburdened with all the crap in his life and cries while I wonder why it had to take her so long to reach this conclusion. Oh yeah, k-drama gods are cruel and unusual. Anyway, she wants him to meet her at his workshop so she can apologize for breaking up with him before she makes a grander apology for being a total douchebag.

At this point, the drama gods will intervene because things never go right halfway through a drama. (Yes, I’ve already seen the episode, so what?)

Raine: Suddenly, Kang-chil gets thrown against the walls and viciously kicked. His assailant pins him against the wall and we see that it’s Detective Jung.

“Long time no see,” Detective Jung says as he points a gun into Kang-chil’s side.


Deeno: Blood streaming down his face, it’s so beautiful. It would be more beautiful if they’d actually killed Kang Chil, but I don’t see that happening, yet.

Raine: No, not him. The hag.

Deeno: I’m fine with anyone dying, except Gook Soo.

Raine: I’m generally anti-death. But I’ll make an exception for the hagtastic wench.

Deeno: Does this make me pro-death?

Raine: Do you even have to ask? I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a female lead so much before. Ji-na’s wimpy, whiny, jump-to-conclusion-y idiocy drives me flippin’ bonkers. She cried so much for no reason.

She did, however, semi-redeem herself at the end. She assumes that he’ll take her ridiculous self back (which he most definitely will). When she said she was selfish, she really wasn’t kidding…at all.

I suppose I did like the family bonding moments, even if her father is an abusive creep.

Deeno: I’m anti-family bonding in this drama. They really ought to kill each other instead. Imagine Ji Na and her father killing each other. It would be epic!

Raine: No, he’d just beat her silly and she would die of head trauma.

Deeno: I’d be fine with that.

Raine: As for Kang-chil, Jung Woo-Sung did such a magnificent job with him. He portrayed how raw Kang-chil’s heart and soul were with such finesse. Thumbs up for you!!!

Gook-soo’s angel conflicts continue to intrigue me. Who’s ever seen a sex-obsessed, violence loving, prankster angel before? He even gets his kiss on…twice in two episodes. I vote him and Squirrel! They will have Squirrel Angel babies!

Deeno: I want Rabbit Angel babies.

Raine: We finally get Chan-gul back and I think he’ll be back with a vengence. Daddy dearest turned on him. Prosecutor Joo is gunning ofr him and ready to use Detective Jung as a bloodhound. Kang-chil really best watch himself. I’m excited for this.

The cinematography is really awesome, especially the close-up work. I even, for a brief moment, pitied Ji-na because of the awesome camera story-telling. (At least that’s what I tell myself.)

Wherever this is filmed is just stunning with the rolling hills, ocean and cute little town.

In any case, this show just got better. It’s beautiful. There’s mystery. The girl stopped acting like a total idiot and, like a delivery from an Angel Boy for Deeno, it ended with lots of blood.

Deeno: Blood! I’m happy! Happy dance in a pool of blood! I’m singing and dancing in the blood.

Raine: She’s singing in the blood! She’s singing in the blood! What a glorious feeling…

If you have a glorious feeling, please do share. How do you like this drama now that we’ve just passed the halfway mark?

Episodes 1 (MadDino Asylum aka MDA), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (MDA), 9, 10 (MDA)

Character introductions.

Padam Padam Episode 11 Screencaps.

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  1. Thanks for recap, I enjoy reading it, even if I´ve finished watching this drama already. But it was a good drama and worth to stop by.

  2. New title “Hemoglobin and Hares: The Search for Screwed-Up Love”
    “Bunny-lovin’ Blood: Romance Outside the Killer Rabbit Myth”

    Good job with the recaps though!

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