Lee Je-hoon: The Photogallery

by: Raine

Inspired by the comments on my Fashion King recaps, I’ve decided to make a gallery for the drooling fans of uri Lee Je-hoon.

(Lee Je-hoon for Esquire.)

(Lee Je-hoon for Officiel Hommes. Sneak peak of skin…*drool*)

(Lee Je-hoon at BIFF.)

More Coming Soon!!!

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6 responses to “Lee Je-hoon: The Photogallery”

  1. 1. Je Hoon has a beautiful neck (I go crazy whenever he loosens his tie!!!)…and collarbone…and chest…heck, everything about him is damn sexay~~ I need to see some more bare skin *drools*

    2. On the last BIFF pic, Lee Je Hoon looks like an ADORABLE elfin, mischievous Grinch. Also, I don’t know if anyone’s read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, but Je Hoonie also looks a bit like the illustrations of “the gentleman (fairy) with thistle-down hair.” And this is completely random and bizarre, but to me, he also sort of looks similar to Yuri~~

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