Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 6 came in at 10.4% according to AGB Nielsen. A 0.3% increase!  Rock on! Thanks to Joencorner for finding this info!

This episode really gave us some plot fodder to munch on. Hooray! The men folk are using the women folk. The women folk are in need of some backbone miracle grow. There’s lots of stolen kisses. And a ridiculously awesome plot twist right at the end. Read on.

“???” –  ??? (from the Fashion King OST)

Coming out as soon as more of the OST comes out!

(Fashion porn! Here you go Mystisith. C’est pour vous! And, if anyone can tell me why this stuff is considered creative, please let me know…it’s totally not my thing.)

episode 7 recap

No angry pygmies came after Ga-young as she stole bolts of cloth for Young-gul. It was only a wickedly handsome chaebol with an inappropriate crush on a poor girl.

He catches her as she falls and they stare awkwardly at each other before he realizes he has to put her down. They each wonder why the other is there and act generally awkward. Ga-young lies that she wants extra fabric to try out a few ideas.

By the way, he’s wearing a pink tie. Last episode she wore that pink coat. What is up with this show and pink? I love pink. I’m the Pink Princess as Deeno and others like to call me. But there is only so much pink I can look at before my brain turns into cotton candy.

Jae-hyuk hurries away and turns to look after her with a smile. The boy is smitten and I love it, ‘cause it’s cute, and I hate it, ‘cause he has a girlfriend/fiancee thingy-y…er, person.

On his way home, he’s all smile-y over their encounter and happens to see her sitting at a bus stop. She is mortified when he stops to give her a lift and makes the excuse that she wanted to try working at the factory.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

He tells her to learn a lot from An-na and then asks if living in the factory is uncomfortable. When she says no, he pulls out the change purse that she’d left in the car. She smiles, pleased to have it back.

Young-gul finds An-na at the factory and after checking to see if he has anything in his teeth, offers her a drink. She wonders if he’s called Michael. He hasn’t had time. When asked if he sleeps at the factory, he answers that he has for six years. An-na spots Ga-young’s slippers and asks if she does as well. She’s only a tenant; nothing else.

An-na gets snooty, wondering what their relationship is and accusing him of thinking too highly of himself because he met Michael once. He only sells fakes in Dongdaemoon. She assumes he looks down on her and thinks she’s laughable.

Young-gul is floored by her words.

But An-na isn’t done. If Young-gul hadn’t sold Ga-young, she wouldn’t have to go through all that she has. Take her back, An-na orders. She’ll give him more than the cancellation fee.

When she rises to leave, he grabs her arm, citing her true fear: She’s afraid that Jae-hyuk will break up with her.

She orders him to let go, but he tells her that she’s awesome before pulling her into a hug. She came because she missed him, didn’t she?

Young-gul steals a kiss and she slaps him, thinking she’s crazier than him for actually considering him human.

Again, he intercepts her as she tries to leave. What does she want to know about him? If she wants to know something, just ask.

Right now, she doesn’t want to know anything and leaves to find a smiling Jae-hyuk helping Ga-young out of his car. Young-gul comes out and it’s a showdown: who can give the nastiest glare?

Actually, Ga-young doesn’t participate. Instead she tries to melt into the floor. Young-gul stalks away. Ga-young fails at melting and runs inside instead.

Then An-na glares at Jae-hyuk. He glares at her. Electricity crackles. Jealousy fueled anger brims.

Jae-hyuk demands why An-na was there and she coldly explains that she was trying to get Young-gul to take Ga-young back. The only thing he seems to be concerned about is why she had to come HERE.

She stalks away. He glares. Brood. Brood. Pout. Pout. Glare. Glare. Rinse and repeat. Oh yeah, don’t forget super emo music.

Inside the factory, Ga-young readies for bed and smears lotion on her face. A testy Young-gul demands to know what’s in the bag and is surprised that she actually brought them for him. Why did she come home with that jerk? Does he like her? Young-gul doesn’t care who likes who, but he doesn’t want to see any of it.

Yes, you do care. You just don’t know it yet. Why? ‘Cause the promo posters say that you’re part of the OTP. When’s that gonna happen? Right now he’s all like, “Let’s jump An-na’s bones!”

In his office, Young-gul smirks to himself as he realizes that Jae-hyuk digs Ga-young. She crankily storms in, snaps that she’s going to return the fabrics and slams the door.

Not to be left out of the makjang party, An-na is running on the treadmill, remembering Young-gul’s earnest words.

Jae-hyuk and his father are doing yoga (and Je-hoon is fully clothed…boo…) Dad basically tells him he better start producing results because people who try really hard but get nowhere are useless.

Now that’s how to be a supportive parent!

The next day, Jae-hyuk takes a moment to gather himself before visiting An-na. They sit on opposite sides of the room: he behind her desk and she in a chair. They watch each other, testing the waters.

Jae-hyuk wonders why she hates Ga-young that much. Should he get rid of her? An-na wonders if he is jealous and deflates when he says that he has no reason to be jealous. He just doesn’t want her to run to Young-gul because of some ordinary girl. An-na needs to make sure she acts like Jae-hyuk’s woman. Oh yeah, let’s each lunch together.

WHOA! Hold the show. Wait a damn second. Is he marking his territory or what? He’s decided that both women are his, as has Young-gul. Men are so weird. Pick one! Stop treating An-na like a plaything. Stop chasing a woman who isn’t yours to chase because you belong to someone else. Take your own advice. Act like your An-na’s man. RAWR!!!!!

And then…why…why….do I love it when he’s all cute towards Ga-young. *Beats self*

At J Fashion, Ga-young tries to get in, but her passcard doesn’t work. An employee starts to question her when white-haired Design Director Kim intervenes. He’s very intrigued to hear that Ga-young, an employee of another brand, was hired by Director Jung Jae-hyuk.


Kim interrogates Jae-hyuk about hiring a worker without his consent. He’s the designer. Full of salt, Jae-hyuk asks who is going to live longer. Kim snaps back and then stalks out.

Jae-hyuk is getting too big for his britches.

He’s also angry that Ga-young didn’t ask the secretary for help getting in.

I think he needs a better plan if he’s going to do things he shouldn’t. He tries to come up with one: finish within a week. He’ll give her more people. Then he sends her off.

As she picks up her things, her meager lunch of rice and kimchi falls out of her bag. This sets him off. How a can she work under the man who made her so poor? She had a once in a lifetime opportunity at the fashion school but now she’s working under Young-gul.

Taking a moment to think, she replies thoughtfully, Have you ever starved? Have you ever lived in a storage room with no heat in winter? The first night I slept at his factory, it was so warm I thought I was dreaming. There was a heated mat. It was close to the shutter, but I wasn’t scared because there was someone beside me.

Young-gul is her savior and supported her going to America. He came to find her because he was like her, with no where to go. How could she ignore the person who gave you the most precious time in the world? She feels as though she’s finally come home.

Oh yeah, she feels thankful towards Jae-hyuk, too – for helping her to get the factory back.


Ga-young heads to the work room where she meets the icy Choi An-na, smirking and steeling herself for a femme showdown. A nothing like Ga-young doesn’t need to be meeting Jae-hyuk anymore. She just needs to sew.

Harsh, sister. Harsh.

Young-gul has a meeting with Tae-san and reveals that his goal is to make money. Then, Tae-san shares his favorite saying from eunuch Samanchaen.

  • People curse at those who have ten times as much as they do.
  • They fear those who have one hundred times as much.
  • They work for people who have one thousand times.
  • They become voluntary slaves for those who have ten thousand times as much.

Young-gul is friends with the son of J Fashion? Throw away courtesy and let the money motivate you, Tae-san advises. Show off like a nobleman and treat employees like slaves. Make them do the bad things and then reward them afterwards. Make everyone work for you and want to do it.


Tae-san also wonders how much he needs to invest, which gets the business and revenge gears turning in Young-gul’s mind. He sets the ahjummas to work and calls Chil-bok to tell him he has the seed money to begin. Order the fabric.

It’s lunch time and Ga-young stays behind to eat her humble meal. A phone call interrupts her and she goes to eat a fancy lunch with Jae-hyuk – the very same lunch An-na should be eating with him.

Jae-hyuk presents J Fashion’s brand to Ga-young, telling her that they hired based upon ability and not schooling. He thinks she should join them when she’s done with this project.

Ga-young, as devoted to Young-gul as ever, refuses. Young Young Apparel needs time to grow.

This completely confuses Jae-hyuk and thoroughly pisses him off. When she’s desperate, she throws aside her pride to come bother him but when he gives her an opportunity outright, she refuses. Is she slow or just rude?

He stalks away and the camera lets us know that An-na was listening. An-na takes her time going to the brand presentation where Jae-hyuk completely dismisses her presence with a look.

Dude, you’re asking for it. There is only so much a woman can take.

Also, someone get him plastic surgery so I stop getting distracted by his hotness. I keep wanting to pity him when he’s being a total asshole.

As Ga-young works, she remembers all the times Jae-hyuk inquired about her comfort, from the very first time he saw her at Madam Jo’s party to the last ride home he gave her.

She heads home and enters the factory to see Young-gul preparing all of her designs for marketing. Stunned, she wonders how he can do all this when they received the money from Jae-hyuk already. She understands how Young-gul can copy the designs, but if he was going to, they should’ve just done all of this themselves.

Whose side is she on? Young-gul demands and throws a dress at her for her to try on.

They stare at each other. She has a moral crisis. He calls Chil-bok for some models with big boobs.

March of the EVILS! Well, sorta. Momma and Papa Jae-hyuk are finally seen together; Dragon Lady and White-haired director Kim are there.

What for? The big reveal of “Choi An-na’s” line. Everyone files by An-na, giving her scathing looks, including Jae-hyuk, who quickly changes his to one of support.

Momma Jae-hyuk is sour. Papa Jae-hyuk is impressed. Design Director Kim notices the huge change in design style. And Dragon Lady recognizes Ga-young’s Michael Jackson jacket.

Ruh-roh. Michael Jackson jacket of DOOM.

Oh yeah, An-na refuses to smile at Jae-hyuk. Ha.

Meanwhile, an exuberant Young-gul is putting on his own show in the factory with the exact same line! Enter Michael Jackson jacket of doom.

Yes, this is a problem.

Young-gul smiles until he sees Ga-young’s somber face. Wait, wait. Is that a conscience? Keep watering it. Maybe it’ll grow. And while your at it, give Jae-hyuk a few seeds.

Design Director Kim insincerely congratulates An-na on her “new” designs. Why didn’t she show him before? Her style changed so quickly. Then he giggles evilly.


Jae-hyuk walks in and Kim informs him that the designs are magazine worthy and walks away giggling.

What happened to a good old-fashioned cackle?

It’s time for dinner at the Secret Garden mansion! The evil mommy’s are different, though. (Rooftop Prince stole her and gave her a personality transplant so she became a goofy aunt!)

Anyway, Daddy Jae-hyuk fawns over An-na; Mommy Jae-hyuk glares at An-na and wonders about the relationship between her son and Ga-young; An-na and Jae-hyuk smile tensely at each other.

Secrets. Secrets. Secrets. Makjang. Makjang. Makjang.

Young-gul returns to the factory and quietly watches Ga-young pretend she’s asleep. He answers a call and tells the other person (probably Chil-bok) that wants to fill up six factories for production. Then Tae-san calls and Young-gul pencils him in to his now busy schedule.

Oh look at you, so important when planning revenge and deceiving the one woman you should be confiding in.

The last call is from someone who makes him smile rather evilly. The person must’ve gotten curious about him. I would like to place bets that it’s An-na calling. Oh, you don’t want to bet on me? Why? Oh, maybe ‘cause I’ve already seen the episode twice…

He heads out and tells Ga-young to keep the doors closed and be safe. She cries.

Awwwww, he does care. Now show it better! Stop pining after emotionally damaged An-na. Young-gul at least came clean to Ga-young. He may be hustling and thinking of himself first, but he is there for her when it counts. It’s the first time in his life he’s looking after someone other than himself. He’s not doing a great job, but…he’s trying. Using the very twisted words of a loan shark…and using Ga-young…

A ridiculously trashed, hot, hot, hot, hot Jae-hyuk drunk-dials Ga-young, who is busy chugging soju. When she sees who’s calling, she does the infamous “remove-the-battery-from-the-phone” move.

Turns out Young-gul IS meeting An-na who immediately demands to know his relationship with Ga-young. Jealousy does not become you, m’dear.

She tells Young-gul that they presented the collection today and it went well. Although Ga-young made it, everything thinks that An-na did. This doesn’t end today, but will keep moving forward. Jae-hyuk will continue to seek out Ga-young and that will continue to anger. An-na. What should she do?

What does she want to do?

Well….she wants to work with Young-gul and for Jae-hyuk to work with Ga-young. It’s a challenge to Jae-hyuk.

Young-gul is grateful for the suggestion, but he’s a busy person (now).

And he has another plan in mind…

An-na asks if he’s just going to sell his worker, but he says it’s his decision. Rising, An-na says they have no more reason to see each other. But Young-gul doesn’t see it that way. He wrist grabs her, hauls her onto his lap and wonders if they can’t just see each other this way, without mentioning Jae-hyuk.

Does he know what her goal in life is? It’s Jae-hyuk.

What? What? If her goal is Jae-hyuk, she needs to stop the pouting, waterworks and complete lack of communication. She needs to work to break down Jae-hyuk’s wall. She’s supposed to be a hard worker; relationships require work, too, ya moron.

Or, she can be after Ga-young out of jealousy and possessiveness of her man. I don’t think it’s monetarily driven revenge, but there’s definitely jealousy.

Assistant Kim drives Jae-hyuk to Young Young Apparel where he bangs on the door and calls for Ga-young. He looks rather delicious with his top button undone…

Anyway, Ga-young quickly covers the mannequins before Jae-hyuk fumbles his way inside like an alcohol-fueled zombie.

Why didn’t she answer the phone? Where is Young-gul? Oh, he’s out? She must not be scared anymore even though she’s alone.

OoooOOoooh. He’s been thinking about what she said.

Anyway, he spots the bed and asks if it’s the warm place and then…he sits on it!

*cue sexy music in Raine’s head*

He feels the bed and it’s warm so he lies down on it!


Covering his eyes with his arm, he tells her that the exhibition of their new collection was well received by his father.

I’m sorry, he says.

“I’m used to men stealing my ideas,” she replies…in Raine’s dreams. You’re all sorry for stealing poor Ga-young’s work. Here’s my question: What is Ga-young doing to let all this happen? WHAT IS GOING ON?

Jae-hyuk grows silent and Ga-young creeps closer and then sits on the bed to wake him.

You all KNOW what I’m thinking. Heh. Heh.

But Jae-hyuk gets there first. He opens his eyes, gazes up at her and pulls her down to steal a very sexy kiss. When she pulls away, he flips her so that her back is on the bed.

RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG that was so sexy. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play.

Jae-hyuk leans in for another and she’s completely paralyzed. But then, Young-gul walks out and FLIPS OUT.

No, I’m serious. Eyes bugging, veins in his neck straining, yelling and beating the STUFFING out of a drunk Jae-hyuk. Ga-young watches in teary horror.

It’s Assistant Kim who manages to stop Young-gul just before he throws a work bench at Jae-hyuk’s head.

Ga-young quickly helps Jae-hyuk out to his car with Young-gul hollaring after them. She hands Jae-hyuk into the car. Well, more like helps him flop into the car, and they stare at each other. Jae-hyuk rolls down the window and offers his hand – she takes it. Their hands are pulled apart when Assistant Kim drives him away.

Girl, you don’t like him. What are you doing? Must be pity she’s feeling.

Then she heads inside and Young-gul finally turns out his lights. He was waiting for her to come in.

OMG. Wow. Young-gul is super super super furious. What do you think THAT reaction means? The whole situation will make him think for SURE.

Next day we see that Jae-hyuk has a tree in his house. COOL! No, we see that he’s checking out his busted up face, which still looks hot. He calls his assistant to say he’s not coming in but receives alarming news.

In Dongdaemoon market, there are knock-offs of the Michael Jackson jacket of Doom everywhere and Jae-hyuk puts on his “oh shit” face. Then he order Young-gul to come to his office.

Ga-young is working when Young-gul comes out dressed all snazzy-like and the ahjummas fawn. They don’t need to worry about salaries anymore – he’ll even give them bonuses. Although the ahjummas are digging Young-gul, the air is tense between him and Ga-young.

Young-gul struts into J Fashion like he owns it. In fact, it’s a burgeoning chaebol walk. He heads into the elevator where he encounters An-na and slams her against the elevator wall. RAWR! She’s all ruffled and he wonders if they should kiss, since they’re already in a compromising position and there is CCTV.


But no, she tries to shove him away as the elevator opens to reveal Design Director Kim and other members of her team staring, open mouthed.

Wow Young-gul. You’re really trying to do as much damage as possible aren’t you? I guess she’s on your shit-list, too, now that she’s treated you badly.

Young-gul chaebol walks into Jae-hyuk’s office and seats himself without invitation, his back to Jae-hyuk. The real chaebol starts in with threats of a legal battle, but they do not face Young-gul, expert in imitation of brand-name dresses. He doesn’t mind going to jail again; he’s got friends there now.

They trade words. Jae-hyuk wonders what Young-gul will get out of this? With a smirk, Young-gul replies that he gets the pleasure of screwing him over.

Then Young-gul pulls out his big weapon: he registered the designs. Furious, Jae-hyuk moves in to hit him, but Young-gul’s confidence stops him. Why is the top .0001% of Korea like this? (Remember Tae-san’s favorite saying?) They always win whatever they want. It’ll be annoying for Young-gul, but it’s a bonus seeing both Jae-hyuk and An-na ruined.

(Jae-hyuk is looming, Young-gul is sitting, but Young-gul’s confidence completely makes him the bigger man at the moment. I’m finally starting to notice camera work now that the craziness has died down.)

What does Young-gul really want? Well, he’s started work in a factory abroad so Jae-hyuk can either waste money sending him to jail, or invest that money in Young-gul and get ten times the return.

*jaw drop*


Yu-ri gets to kiss both Yoo Ah-in AND Lee Je-hoon. NOT FAIR!

Okay, wow. That’s some plot twist. WOW.

You know I love Jae-hyuk and I a complex because I also think that he’s a douche.

That said, I’m SO glad to see him get this verbal/legal/physical beating from Young-gul. The little people are standing up for themselves. We all knew that Young-gul would do anything to crawl out of his poverty pit and he has.

I’m annoyed that both men are using both women as tools for personal gain despite their feelings for them. Aren’t they supposed to factor the emotional well-being of their women/friends/employees into their decisions?

Also, both women need to stop letting themselves be used. Not cool.

In any case, I have a feeling that the cuteness of a Jae-hyuk in puppy love is going to come quickly to an end because Ga-young helped Young-gul by keeping silent.

Tae-san’s advice is going to be Young-gul’s new outlook on life? Great, look up to a loan shark. But it did allow for Young-gul to stick it to Jae-hyuk, which was totally awesome. Don’t you love how my loyalties waver? I’m such a traitor.

But you know what? This show kept going to many different ways, it’s hard to pull myself back into looking at it as a whole – before it wasn’t a whole. Just bits and pieces strung together. Now is when we’re just STARTING to see that there may be a bigger picture: Young-gul has a plan of attack and for business – he’s finally looking towards the future and dreaming a little. Jae-hyuk wants to please daddy. Ga-young wants to design so badly she lets herself get used. An-na wants Jae-hyuk so badly that she lets herself get used. Madam Jo and her MIA daughter want to get back at Ga-young for their own stupid reasons.

And more questions: what happened with the issues with Michael? What happened to Tae-san’s girl Soo-ji? Where was Bong Sook????

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  1. Phew I just finished ep 7…maybe kimchi drama will ‘ave 8 up by tomorrow morning and i’ll be ‘aving a larf…or getting me knickers in a twist!! =0)

    Now seriously leaving all cockney for the Dongdaemoon crew; the one thing that still’s got me reeling in utter dumbfoundness is uriabuyi Jang. How much botox can a face take? Botox, black dye to rid grey hairs and nip&tuck, he reminds me of a few mummies down at the Brit Museum. But he had the gal to sport a fluorecent pink slip to dinner. Made me think of the times I catch my American friends chugging down something called pepto….and Raine’s fixation with the colour..

    And then my very own Oliver Twist impersonating Sony Crockett a la Miami Vice circa 80’s . He could grow his hair some, I longingly miss his mane. I enjoy the sexual tension he’s got with the Anna character, I still think his relationship with Gayoung is fraternal and will remain so.

    I want to give Gayoung the benefit of the doubt concerning the design for Anna’s catwalk; her character is one that has gone through so much for someone so young, I bet she takes every thing with a pinch of salt and knew all along what the deal was. I don’t think for a moment she believed her work would be recognized at JFashion…it was just means to an end. Jaehyuk and Anna in the middle of shit creek without a paddle; and Youngul and herself needing money to get started. Sacrifice a few designs and get your very own show on the road. The thing she wasn’t counting on, probably as the Korean saying goes, “it is darker beneath the flame”- was Youngul’s ace up his sleeve…He is one brilliant mind and calculates everything down to a T. Jaehyuk on the contrary, though he might not be dumb, doesn’t quite have it with him because his upbringing sistematically has him snubbing others that don’t belong in his social circle. That is his one flaw, and that is why Gayoung has come into his life, to teach him to become a better person.

    Ahem…did I make sense? =0)

  2. Hello Raine, thanks for all your effort to recap episode 7.
    I laughed at all your catchy remarks. I had read all the comments and would like to add in some which I had noticed too.
    Oh the sweet “potato” catch… aigooo ! – me…ow !! smitten from both gender and one feeling shocked and guilty of her stealing act.

    I also found out an na’s passion, she is a big spender since epi. 1 to 7 when she appear on screen always with a new “killer” high heels and colorful handbags, influenced from her neighbouring country ?. Phili….. first lady.
    Now I know why jae hyuk needs to jog, yoga and drinking herbal tea, to withstand all the punches and kicking – from “sly stallone” jabs and “hulk hogan” wrestling – kicking and throwing the wooden bench. When jae hyuk was sliding on the floor, I shouted and my heart pounding oh ! my GOD – ga young !! don’t just stand there !! – save him!, he will be dead from that ran amok ! man going beserk !.

    Oh! that strong hand grasp from jae hyuk from the car ! and all the veins protude from the forehead !. I sob… hearing that panting sound ! and at that moment if she didn’t feel anything for jae hyuk then I think she is quite a heartless woman who had just been kissed by a sexy and hottest korean man for the first time in her life !. I know she and yang gul are the underdogs but still we do have instinct feelings for others too, unless the scriptwriters want it that way to substantiate the OTP between GY and YG. Do you notice her brown small pillow – the head of the bear with the golden crown ?, that is what she is also aiming – as a successful fashion designer.

    And for the first time I saw a flipping act – hot and sexy kissing from jae hyuk.
    She was also smiling widely after receiving back her small coin purse from jae hyuk .

    • You and DB5K are my fashionistas. Keep up the running commentary. An-na is a big big big spender. Phew. And Yes, despite my better judgement, I loves me some JH. Nom nom nom.

      I’m glad this show makes you as crazy as it makes me. We watch despite ourselves.

  3. Thank you for the recap! LOL at your totally unbiased unabashed comments about dreamy gorgeous beautiful LJH.

    What? What? If her goal is Jae-hyuk, she needs to stop the pouting, waterworks and complete lack of communication. She needs to work to break down Jae-hyuk’s wall.
    This was a total “WTF?” for me! When did this happen? You only recently met up with him in the last year, right? And in that year, you have been a total bitch on wheels to him.
    At this point, this Anna chick is NOT interesting at all. Why are they not flashing back for us a little? Why can’t we see the initial showdown between chaebol’s mom when JH’s parents chased her out? Actually, I don’t care about that. It’s so trite. I think the answer is that the actress is one note, so the writers are pen-tied. I understand that she is considered attractive by men, but I can’t get past the ugly behavior. Something I tend NOT to understand about sexy ladies who act like someone stole her lollipop.

    Look, raine, I waited all the way down here to say,
    Oh MY GOD! From the second they showed our young noble getting wasted at the bar, I KNEW where he was headed. I actually stood up, then sat down to try to calm myself. We have seen a LOT of drunken home/apartment invasions before, but THIS one was the best ever. In fact, I am saying that the whole segment was some of the BEST TV I have seen in a while. It was positively cinematic. They tied together his hatred of YG, his dawning comprehension of what makes GY tick, his loneliness, confusion.
    And the kiss flip rarw! kiss flip rarw! kiss flip rarw! kiss flip rarw! kiss flip rarw! kiss flip rarw! so desparate!
    I wish she would return his affections.
    I wish her desire to protect JH from YG’s wrath was because she was falling for him, and her staring at him through the car window was because she considered ditching YG.
    Whine whine whine. If she hadn’t made that emotional speech about why YG is important to her, I would pout more. I have to give Show some points for finally letting me see why she doesn’t hate YG.

    What’s up with viki? Why is the show “Not yet unavailable”?
    I only watched this one because Dramafever had it up surprisingly fast.

    I have to go to work. See you later!

    • BWAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard when you wrote that lollippop comment. Viki is usually up about 2 to 4 hours after live air but is hard to access because Team Fashionista is busy working. Subs are usually done 8-10 hours later. I usually download raws by like noon my time (2 hours after air) and then get to take notes on subs by like 10pm. (afterwork…i have to wait…sob)

      I really want Jae-hyuk to actualize his feelings for Ga-young too despite the vents of episode 8. And then I want him with An-na. No, I want him to part ways in a friendly way with An-na. I think that relationship is done and he needs to start anew.

        • I think she was afraid not to take it. That or she wanted to comfort the poor guy. But I think it was fear and guilt. Fear because she didn’t want to hurt him. Fear and guilt because of her deception and his pretty forthright physical admission of his feelings.

          which I forgot to note in the recap mirrored his reunion with An-na. He gets overwhelmed, he goes physical. Kissing women, punching men.

          • Let me go back a measure or two.
            Why did she stand outside the car staring at him before he drove away when she could have just dumped his ass and gone back in?
            I mean, I know Show is messing with us by putting in moments like these, but do you think she is trying to understand him, thinking about how she feels for him?
            She definitely feels sorry for him, which must DRIVE HIM CRAZY, which I have always loved in nobleman/peasant girl relations.

            • Digging your music analogy.

              She’s not the ‘dump his ass’ kinda girl. She pities him and feels bad for tricking him and also is truly grateful to him for all that he’s done. That’s what I think anyway. I think she was too full of thought to move right away.

  4. Fricken A, this drama, as well as EXO<33, have made me seem like a demented person to my roommates this school year…demented I say, because I go through random bouts of arm flailing and smothered squealing. Whenever I watch Fashion King, I alternate between WTF?? and ZOMFG LEE JE HOON IS SO HOT!! reactions. It’s an emotional roller coaster. People who don’t watch FK are seriously missing out ;P Anywho, I can’t stop myself from silently screaming at my iphone screen whenever something totally WTF when Young Gul forcefully kisses Anna…twice…

    Anywho, that screen shot of Lee Je Hoon all smiley and smitten…my heart…it beats for thee, Lee Je Hoon <33 And FRACK…Je Hoonie is soooo damn sexy when he's trashed. And the unbuttoned buttons (!!), his neck is my kryptonite. HOLY MOLY SCHMOLY CANNOLI…THE SCREEN SHOTS OF THAT KISS!!! See, I knew there was a very good reason I kept watching this drama 🙂

    And about the storyline finally taking shape, after you watch episode 8 you might retract those words. This drama is nearing its halfway point and I'm still at a loss about what this drama's driving point is.

    And I cannot say this enough, Raine…your recaps are a pleasure to read. I don't mean to sound burdensome, but I think your recaps are the best I've ever read~~

    • I agree on your last paragraph.
      I have a question, raine. Do you recap from the raw, or do you also have to wait for subs to do these? If you are waiting for subs, you are incredibly fast.

      • I totally accidentally wrote my reply for this below. And you are both welcome!

        The point of the drama: confuse the watchers. Get them caught up only in the characters and make them forget the convoluted plot. And make them wish more than one button of Je-hoon’s shirt was undone…

  5. yeah, thats not fair, yu-ri gets to kiss both Yoo Ah-in AND Lee Je-hoon in her first drama just on the 7th episode!!!! i wondering how many she will get after 20 episode? grrrrgh…

    ouwww.. fashion king is full of violence, blood, and kiss, brutally kiss…

    but i have diferent information about the rating they said “According to statistics released by AGB Nielson media research agency on the morning of April 10th, 2012, the national viewership rating for Fashion was only 9.0%, decreased by 1.4% from previous episode”

    u can read about that here:

    • She’ll have….6 kisses by then! Maybe she’ll even steal a few!

      The rating I posted was for episode 6 not 7. I post the ratings for the previous episode in the newest recap. Episode seven did drop drastically despite all the kissing.

    • TNmS ratings: Episode 7 = 11.9, Episode 8 = 10.7.

      Comparison April 10th ratings:
      Only You : 25.1
      Light and Shadow : 21.4
      My Daughter the Flower : 18.6.
      TV Novel Dear My Sister 13.4.
      Just Like Today 11.6.
      Prime time dramas Love Rain and Equator Man did not make it into the top 20 daily TV rating rankings.

      • I’ve been using AGB N so its nice to see these. I have no idea what other shows are airing. I’m so into these and then my RL work…haha.

  6. Raine,
    Firstly, ur fantastic personal comments.. LOL. Just cant stop laughing, cool!

    TQ for the recap, really appreciate this effort and am really enjoying this show. Fashion King plot is very inspiring, to see their struggles to establish themselves against all odds.


    • ckata54 – your welcome. The comments make it so fun to write. This show has really allowed me to find my solo recapping voice and my joint stuff with Deeno allows me to get even crazier!

  7. Nice recap!

    JH’s kiss on GY = YES MOAR

    YG + Anna’s elevator scene = HOT

    All 4 characters annoyed me especially in the last few eps. JH, YG and Anna for obvious reasons, but the way Ga Young is written, its overusing the ‘let’s feel pity for her’ role. As for Anna, while she is conniving and tactical, she continues to let JH walk all over her. If we’re going to go by the character love-line, I’m curious as to how Anna will develop stronger feelings for YG and likewise JH towards GY. Basically the males were douches in this ep, and Anna showed her true intentions (is she supposed to be the antagonist now? what happened to Jung Ah?)

    • POTATO! Hi! 😀

      I totally wondered what happened to her and Madam Jo. She’s stepping back into the picture but her daughter IS in New York. If Young Young go back to NY perhaps we’ll see her.

      An-na is the worst developed character thus far. In ep 8 GY grows a bit of a backbone, but again, its when she’s put into a corner.

      That flip kiss…kiss flip. whatever…*drool*

  8. so after watching the trailer for the next episode..i’m so worried about ga young. does anyone here feel like ga young is the most “used” character. i don’t really think it’s a plothole because she is the youngest and really doesn’t know what it meants to succeed in life. all the other characters have had some taste of success and know how to market themselves in the public. i’m ok with ga young being weak for now but i hope she sends all these characters to hell or some sort of place for misusing her. in the previews, we can tell that ga young is in for some trouble but really i think she can get out of this (and it’s partially her fault for keeping silent).

    i really want to root for ga young and i hope she starts realizing that those 2 men aren’t doing her any good!

    • I’m totally with you. She is a doormat, but part of her learning process is hopefully to defend herself even when she’s not in dire straits. I think I mentioned that in an earlier recap…i’m not sure. Thus far I’ve written like 32,000 words on this show…so its hard to remember. haha

  9. Thanks for the recap!

    Yep. The men are jerks and the women are doormats. It’s so annoying but they all are nice to look at so I guess I’ll stick to this show for now… while I’m starting on Love Rain which is finally getting interesting by the 5th episode once it moved onto the 2nd generation storyline.

    As much as I’m annoyed by the characters and how the men are using the women as tools, I’m curious about how the storyline and the loveline develops.

    By the way, this is the main promo picture they use on buses and billboards to promote Fashion King in S Korea…

    which perfectly fits how the show (at least for now?) is mainly about YG vs JH with GY and AN as their sidekicks (or tools) instead of the more typical love square in K-dramas.

    • Thanks for that qwerty. I’m actually going to use this next recap. You’re totally right. They women are tools…and I hate it. I hope now they start being more active. I see it with AN and MAYBE coming from GY with her speech in episode 8. We’ll see.

      I love JGS but I’m hesitant about love rain. I’m gonna download it so i can watch it a 2x speed if I get bored…hehe.

      • the first four episodes of Love Rain aka the 70s storyline was sweet and beautifully shot but extremely boring, I suggest you watch the 7 minutes official trailer here:
        It basically wrapped the first four episodes in 7 minutes — and then just start with the 5th episode with the children. I feel like the first four ep was unnecessary especially after the trailer. It’s interesting to see how parallel both of the storyline is, though… but yeah, most people are hooked by the 5th episode. It’s a good drama with beautiful cinematography, too bad that it started unnecessarily boring and too predictable (because everyone knows they 70s couple wont end up together anyway)

  10. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
    I raged the whole time i watched this episode… yet I can’t stop watching hahaha
    I’m reaaaalllly starting to hate all the characters except shin sekyung

    • MTE. It’s especially annoying because these characters definitely have potential to be likeable… now I’m hoping for a somehow happy ot4 ending where everyone works and grows up together by the end of the drama or a completely tragic ending if the characters are still as annoying as they’re right now 😐

      • I actually am hoping for JH/AN and GY/YG but I want to see all sorts of stuff up until then. They really are rather infuriating and it’s mostly because of character development. I want to hate a character for the right reasons, not cause they’re confusing.

  11. Thanks a lot Raine!
    That HOT stolen kiss from Jae hyuk was epic. Oh yeah, play and rewind… Young gul has the worst timing ever in dramaland. I don’t care who belongs to who: Things had to happen, dammit! But seriously, who approaches a tiger seemingly asleep? You don’t watch dramas girl? or horror movies?
    Jae hyuk is cute, and when drunk and beaten up, and desperate, it’s even worst. I have the most serious case of “nurse complex” ever. i just want to take care of him.
    I’m not that much into fashion you know, but i find that globally the clothes exposed in that show are not that great for now (i believe though it’s wanted by the writer, and things will evolve). I love the Michael Jackson jacket, but mainly because i love MJ the singer and the person… So far, the white suit of Jae Hyuk (aka the cold hearted chaebol uniform) is my favorite outfit: It’s a bit short guys… Give us soon something more tasty than market clothes and cheap ripoff to chew on.
    Now, i think that both girls have to grow a spine and take decisions for themselves. They really are literally “under” the guys everytime (not that i mind in some specific situations). When it comes to work, you have to take drastic decisions AND save some pride altogether. Maybe they could work together and send the boys to hell for a moment? The men would cool down a bit. And anyway, now that those ones are forced to cooperate like shackled prisoners, it’s going to be interesting: Reluctant bromance on the way?

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