Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

by: Raine

I’m hijacking my own post. There has been an earthquake near Indonesia and now there are worries for a possible tsunami. I pray it doesn’t happen. Be safe my Southeast Asian chingus!!!!!! This post is dedicated to you.

Episode 7, according to AGB Nielson, dropped to 9.0%, decreasing by 1.4%. I’m not sure if I disagree. The menfolk, besides the sexiness, were severely unlikable. An-na, too. In fact, Ga-young was the only likeable one and she was a little bit pathetic.

This episode really started to show some solid character development. Jae-hyuk masks his wounded pride and loneliness in violence, money and power. Ga-young is faced with trials and again shows some gumption. Young-gul is learning to care for someone besides himself. An-na…is a bump on a log…a really, really pretty bump.

“???” –  ??? (from the Fashion King OST)

Coming out as soon as more of the OST comes out!

episode 8 recap

(Can you hear Jae-hyuk asking, “Don’t I have pretty teeth? I brush twice a day.”)

Young-gul stares at an expensive KIA rather forlornly, and then with some determination while Jae-hyuk pretends he’s Bi in Speed Racer. He’s dodging poor, unsuspecting drivers left and right, making rather ridiculous growl-y faces and being generally unhappy after his meeting with Young-gul.

Lee Je-hoon, you KNOW I love you, but this is not convincing. I’m actually laughing. Yay for tummy workout!

On a leisurely stroll, Young-gul spots a beauty shop and recalling Ga-young’s use of sample creams, decides to buy her something nice.

I know I totally ship Ga-young/Jae-hyuk, but *squeeeeeeee* It feels like Young-gul is returning home. He’s realized how important she is in his life. She’s always there and he’s so comfortable with her that he didn’t even realize what she meant to him.

Screeching to a halt in front of Young Young Apparel, Jae-hyuk watches as a biker carts away a delivery and the ahjummas grab Ga-young for a meal. He storms out of the car and approaches her, full of wrath that he can’t control.

He has very little emotional control, actually. He punches things and yells or attempts to reign in situations with money and power. They’re called words, Hyukkie. Words.

Jae-hyuk attempts to use these crazy things called “words” and asks if she was in this from the beginning with Young-gul. It’s obvious from the fear and guilt-ridden expression that she intended no harm and was just a devoted employee trying to please her boss. Ga-young apologizes, but a slight is a slight. Actually, this is a huge blow. So, a blow is a blow and this blow is so massive that it makes Jae-hyuk blow his top.

“You’re sorry?!!” he demands over and over, forehead veins bulging, spittle flying and Ga-young flinching.

In dire need of more driving fueled by massive road rage, Jae-hyuk jumps in his car and zooms passed Young-gul who has just arrived home. Holding the bag of lotions in his hand, Young-gul sees Ga-young crying. Because he is a man and men are slow on the uptake, he breezes by her, ignoring her tears and heads inside to process what he just witnessed. Glancing down, he remembers his gift and tosses it aside.

Bong Sook is back! Has anyone notice her mouth opens almost as wide as Steve Tyler’s?

Anyway, she, the ruddy-faced sewing ahjummas and Ga-young are getting drunk and snacking. The ahjummas are admiring how Jae-hyuk looks so healthy and well-clothed. Rich people are just DIFFERENT. They want Young-gul to wear a suit like that.

Drunk and sassy, Ga-young admits that she likes Young-gul and wonders how he could’ve done this to her? Bong Sook attempts to advise her and then passes out. The ahjummas toast to Young-gul’s success.

Hahaha. How much do you love that they didn’t even bat an eye as Bong Sook took a dive for the floor?

Young-gul, freshly aware of Ga-young’s appeal as a woman, stays up past midnight waiting for her to come home.

I suppose finding your arch nemesis about to pull some sexy moves on the woman you’re secretly in love with makes that love not quite as secret as it was before.

Anywho, he finally settles in to sleep and feigns deep sleep when Ga-young stumbles in for a bedside chat.

If you’re just reading recaps, Shin Se-kyung is soooooo cute when portraying a sloshed Lee Ga-young. I just want to pinch her cheeks! *pinch pinch*

Then begins the most honest (one-sided) dialogue she’s ever had with Young-gul.

Ga-young: Me…I’m on your side no matter what you do. But, being bothered is being bothered. It’s okay for just me to be bothered, so I’ll just let you do as you want. But other than that, do you know what’s bothering me most? How the president is misunderstanding me.”

As she speaks, she tears up. When she tries to rise for bed, she ends up passing out on the floor  beside him.

She should get drunk and speak to him when he’s “awake” if the alcohol frees her tongue so. I have a feeling he’ll be easier to talk to from now on. I don’t think he’ll be following loan Tae-san’s words so closely from now on. Y’know, the whole, “use your employees and let them take the fall” business.

Young-gul of the newly found heart curses the ahjummas for letting her get like this and lifts her onto the sofa so she can sleep. He’s heard the entire thing, which is seriously niggling his conscience as he lies in her bed for the night.

Jae-hyuk is in a meeting with daddio who is displeased with his battered face. Dad has also been pleasantly surprised by An-na who is more than a leech. She is actually talented. Therefore, dad’s gonna put her in charge of several departments.


Do well so other presidents so look down on you, dad says. Also, here’s a gift for An-na to keep her motivated.

Jae-hyuk broods in his office. (Ga-young’s outfit is on the mannequin behind him.)

Assistant Kim walks in wearing PINK pants.

Seriously, I haven’t been pointing out every instance of pink, but it’s starting to be an annoying habit. It’s a lovely color and it’s being sorely abused. On top of that, he’s wearing a red button-down so he looks like Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, he brings news from the lawyers that there is nothing they can do about the registered designs. Jae-hyuk, already in a foul mood, throws An-na’s gift at Kim’s face. Is he giving him his salary to hear that?!


OMG, Did he just do that? WTF? NOT COOL.

Jae-hyuk orders “that jerk”/Young-gul found and killed.

Assistant Kim scuttles out passed An-na who wonders what the commotion is about. In-need-of-anger-management Jae-hyuk shoves the gift from his father at her and leaves. She opens the box, satisfied, and hopefully made to feel guilty, by the gift.

But, she’s more interested in the phone Jae-hyuk left behind. Recently called: Lee Ga-young. Lee Ga-young. Lee Ga-young. Lee Ga-young. Lee Ga-young. Lee Ga-young. Lee Ga-young.

Jae-hyuk returns for his phone, snaps at An-na and leaves just as quickly as he came. This time, An-na does not break down.

Uh-oh. No melt down? Something is going to happen. A woman scorned… And not just any woman, a vindictive, suddenly possessive woman.

Said woman heads to Jo Boutique for a $668 shopping spree and a meeting with Madam Jo AKA the Dragon Lady. (And while she’s at it, she treats Miss Go like total dirt.)

Dragon is drawing and remembering how resourceful Ga-young was when making the jacket and declares Ga-young a formidable enemy.

An-na heads on up for a face-to-face. The vipers make terse pleasantries and An-na points out that the Dragon started from nothing as a saleswoman for Ga-young’s rents. Things turn sour, but vindictive girlfriend has a goal: get the Dragon to help her take down Ga-young via Jae-hyuk and also to knock him down a peg or twenty.

I guess An-na knows that she’s not the brightest crayon in the box and goes to the master of deception to do her dirty work.

Which she does. Madam Jo meets with Jae-hyuk and quickly establishes that she knows of his deceit and that he currently has a problem. As he is currently in quite the bind, Jae-hyuk asks for the Dragon’s solution.

Sue Lee Ga-young for copying the company’s designs.

Cue massive alcohol consumption. Jae-hyuk is growling, showing off the pearly whites. Pink pants Assistant Kim arrives with no solution save to tell Daddy Jae-hyuk the truth.

(Baaaaaaa-aaaahd Jae-hyuk. Baaaaaahd.)

Drunk Jae-hyuk heads over to An-na’s house: the man knows he wants to lie in the arms of a woman when feeling morose. At least he went to the morally appropriate immoral woman.

An-na is startled awake by the door opening and a thud in her living room. She rises and reveals Yu-ri’s disgustingly perfect body.

Raine hitting the treadmill. Check. (I screencap on the treadmill…*glances around* I’m not a K-drama addict. No sirree…)

Anywho, An-na heads into the living room where Jae-hyuk is getting chummie with the sheep on the floor. Yup, the sheep are back. Perhaps they’ll tell him to suck it up and do the right thing.

But they don’t. Instead, An-na attempts to rouse him and grabs his wrist. Unlike with Ga-young, he pulls away from An-na’s comfort, glares at her and hauls his drunk ass onto the sofa.

I know he’s a douche and he gets douchier, but let me say drunk, top button undone and completely helpless with a bedroom nearby has me thinking all sorts of things…

Jae-hyuk hollars An-na’s name and she pours a drink to listen to his drunken drivel. (Heehee alliteration!) Young-gul is asking for money and will embarrass both him and An-na publicly if he doesn’t get it. To prevent it, he’s going to sue Ga-young for “copying” An-na’s design. What does An-na think?

Um, of course she LOVES it.

Everything will be solved by blaming Ga-young. An-na thinks he should do it. What’s there to think about?

This was not the answer he expected and he stares at his girlfriend/fiancee in surprise. He agonizes as she walks from the room.

Is your conscience growing Hyukkie? Growing pains suck.

As An-na listens from the bedroom, Jae-hyuk hollers miserably that he promise to protect her and he wont’ make the same mistake twice. He cries. She cries. I cry.

…no wait. Scratch that. I’m laughing at the makjang. I can’t help myself. I know Jae-hyuk is trying his miserable best, but his best seriously sucks major gonads. I don’t think he’s used to working for anything. He’s been handed everything. Obviously An-na got away the first time, so he is trying to make up for it now. In that way, Ga-young is appealing for him. She never gives up, tries her darndest despite all odds and has quiet gumption to spare

At least he went to his girlfriend for support, which she completely doesn’t give. If one of them just gave up the game…but then this wouldn’t be a K-drama, would it?

Feeling rather shitty, Ga-young is spacing while using the sewing machine. We all know what’s going to happen.

BLOOD. Deeno! Blood! I know it’s not the massive quantities you CRAVE, but it’s BLOOD!

She gets her finger caught under the needle and the ahjummas fret over her. To make the moment even more beautiful, lawyers come in to serve her papers.

Young-gul, Il-gook and Chil-bok are eating together and semi-celebrating the fact that Jae-hyuk will probably give Young-gul the “investment” money. If only Jae-hyuk had shown some compassion in the U.S. and bought Young-gul a meal when he was starving, he wouldn’t know such humiliation.

Il-gook isn’t listening as he’s pining over Bong-sook. Young-gul wants to buy Ga-young a house with the money. After all, all their “success” is due to her. Chil-bok appropriately wonders if they have a little somethin’ somethin’ going on. Of course, Young-gul cites that it’s because he’s “uncomfortable”. I’m assuming he’s making an excuse that living with her is uncomfortable.


Then he gets a call that has him storming over to J Fashion. Why involve Ga-young in this? Jae-hyuk replies that Young-gul should be grateful he didn’t charge Ga-young with stealing. He should also feel bad that she met a dirty president who got her kicked out from school.

Young-gul is furious that Jae-hyuk is blaming the one person who worked really hard but Jae-hyuk is as immovable as a fortress. Isn’t it a pity she met Young-gul? Her life as a designer will be ruined.

Grabbing Jae-hyuk’s collar, Young-gul threatens to kill Jae-hyuk if he hurts her. But Jae-hyuk notes coolly that he thought Young-gul told him to do whatever he wanted.

*CRAAAAAACK* The sound of my Jae-hyuk obsessed heart breaking in two. Please tell me he’s being a hardass just in front of Young-gul and he’s not selling his puppy love to the dogs!

(If you notice in the second picture, its the same position as the day before, Young-gul sitting and Jae-hyuk standing, but it’s a complete roll reversal. Jae-hyuk now has the power. Interesting directing. Props.)

Stunned, Young-gul sits in order to absorb it all, in the very same chair where he, just the day before, had sat so confidently.

Young-gul: She didn’t do anything. It was my fault from the start. I told her to steal the fabrics. I told her to send her designs. I registered them. I did everything. Please, don’t touch her.

His plea is so heartfelt. He’s finally feeling the repercussions of being a self-concerned hustler. After her drunken confession and now this, I hope he learns how to truly care for another human being. Especially after she so selflessly sacrificed for him.

Jae-hyuk rises with a contract and reads it to Young-gul condescendingly. It basically says that Young-gul sanctioned all of Ga-young’s actions.

Young-gul: You’re really something.

Jae-hyuk smirks and I’m thinking that’s one too many smirks and that his growing conscience is whispering in his ear. COME ON JIMINY! Or am I being too hopeful because I want to jump him in every scene he’s in…

Deeno, your perverted unni has come out in full force.

If he signs, will everything end. He makes as if to sign and I’m screaming NOOOOOO, but instead he writes, “Jung Jae-hyuk, bastard!”


Jae-hyuk growls again and it’s such an awkward face. I love you Je-hoon but…no.

Young-gul tells Jae-hyuk to report them. Even if they go to jail, Young-gul will take care of Ga-young as he always has. He rips up the contract and throws it in Jae-hyuk’s face. As a parting shot, Jae-hyuk warns Young-gul he’s sending in the papers tomorrow at 9.

*hopeful* Is that redemption I see? Is he hoping that Young-gul will change his mind so he doesn’t have to do this to Ga-young. Wait…he DOESN’T have to do this. WHY am I like this? I need to acknowledge evil when it’s there. But those lips…

At the factory, Ga-young is busily designing new things while impatiently waiting for Young-gul the savior to return. When he does, he’s exhausted and slumps into a chair. After inspecting her finger and snapping at her to take better care of herself, he promises her to take care of everything.

Ga-young thinks An-na is a bold woman for claiming her designs.

Young-gul says it was all Jae-hyuk. No! Don’t defend her! An-na is a weasley instigator.

Indignant, Ga-young says they can sue her. She’ll just draw in court and prove herself. She climbs back onto the bed to practice.

I’m wondering. Do ya’ll remember the reporters who were interviewing Madam Jo in episode 5? Wouldn’t they have gotten a picture of Ga-young in the jacket? An-na had JUST returned. Plus I’m sure White-y Kim would vouch for Ga-young.

Back on track. Young-gul goes into his room and broods. I bet he’s wondering how he’s going to make good on his promise to care for her. Then he goes and sits by her bed to think and guard her.*squee*He considers calling Jae-hyuk but can’t seem make himself call. DONT GIVE IN! THINK OF A PLAN.

Bad hot chaebol for making me put my hopes into you…but I still have them…please, let your cute puppy love for Ga-young make you stop this madness!!!! *brings out watering can to water baby conscience*

Guess what? Guess what? The next morning, when Assistant Kim arrives covered in pink to deliver the papers, Jae-hyuk looks uber uber conflicted. HOORAY!

In fact, he decides to give Young-gul the $5 million rather than hurt Ga-young. He has a heart! Can I win it?

Young-gul shows up and sits. Jae-hyuk immediately hardens and asks if Young-gul changed his mind. He can’t for Ga-young’s sake, even after thinking over it all night. But he does want to start fresh with Jae-hyuk even though he hates the idea.

Jae-hyuk calls to his secretary over the intercom to have Kim deliver the papers. Now we know this is just a ruse, but it works. Young-gul begs for five minutes. He pulls out the Lorax Rolex coat of last resort. Michael promised to make a line for him. Young-gul is not just boldly asking for $5 million. His talent was acknowledged by Michael and Ga-young’s talent was acknowledged by Jae-hyuk himself. They’re a solid investment.

Jae-hyuk demands the picture of the Lorax coat but Young-gul makes him call off the papers first. When Jae-hyuk looks at the papers, he remember Young-gul meeting Michael in New York. Young-gul informs him that Choi An-na is the witness of Young-gul’s designing prowess.

Uh-oh. What will An-na do with this power over Young-gul she now wields? In any case, I’m glad that his designing talent has been brought back into the picture. It had taken back seat to his business endeavors and this drama was touted as TWO designers trying to make their way into the big bad world.

White-haired Director Kim approaches An-na in a shirt I would wear and congratulates her on her promotion and on receiving the watch from President Jung. She must feel a lot of pressure for her next collection, he muses, and giggles himself off screen.

Guh, the giggle. I also really like her outfit. Why does she have such a wicked body? Forget treadmilling once a day. Twice a day.  Anyone know a personal trainer?

Jae-hyuk invites An-na for dinner and she’s actually smiling about it. Wait, you’re smiling because you’re ruining another woman’s life in order to fix your relationship? Strange creatures, these vindictive second leads.

At the factory, Young-gul gets ready for a meeting with Jae-hyuk and Ga-young is incredulous. Does he have any pride? But Young-gul wants to meet Jae-hyuk in an official capacity, despite his hatred for the man. She wonders why they can’t build their brand themselves, bit by bit?

Young-gul thinks her designs are wasteful in terms of selling in bulk quantities in Dongdaemoon. She needs to dream bigger. Her work is international quality. He thinks people from everywhere should be coming to Korea to have her design their clothes. Doesn’t she want to be that kind of designer?

She wants to show at the Seoul Collection, too, she petulantly replies and I want to pinch her cheeks she’s so fudorable.

He knows how hard it is to succeed in Dongdaemoon, so she should follow his lead – to the meeting with Jae-hyuk. Pulling out the lotion he bought for her, he pats it on his face then shoves the bag towards her. “Don’t use samples anymore and use these. We don’t have time. Get ready.”


Ga-young pouts that she doesn’t want to go, but Young-gul says that Jae-hyuk will misunderstand her absence. So they both go.

An-na thinks it’s a dinner for just her and Jae-hyuk and is unpleasantly surprised to see Young Young show up.

It’s time for another glare down.

Young-gul coolly says that An-na got prettier, while Jae-hyuk decides they should order before chatting. The menu is ridiculously priced at $200 and $300 per course. Ga-young’s eyes nearly pop out of her ickle head.

And now we know why he invited them to dinner. We get it. You have lots of money and therefore power.

Jae-hyuk starts in with his monologue that basically rips Young-gul a new one. While Ga-young was sorry for her actions, bastard Young-gul even begged for more money. But a thief like him will never see money like that. Jae-hyuk doesn’t feed people like Young-gul because when they’re full, they always ask for more. Young-gul bites his tongue, cut to the quick.

Wow Jae-hyuk. Aren’t you asking for more in your own way, too? Don’t we all always ask for more?

Ga-young is full of potential, the chaebol continues. Why is she wasting it under trash like Young-gul? That’s why he called them here. Ga-young is the only one worth his time.

Young-gul is barely able to reply because he’s on the verge of tears. So Ga-young steps up to bat.

Ga-young: I know out boss has done something wrong and I’m sure you could’ve misunderstood us. But isn’t misunderstanding and twisting reality different? [We all] know that you can’t play with the truth. Shame on you.

She rises to leave but Young-gul grabs her hand, telling her to sit. Jae-hyuk and An-na are surprised by the skinship and the obvious strong bond between them. Young-gul finally gets her to sit. How embarrassed would Jae-hyuk be if they left now. He’s probably already embarrassed. Even if he says something. Let’s eat first. We already ordered.

Humiliated and therefore pissed off, Jae-hyuk tells them to eat a meal that they would never enjoy otherwise and leaves. An-na rises as well, staring hardly at Young-gul before departing.

Aw, you lost your admirer. That’s what happens when you SUCK.

Young-gul and An-na are still holding hands. *squee* They let go in order to eat, crying quietly at the utter degradation.

On the way home, Jae-hyuk recalls Ga-young’s lecture while An-na tells him that she didn’t know that Young-gul could be so cool.

I hope that look on Jae-hyuk’s face is guilt. It better be ‘cause that was one nasty, nasty move.

Young-gul and Ga-young model their designs and take their own photos while the ahjummas man the lights, reflectors and make-up. While looking at the shots on the camera, Young-gul finally notices how stunning Ga-young is and smiles to himself.

*heart flutter* *squeeeeeeeeee* I think I’m squeeing more over these little things than that sexy kiss-flip last episode. Yummy…kiss-flip…

Ga-young writes a letter in English to Michael and Young-gul listens to it with satisfaction. It basically says that Young-gul was honored to see his coat on the runway with Michael’s other designs. Young-gul has a big company now and would love for Michael to take a look at his stuff.

Young-gul signs a magazine and puts it and the letter into an envelope to Michael with a hopeful grin.

A few days later, Mama Jae-hyuk (who I’ve discovered has the surname of Jang!) opens the curtains, waking Jae-hyuk. He’ looks like a schoolboy with his hair unstyled. KAWAIIIII! (Wrong language, I know)

He’s hooked up to an i.v. and pale lipped. Turns out he’s been forgoing food, water, work and drowning himself in alcohol for days. Apparently, this is the “same as last time”. Who is making him this way, Mama Jang wonders.

Ooooooh. Did he do this when he lost An-na the first time? Is he pining and feeling guilt over Ga-young, her spunk, his puppy love and her most awesome chastisement? GOOD. Also, he looks delicious if that’s his morning after look…minus the i.v.

Jae-hyuk kicks his mom out and when An-na comes to visit, pretends he’s too sick to see her.

Mama Jang receives her coldly. An-na has brought fruit and hopes he’ll care for himself. When she heads out, she hears Mama Jang order the fruit thrown away. Jae-hyuk hears, too, and it jolts him back to reality.

He chases after An-na as he should’ve before and catches her in the elevator.

Jae-hyuk: I’m sorry. I’m going to work tomorrow. I’ll see you there.

Hearing his mother’s  nastiness personally jolts him back to the reality of An-na’s situation. Even if he doesn’t love her, he knows how that has to hurt. He also knows that’s exactly the kind of treatment she’s always received from his parents. Especially from mama dearest.

So he does have a conscience. It’s firmly taken root. He’s trying to fight it with violence and nastiness, but he’s losing.

Point – Jiminy Cricket.

A sleeping Young-gul gets a phone call…from MICHAEL!


I could so take advantage of Jae-hyuk in that condition. Look at those lips…

I have to say this: Commenters. You seriously MAKE my day with every comment you make. You have such insightful things to say and knowledge to share that I appreciate reading. You’re funny, sincere, and really contribute to my recaps. They wouldn’t be the same without all the fun addendums that the comments provide. I’m sure lurkers enjoy reading all the different factoids and opinions as well.

And comments.

Who has noticed the lack of nekkidness the past few episodes? I vote we bring it back. This time it’s Jae-hyuk’s turn. Actually, I vote for both of them to be nekkid. I miss Yoo Ah-in shirless. How about a sauna? Some reluctant bromance?

OST: I know a lot of people think it’s cheesy but I really love the use of strings and solo winds. Super mood enhancers. I know I complained about the Baroque-i-ness, but in actuality, it fits the rather bizarre tone of the whole drama.

I’m really, really not sure where I stand on this strange character development. It seem to me that Jae-hyuk and An-na are haphazardly added onto while Ga-young and Young-gul have a smoother progression. Actually, Jae-hyuk isn’t as bad because his strange behavior is masking insecurities, anger and all sorts of junk.

An-na however. So…her goal is to have Jae-hyuk. She had a million breakdowns in one episode and now has none. She’s vindictive, but also a doormat…how does this fit together? What will she do with the power she now unknowingly holds over Young-gul concerning Michael.

And Michael, I was wondering when he was going to make his reappearance. who wants to be he’s going to try and screw Young-gul over as well? Hopefully all of this drama has taught both he and Ga-young to stand firm.

A quick note: For all my fawning over Lee Je-hoon who is my current #2, I just want to reaffirm my absolute adulation of Park Shi-hoo. Shi-hoo oppa, you’re still my #1! Tee-hee!

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  1. Hi there Raine Onni, we’re in Indonesia doing just fine. I was at the 7th floor when it start to shake, but not a big one, we pause from working for a moment and then…continue working, hahaha. Thanks for caring, love your recaps! Sweet, funny, and not so different with my own reaction. I bet its a big fun watching these Kdramas with U!

  2. Thanks for the recaps, Raine! I finally got to see this episode… and yes, the main characters still annoy the hell out of me. Especially Anna, what are the writers trying to do with her anyway? -_- I wish the characters’ development will get better… aaand I’m still shipping GY & JH even after the hand-holding scene. They have the chemistry! I wish they will explain more about JH and AN’s past in some point. They’re talking about marriage and AN talked about wanting JH but they don’t seem like they WANT the relationship tbh. This plot point has so much potential.

    By the way, you have to watch the behind the scenes videos of last week flipping kiss scene if you haven’t! Shin Se-kyung and Lee Je-hoon were so adorable!

    lol Yuri’s laugh at the end makes me miss the embarrassing idol Kwon Yuri. I won’t even mad if they just get rid of Anna… as long as I get to see Yuri being her funny and fail self somewhere else, that is. Anna is just to depressing to watch even as the villain type lol.

    • The BTS of the flipping kiss is just so cute… LJH is shy!! Awww… Who knew? Seriously, to transfer the weight, they had to be sync…
      *Imagining those muscles working under that shirt*.

      • Nom nom nom nom nom. I saw it. So adorable. I’ll post it as an extra for you guys. So you can read recaps, then watch LJH, then read recaps, then watch LJH…

  3. Rich dude is seriously going into major abuser zone. Maybe cuz his dad treats him with violence, too? But him throwing a box at his secretary’s FACE was just WTF.

    • Wasn’t that just shocking? And it was even more shocking how the secretary just took it. And even more shocking that he felt no remorse.

  4. Hi Raine and all commenters,

    How did an na knew about mdm jo burning ga young’s mom shop ?.
    From whom did she get the info?.

    Secretay kim, I wish I could put ice-pack on your forehead and insist that JH apoligise to his very loyal staff.

    Now I am so confuse with the word misunderstanding from ga young, she said it to jae hyuk and also to yang gul.
    We knoticed how ga young reacted to jae hyuk at the dinner table, she doesn’t like him. Yes we also noticed that the romance is coming now on between YG and GY.

    Why jae hyuk use the word beeyanata and yang gul beeyana ?

    yang gul gave jae hyuk’s food to ga young and he took an na’s food.

  5. Shoes! I saw shoes and felt like Madame Curie when she discovered rhodium- Remember how Youngul put drunk Anna to bed and took her shoes off? This time it was Gayoung’s turn at passing out after taking to heart Chumbawamba’s – Tubthumping. When he put her to bed, he left her feet clod. So, if I want to be prosaic about it…feet and shoes are fetish. Thus, in my feverish mind the equation is brilliantly exposed (I flunked maths all my life by the way…so I emphasize “feverish mind”) He sees Anna as a mate and Gayoung as a dear sibling. You do nice things for siblings in between being pests…

    Another thing is snubby secretary gay? he’s rather monochromatic in his attire…more to the point…is he in love with Deeno’s baby loan shark?

  6. Did anyone notice that JH apologized for the way he used GY? When I went back to watch episode 7, during their show, you can tell he isn’t comfortable and the way he looks at An Nah because of the way she’s smiling at “her” collection. The only time he smiles is when he notices Mz. Jo looking at him and he knows that she knows this is all Ga Young.

    YG still hasn’t apologized to YG for stealing her designs and putting her in an awkward situation.

    When JH went to An Nah’s house and asked her what he should do, the way she answered shocked him. My heart broke for him because it was like “What have I done! She is nothing like I thought she was!” You can tell by the way he didn’t feel right giving An Nah the watch, he basically threw it at her.

    I don’t see YG & GY being more than friends maybe even close as brother and sister. They’ve been through so much together.

    Did I read your recap right, when GY was drunk and venting to YG, who did she mean “the President is misunderstanding her” Did she mean JH President or YG president?

    I wish this aired every day!!! T_T

    • Sparkle_me: Nice to hear from you. I have a slightly different take on things and I agree with some things. It’s nice to hear everyone’s thoughts.

      JH did apologize and he was uncomfortable at the fashion show. I think he noticed An-na smiling and was thrown off by it. And I did write that he was completely shocked by her quick acceptance of suing Ga-young.

      I don’t think he thinks he doesn’t know her. I think he was just shocked that she said something so uncharacteristic. He’s expecting support for his moral/emotional dilemma and instead, she’s pushing him further towards wrong-doing

      As for An-na smirking, I think it wasn’t cause it was “her” collection. I think it’s because she knew she was about to screw JH over. Like “I know something you don’t know.”

      I see YG and GY as romantically involved in the future but starting as friends. The slow growing romance. No fiery passion…yet.

      As for GY when she was drunk, she was referring to YG.

  7. Taking advantage of a drunk Jae-hyuk? Let me think… YES!!! Or maybe I should wait until he wakes up all disheveled in those cute pajamas. I find him irresistible in any situation, so…
    I believe Michael will be the catalyst for the alliance between Jae-hyuk and Young-gul. Nothing as effective as a common enemy and that guy irks me already: He is the one i would throw something at. (That poor secretary! I hope JH will pay for the medical bills.)
    I still don’t know what to think about An-na. I’d like to see an episode centered on her, so we could understand better why she acts and thinks the way she does.

  8. No idea who Steve Tyler is, but he’s like Bong Sookie’s long lost twin brother, kekeke~~

    Dude, I must be seriously infatuated with Lee Je Hoon, because I’ve never found his angsty acting to be funny… just HOT, HOT HOT!! I guess I lose my sense of humor when it comes to my crushes, lol. My friend once made these HILARIOUS screencaps of my fave idol’s derp faces, and I never forgave her for that >:3 And Je Hoon with tousled bed hair = WIN! I never knew Je Hoonie was your current 2nd fave!! He’s currently my no. 1 fave, but I pick up and drop obsessions every time the wind changes. My heart knows no loyalty 😦

    I’m pretty sure Michael’s going to double cross Young Gul, and I think Anna’s knows it’s going to happen, too.

    Also, personally, I agree with Gayoung. GY & YG can be successful on their own, without Jaehyuk’s money. Also, it was rather unethical to blackmail Jaehyuk into investing $5 million in YY Apparel, never mind that Jaehyuk was also using Gayoung.

    Anyways, the dinner meeting between Jaehyuk and Young Gul signifies the start of their cooperation. This confuses me because they’re supposed to stay bitter rivals…yet it seems like they could easily be very good friends. It looks as though their collaboration will be a win-win situation. I wonder what’s going to screw it up now…What I don’t get is exactly WHY Young Gul hates Jaehyuk so much, and why Jaehyuk hates Young Gul so much. Really, what’s stopping them from letting bygones be bygones and starting afresh…As of right now, I’m not really rooting for Young Gul’s success, because my heart can’t stand seeing Jaehyuk suffering, LOL

    • I will come back later to finish replying but here’s my take on YG: He’s a hustler. He’s always had to take what he could get so he always tries to create opportunities to get more. He’s a hyena if you will. He’s been alone and scavanging to make ends meet. It’s very much a part of his personality to try and milk JH for every penny. But then that’s where GY comes in with her work ethic. Obviously, that worked ’cause they’re finally flying solo. But even the fact that YG wanted to meet JH face to face was a step forward.

      In that way JH WAS correct. YG will push to get what he NEEDS. But I’m glad he’s changing.

      Anywho, that’s what I think. I agree that GY is right. I’d like to think that’s what I do with my life/work. I, too, am an artist (musician) and I have to hustle to meet clients and network, but I do it myself with help from no one (financial). Emotionally…everyone! LOL.

      Now…off to meet a client and hustle!

      • @Raine, you go girl!! Hustle and fish in those clients!! And you’re right, Young Gul does seem to be maturing as he decided to compromise with Jae Hyuk because he was conflicted about the consequences the lawsuit would have for Ga Young. I guess I still somewhat feel uncomfortable with Young Gul’s unscrupulousness at times, though I realize that it’s part of his character as a sweet talking, savvy hustler. Also, I’m incredibly biased because I LURVE baby loan shark~~

        @Arlena Wow, thanks for reminding me of all the reasons they hate each other!! But I feel like most of those reasons are based on misunderstandings. Like it’s obvious a chaebol’s son is going to be really snobby and rudely refuse to lend money to a classmate he barely knows. I dunno why YG took it so personally. And like you said, JH wasn’t the one who sent in the tip. Right now, their rivalry is just their testosterone working in overdrive ^^

        @MadDino, I love your baby loan shark nickname for Jae Hyuk. He would make a lovely, dastardly loan shark 🙂

    • jae hyuk and yang gul :-

      Yang gul still think jae hyuk is the one who tip the migrant agency for his deportation, illegally coming to AMERICA ! from Mexico, – the culprit is Jung Ah !!
      No visa, he was deported and sent to jail in korea and he practice corruption as a tool to be released earlier then the sentenced term, reason – “good behaviour”.
      He didn’t like jae hyuk meeting ga young quite frequently because YG said she is his woman – possessive. (his possession including the pendant which is still hanging on his neck, he didn’t return it to the owner – ga young).

      He detest the chaebol who didn’t give him money and food when he beg from jae hyuk (in NY) while waiting for ga young at the fashion school. HE DID NOT FORGET THAT INCIDENT.

      He hated rich people (JH) using his power and money to coaxed GY to work for his fashion co.

      Jae hyuk thinks that yang gul is using Ga young for his own personal gain. She is stuck at dongdeageum, where else JH thinks she could excel as an international fashion designer.

      and yang gul did make false business partnership with tae ran – there is no supply of clothes for YGM and he has accepted the initial payment from the gangster.


      • Arlena , thank you very well 🙂 we got a valuable lesson from all natural disasters that so now we always try to enjoy life to remain vigilant. Now days the houses have started to be built with stronger so as not to damage the earthquake hit. that is why the earthquake last Wednesday in the western Sumatran province did not cause many casualties.
        please visit wonderfull Indonesia someday 🙂 Arlena

  9. nana, I hope indonesian people and others affected by the earthquake stay vigilant and resilient with daily avtivities.

    Raine, thanks for the screencap and recap but I would like to divert a little on epi 7. go to mins 45.34, I think Lee myung woo is a brilliant director with much creativity. Jae hyuk while drinking heavily, with his second button off, look in between the gap and you will find … yummie yummie !! I am being naughty here !!. What did we saw ? his nip… protuding !! sexiness flaunting for us to see !. jae hyuk did not have to be shirtless for us to imagine further and he is
    also so cute in his pyjamas, a boyish look – pretty boy !! .

    Why is ga young so concern and thinking about jae hyuk’s misunderstanding of her? morality or ethics ? or feeling something to express not to be misunderstood of her ?.

    Oh ! both in white outfit like their wedding day, so matching as a couple !.

    My description of yang gul’s character – hot dog burger !
    jae hyuk – succulent steak !
    as for the laddies no food inspiration yet! can someone come out with something here ?….
    tae ran’s advice to yang gul – gangster, loan shark thinking depth.
    jae hyuk’s father – with wisdom but shrewd thinking.

  10. yeah, might all lead caracter were severely unlikable. but, no body perfect right? i’m waiting for how their caracter will grow… thats intresting. i mean, its like sae how ourselves have grown. realized that our past sometimes embarrassing and unwise.

    so i’m waiting to see YG develop into a responsible personal and sensitive. Waiting GY to be strongger. JH and an-na to be wiser. they should get to know theirself, know their weaknesses, and advantages in order to find ways to their own success..

    • Thank you for your concern to us in the south asia, rainie, verry kind of you… I’m actually an Indonesiaan. earthquake is our daily news, though not as much in Japan. earthquake yesterday made us very worried. Thanks God, tsunami generated just as high as 1m.

      I live in the province of Yogyakarta, which also had a big earthquake a few years ago that getting international attention. my parents’ house collapsed, my mother hit by debris, luckily she survived…

      if you go on holiday to Indonesia do not forget to visit my little city, Yogyakarta is the 2nd tourist destination in Indonesia after the beautiful island of bali 🙂

      • I’m saddened to hear what your family went through during the past earthquake. Thankfully, the recent tsunami wasn’t as severe as the past tsunamis. I hope you and your family are safe~~

        • Thanks a lot DBSK, now everything had passed, but we are aware of potential dangers in our land, so we learn to reduce the risk to remain vigilant.

          moreover we have not only a beautiful sea of dangerous alone, in the north of Yogyakarta also have a very beautiful mountains are dangerous, the most active volcanoes of the world named Gunung Merapi (the montain of fire)

          but we still love our land, sea, beautiful beaches and stunning mountains … 🙂 please, see the beauty of Indonesia by yourself DBSK 🙂

      • Nana! I’m soooo glad to hear your family is safe! I hope everything comes back together safely.

        And I would love to visit! I’m planning an “Asian” vacation in a few years. Take a month or two and just see the other side of the world.

        • Thanks rainie, earthquake last Wednesday happened in Aceh, where a few years ago there was a huge tsunami that killed 170,000 people of our brothers. so even though there is very far from where I live, we remain very concerned.

          please let me know if you come to Indonesia. You’ll love it here because you are steak lovers. Did you know
          that beef recipe in Indonesia named “rendang” is the most delicious food in the world? the number 2 is “Nasi Goreng” which is also from Indonesia. Another beef recipe from my country that was ranked 14th is the “satay”. U can read all information about the best food in the world here:

          So come to Indonesia soon, because all that food can be purchased for around 1 dollar alone Indonesia is a paradise of food 🙂 🙂

  11. I like GY’s character – innocent yet very firm and confident, focused and with such grateful heart. Besides her beauty and talent I am sure this are the qualities that attracted the rich spoilt boy to her – TQ for the recap..

  12. Another awesome read Raine!

    I laughed so hard at the Steven Tyler comparison! And did anyone notice how ridiculously big Anna’s bed is?? It’s no wonder she’s lonely. And the sheep!

    The showdown between all 4 at the dinner scene was my favourite from this ep. Glad to see Ga Young still has something firey in her, cos like you said she was getting somewhat pathetic. It seems like GY and YG have finally hit gold with Michael, but I’m expecting some twist along the way to prevent that from happening.

    I’d really like to see sort of a backstory or flashback to JH and Anna’s relationship in the past. How he met Anna and the reactions from the mother especially when they got together. I think it’d be an interesting comparison to see how maybe why JH is infatuated with GY and the dismal downfall of his relationship with Anna. Cos I’m not getting a clear understanding of Anna’s character so far. Sometimes she indicates she’s still got some good in her, then she turns into some manipulative person.

    I can just see everything crashing down for Madam Jo, Anna and possibly JH in the end.

    Dishevelled JH is strangely attractive btw.

  13. Here I am again, shipping a couple I know will never hit it off. I find myself a traitor because I’m rooting for Ga Young and Jae Hyuk now when I’m supposed to shower my ardent love to the main couple. Yeah, I am supposed to because Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In are my dream drama couple. I even made a fanfiction story for them even before this drama rolled up its cast. But now, why am I wavering? One name : LEE JE HOON!!! 😀

    He is the current star of my crush list! It’s true that he’s not a head-turner but the more I see him, the more I adore him. His chemistry with Shin Se Kyung gives off an innocent yet sultry vibe. That body-flipping-kiss is hot, I can’t get over it! Hihi . . . ^^ I want more, MAWR!!!

    By the way, thank you for sticking with this drama! 🙂 You’re beyond awesome!

    • Preach sister, preach!! We need to see more sexy time between JH and GY. Still cannot get over that body-flipping-kiss!! Giggity, giggity, giggity, giggity!! And Lee Je Hoon does have that effect on people ^^ We should refer to this phenomenon as the Lee Je Hoon Effect or something from now on xD

      • LJH is the perfect fire under the ice: You think he is inoffensive like an annoying salaryman, and then he gets a tight hold on your heart. A true devil in disguise this one. Handsy Gentleman.

  14. Great recap, love random Steven Tyler-ness. Is it wrong that I’m eager for Anna to be brought down? Can’t wait for everyone to find out GY designed those clothes. (BOO Anna – she needs to just go far away from my screen)

    • Ugh!! Me too!! The way she’s trying to act like none drama JH is going through affects her.

      I really didn’t like her and knew her character was pathetic when she met with YG at the bar and asked “What makes GY so confident” and her main goal wash JH.

      Uh…An Na you’re about to run that poor man into the ground.

      Ugh! Sorry had to vent about her *_*

      • She’s the worst kinda evil because she’s unpredictable. She’s insecure and impulsively vengeful. Unlike the mother in “Shining INheritence” who planned everything.

        I think more than disliking her character, which you should if its a well written villian, its that the character development is confusing. I LOVE a well-wrought bad guy. You can hate her, admire her, think she’s clever, even pity and empathize with her….then you want her to crash and burn in the end.

        An-na just makes me want her gone. That’s no fun.

  15. Thank you again for very funny and very fast recap!

    This show confuses me to no end, and that is NOT a bad thing.
    I don’t like the hand-holding that means “we are in this together”
    NOT YET! YG is still jerkity jerk in my book.

    Mostly – I don’t like any man taking care of or taking responsibility for “his woman” when they are both in the same business. It’s too possessive and makes the woman fashion professionals sound like they would be lost without them. Remember Little Bo-Peep* was in NYC long before JH showed.
    (*I JUST figured something out! She must have gone to NYC to find her sheep! Silly girl, they were in Seoul all along.)

    Anyway, Raine, don’t you know the shirtless scene to episode number correlation?
    The lower the episode number, the more likely a male will take off his shirt.
    It has to do with these actors saying, “Screw it! I’m sick of eating just veggies and chicken. You tell them, I am NOT going shirtless again and get me some of those doughnuts Seung Gi’s hawking!”

    Messy LJH is as adorable as nobleman LJH but not as adorable as kiss flip rarw! LJH or smiling in the car after catching GY in his arms LJH.

  16. Thank you for recap I love this drama now more story to look forward to now Young- gul take responsibility for Ga young I like Jae Hyuk too I like how he feel for Ga young but sad Ga young got only eye on Young – gul.

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