Rooftop Prince: Episode 7 Recap Link

by: Raine

It’s official. Rooftop Prince is my FAVORITE show. I watched it raw, laughed, cried and was struck with horror. I watched it subbed, and felt everything thrice as much. This is the role of Yoochun’s career. The cast is dynamic and has amazing chemistry. That said, it’s number one in ratings at 12.5% over King 2 Hearts’ 11% and Equator Man’s 10.8%. It’s the same rating as episode 6 but that’s pretty incredible for airing a day late!

Also, this Recap Link is a little screencap happy. How cute is Han Ji-min in that picture above?

(Lee Gak remembering crossing 300 years in time while standing by the hand river. Amazing camera overlay.)

Anyway, me and Deeno, The Madcap Duo, are switching episodes because of the delay. Deeno will be hosting episodes 7 and 8 since my work schedule makes it difficult for me to host Wednesdays. So from now on, Deeno hosts evens and I host odds!

Please most graciously click the link below to read the recap of episode 7 hosted by Deeno and ready yourself to read a whole new style of recapping.

Rooftop Prince: Episode 7 Collaborative Recap between MadDino and Raine

Click. Read. Comment.

(The prince’s sweet obsession and poor Yong-sul eating a mouthful of peppermint, or Park Ha, candy.)

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 3.21.12 to 5.24.12

Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

Director: Shin Yoon-sub

Screenwriter: Lee Hee-myung

(The most rockin’ baddies.)

Recaps of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character Introductions.

Episode 7 Screencaps.

(The best moment in the show thus far. Han Ji-min…wow. And Micky Yoochun’s face just completely mirrored hers is the most beautifully acted empathy EVER.)

6 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Episode 7 Recap Link”

  1. Thank you The Madcap Duo!Your recaps are always so much fun to read.
    I have a new theory!I think Boyong was the girl that had died and Tae Yong is also completely dead!(you know what I mean!)
    I think the reason that Lee Gak came to the future wasn’t just to solve the mystery and go back,I think he was brought here to prevent the same tragedy(the death of Boyong/Park ha) from happening again.Tae Yong was the person who was supposed to protect Park Ha but when he died the balance of the universe somehow got messed up and Lee Gak was sent to the future to return the balance.
    So in the end,he stays in the future,marries Park Ha and they will have lots of Lee-Ha babies;)

    • I was actually thinking along similar lines, unni. Although I hadn’t thought as far as Park Ha/Tae-yong being together. I was just wondering if the dead woman was Bu Yong rather than Hwa Yong. Perhaps as Hwa Yong’s revenge for Bu Yong still taking the prince’s attention despite her disfigurement.

      I do, however, think the Prince needs to go back in time because of his position.

      Also, if we take your theory in hand, the balance wasprobably thrown off when Bu Yong had her face scarred.

      I’m also wondering if there is a doppelganger for Tae-mu back in the day.

      In any case, I’m not worried for the future of the show so I’m happy to speculate but also happy to be surprised. (When I’m worried I keep imagining the ending that SHOULD happen rather than just enjoying the ride.)

      What a clever theory you had! You and Deeno are both detectives. I enjoy character development and although I LOVE plot development, I’m a horrid detective.

      I’ll be thinking over your theory as episode 8 airs!

      • You’re right about the balance of the universe.I didn’t think about it that way.
        But I really want Lee Gak to stay in the future.How is he going to live without his strawberry and banana milk?!And what about Park-Ha?
        Then again you’re right,he IS the crown-prince after all.
        Ah,I really love this drama!

  2. I’m as happy as a clam on Wednesdays and Thursdays 🙂 I have no idea how Koreans manage to choose which channel to watch on Wed-Thurs!! I’m currently watching all three Wed-Thurs primetime dramas: Rooftop Prince, King 2Hearts and Equator Man. EQ has always been solid, but the last couple of episodes have been insanely intense. K2H has always been good, but the last 2 episodes completely BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!! And RTP has continuously been getting more and more addicting. Episode 7 was no exception. My fave drama keeps alternating between K2H and RTP, lol. In the recent past, it was RTP. But now, I’m leaning towards K2H. I really hope that K2H can keep its momentum going because it’s so damn good right now!!!

    • i totally agree! Wed/Thurs have the best shows now. On Wed/Thurs I usually start with K2H because my sister watches that with me. Then EQ second and then RTP because I need something light and funny after such a serious show 😀 A lot of my friends don’t watch Equator man which makes me sad 😦

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