Rooftop Prince: Only one episode airing 4/12/12 with some BTS extras

by: Raine

Rooftop Prince isn’t airing ’til Thursday. On top of that, we only get ONE episode. No!

Now MadDino and I have to wait. But Viki will still bring us fast translations!

Soompi, as well as many other news sources, posted the information. I’m not sure if they’re pushing all the other episodes back so that they start airing even episodes on Wednesdays or what.

The issue now becomes what will happen with this extra episode. Will they cut off one episode? Will they find a special air date in order to avoid affecting the next drama scheduled?

Has anybody heard anything else? Here is where I wish I spoke Korean so I peruse Korean media sources….like SBS! LOL.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 3.21.12 to 5.24.12

Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

Director: Shin Yoon-sub

Screenwriter: Lee Hee-myung

8 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Only one episode airing 4/12/12 with some BTS extras”

  1. I hope that they push the next drama one week ahead and then make one episode of RP more, svo we have 21 episodes instead of 20… I wouldn´t mind this solution at all xD

  2. This news made me so sad!I want my weekly dose of funny,half of it is just not enough!Doesn’t SBS know that their drama is our crack and we can’t function without the right dose of it?!:(
    By the way I thought Rooftop had 16 episodes,not 20.

        • I’m usually anti spoiler and I actually find I quite enjoy watching raws first. If you notice, I never post previews. I never watch them. And I don’t read my comments until I’ve watched the next episode, just in case commenters post spoilers.

          But for some reason, watching the raws isn’t the same for me, I dunno why. Maybe i like seeing how much I get! 😀 Which is quite a bit storywise cause the actors rock.

  3. yeah… that sucks… I wouldn’t worry too much about the extra episode though. They’ll eventually find a slot to air it. SBS missed an episode of take care of us captain a few months ago and they just aired the final 2 episodes on the same day.

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