Raine’s 126th Post!

by: Raine

Happy 126th Post!

Raine’s Dichotomy has reached it’s second big milestone: 126 posts!

*clap* *cheer* *hoop* *hollar*

Like I said last time, we’re going in 63s! Why? Because I can. I like the number 63. It’s fun and now no longer random! It has deep meaning here at Raine’s Dichotomy.

I was wondering what to write 63 posts later. I already write so flippin’ much on this blog. So I figured I’d give you an update on my plans and tell you how I feel about writing this thing that started out so small and demure and now takes up…a lot of time! Mwahaha!


1) I’m moving to Colorado! That’s pretty much the biggest news in my life. It’ll happen sometime in August after my trip to England which is at the end of June/July. Yes, I’m psycho. I’ve discovered that in my life, when it rains, it pours. During the period in England I will be taking a blog hiatus. You have been warned. While I’m moving I will also be taking a break, but not as long.

2) As you all know, I’ve really upped the ante on recapping. I decided to take on two airing dramas and I seriously didn’t know what I was in for. *Bows down to recapping gods* I plan to continue recapping a current drama at all times. But as soon Fashion King and Rooftop Prince end, I will NOT plan to do two at once. It’s insane. Not unless I enlist a guest blogger.

3) I will continue to do my “retrocaps” because I love having the time to really invest into writing a good recap and covering shows that were neglected in the past. These’ll come nice and slow, I’m not going to lie. But, does anyone have a request? I’m currently in the midst of How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, Padam Padam and White Christmas. I won’t take on another ’til two of them have finished, but I really love doing them.

4) I want to get back into the other half of my dichotomy, “Ranting about Life”, which includes music stuff, rants, random musings. You’ve all noticed how I stick all of those things into my recaps and I really need to expand on that. Especially music. King 2 Hearts has inspired a Wagner post, which will be forthcoming. If you have any requests for explanations or thoughts on music, classical music in pop culture, cello, shoot a comment my way, or an e-mail.

5) Parksihoo4u.com has asked me to write an article about Park Shi-hoo in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor so I will be doing that relatively soon and I’m stoked. We all know that I’m a bit of a fan of Shi-hoo oppa. It’s an earlier work of his so we can really see his growth from then until now. (The Princess’ Man is his most recent work.)

About Blogging

I never expected to run a blog or have it be such a major part of my life. I started last August and it’s just snowballed. It’s come as a shock to me, but I really love it. I meet awesome bloggers, commenters, get introduced to other blogs, shows, thoughts, ideas. It’s really a huge thing to devote yourself to a blog.

Recapping and analyzing K-drama has given me a skill set that I actually use for everything else. I can watch a movie now with a more critical eye. Same for books, American shows and even everyday happenings. I think that’s pretty wicked as I’ve always loved writing and that part of my brain has gotten sharper.

See?! Television doesn’t ALWAYS rot your brain…at least not when you write about it. HA MOM!

Collaborating with MadDino has been another sweet (bloody) joy of mine. We are so different that it makes the whole experience really fun. She even started collaborating with another buddy of ours, Sniffy, that’s how cool it is. We’ve created the “Madcap Recap” (thank Ginger for the name.). It’s a recap that tells you what happened, gives you a little bit of analysis, and a WHOLE of of digressing and personality quirks. It’s a lot of work and requires coordination. It’ll work better when we’re on the same side of the country.

Last but not least, here’s to my readers and my commenters. I am that sad little person who watches my stats. I can’t help it. And when I see my work is getting read, it inspires me to keep going, even when I’m tired or frustrated. What’s even better is when I get a comment. What’s EVEN better is to see people interacting in the comments section, discussing, teaching, squeeing, hating, loving, posing ideas and questions…fixing my spelling errors *SHAME*. I think that has been the coolest thing of starting the Fashion King recaps. People have been sharing fashion knowledge, links, articles and ideas with me and each other. It’s created a little community and I’m all happy thinking about it!

Thanks for helping me get through to this momentous point in my blogging career. 모두 감사합니다/Modu kamsahamnida/Thank you, everyone.

I will see you in another 63 posts! Here’s until post 189!

18 responses to “Raine’s 126th Post!”

  1. Good luck with all your plans, I am sure you will love Colorado it such a beautiful state, I was lived in Denver until I have to move to Florida
    I enjoys your blog a lot and thank you so much for your time and effort to run this blog, and I am also # 1 fan of PSH just like you ,so so glad to found you Raine’s
    Again thank a bunch.

  2. I love your random numbers celebrations, hehe.

    50, 100, 200, etc. are way overrated anyhow.

    Currently eating some brownies (yes, at a quarter past midnight,), I would share them to celebrate your milestone with you but, alas, I can only offer you a virtual brownie!

    P.S. You could blog while you’re in England. All the Starbucks and some other cafés have free internet… Just sayin’. 😛

  3. Hi, congratulations to you!
    Wishes you all the best for you and your blog.
    I’m a PSH’s fan and I found your blog from google search (:D) and I’m so glad for that.
    Sometimes, read your writing about PSH made my day and for just that, thank you so much.
    I really hope that you’ll recap The Princess’s Man. I can’t find a good recap anywhere and I want to hear your comments about this drama. Sorry, I’m a little crazy, right? 😀
    Thanks you again and good luck for all of your plans 🙂

  4. awww! in my previous comment,please take note that there’s a typo error in the part ” i stumbled upon this site called raine’s dichotomy.” that part ” all the best to your ” shouldn’t be there. sorry for this.whew! i don’t know what happened.wahahaha.maybe because i’ve been jittery about the 48th baeksang awards later.of course,cheering for psh and TPM.

  5. will look forward to your next 63!!! please keep going!!! i thank PSH for “getting” me to know an awesome blogger. while searching for everything about my greatest insanity called park si hoo,i stumbled upon this site called raine’s all the best to yourdichotomy.the rest is history.thank you,raine! your blogs, especially, if they’re on si hoossi always brighten up my day anytime.you are true/funny/open-minded to what you rant about.that’s why i have so much respect for you,chin gu.cheers! to you, your blogging career,and our psh-laced connection/ interaction.good luck to your england trip and relocation in colorado and to your babies the cello and the cat timmy.all the best!^.^ let’s continue…

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