Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 11 eeked up a tad to 9.8%. It’s negligable. As is my love for this show at the moment.

This recap was really hard to start. I just didn’t want to do it. The show is so confusing. But then it sucks me in. Then I get annoyed. Then I squee. Help. I need therapy to watch it.

Special thanks to Hitomiakiko from Akiko’s Morning Coffee for doing some translation for me! Actually, she does it a lot and it’s a lifesaver. She’s sweet about it and I appreciate it. Please check out her site as a thank you from me and those who enjoy my recaps. They’re not possible without her.

“Love Like This” –  Instrumental of Lee Young-hyun’s song (from the Fashion King OST)

episode 12 recap

Ga-young comes back from work at J Fashion to discover that Young-gul has been sued, the inventory is missing, the ahjummas flipping out and Young-guls office trashed.

At the police station, Young-gul explains all the things he has going on in his business to a very apathetic cop. Turns out Jae-hyuk spun the elevator tape as Young-gul threatening An-na so he could steal her design. If Young-gul wants to go to America, he needs to clear this mess up first.

Jae-hyuk is a mess as he’s driven home and looks ready to drop when Ga-young calls. He ignores her calls, but gets accosted by her in the lobby of his building. Turns out Young-gul is there too and watches her follow him to the elevators.

I see signs for “Misunderstanding Land” and Young-gul has just taken the exit.

Ga-young follows Jae-hyuk all the way to his front door, demanding to know why he went back on his promise. He tries to shut her out, but she follows him around and even blocks the t.v. when he tries to watch it. Hehehehe.

She came to work to protect Young Young Apparel and demands to know if he’s playing with her. He says he never played with her and tries to watch t.v. She snatches the remote and turns it off. Young Young Apparel is a mess; the factory has completely stopped work. She should’ve been there and she is really frustrated about it. After going to work to be by Jae-hyuk’s side, she thought he’d keep his promise. This is the best acting Shin Se-kyung as done thus far.

Why is he tormenting her president? But then Jae-hyuk turns it around. Why is she tormenting him? Don’t get in the middle of a man’s problem.

Um, what about the lives you’re affecting. It’s not just between men, dude.

He tries to kick her out, but she parks her bum on the sofa, determined not to leave until he cancels the suit. When Jae-hyuk tries to drag her off, she holds on to the arm for dear life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Finally, he gives up and undresses in his bedroom. HOO-FRICKIN’-RAY! She gets all embarrassed but continues to stand firm, even curling up on the sofa with a pillow. He watches her, I bet he’s impressed by her gumption (part of why he likes her) and incredulous and a bit unnerved and unsure of what to do.

Young-gul is waiting downstairs and finally leaves, imagining the worst and remembering all the times he saw them together. At the factory he hopefully checks her bed and then starts to clean up. But his angst overwhelms him and he knocks some desk supplies to the ground.

We’ve hit the angst, people. The REAL angst. Expect it…for a long, long, long time. It’s episode 12, the time when it normally comes in all K-drama. So join me as I attempt to lessen the angst because I don’t deal with it well. Or tension. *pulls hair*

Jae-hyuk discovers Ga-young has fallen asleep and covers her up. Her phone rings and he answers gleefully when he sees it’s Young-gul, knowing what Young-gul would assume. Anyone would. And Young-gul does. His face drops and he asks why Jae-hyuk answered the phone. Young-gul wants him to send her home, but Jae-hyuk doesn’t want to wake her because she’s sleeping SO well.

Just imagine what is running through Young-gul’s mind: she’s worn out from a hot tumble in bed with a gorgeous chaebol. Well, maybe not EXACTLY that. But close enough.

Anyway, Young-gul wants Jae-hyuk to leave his employee alone, but Jae-hyuk points out she works at HIS company today. YOung-gul finally orders Jae-hyuk to have her call him when she wakes and hangs up.

Fat chance buddy. Jae-hyuk erases the call from the register and smiles at the prize sleeping on his sofa.

O.M.G. the angst. THE PAIN. The smirking. The men. The machissimo. Young-gul do you seriously think she slept with him? Seriously? Whatever, Yoo Ah-in looks hot all anguished; Lee Je-hoon looks hot all smirking. I laugh off the tension made from misunderstanding.

Understandably, Young-gul explodes, flipping tables and screaming in frustration. Aw, he’s really in love. You tell that table! No one else can torture Ga-young but you! We got it! So does the poor table. What did it ever do to you? Maybe you and I can head over to talk to An-na’s sheep for some serious therapy.

In the morning, Ga-young wakes and is startled. Probably doesn’t like the fact that she neglected her vigil. Jae-hyuk is eating and cooly reading the paper. She asks for the bathroom and runs off. When she’s gone, Jae-hyuk’s wall comes down and we see an insecure man trying to be stoic in the face of he woman he loves.

Seriously, just show this side to her. It’s so much better than showing the ‘vengeful bastard’ side.

Ga-young comes out and he quickly resumes the “cool and aloof” reading the paper post. She refuses his offer for breakfast and to go to work when Young Young Apparel is such a mess. He wonders if she’ll stay there alone, but she’ll bring her currently idle co-workers to hang out.

As Jae-hyuk readies to leave, his mother storms in with two goons and glares at Ga-young. She orders Ga-young to leave but Ga-young is frozen. Jae-hyuk turns into a boy and whines that it’s not what his mother thinks. He gets smacked and called a useless bastard for his efforts.

Ack, why is my heart breaking for him? I need to steel myself and say “YOU DESERVE IT!”…but I can’t.

(Lee Je-hoon is so hot…but that’s one funny face. Teehee.)

Mom sends the goons to throw Ga-young out but Jae-hyuk beats them and drags her to his side before sending her to his bedroom.

Why, oh why, am I touched by a man who made a problem and then offers the solution?

So Ga-young hides behind the bed *titters* and Jae-hyuk orders his mother to leave. Mommy is baffled at how he can buy a place for one woman and have another stay at his.

For once, I agree with her. But then again, his parents didn’t exactly raise him right or with any kind of love or moral fiber. Wait…stop making excuses for the hot, hot, hot jerk.

Jae-hyuk hollers at her, telling her to leave his place and mind her own business. She’s incredulous that he can treat his own mother that way and looks incredibly hurt.

*Feels chest* Did I actually just feel a twinge of pity? Uh-oh. I must be broken. Any k-drama heart doctors out there, ‘cause mine is obviously malfunctioning.

After glaring at Ga-young, mom leaves and Jae-hyuk fights tears.

Ga-young hesitantly approaches him and apologizes for unintentionally causing such a huge problem. He puts on a smile and asks if she’ll be okay alone in his apartment – mom might return

Apparently, it’s not cool, ‘cause Jae-hyuk is driving her somewhere. She just wants to be dropped off. He broke his promise so when he drops the charges, she’ll come back. Jae-hyuk gets pissed. “Do I look easy to you? Why do you always do what you want?”

Ahem, let’s just let that one slide, because we all know who does whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants.

He drops her off, speeds off and Ga-young scoffs at his quick retreat.

Director Kim finds that Ga-young is missing, peruses her sketchbook and is duly impressed.

It’s another hand washing showdown! Young-gul versus Jae-hyuk this time. If it was over urinals, it’d literally be a pissing contest!

Young-gul wants to know what’s going on. Jae-hyuk takes Ga-young and sues. With a smirk, Jae-hyuk says that Ga-young came on her own. He told her he liked her and asked her to stay with him.

Oh man, when men fight over women, the sexual component really fires them up.

Anyway, Jae-hyuk says that people with potential have to meet the right person. She could be stuck in Young-gul’s factory forever. In any case, Young-gul and his company are finished. Young-gul, suddenly possessed of a conscience, tells Jae-hyuk he’s only degrading “his woman”, An-na, by doing this.

Young-gul just wants to go their separate ways and Jae-hyuk says it should’ve always been like that. Jae-hyuk also wants Young-gul to hand over YGM.

Then, he wipes his hands off on Young-gul’s jacket.

OMG. What a douche. And no, I don’t mean the French word for shower.

In his office, Jae-hyuk finds his mother in his chair and he sits in a chair with  his back to her, pouting like a petulant child. Mother immediately asks if he came with “her” and he wonders where she got the information that Ga-young was at his place. She also wonders where Ga-young is now and gets pissed when she hears the young woman quit. Is the company Jae-hyuk’s playground? Is An-na not enough? Jae-hyuk is embarrassed by how loudly she’s speaking and she thinks he’s the embarrassment.

An-na walks in, summoned by momma. Oh, let the real games begin! Jae-hyuk is confused and tense.

An aside, I love An-na’s shoes.

So mom wants to know if An-na knows about Ga-young and how she feels about it. An-na “feels bad.” She says this with a smirk on her face. But the character does feel bad. The acting is a bit off….

Momma Jae-hyuk doesn’t want to deal with him and Ga-young so An-na should take care of “her man”. Jae-hyuk jumps up and hollers “EOM-MA!” So funny. He’s such a kid around his mother, who is a snobby, classist bitch. She can barely tolerate An-na, but at least she’s better than the poor Ga-young.

Director Kim walks in to ask about Ga-young’s absence from work and notices the tension. He makes a really funny face. Haha.

In An-na’s office, Young-gul is admiring her work. He compliments it and makes her smile. Then, he tells her that he came to apologize for making her feel sorry towards him because she helped Jae-hyuk’s lawsuit by giving a testimony against Young-gul.

Madam Dragon Jo is on the phone trying to secure funding and failing. To make matters worse, Jae-hyuk stops by and tells her he’s decided not to invest.

The shock and fear on her face is so satisfying until I realize that it negatively affects Ga-young and the factory workers.

Jae-hyuk is obviously gloating but she tells him not to worry because they have other potential investors. He takes his leave and the Dragon actually throws a mini-fit before calling An-na who tells the Dragon that Jae-hyuk filed a lawsuit.

At Young Young Apparel, everything is in chaos. The ahjummas are flipping and gossiping about Ga-young and her suitors; the menfolk are trying to deal with problems over the phone; Ga-young just sits looking like a kicked puppy.

That’s what happens when you walk under the feet of two alpha males fighting…because all of this centers on wounded prides and fighting over a woman.

The appearance of a strutting Young-gul silences them momentarily before a barrage of questions smacks him in the face. He silences them with a wave of his hand and tells them that he is Kang Young-gul so they shouldn’t worry.

Yeah, your identity is a real relief. Keep telling them your name as if they don’t know it… No, for real. They have a right to be worried. This is what happens when you sign things without careful review.

Young-gul calls Il-gook and Bong Sook to his office and ignores Ga-young who is obviously wanting his attention.

He then heads off to eat dinner with An-na who offers her help. He refuses, saying things are too big for that now and he can take care of himself.

We know. You’re a big boy now.

Next An-na asks about Ga-young’s absence after only one day of work. She must’ve gone in the first place because of Jae-hyuk’s harassment, Young-gul says in defense of his love employee. Strangely, An-na then tells Young-gul to stop Ga-young’s involvement with Jae-hyuk. His mother came to work today and she will make Ga-young’s life hell in order to prevent her from being with Jae-hyuk.

They are interrupted by a call from Michael who wants to meet Young-gul that Friday. Also a potential investor will be coming on the morrow. An-na is obviously jealous and the conversation was heard by a minion of Assistant Kim.

When Young-gul comes back to the factory, he confronts Ga-young about working at the company and sleeping at Jae-hyuk’s. She is supposed to work and sleep at Young Young Apparel. If she’s not working there, she shouldn’t be living there either. Ga-young looks contrite but tells him she knew he’d misunderstand. Before she worries that he’d misunderstand, she shouldn’t do anything that he’d misunderstand.

Although I’m mad at him for jumping to conclusions, he’s right. It would’ve been better just to tell him.

Young-gul asks her what he’s misunderstanding: her working with Jae-hyuk and sleeping at his place? She explains that she went to work for Jae-hyuk to prevent the lawsuit and stayed all night to beg him to drop it. But Young-gul doesn’t feel relieved at the news: he feels insulted because she makes him look stupid. INstead of sneaking around to meet him, just go date him.

WHAT?! Ai yai yai, Young-gul, que haces? What are you doing?

If she wants to work at his company, she should just go. Young-gul won’t stop her.

He leaves; she cries; I scoff.

She needs to get rid of both of these men. They’re playing her and using her as a tug of war rope. Worst of all, she’s letting them.

In his bed, *yum*, Jae-hyuk reads the art of fear. *snerk* But he can’t focus and starts to text Ga-young, “Just like last night, I wish you could be here.”

Awwwww. Why am I touched? Why can’t he be like that all the time?

But he doesn’t send it and goes to bed instead.

Ga-young makes breakfast, which Young-gul ignores. He tells her to clean up because they’ll be having guests and leaves. He is totally cold and treats her like a nobody employee.

Assistant Kim gives Jae-hyuk the scoop on Young-gul’s investor and Jae-hyuk is fretting when Young-gul saunters in. He starts in right away: I have American investors coming and you can’t have my employee. Just sue me.

He walks away leaving Jae-hyuk absolutely floored.

In the car, Madam Dragon’s investor backs out and she immediately drives over to Young Young Apparel to talk to Young-gul. YOung-gul is prepared though. He’s bought a suit for Il-good, straightened his hair to look like a ‘70s school boy, Bong Sook is dressed in a suit and I finally figured out that the call from Michael was fake.

Ga-young is sullen as Madam Dragon walks in, arguing with an investor who wants her money back. She is shocked to see Young-gul’s “guest from America” who is none other than Il-gook. Bong Sook is his translator. Young-gul has Madam Dragon sit and then explains about the company to his “guest”. He also shows off Ga-young a “graduate” of the New York Fashion School.

Cue glare from Ga-young.

Young-gul takes Madam Dragon into his office and wonders if she’s there to talk about the investment but she’s more curious in the “guests”. An ahjumma comes in to say the guests are leaving and Young-gul leaves a contract conspicuously on the coffee table. Madam Dragon can’t resist and reads it: the Americans are investing $10 million.

Jae-hyuk’s father meets with him and tells Jae-hyuk that this has dragged on too long. He needs to step on them judiciously so that Jae-hyuk can get something out of it. He’s also heard Michael found Young Young Apparel investors and that Jae-hyuk rejected Madam Dragon’s offer. And that the suing didn’t work. Only works when poor and Young-gul has investors. Time to change the plan of attack.

Wow dad. Do you have no real father/son moments with your kid?

Young-gul got a call from a realtor with a really awesome property: it looks exactly like Jae-hyuk’s. In fact, he lives on the floor below. YOung-gul imagines Ga-young’s room and decides to sign.

Why do I have a feeling there is more than just one reason for this purchase than his promise to Ga-young?

Young-gul gets a call from Jae-hyuk and goes to meet him at a bar.

(Hot Idiot #1 or Hot Idiot #2?)

Oooooh, is there a drinking contest in our future? Will there be a fight? A shirtless one? Will they make up and be bff and play beach volleyball together? Or am I pining for shirtless scenes…

Jae-hyuk admits that he lost and Young-gul doesn’t believe a drunk confession. However, Jae-hyuk says he’ll hear about “it” in a few days. Then, he asks how much Young-gul wants him to invest. It’s that magic number, $5 million, again. But there’s a catch: Jae-hyuk wants Ga-young.

RED LIGHT! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Young-gul wonders if Jae-hyuk is in love with him, but Jae-hyuk won’t answer. Although Young-gul loves money, he would never send her to Jae-hyuk. He’ll find the money another way.

Back at the factory, Young-gul finds Ga-young drinking and bumps her shoulder affectionately, wondering what is wrong. She asks him to chat.

Oh no. That’s not good.

Then she drops a bomb: she thought about what he said about leaving, and she wants to go to Jae-hyuk’s company. There is a lot to learn and the company has great resources.

Young-gul is shocked and crushed. Is it because he gives her petty work? Jae-hyuk’s company won’t even treat her as a designer and she won’t be able to breathe there. With tears in his eyes, she replies that it’s better than seeing “that woman’s” face every day and putting on fake shows.

Just stay here and work with Bong Sook and the new designer we hired, Young-gul pleads. He gets up to leave and Ga-young asks him for the money she earned: she needs it to find a place to stay.

Young-gul: Weren’t we supposed to go to the end together?

When she doesn’t reply he tells her to do what she wants and leaves her in tears.


Start at the beginning, follow the circular track to back where you first began. That is the path of this drama.

Thanks for your patience everyone! I hope it was worth the wait.

I’m wondering if Ga-young is really taking care of herself or if she’s trying to be a noble idiot to save him. I hope she’s taking care of her. But she should really separate herself from these people and strike out on her own. She’s skilled enough to do so.

Jae-hyuk is just one messed up dude. He throws tantrums but they affect the lives of good people in the process. Young-gul’s workers are out of a job because of Jae-hyuk. Not cool. But they he turns around and is good to Ga-young. I don’t get it.

Then Young-gul is king assumption. Is he going to chase after her again? I kinda want him to despite all…

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  1. This show is driving me nuts seriously. They have spent so much time pushing and pulling! Two selfish bastards. I must agree that if not for the eye candy I would have skipped this one. The roles are too complicated that they become unrealistic. It reminds me so much of Memories of Bali but it also has the pace of Gossip Girl when it comes to the turn of events.]

    Until now I still can’t fully grasp Ga Young’s character if she’s innocent or fierce. And Young Geol cmon have some balls and make her feel important already!

  2. Hi Raine! thanks for recapping FK. I liked this story enough at the beginning but it has gotten too confusing for me. So much misunderstanding between the leads I just want to knock them both on the head. Why can’t they just be honest with eachother?

    • It’s called “Standstill” by K-heart. We actually hear this a lot. It’s got a slow 90s r&B beat. It’s the ’emo’ music I’m always mentioning! Must be the

      There’s a beat, keys, strings (synth or mixed, I can’t tell), guitar and sounds like a synth of a bandoneon/accordian to me not a harmonica. It’s hard with all the synthesizing. Anyone know?

  3. As of now, I’m quitting this old-fashioned-machismo-fest before I take a plane to the imaginary land of Fashion King and start slapping everyone.

    I’m still bristling at the writers of this wreck; they need to be sent to a feminist re-education camp;
    Lesson 1. Women are not immaterial and useless AKA Women Exist (!)
    Lesson 2. Women are not property
    Lesson 3. Women can walk AKA Wrists are not for pulling

    The 2 male leads are so obsessed with each other; they should just get it on. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing that at all (at this point it’s the only way to save this show). I’ll only tune back in if this happens.

    I’ll still read Ms Raine’s recaps though.

    • I’m totally not a rah-rah feminist, but I completely agree. I was thinking about hooking up YAI and LJH in my next recap. Did you see the video posted about LJH’s gay film? It was in an earlier post. Omg! O_O It’s called just friends. The man can kiss.

      One more lesson

      Lesson 4. Women can think for themselves and aren’t doormats.

      • I saw Just Friends too many times to count – I’ll joyously admit to a slight (huge!) penchant for m to m slashness.

        Hooray for Lesson 4.

        • Men are very very raw and women are careful (on tv anyway). I”m a very tomboyish girly girl. I like to be a girl but I like my physical to be physical!

  4. RAINE! Did you see Softy’s post about SEEING LJH IN PERSON AND SHE DIDN’T TOUCH HIM? Her Rooftop Prince 12 recap over there at Rebel Souls…

  5. If only they could show us making film, bts, how many takings Mr Lee has to do to get that perfect undress scene in this episode?.
    Miss Shin you are lucky to be there !.

  6. It’s so weird. In most dramas that I’ve watched, I normally root for the main lead, which would be Young Gul, but in this drama I’m rooting for Jae Hyuk. Jae Hyuk definitely has his bad points. He keeps on treating others like dirt, and doesn’t care about the consequences. Although I think that his need to be better than others is because his father keeps on pushing him. It’s as if nothing is good enough for his father. I should hate Jae Hyuk, but Lee Je Hoon is such a great actor. His small changes in facial expressions speaks millions. For example, when eating breakfast he showed a cold expression, yet when Ga Young left, you could see that it was all for show and he has a vulnerable centre. And I also feel that Ga Young at least knows that Jae Hyuk has some sort of feelings for her. Young Gul ignores her a lot of the time, and normally ends up yelling at her. I know he cares for her, but I don’t think that he knows that he likes her because he keeps referring to her as “his employee.” Young Gul likes Ga Young, and he cares for her, but he never really lets her see that. She tried to help him by staying at Jae Hyuk’s, yet he yelled at her because it made him look like a fool. However, he signed the contract with Madame Jo!!! Ugh I hate that woman. I still can’t believe he did that.
    I also feel that Ga Young working at the company would actually benefit her. The designer there seems to recognize her talent. I’m not sure what Jae Hyuk’s angle is…maybe just to have her there and one-up Young Gul. However, Ga Young was able to use her talent there. They also have the resources to help her. And hopefully she would actually be able to have her own line. I also hope that Ga Young can change Jae Hyuk for the better and that he has to realize that he can’t stomp on everyone else based on his own whim.

    • Agreed that LJH is an amazing actor, he makes you feel the character he is playing from every nuance glance and movement. He is great!

      • I know seriously. This was the first time that I’ve ever seen him act, and he is amazing. He’s able to make the character feel righteous, confident…and then the next moment, he’s completely vulnerable. I should hate him, but he plays the character with such diversity and depth, that I just can’t. And it’s awesome, because you can see why he does the things that you should hate him for. I think most of his character flaws stem from the relationship with his father. And even then LJH is such a great actor, it’s amazing how he instantly turns into a small child wanting approval when his father is around.

        • I should hate him too. I was so busy keep rewinding his scenes that I don’t even time to work on my so many over due assignments, and I have a big exam coming the end of next month. This show is killing me…

          • Me too!! I came into the drama because I loved YAI in SKKS. But then LJH caught my eye instead! I didn’t expect to like the drama this much either.

            • Yeap, that’s exactly what happened to me. Never heard of anyone else in the show other than YAI, so did not start watching it until like 5th.? It was the scene when JH was checking out his appearance in a mirror with that devilish but irresistible smile, that darn cute smile made me officially a fan of the show. Well I am glad I did, even though the plot structure was not laid out the way that screen writer wanted to support the complex personality and backgrounds of the characters, but the entire cast is amazing, they did their part well, all had the strong screen presence so far except Yuri though. She needs some improvements on her acting, she seemed having this same expression for the past 12 eps.

    • I feel like Young-gul says “employee” to purposefully distance himself from her. He doesn’t want to like her but he does. Jae-hyuk has resigned himself to the fact he likes her and doesn’t really care who knows anymore.

      I think that’s what makes his love different than the one he had from An-na. He didn’t fight for An-na…however, he needs to stop pulling those douche-y moves!

      • Yeah and I think that Young Gul is not willing to admit his feelings for her yet. Maybe he’s afraid that he will hurt her. However, all Ga Young knows is that she told him her feelings and he rejected her.
        And although I do like Jae Hyuk better than Young Gul at the moment, you are right. He does need to stop treating others like dirt. And he needs to break up with An-na if he doesn’t have feelings for her. I don’t really care for her as a character. To me, she doesn’t really have much talent. I mean even when she was working in NY under Michael, she wasn’t being treated like a hot shot designer. And I still can’t get over the fact that she agreed to take someone else’s designs and call them her own. And when Young Gul went to her and apologized because he thought she was feeling guilty. I was like she does have a mind of her own, and she chose to say that you harassed her. (Woops, so that turned into a rant…) Anyways, regardless of An-na’s character, she still shouldn’t be treated the way Jae Hyuk’s treating her. He needs to let her go, cause all I ever see is them fight. I still don’t even know why he brought her back. And I don’t know why she even agreed to it. I think that maybe she wasn’t as successful in NY as they made her out to be and she thought she could make it in Korea. If she moved because of love, I don’t believe it. I think they have outgrown each other and they need to let go.

        • As Raine pointed out that Anna is a gold digger indeed. As for JH, he is a businessman, he already invested so much on this woman (5 mill alone on the NY fashion creation) and all the luxury establishments he set up for her in NY and Seoul , that requires some sort of RETURNS. Even though he does not love her anymore, he is gonna become the butt of jokes in his own company if he just let her go without any sort of business settlement here like his father warned him before. He dug a deep hole for himself, it is certainly not easy for him to crawl back up. I think that is the reason why he hates YG to guts because YG has the right woman by his side with real talent, loyalty and beauty, and he got talentless, deceive and bitchy one. Poor JH…

          • Okay, I can agree about Anna. But as for Jae Hyuk, I understand why he doesn’t let her go now, but I still don’t understand the reason he brought her back in the first place. From all that I’ve seen, as soon as she stepped back into Seoul, he never showed her that he actually loved her. Yes, he bought her a place to live in, but I don’t see that he cares for her. And if he used her for her talent, I don’t see it either, because she doesn’t seem to have any. Maybe if we got a backstory on them I would be able to see it clearer. Or maybe they need a better actress. Anna seems to talk in the same tone with the same face in almost every single episode.

            • He never loved any other girls other than Anna, so maybe he thought she was the one? I agree that plot lines seemed were not connected well on that part, and yes I also think Anna could have done better job to back up the character…..

  7. So YG purposely fooled Anna about the call? He is obviously so in love with GY, why can’t he be honest with himself? Everything he plans to do, she’s in it in his head. You look for a new apartment and you STILL plan to live with her after you guys make money? Seriously? You are in love, hooked, strung, and you can’t bear to have her go. Dumbo.

    • Maybe he is not sure about his own feeling yet? Me too kinda tied of his “my employee” crap on GY. That is why I like JH, he told GY outright that he likes her. He knows exactly what he wants.

  8. hahaha excellent recap once again! i find reading these recaps are so much more entertaining than watching the actual show. lololol

  9. You read my mind with this:
    O.M.G. the angst. THE PAIN. The smirking. The men. The machissimo. Young-gul do you seriously think she slept with him? Seriously? Whatever, Yoo Ah-in looks hot all anguished; Lee Je-hoon looks hot all smirking. I laugh off the tension made from misunderstanding.

    FK is the show I am most obsessed with now, strangely, since K2H ultimately is the betters show.
    I blame LJH, of course, with his tiny little chest musc-ti-cles.
    This PD is relentless with the face to face moments that cry out “Kiss her!” or “Kiss him!”
    (Oh, that was ME crying out?)
    I am pretty sure the last showdown between YG and JH in the bar with the whiskey-shined lips crumbled whatever wall of sanity I thought remained in my FKing brain.

    No matter how I slice it, I end up with a GY/JH sandwich at the end.
    Did you see the way he looks at her? He neeeeeeeeeds GY like the desert needs raine.
    Yes, he has a bat for mother and Lord Vadermort for a father, but I don’t see how Little Bo-peep is better for him. And now that YG is getting cozy with the compliments, I like the YG/Anna ensemble.

    That company has changed hands so many hypothetical times now, I am not sure who owns it. Can someone tell me?

    Do you think YG thinks GY slept with JH?

    • Hehehehe Little Bo-peep! HAHA. It’s true that Lee Je-hoon and Shin Se-kyung have awesome chemistry. YAI has great chemistry with her, but because Je-hoon’s character is so ridiculously in love, it’s stronger for me.

      LJH looks thinner in this drama. In the film he was in, Just Friends, he was super ripped…omg.

  10. This crazy drama should have been titled ‘PUSH/PULL’ – cause that’s the only thing happening here.

    How many times can YG be sued?! How many times can GY change her doormat mind?! How many times can JH say “This is your LAST chance!”?!
    How many times can JH’s pissy momma butt in on his (presumed – cause I don’t see him getting much) sex life?! How many times can Yuri maintain that constipated look on her face?!

    This drama has one foot nailed to the floor – it circles, endlessly.
    The only reason I’m watching is in hopes of the all-explanatory, wrap-up scene. It involves JH, YG, a table and a tape measure. They both stand side-by-side at the table, drop trousers, plop dicks on the table and measure. Biggest one wins – the girl, the business, the glory.
    See? How easy was that?!

    • Forgot to add – Thanks for the recap, Raine! These must be real time-killers for you, but selfishly, might I suggest you think about doing ‘I Do, I Do’ with Kim Sun Ah and Jang-woo for your upcoming solo recap? It’s practically guaranteed to be a quality production with lots of funny. 🙂

    • LOL at ‘How many times can JH say “This is your LAST chance!”?!’

      Reminds me of The Princess Bride:
      “I don’t think that word means what you think it means, JH.”

      But he is so adorable with his last chances. I hope he keeps saying it.

    • “How many times can JH’s pissy momma butt in on his (presumed – cause I don’t see him getting much) sex life?! How many times can Yuri maintain that constipated look on her face?!”
      LOL – so true! I believe he is virgin b/c of his parents :)))
      And Yuri will remain constipated for a long time after F ends :))

      When I started to watch FK I was hoping to see dresses, fashion, how they make clothes (I like DIY tutorials). But, after 12 episodes they only cried, fight, move around 2 places, fight, drink, cried … Only 4 episodes, so relieved!

  11. the three actors are really good and their chemistry is oozing.i giggle a lot when jae hyuk tried to get ga young on his side and giggle too when young gul will put a fight to get ga young to his side.whoever wins at the end is acceptable for the two guys are both super hot.

  12. GY cannot control YG but definitely have control on JH and JH has no control of Ana. There’s a hint here when GY commented tht Ana’s design is refreshing… so there may be a possibility that these boys will be changing partners temporarily.

    Plot very similar to What happens in Bali..

    TQ for the recap..

  13. i find this drama very interesting so i’m really really hooked.i love the three lead characters ga young,young gul and jae hyuk.the chemistry is awesome.i want to know who will ga young choose at the end.for now i go for team young gul ‘coz there is no ex gf,no daddy evil,no bitchy mama to deal with and plus they can both empathized with one another on their struggles to survive with great talents and skills as their armaments.

  14. Hi Raine and commenters,

    I felt that epi 12 is the begining of a love story between jae hyuk and ga young when she was at his apartment for the first time and him having a woman spending the night at his apartment for the first time since coming back home from NY!

    I was also hoping that jae hyuk would kiss ga young when he yanked her and asked her to go but she plump her butt on the sofa, and the car ride it is like they are having a morning after “quarrel” after spending the night together!. Ga young’s face is sweet and she is sleeping like a baby !. I think ga young stimulate his endocrine gland high !!.

    Oh ! that is really a surprise – scriptwriters – ga young want to move out and work for jfashion on her own free will, now she is thinking of herself first ! and Jae hyuk had earlier made an offer to yang gul for 5 million but seal it taking ga young !!. Oh bold deal !!.

    What is this announcement that jae hyuk has in mind ?. Let ga young take over 8EIGHT SECONDS and also announced his official break-up with an na ?. Or he will bring ga young to NY which is not possible, or ga young working with director kim as her mentor ?. Sorry an na you’re out of the picture.

    When jae hyuk said “I lost” – my heart suddenly sank and I felt sad but at the same time happy that he is not going to the dark side.
    What is the announcement that jae hyuk is going to make in a few days time while preparing it reading the book the “art of fear” ?.
    Here we see two gurus management from yang gul and jae hyuk.
    Is jae hyuk trying to change the fashion industry in korea ?.
    Laughing, the spies are not doing their homework.

  15. If you need any more help with spot translations I’d be happy to help. I can understand conversational Korean, and if there are words I don’t know, I can type in Korean and look up the word on naver or daum’s online dictionary ( The dictionary on naver is seriously amazing. There are definition entries in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German 🙂 I love it because it has links to Dong-a’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary which includes both Korean and English sentences using the vocab word.

    In the last recap you asked if Young Gul said “my woman” or “my female employee.” He said “여 직원” (yeo jigwon), which means “female employee.” “Yeo” is a word part that usually means “female,” like how “fem” usually means female in English (feminine, effeminate, etc). It’s derived from the Chinese root word “女.” “Jigwon” means employee. “Jig” is derived from the Chinese root word “職” which means “job” and “won” (員) is a quantifier usually used in conjunction with people. It means “staff/personnel.”

    Korean word parts are tricky though, because one word part can have tons of different meanings. You have to look at the spelling in Hanja (Chinese) to know which exact meaning the Korean word part means. For example, “yeo” has 24(!!!) different meanings, so you have to know the Chinese spelling to know which specific meaning it refers to. Chinese characters for “yeo”: 餘 = time, 旅 = travel, 與 = lend, 如 = unchanged, etc.

    Koreans have to learn about 2,000 Chinese characters by the end of high school, in addition to a second language in high school, which is usually Japanese, in addition to basic English. Yeah, the Korean school system is pure hell -_-”

    Anywho, I will come back and comment once I finish watching the rest of this episode~~

    • Wow, that’s insane! Thanks for that info. And for the spot translation offer. I will definitely let you know!

      The hanja is similar to Japanese. By the time they graduate they have to know 1984 kanji. One of the Kanji I’m studying has like 13 meanings, so I study it with tons of different pairings just to get a feel for what means what when. I recognize the female character from Japanese! w00t! At least my Japanese studying helped me with SOMETHING in Korean…

      At least learning Japanese, they only have to learn Katakana and Hiragana cause they’ll already have basic Kanji meanings. There aren’t very many non-sino derived kanji at all.

  16. love the recap..witty & funny..thanks! so many jae hyuk & gayoung supporters in here..hooray…their chemistry really rock!..they look so good together..

  17. so, this episode ended with GY who want to leave YG? okay, than we have to wait till next week to know what GY will do, right?… but, wait….. we can rewatch ep 11 to get the answer aren’t we???

  18. wow.. can’t wait to know what happen between these four leads, I want GY and JH pairing more than GY and YG pairing, because they look delicious together, hehehe… so many sparks and chemistry between them.. makes me want to scream ” Kiss her Jae Hyuk!!!”

  19. “Young-gul got a call from a realtor with a really awesome property: it looks exactly like Jae-hyuk’s. In fact, he lives on the floor below.”
    Really? So YG is going to move in the same building that JH lives? I thought YG does not want to see JH at all. And WHAT? GY is going to move out? Hmmm, that was a shocker. Well I think I know where this drama is heading. The boys will probably all meet at GY’s new place playing Romeos every night, and bully each other physically and mentally back to the same place they live. Actually I really don’t care where this drama is heading, because I know these four super gorgeous leads are capable to deliver outstanding dramatic effect to the role they played even with a weak script.

  20. JH challenged his mom and stood up for her woman. He is my man, I will stand up for him all the way. I almost switched the side when YG made that cute dress for GY on her B-day.

  21. “…stop making excuses for the hot, hot, hot jerk.” That was too funny, I could not stop laughing. I really don’t understand why his mom was making a big deal on his personal life. Okay, unlike Raine, I don’t make excuses for this guy. I am just being fair here, he is single, single for mingle there is nothing wrong with it. Why people keep giving this poor guy such hard a time for seeing GY, even though he already dumped his ex, practically.

  22. heyyyy… its here… heheheh…. i just prepare my self to wait patiently… but its here already…… gumawoooo… 🙂

  23. The insanity continues! *cheering* I hate both men but why was I super disappointed JH didn’t grab GY, throw her on the bed and …ehem? There is seriously something wrong with me. *hee* I’d rather watch JH and GY make out than pay any attention to who is designing clothes.

    • Amen sister! The clothes are ugly. The men are not. Poor Lee Je-hoon. It’s like all the skinship scenes are for him in that drama. Maybe he lost a bet against YAI?

        • I agree.
          Wouldn’t it have been nice if he pulled the old kiss-her-while-she’s-sleeping move, with a touch-her-cheek-with-the-back-of-his-hand dismount?
          At least he wouldn’t have been rebuffed.
          Just thinking about him getting close to her again makes me loopy. I need to go take a walk and think about baseball.

          What we need is another out of the blue kiss from HER to JH this time…Problem is she is far far far from letting YG go.

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