Rooftop Prince: Episode 12 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: And we’re back up to number two in the running at 11.3% for this episode. Honestly, I don’t know what these ratings actually mean, but I certainly like this show more than 11.3%!

I seriously didn’t stop exclaiming things throughout the entire episode. I love this show. I love this show. I love this show.

“Lotus Pond” –  Instrumental with NO COMPOSER mentioned!!!! (from the Rooftop Prince OST) It’s so well written. When this plays all of our hearts beat rapidly. Give the poor composer credit.

episode 12 recap

Deeno: Quick! Close the door and lock them both in. It’s a good time to get rid of them. One fell swoop and they both die. Oooo, her face got covered up by the mystic handkerchief as he carries her out of the burning building. Why didn’t you notice, Panda Prince? Why?

Deeno: Oh, you didn’t notice because they gave you a second chance to notice while you’re taking care of her. How nice of them to use that twice to bang this concept further into your dull head. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Raine: I’d just like to take this time to say, I knew it. If you didn’t know that I knew it, please read the last recap. Why am I excited? ‘Cause I suck at this stuff. So even if it’s obvious, I still figured it out. Yessiree! Hooray!

Deeno: I like that they used the mystic handkerchief to make the point.

Raine: Me, too. I wonder if she’s going to end up guessing the answer to the riddle near the end of the drama.

Deeno: She better! Or I’ll bash her head in. And drown her…again!

Raine: So you think she’s the floating pond corpse, too, eh? The FPC?

Deeno: No. Maybe. I hope not.

Raine: I like Bu-yong, but the show did a REALLY good job of making me invested in Park Ha. I want her to get to have panda babies.

Deeno: Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Deeno: Another reason to grumble, Se Na.

Random aside: Her nails are now bright blue. I always notice nails in dramas. I love Se Na’s nails. They’re always so bright!

Raine: Totally noticed it, too. I have that blue on my nails, but it’s not as shiny.

Deeno: I want to do one of two colors. A purple or a teal. Or both.

Raine: Pink and blue for me! PIIIINK!

Deeno: Se-na finds out that Panda Prince ran off to save Park Ha and tells grandma. Of course, she spins it to make it appear as though Park Ha called Panda Prince for no reason and ruined the presentation for no reason. Wait, how can this even fly? Grandma is the chairwoman and she doesn’t know that one of her warehouses got set on fire? It’s not like it’s far away. Shouldn’t she know this?

Raine: Even if it’s across the country, this IS the 21st-century, a fact they pounded into our heads as Team Joseon got acclimated to its wonders. So how in the world does the president of a Home Shopping company, a business that RELIES on communications, not have any communications? How does a supposedly successful president jump to such conclusions? Even if she was emotionally driven, at least she should’ve been informed of the facts. She is ridiculous. Die granny. I’m calling the big bad wolf. YOU. ARE. DINNER!

Deeno: But I want to eat her…

Raine: Let me rephrase this: I’m calling the big bad wolf dinosaur. YOU. ARE. DINNER!

Deeno: Big Fluffy Dinosaur?

Raine: I was even being nice to you and everything. Did you HAVE to go there?

Deeno: No, but I want to ruin your day…

Raine: Then change the ending of his episode. No day can be ruined after that.

Deeno: Firing up the good old time machine. Must ruin the end of this episode. I’ll give Tae Mu and Park Ha a kiss instead.

Deeno: Panda Prince tries to explain what happened, but the old hag doesn’t listen. All she hears is that Park Ha is still staying with them and decides that Park Ha needs to move out because of the upcoming engagement. I hate old people. They keep talking and talking, but they don’t stop to listen. Ok, may not all of them, but this one needs to die, now! Wait that would crush Tae Mu’s chance of getting the company. Or would it?

Raine: I vote that he be roasted in that volcano we talked about in our episode 11 recap.

Deeno: Panda Prince takes Park Ha out for dinner to escape Granny’s hulk-esque wrath. The boys pamper Park Ha after her near death experience.

I hate that the phrase “near death experience” even exist. Either die or don’t. Don’t raise my hopes just to crush them.

Raine: And this is exactly why I like that phrase.

Deeno: No, they should die!

Yellow Ajussi feels neglected so Blue and Green tease him and make him laugh, which hurts because he had surgery and all.

Raine: The prince also gives Chi-san/Yellow a piece of his chicken to make him feel included, which makes me squee. Why? Because he was so arrogant before and now he’s REALLY appreciating what these guys do for him.

Deeno: Park Ha also laughs so Panda Prince can admire the pretty. The Tracksuit Trio head off alone and Panda Prince watches, waiting for Chi San to suffer laughter at the hands of his friends. Oi, so cute.

Raine: Lurv it! You can see the actors are friends and it shines through in the characters. So awesome.

Deeno: Panda Prince arrives home and finds Granny camping out front. He tries to distract Park Ha with ice cream. This would totally work on Raine, but fails with Park Ha. Guess she’s not your long lost Korean sister after all. Probably good, because then you’d be related to Se Na too.

Raine: *twitch* Love to be related to Park Ha, but I will most definitely forgo that to avoid any possible contact with the Chester/Witch/Snake/#$%@#$^##$#

Deeno: Ice cream?

Raine: *gulp* I…um…

Deeno: Before Park Ha goes into battle unaware, Panda Prince whisks her away to flirt with her. I mean, keep her safe from the ferocious dragon. I mean make her smile. I mean take her for a date above the city lights. I mean lie to her about your granny so you can stay  with her longer. Gah, boy! Just kiss her already. She’s only your sister-in-law.

Raine: Oh. My. Gosh.  There is no letter limit for what’s coming. I’m not sorry. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* EEEEEEH! Sooooooooo cute! Yay! All his little smirks and teasing her. *melts into a puddle of goo*

Deeno: Park Ha takes him out to dinner and laughs as she realizes how well he’s adopted to modern Korea. They talk about old times and how things have changed. Panda Prince also lets it slip about his panda escapade. They laugh and enjoy each others company.

Raine: And now she knows why we call him Panda.

Deeno: Yeah she was probably confused about that since she’s been keeping up to date with thing via our recaps. She actually probably confused about a lot of things. Like kamikaze toasters…and…

Raine: Park Shi-hoo?

Deeno: Doesn’t everyone understand the allure of PSH?

Raine: Yes, the glories of Shi-hoo oppa transcend time, t.v. networks and space. (Please see my sidebar to be dazzled by uri oppa.)

Deeno: *spaces off while thinking about her Vanness’ smile* I love that music video!

(Raine: Seriously, those flowers on Bu-yong’s face mask look an AWFUL like the flowers on his mystic hankie.)

Deeno: Panda Prince is enjoying himself so much that he again lies to Park Ha about his granny’s whereabouts.  He takes a walk with her instead and they end up at the bathhouse. Park Ha finds out that Panda Prince has been lying to her about Granny, but when she starts to scold him and mock, him he’s already asleep. She gets him a block to rest his head on, a chopping block. She hovers over him prepared to chop his head off, but hesitates. He’s sleeping so peacefully he may already be dead. His soul in fact has wandered into a peaceful heaven where he can spend his days laughing with his sister-in-law.

I’m sure that you’ve realized that was just my overactive imagination acting up again. The prince simply falls asleep and when he wakes up, he wonders why his sister-in-law is in his dreams so often. Park Ha joins him with a drink, but he’s so busy staring at Park Ha that he doesn’t drink.

Raine: I seriously had to make myself stop smiling after this part because my face hurt. Actually, I have to right now as well. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Deeno: When they come home in the morning, they find Se Na waiting for him, alone in the rain. She asks Panda Prince if he forgot about their date to look for an engagement hall. He apologizes for having fallen asleep and runs inside. Park Ha follows him and Se Na is yet again left alone. Gah! Yumi is rocking this. I actually feel sorry for Se Na because she looks so forlorn. She may not love the guy, but still have your man come back after night alone with your worst enemy. That’s gotta hurt, even if you are made of ice.

Raine: I actually felt a really, really, really, really, really, really minor twinge of pity before I began to gloat. That pity was because Jung Yu-mi rocks. Se-na deserves it and then some. And then some more.

Deeno: I want her to be miserable, but I don’t want to see that smile fade.


Deeno: Tae Mu meets with the board to discuss Tae Yong being released from the company. Can I just devour his newly dyed hair? The gold thing was fine and all, but the black! Nom. Nom. Nom.

Raine: Seriously. I agree. And he looks more sinister. Perhaps it was the hair stylist’s way of saying, “No, more Mr. Nice Deeno’s Eye Candy.”

Deeno: It’s becoming more of a battle. Vanness vs. Tae Mu. How do I ever decide?

Raine: You don’t. In dramaland, the rules are different. There are no rules. Equal opportunity  loving.

Deeno: If only that video had Vanness and Lee Tae Sung instead of that other guy! I’d probably explode.

Raine: How do I edit in Lee Tae-sung? Any takers to help me out?

Deeno: The board is all fired up and ready to fire Tae Yong, but Nostachio points out that “Tae Yong” only left to save someone’s life. Tae Mu realizes that right now isn’t the best time to attack and recommends that “Tae Yong” stay on. Granny is happy that her murderous grandchild took her fake grandson’s side so she suggests that they come up with a product idea and compete against each other. Tae Mu, you have the sexiest smirk when your hair is black. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Raine: This, of course, means that it wasn’t sexy before when his hair was a bit of a hair-dye disaster.

Deeno: I used “Sexiest.” It was sexy before, but now!

Raine: Let’s say it alllllllll together, “Nom, nom, nom.”

Deeno’s kamikaze toaster: NOM! NOM! NOM!

Raine’s third answering machine: NOM! NOM! NOM!

Fluffy Deeno: NOM! NOM! N……


Deeno: Panda Prince’s battle strategy is to make Tae Mu underestimate him and then sneak in a surprise victory using their strengths. What are their strengths? Killing people, cross dressing, seducing cartoonists, and looking down on others. I’d say Tae Mu might be right to be a bit overconfident. He already has a good idea and is halfway finished with negotiations, while they have to start from scratch. It’s going to have something to do with radishes isn’t it? Or helium?

Raine: Or peppermint, or flowers, or time travel. Or embroidering mystic hankies.

Deeno: Instead of coming up with an idea, they plan for Tae Mu to play dirty. They’ll put on a show of desperately needing help and wait for Tae Mu to steal the people who they “need.” Nice!

Raine: They probably have an idea somewhere. They do have genius Man-bo the mango on their side. Don’t underestimate the Mango!

Deeno: Panda Prince takes Se Na shopping for an engagement gown. He’s not really into the shopping thing and Se Na can tell. She takes him to the coffee shop to have a talk. She feel like he’s getting farther away from her. She blames Park Ha, but Panda Prince instantly takes Park Ha’s side. Se Na leaves very upset.

Raine: Wah, wah, wah. Stop your moping, you vile thing. When everything you do is a lie and everything you have was earned via trickery, you deserve every ounce of misery you feel.

Raine: His Pandaness returns home and finds Park Ha moving boxes of things she no longer wants.

Okay, I’m not sure when this happened, but she’s moving out. Was it ‘cause of evil, conclusion-jumping grams? Whatever.

Deeno: I’m confused too!

Raine: Park Ha wants the lotus, but the prince would rather she visit in order to see it. She doesn’t think that’s a good idea and just wants to take it. When he wonders if she’s going far away, she replies that she doesn’t know. But it will be better than here.

Suuuuure it will. Just make it sound like you don’t care.

Park Ha also wants the sparklers. They’d bought them in case of something to celebrate and she thinks she’ll have a lot to celebrate in the future.

Fine! Take everything he shouts. She calls him an idiot and leaves.

Oh you two, just get married and have panda babies already.

Deeno: Again with the baby pandas?

Raine: Do you really want me to say what I’m ACTUALLY thinking or shall I stick with the very euphemistic euphemism?

Deeno: Why can’t you think about normal things like genetically altered rabbit armies?

Raine: Normal is for losers. Give me panda making! Or at least the prelude…

Deeno: Pervert!

Raine: Lady Mimi and Becky meet with the Tracksuit Trio. They’re shocked to hear that they let Lee Gak become engaged to some other woman when it’s obvious he and Park Ha are into each other – and after all that Park Ha has done for them.

Deeno: I like that even the Tracksuit Trio gets that they like each other. They aren’t completely dense.

Raine: And they feel guilty about it. Darn that thing called “duty”. But if they believe in “fate” as they say they do, perhaps they’ll realize that Park Ha IS his pandaness’ fate. Or at least I hope she is.

Mimi immediately seeks out Park Ha and asks her if the reason Park Ha wanted to know about a place to stay was because she was planning to leave. Park Ha tacitly agrees and asks if Mimi knows of any work. Apparently Mimi’s uncle, who lives five hours away, has a job. With a forced smile, Park Ha considers it a good opportunity.

Deeno: Five hours…she could still travel down for the weekends and help plan Se Na and Panda’s wedding. Yeah. Distance is a good thing.

Raine: In his office, Tae-mu, oozing evil, gets a report from his trusty sidekick about the happenings of Team Joseon. They’re trying to connect with a travel agency. The assistant already knows what to do: threaten the travel agent.

Yes Tae-mu, you show that Tae-yong substitute what real lying and manipulation looks like.

Deeno: Why is Tae Mu so apathetic about the whole thing? He should be gloating, but he’s so out of it that he’s not even having fun being evil. Why be evil if you’re not having fun?

Raine: Because he’s saving it all up for later. *crosses fingers for some real bad guy action* I wanna see him go down hard and in order to do that, I will concede a few battles to win the war.

Deeno: I want to see him level a gun at the Panda…

Raine: Nooooooooooooooo!

Deeno: He’d be so beautiful holding a gun. Dressed in something besides a suit.

Raine: Boxers?

Deeno: Ick. Ick. Ick. Ick. Ick.

Raine: Briefs?

Deeno: Do you want Fluffy Deeno to take over the rest of the recap?

Raine: O_O *twitch*

Raine: The Tracksuit Trio try to approach the travel agent who refuses them.

Gah! Foiled! At least you can use the foil to make a foil hat!

Deeno: So the aliens can’t read your mind.

Raine: Se-na walks into the rooftop apartment like she owns it and has a faceoff with Park Ha. She wants to know how long Park Ha is staying, a question that Park Ha avoids by saying that she’ll take care of her own affairs. With a saccharine smile, Se-na begs Park Ha to be good to her so they don’t create any problems. Why? Se-na may be moving into the apartment since Tae-yong refuses to leave. Park Ha tells her to mind her own beeswax.

I wonder if it would be too implausible to have Park Ha pull out a beehive full of bees and chuck it at Se-na’s head…

Deeno: No bugs!

Raine: It’s not your head! I’m imagining her having a bee allergy and no epi pen….

Anyway, Se-na leaves clothes for “Tae-yong” and leaves.

Raine: After evil step-sister leaves, Park Ha writes a letter and is interrupted by Mimi who wants to know if Park Ha’s phone is dead again. But that doesn’t matter ‘cause Mimi’s uncle wants Park Ha to interview now. Loads of people are vying for the same spot. Mimi also finds out that Park Ha is moving out in three days.

Park Ha resigns. Her employer is sad.

Deeno: That sounds like something I’d write.

Raine: I thought of you as I typed it.

Raine: The Tracksuit Trio reports back to the prince that Tae-mu is totally falling for their plan. Keep up the good work boys! Take down the evil negligent murdilator!

Deeno: No, keep him around. If you keep him around he may kill Panda and you’ll instantly transported back to Joseon, where, as his guards, you’ll probably be stoned. And beheaded.

Raine: Since his entourage has created sufficient cover for him, the Panda hovers around the office of a beauty product guy, waiting to be invited in. At first he is refused, but after hours of waiting, the guy reluctantly decides to hear what his pandaness has to say.

Deeno: Panda wants bamboo.

Raine: So he can snack on one end and beat Tae-mu with the other.

Deeno: I was thinking of the other end being used for calligraphy.

Raine: It’d be cool if he turned into a Kung Fu Panda.

Deeno: No. It wouldn’t.

Raine: Hi-yah! Bamboo to the head! Take that Se-na! Oh, I have to say this now that I remember. I thought of a moniker for Lee Gak and Park Ha. You pronounce “Lee” as “Yi”, right? Soooo…. “Lee-Ha”. YEEEEEEEEHAW!

Deeno: Wait, didn’t you already mention this?

Raine: I’m not sure if I did in a recap. If I did, blame it on unni’s dementia. If I didn’t, now our readers have that delightful bit of information to clutter their brains with.

Deeno: Depends on your definition of “delightful”.

Raine: And now its time for the Trio to run more interception. They spot Tae-mu’s assistant and begin to loudly bemoan the difficulties of business and discuss their false plans. The assistant falls for their schtick hook, line and sinker and reports back to Tae-mu with information.

Raine: In the hallway, Tae-mu catches a box-laden Se-na and demands to know why she’s quitting without asking him first. Well, she IS getting married to a rich guy, so there’s no reason to stay.

Deeno: Nom. Nom. Nom.

Raine: That’s pretty much what I got out of this scene. He looks so good angsty. And by good, I mean tasty.

Deeno: That’s about all I got, too. Tae Mu makes my brain stop working. Or is it working too hard to remember every detail of his facial expressions.

Raine: Or maybe you’re so crazed that you keep making duplicates and frying your circuits?

Deeno: By ‘duplicates’ you mean aniGIFs right?

Raine: Most certainly.

Tae-mu doesn’t want to hear about her engagement to his mortal enemy, imposter Tae-yong. No, he wants her to stay with her mother in England while he puts everything back to how it was: Tae-yong gone and them dating. He’ll take care of his father and everything. But Se-na is sick of him saying the same thing repeatedly. They’re finished.

This doesn’t sit well with Tae-mu who grabs her and knocks her box down. His father happens by at just that moment. Tae-mu, fueled by passion and jealousy, yells that she can’t go to Tae-yong: the man is destined to fail.

Deeno: Trust him. He knows that the Panda is a liar.

Raine: The Panda knows Tae-mu’s a murderer AND a liar. I think he wins.

Deeno: Panda could be a murderer, too!

Raine: I’d be cool with that if it was Se-na or Tae-mu. But my Panda has a heart of gold, don’t you ickle Panda?

Raine: After witnessing his son chasing the wily Se-na, Tae-mu’s father talks sense into him. The woman is a first-class liar. Her mother isn’t a professor in England, but some random woman who sells fish at the market Tae-mu has been deceived by Se-na for two years.

In his office, Tae-mu looks really hot while shaking, frowning and beating up on his desk – I think he’s just an ickle bit mad at Se-na. What do you think?

Deeno: I don’t care as long as he’s beating something up.

Raine: Himself?

Raine: His pandaness searches for Park Ha and hears that she has just quit. He totally flips out and runs home. Her room is empty of her belongings and she doesn’t pick up her phone (because it’s still dead.)

Meanwhile, she’s riding the bus to go interview with Mimi’s uncle and looking all sad. Poor puppy. She needs a hug… and a peppermint.

Back to the sad panda. He spots the letter and reads it.

‬To the dummy Crown Prince,

By the time His Highness sees this letter, I will have left the rooftop and arrived at another place. A better place, of course. Thank you for having created wonderful memories for me. It was truly enjoyable. Dont’ be sorry. Say goodbye for me to Woo Yong-sul, Do Chi-san and Song Man-bo as well. I will miss everyone.


From dumber-than-you,

Park Ha

As he reads a tear courses down his cheek.

For a long while afterwards he wanders, numb from shock and completely at a loss for how to react. Finally, he tries calling her again, but she doesn’t pick up.

Deeno: Poor fellow. Abandoned by his wife and sister-in-law.

Raine: Tae-mu has taken it upon himself to discover the truth of his father’s words and searches for the stall of the Se-na’s mother, Man-ok. When he sees her, he is shocked the find the woman he’d put in the hospital with his car. He greets her and Man-ok insists he join her for coffee.

Deeno: He really ought to run. If a girl can’t visit her own mother in the hospital, there is something wrong with her. Seriously wrong. Why would you want to become a family with someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of family? Sorry, Tae Mu, you’re sexy, but when you’re after Se Na, you’re kinda an idiot. This is good for me though. You’d forgive me for killing a few people right?

Raine: For me, that’s her largest transgression. Well, no it’s not, but it pisses me off the most. Out of every wrong she’s committed, this is the one that has no reason whatsoever. Fine, she sees Park Ha as usurping her mother’s love, taking away her spot as the only kid, whatever. But her mother RAISED her. She even agrees to cover her lie for her. Did that make you feel one IOTA of guilt? An electron sized bit of guilt? That said, pretty much everything Se-na does is horrid and she deserves to die. She is making my Park Ha’s life miserable for no good reason.

Raine: Inside Man-ok’s store waits another juicy surprise: a family photo. In it are Man-ok, Park Ha, Se-na and…the man from Chairwoman Jang’s photo! When Man-ok notices him staring at the picture, she takes it down to show him. There’s something curious he’s wondering about, though. Park Ha didn’t register any family on her job application. With some embarrassment, Man-ok explains that they aren’t all blood related and they never bothered to legally register the new marriage.

Raine: Tae-mu recalls Park Ha delivering groceries to Se-na, calling the older woman “unni” and running off with embarrassment at Tae-mu’s naked body.

Let’s stop at the word “naked” and enjoy it. And the picture.

Deeno: Uh, naked? Really? I don’t mean that as a good thing.

Raine: Alright then, continue reading. You can scroll back up to check out the picture some more later.

Deeno: Why would I want to? I don’t even want to see it once.

Raine: I’ll take your turn.

Deeno: You can’t see it either!

Raine: Funny, my screencap gallery is open RIGHT now.

Deeno: Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Raine: So Se-na lied that Park Ha was just some random “dongsaeng/little sister”, not her biological one. And the man in the photo is indeed Park Ha’s biological father.

Raine: Tae-my heads to his office to double check the photo Chairman Jang gave him and begins to shake…with the power of the TRUTH! This power fuels the evillest smirk of victory EVAR and calls Se-na for a smack down! When he mentions he wants to talk family she immediately agrees to meet.

Deeno: I love that smirk. I want that smirk. I would kill for that smirk. Actually I’d kill for anything Tae Mu related. Raine, don’t you go pervy with that!

Raine: *smirks*

HUZZAH! Se-na finally has one more thing against her!

The prince asks Becky where Park Ha is. Becky doesn’t know and Mimi is at a workshop. The panda mopes and I want to give him a hug.

Raine: At a fancy bar, Se-na sits, annoyed and Tae-mu stares at her, feeling empowered. She assumes he heard about her family background from his father. Turns out, Tae-mu doesn’t care that she came from a poor family, but he does care that she lied to him. Park Ha is her younger sister, not “some dongsaeng”.

Se-na is breathing pretty heavily, expecting the axe to fall at any moment I’m sure. Actually, that would be pretty awesome if a shiny silver axe just plummeted down from the ceiling.

But it doesn’t. Instead, Tae-mu insists he doesn’t care about her lies because the important thing is that he found Chairman Jang’s daughter – the girl who will inherit Jang’s fortune. That’s why Se-na pretended to help find Jang’s daughter before, because her fortune would go to Park Ha.

So here’s where I think he’s gonna totally rip her a new one.

Raine: But I shouldn’t underestimate Tae-mu. He may have been a wimpy mess over Sena, but he’s clever. He tells Se-na that if she pretends to be Jang’s daughter and then marries him, they will control the company. Then, he can kick Tae-yong out. All Se-na needs to do is send Park Ha away and he’ll take care of the rest.

Deeno: I’d love this plot, but it’s destined to plummet this “happy couple” right off a cliff they can’t recover from. Se Na can’t be Jang’s daughter twice. This plan doesn’t make sense. Can’t he just seduce Park Ha instead?

Raine: I was kinda hoping that was what he wanted to do. But I think this way calls for murder better than the seduction and they’re looking to recreate that in the 21st-century.

Deeno: But I want a seduction…Tae Mu would be awesome at it.

Raine: Park Ha ain’t into murderers. She likes Pandas.

So Tae-mu insists he’ll take care of everything. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard that before. Se-na has already tried to get rid of Park Ha and failed.

And about that murder that’s going to happen in the present… If Park Ha doesn’t leave… People have done worse for less…

And why is Tae-mu going back to Se-na? Perhaps he still loves her. Perhaps his love, coupled with the knowledge that he has a huge hook in her now is a turn on?

Raine: Se-na sits in her car, overwhelmed by everything. The plan Tae-mu posed echoes in her mind. Is that a conscience weighing down on her? Or is she just wondering if she can get away with it? Or is she worried about hurting her mother again? Hrm…

Raine: On the rooftop, the Panda burns through all of sparkly Park Ha’s sparklers, utterly depressed, dejected and downtrodden.


Deeno: All I can think of is scriptures, but it seems sacrilegious to quote scriptures in one of our recaps.

Raine: Not with my comments…

Deeno: Sorry Isaiah…another time perhaps.

Raine: The next morning, Park Ha returns home from her interview and is puzzled to see a catatonic-looking prince sitting on the deck. He is, of course, baffled to see her. He thought she’d left. She doesn’t realize how worried he was and gets annoyed that he used up all of the sparklers.

Raine: Then, the Panda RAWRS. All of his pent up emotions pour out of him and he yells at her, startling her.

And because it was so squee-worthy, I have copied it directly from his mouth to your computer screen.

‬Do you know how much I looked for you?! You wrote a measly letter and were unreachable by phone. Are you planning to kill me out of shock?! Why are you rendering me into such a state? Why did you make me like this? My heart felt as though it’d shriveled up all day yesterday and then raced and felt as if it were going to explode. I felt so exasperated and I felt asphyxiated even when I was breathing and seriously thought I was going crazy. Despite how much I shouted and stomped my feet, it didn’t me me feel better, not even in the slightest…

She is stunned motionless and after a pause, he continues:

‬After seeing your face, I think I understand. I had wanted to see you all day yesterday.

Raine: Tears well up in her eyes and in his.

‬I like you.

A tear rolls down each of their cheeks.

‬You always do what you want to do.

She turns away, but this time, he doesn’t let her get away.



Deeno: Yee. Haw. *weakly waves a flag around*


How long do you think this bliss will last? Until the end of the kiss? Then do we head into the angst?

Deeno: Tae Mu looks good in angst.

Raine: I want one more episode of the Panda following Park Ha around like a puppy and then pulling her in for amazingly hot, sexy, steamy kisses! Or cute little ones under cherry blossoms. Or holding hands. Or riding bikes. Or burying phones.

Deeno: Magic proposals…

Raine: *watching aniGIF*

Okay, I’ll watched it another 15,000 times later. This episode was all about Lee Gak realizing that he can’t handle putting duty above Park Ha, which, in a show about “fate” really says something, don’t you think?

It’s refreshing how they don’t really let their emotions sit for TOO long. But now we know the treachery, trickery and evil plottings are going to interfere. I’m enjoying this awesome moment while I can.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Rooftop Prince Episode 12 Screencaps.

12 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Episode 12 Recap”

  1. As i always do i leave 2 episodes spare (this why i only finished ep 12 now , saving 13 and 14 for the time 15 16 comes out).
    Great episode specially the end of it xD , and time by time the image becomes clearer , and as basic assume we assume the prince will marry his princess sister when he back to the past (hoping she is not the killer because the possible killers in the future are 3: the sister – her lover – her lover’s father , but to connect them with the past we only see the sister exists in both times).
    The thing i am waiting for is , will the real prince (the future one) back , i still don’t think that he is dead.

    • I’m going to say what I say to Deeno when I don’t want to share any spoilers, “Okay”. It’s a great response, noncommittal, but acknowledges the other person! 😀 so ….. “Okay”

  2. LOL you guys really made that whole kissing sequence into a GIF. Well that’s as good as a video clip so I’ll be keeping it. Hehe.

    Do you guys think LeeGak already connected BuYong to ParkHa? ‘Cause I think he’s still one step away from fully realizing that. I still don’t like the use of fire just so that LeeGak could realize his feelings, but because it caused him to see ParkHa half-covered with the mystique hanky, then I’m fine with it.

    I love love love Tae mu’s jet black hair. I really didn’t like the brown one, the black gave him that sharp look. nom nom nom (why am I joining you guys in this act??)

    The fun’s back! i actually found ep11 boring, but not like its unnecessary..just boring. The “date” was so cute, want more serious but cute and fun dating in the future episodes. And of course more kissing…more nicer kissing. *you could do better than that Chun! waahahha*

    Last one….Yeehawwwwwww! XD

    • It was my first aniGIF! 😀 YAY! was lots and lots of pictures and 4 programs in the making.

      I dont think he’s quite there with the PH/BY connection. Deeno hated the fire thing. I was neither here nor there with it. I liked 11 and the tension.


  3. You guys are amazing.I laughed so much reading your recap.
    “I hate that the phrase “near death experience” even exist. Either die or don’t. Don’t raise my hopes just to crush them.

    Deeno: Yeah she was probably confused about that since she’s been keeping up to date with thing via our recaps. She actually probably confused about a lot of things. Like kamikaze toasters…and…

    Raine: Park Shi-hoo?

    Deeno: Again with the baby pandas?

    Raine: Do you really want me to say what I’m ACTUALLY thinking or shall I stick with the very euphemistic euphemism?”

    These sentences,HILARIOUS!
    Awesome episode,awesome recap!
    Thank you!

  4. finally they kissed .. but why in tears? This is their destiny . the panda travels through time to fulfill their fate that has been destroyed by the evil sister and the evil brother. fated twice and ruind twice!

    Forget about married se-na, thats wrong… get married with park-ha .. put sena and tae mu into Jurassic Park with all the whole family of saurs ….oh.. This is the first time I like to imagine their sharp teeth and claws …

    only after that all, the time travels machine will activated, the trio will able to return to Joseon meet their families … But the prince did not have to back home, he never claimed missed his family, so let him stay with park ha. he’s got a warm family here any way, the grandmother, aunt, taemu … well even though the prince had to go to Jurrasic park to see him….

  5. I resigned myself. I’m the only one regretting the outrageous blond hair of Tae-mu.
    *Mourning in silence*. And rejoicing with his sexy back.*Imagining boxers*.
    Se-na has to accept his proposal, just to comfort him,
    Panda in turmoil is sexy. Is the fake tropical panorama behind them here to show their relationship is impossible?
    It’s just too fun to see how much Raine enjoys this show… Counting the squeee and the nom nom nom.

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