Rooftop Prince: Episode 11 Recap Link

by: Raine

Rooftop Prince dropped to 10.6% and I totally don’t agree. It’s third after Equator Man‘s 15% and King 2 Hearts‘s 11.4%. Come on people, vote vote vote! I LOVE this show. It seriously is never boring for me, despite all it’s issues.

Episode 11 is hosted by the magnificent Deeno. Together we are the all powerful The Madcap Duo.

Please most graciously click the link below to read the recap of episode 11 hosted by Deeno and ready yourself to read a whole new style of recapping.

Rooftop Prince: Episode 11 Collaborative Recap between MadDino and Raine

Click. Read. Comment.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 3.21.12 to 5.24.12

Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

Director: Shin Yoon-sub

Screenwriter: Lee Hee-myung

Recaps of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character Introductions.

Episode 11 Screencaps.

4 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Episode 11 Recap Link”

  1. The rating percentage is only for population watching tv in Korea right? I know I am asking stupid questions but I am tick off right now with the rating. I usually do not care about rating or voicing my opinion as long as the drama is good and I get to see it but my love for RTP drawn me into the rating and now I am obsess. I demand equal opportunity for the i-fans to have the say in the rating. I can guarantee you RTP will win since most of the i-fans are between 17-27… I think I need to calm down and find link for the recap for ep 11. only your recap will make my day….

  2. What?? it dropped to 3rd?? I don’t even know how these ratings are calculated but I LOVE equator man, but I’m torn between that and rooftop prince.
    I did notice that the highest rated shows in korea get the least amount of downloads when I upload them. (Equator man/Lights and shadows). And shows like Love rain (which I highly doubt is doing well ratings wise because its so damn boring) gets the most.

    It must be different tastes between different audiences.

    • Ya, ratings are done by a small population. It’s bizarre how the results contrast. RTP is getting a LOT of press as is K2H. I’m about to start it now thanks to you! Here i go!

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