Rooftop Prince: Episode 16 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: I’ll add a rating when AGB Nielsen is working again… (Edit: 12.5%)

This episode was all about plot. Stuff is HAPPENING! Warning: Deeno is not happy. A love has been snuffed out and I weep for it.

“Empty” –  Instrumental with NO COMPOSER mentioned!!!! (from the Rooftop Prince OST)

episode 16 recap

Raine: We begin with Tae-panda pretending to be Tae-potato. He rises from the hospital cot like a zombie and wonders what he’s doing here.

Deeno: ZOMBIES! *dancing with the zombie*

Raine: I knew you’d like that word. I put it in there just for you.

For a long moment, Tae-mu can do nothing but gape. Lee Tae-sun rocks the horrified face.

Deeno: Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. I hate you Tae Mu. Well I will by the end of this episode. Grumble. *crushes up her Tae Mu photo collection*

Raine: I…I…What is wrong with the universe? Did I just read that?

Deeno: Can I kill him now before he becomes an idiot? While he’s still a half-sexy murderer?

Raine: No, because I like to see him as an idiot. Wannabe murderers are idiots anyway. Well, you CAN kill him. Just not yet.

Deeno: I want him dead NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Raine: In any case, MWAHAHAHA. Tae-mu’s pain is so satisfying!

Oh yeah, Grams passes out from the shock.

Deeno: Dies of a heart attack..

Raine: I wish…

Raine: Suddenly, the Panda Prince realizes his couple ring is still on his finger and uses the time that Tae-mu is reeling from shock to hide his hand under the covers

Deeno: Quick, Tae Mu bite off his finger and plummet into Mount Doom

Raine: He wouldn’t be able to do it. He’s a wannabe remember

Deeno: I don’t care what he is. As long as he doesn’t have a heart beat

Raine: O_O

Finally, Tae-mu pulls it together and asks Tae-panda if he knows what happened. Does he remember him.

Um, Tae-mu, the zombie just said your name. Obviously there’s a recollection.

Deeno: *glare of imminent destruction*

Raine: Why am I not enjoying this turn against Tae-mu as much as I thought I would?

Deeno: Because it’s making me lash out against every character in this show?

Raine: No, I find that amusing. Maybe I will enjoy it more as the recap goes on. Or maybe I’m still in a state of shock.

Deeno: I will fry your brain then you can go make potato babies.

Raine: There ain’t no baby making happening if you do that, so I refuse, thank you.

Tae-panda complains that his head hurts and I give him mad props for totally working it!

Raine: The Trio rushes Tae-potato to another hospital and far from Tae-mu’s clutches. Why? Because we don’t kill potatoes in this show. (Dokko Jin, you make the world a better place.)

Deeno: I’ll make him into hash browns and pour Buffalo sauce over him before I devour him.

Raine: I don’t think he’d be that tasty. Irrational fools are a bit gamey.

Deeno: I’m talking about the potato. Why would I turn Tae Mu into a potato? I’d turn him into a bug so I can laugh as I crush his teeny little form.

Raine: I shall continue to purposefully misunderstand you because I think seeing Tae-mu as a potato would be funny. I keep imagining with him a potato for a head.

Deeno: I imagine him with blue shoes and a mustache.

Raine: And removable arms?

Deeno: I’ll be Rex. You can be the slinky dog

Raine: SWEET!

Raine: Park Ha has waited at their meeting spot all day in hopes that her nightmare hasn’t come true. After nightfall, she walks home dejectedly. When she arrives at the rooftop, she hurries inside, calling for her chicklets and searching everywhere. But she finds nothing save for an empty house.

*le sob*

Deeno: The aliens took them back…

Raine: Give me back the chicklets! NOW!

Deeno: First you must put on an aluminum hat to prevent them from reading your mind.

Raine: And then have a ridiculous alien pop out that’s allergic to water and baseball bats?

Deeno: It’s also missing a finger like Frodo.

Raine: Anywho, I really love how Park Ha’s pain comes from the fact that she not only lost her Panda, but also her faithful chicklets, her makeshift family.

Raine: In Tae-potato’s former hospital room, Taek-soo forbids the trio to speak about their plans to anyone, not even Park Ha. Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!

Deeno: I’m going to say YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! just because you said NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Raine: You are cruel and unusual.

Deeno: At the same time! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Raine: She can twist anything around. I am in awe of her talents…

Also, the trio is to stay at Taek-soo’s place while Tae-Panda is to live with Grams. The ruse has to be as foolproof as possible or their plans are doomed. Taek-soo orders Tae-panda to work on his modern speech. Heehee.

Raine: His pandaness visits Tae-potato and promises to avenge him and live his life well. Tae-panda wants Tae-potato to be strong and wake up because it feels as though he’s watching himself die.

Ah, bonding of the incarnations. How sweet. *sob* Also, let me say that the Panda looks MIGHTY fine in glasses.

Deeno: I’ll actually have to agree with that. I adore Panda in glasses. Still want him to die, but I’ll let him have an adorable death. I’ll have Fluffy Deeno plan that.

Raine’s fourth answering machine: Hello. I am pleased to meet you. My name is Boris. I’ve just been ordered from Kiev. I have a ridiculously thick Russian accent.

Deeno: Well thanks for telling me that because I never would have guess. Well Boris? Do you have a AA-12?

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: This is privileged information.

Deeno: Stupid machine. *shoots with AK-47*

Raine: *dodges in and snatches it away* NO ONE kills my machines but me. And you need to pay for the damage you made to my counter.

Deeno: Are you really going to make a fuss about the counter when I’m holding an AK-47 and when I’m already frustrated with this show to the point where I want every character to die?

Raine: Yes, yes I am. I’m a very fastidious property owner.

Deeno: I don’t care. I want to kill your answering machine. Don’t get in my way.

Raine: MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like Park Shi-hoo is MINE!!!!!!!!! MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSS!

Deeno: You really shouldn’t have brought him into a recap where I’m oozing with blood thirst.

Raine: I’ll take the time to mention Vanness then.

Deeno: Vanness, my love! I’m sorry I ever thought I like Tae Mu. Come back to me! Help me kill Park Shi Hoo! You can hold my lightsaber when I’m not using it.

Raine: So fickle. I haven’t swayed from my beloved once. Vanness, don’t listen to her. When another sexy wannabe murderer comes along, you will be left behind once again.

Deeno: Actually I don’t need Vanness. I just need blood spilled everywhere…

Raine: There’s the Deeno we all know and love.

Raine: Taek-soo wonders what Tae-panda is going to do about Tae-mu. The plan is to leave him be for now in order to gather concrete evidence. They’ll scare Tae-mu into coming out about his crimes.

Raine: The next day, Tae-panda shows up at the company, rocking the modern speech and relaxed body language! They go for coffee and Tae-panda comments that he would’ve been bitter if he’d died without tasting coffee again.

One point Panda Prince.

Deeno: Panda Prince is a loser who has to drink coffee. I hope he dies.

Raine: I will save you Panda. And then buy you a sugary drink. You must be dying with regular coffee sans whipped cream.

Deeno: I’ll add something to your coffee to “sweeten” it up. Mwhahahahahahahaha!

Raine: What did the Panda every do to you? His character is getting cooler. You shouldn’t poison cool characters. It’s bad recap etiquette.

Deeno: I don’t care. Can’t he die already? Can’t everyone die? My pool is running low on blood.

Raine: Store some of Tae-mu’s in your swamp cooler. I bet his blood is black.

Deeno: Why would I want black blood? Red is superior in every way.

Raine: His is the only blood I’m willing to donate. Oh, and Se-na’s. And Grams’. But we’re hoping she’s dead. If she’s on ice her blood is still good. Did we put her on ice?

Deeno: I sprinkled her on some ice cream.

Raine: Yah! What did I do to you? Misplaced dongsaeng aggression!

Deeno: Mwhahahahahahahaha! Suffer my wrath, unni!

Raine: Readers, do you feel my pain? I haven’t even mentioned rainbows, butterflies or the color pink yet and I’m the victim of unreasonable wrath.

Raine: Tae-mu casually asks when Tae-panda plans to go back to the company, but he doesn’t. He never had any interest in it. Besides, didn’t Tae-mu always take care of all that?

That’s pleases the wannabe murderer who then wants to know if Tae-panda can remember what happened at the accident. No, Tae-panda can’t and it’s making him really frustrated.

Are you loving his pandaness’ awesome acting as much as I am?

Deeno: No.

Raine: Party pooper.

Deeno: Blame Tae Mu. He made me this way. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Raine: Can do.

Next Tae-mu wants to know if Tae-panda can remember before the accident? “You mean when you and I met in America?”


But no, Tae-panda remembers Tae-mu saying that they never met in America. He can’t remember anyways. Tae-mu is greatly relieved and the Panda revels in making the wannabe murderer squirm.

HAHAHAHA! PSYCH! Nicely played, Panda. Not only are you a Panda Prince, but you’re a detective AND an actor.

Deeno: And you taste like bacon.

Raine: Did you go all Candide on me? Is that why I can’t see where you took a bite out of him?

Deeno: Is that like Canadian bacon?

Raine: You should look up what happens to half of Cundegonde’s rear end…

Raine: Park Ha meets Taek-soo to find out if Team Joseon has come to work. They haven’t returned home and she can’t contact them at all. Taek-soo tells her that they disappeared when the real Tae-yong showed up.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Deeno: So I can mow him down with my machine gun.

Raine: Again with the machine gun.

Sadly, Park Ha believes that her chicklets have return to Joseon and left her with nothing but a broken heart.


Deeno: Can I eat it?

Raine: Mother Hen and the chicklets are off limits.

Deeno: Then I’ll take a side of Dokko Jin. The side with his metal heart.

Raine: *le sigh*

Raine: On her way out, she sees Tae-panda coming with coffee and freezes. Tae-mu watches them carefully for any signs of trickery. Tae-panda pauses beside the staring Park Ha, but quickly turns to Tae-mu with a wave.

Ouch. I know it’s necessary, but ouchies.

Deeno: Nothing compares with my pain…

Raine: Yes, we know. Grumble. Grumble. Death to the universe. More grumbling.

Deeno: Stop stealing my lines. Fluffy Deeno is the only person I’ll spare so she can torment you personally. Mwhahahahahaha!

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: *glances up from where he was flirting with the microwave* Oh…um…Raine would like to remind you that the…uh, Fluffy thing is under a restraining order.

Fluffy Deeno: *dances in, puts a flower sticker on the microwave, swirls, and dances away*

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: Now I see why she’s under a restraining order…no taste in stickers. I need a drink. Raine only has pear flavored vodka. Where’s the real stuff?

Deeno: *stomps in, puts a blood splatter sticker over the flower stick, glares, and storms out*

Raine: *returns and spots her microwave* Deeno’s been redecorating again, hasn’t she?

Deeno: I thought about leaving a bloodied sheep, but Anna took the last one.

Raine: There are some giraffe’s left unless Mystisith took them for her zoo.

Raine: When he’s free of Tae-mu, the Panda runs to catch a glimpse of his peppermint who is trudging away as she silently cries.

In his office, Tae-mu gets a fax that says, “Liar. Murderer.” He remembers the night he and Tae-panda met in the bar and Tae-panda accused him of being both.

Deeno: You aren’t worth of the title murderer. Tae Mu, I shall now call you Lame Mu! That’s a bad nickname, but I’m so frustrated my brain won’t work.

Raine: Lame-mu works for me. But without the “Tae” the “Mu” reminds me of a cow.

Deeno: Lame-u? Like a mooing llama-emu?

Raine: *titters*

Tae-panda comes into the office, jarring Tae-mu from his thoughts. His pandaness notes that Tae-mu is busy and leaves him to work, pleased that the wannabe murderer is squirming.

Raine: The Panda Prince hurries to the rooftop home and retrieves Tae-yong’s phone with the incriminating photos of Tae-mu with Tae-yong in New York. Moments later, Tae-mu storms in, looking for traces of Team Joseon. Tae-panda escapes, just barely missing Park ha who returns whome to find Tae-mu not so quietly snooping.

Tae-mu declares that they’ve been tricked and that he must find the imposters. Park ha says that they didn’t inconvenience her. But Tae-mu is inconveniencing her now and he should leave.

Raine: The Tracksuit Trio is waiting for his pandaness at Taek-soo’s place. The Panda hands Man-bo Tae-yong’s phone so that he can work on phase II of plan “Scare the pants off the wannabe murderer.” They wonder if he was followed and suddenly the doorbell rings. They freeze….

…and Yong-sul cries, “Pizza!” and they make a mad dash for the door, grinning like fools over their 21st-century meal.

MWAHAHAHAHA! They’re still has nerdy as ever. I love nerds.

Deeno: I love nerds too! *hugs Yellow ajussi*

Raine: *hugs the other two*

Deeno: Want to slice Panda in two and we can share him?

Raine: You just want to slice him in two.

When the prince tries to grab a slice, the Trio stops him, saying there’s only enough for them and Taek-soo.

Deeno: Panda tries to grab a slice of himself?

Raine: If I answer yes, will you be appeased?

Deeno: Yes, because that would be like admitting that Panda slices are floating around in the great vacuum of space.

Raine: I thought you said you didn’t like gore…

Deeno: I don’t, but I’m really frustrated with this show.

Raine: I actually liked this episode. I haven’t liked the past two as much as the others. But the plot movement was fun. The character development of the bad guys…not so much.

Deeno: I’ve been iffy about the last two episodes. Ever since Tae Mu lost his murderer status. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. Nothing can redeem this show now.

Raine: He wasn’t a murderer before. He was a wannabe murderer. If he finished the job, he’d be a potato murderer and Dokko Jin would really turn into Iron Man and murder Tae-mu.

Deeno: You’re going crazy aren’t you?

Raine: I think it happened after episode 12’s kiss. Hormone overload.

If they’d tried to prevent the prince from taking their food Joseon, they woulda been beheaded. Looks like they’re acclimating to 21st-century life without royalty JUST fine.

Deeno: Just wait till they go back. I’m sure they’ll be beheaded soon enough.

Raine: Well, Yong-sul was literally on the chopping block before.

The Prince lets them get away with this transgression and then takes them to shop for some clothes since they don’t have a change of clothes.

Raine: Chi-san is having a field day and ogles a pretty pink sports dress.

They get matching shirts and sweatpants. Aw, matchy, matchy. Que cute.

Deeno: Chi San grabbed a yellow one again. I’m so happy!

Raine: Each of them have some splash of their tracksuit color on their person.

Raine: Se-na meets with Tae-mu, who is a zombie and not paying attention to Se-na. When she finally gets his attention, she asks him why he thinks Jang called them there. He assumes it’s about the long lost daughter. He tells Se-na not to let Jang find out about Park Ha and to keep Jang on her good side. Se-na can pin the blame for lying to Jang on him.

Deeno: Again with the zombies?

Raine: Again with the lying?

Raine: Up in Jang’s room, Se-na does just that. Tae-mu ordered her to lie and she apologizes to the chairwoman. She also returns the ring and thanks Jang for her kindness. Of course, Jang asks if Se-na knows where the real In-joo is, but Se-na lies about that, too. Jang wonders how Se-na knew the childhood story, but Se-na lies that she heard it on the radio.

Seriously, Se-na is incredible. She breathes lies. Luckily, I don’t think Jang is falling for her act.

Deeno: Jang, don’t listen to the lies any more. Just stab your daughter so you can steal her organs and cure your cancer.

Raine: OooOoooOOoooh. I LIKE that idea! How can we get this to happen?

Deeno: Blood test! I’ll do the extraction….

Raine: I’ll book the dungeon!

Raine: Park Ha is at the company sees Tae-panda walking so she hides from him. When he gets to the elevator, he stands up tall and clasps his hands behind his back. His phone rings and he pulls it from his pocket but notice his couple ring fall and roll towards Park Ha. Mother Hen ain’t no fool and she recognizes an arrogant chicklet when she sees one.

Yay! They didn’t draw that out too long. I’m forever grateful.

As Tae-panda walks down the hall, she snatches him into the stairwell, barely able to control her tears. He’s shocked to see her. Did he think she wouldn’t recognize him? He pulls her into a hug and tells her he missed her. He is at peace now that he’s seen her.

It’s so sweet, but really stupid. They’re in a public area. He could’ve most definitely gotten caught.

Deeno: And devoured.

Raine: By Daddy Tae-mu and his yellow teeth?

Deeno: As long as Daddy Tae Mu chokes on him and dies.

Raine:They sit in the stairwell, enjoying each others’ company. She knows that they can’t spend time together anymore. When she says she should leave, he stops her and gives her a really sweet kiss (link). He thanks her for trusting him. “Idiot,” she says affectionately and rises. Before she departs, she turns and fishes his ring out of her pocket.

‬If you drop this again. You’re dead!

Aw, cute. CUTE!

Deeno: Aw, a cute little bug just crawled out her nose.

Raine: ACK! That’s just like the glow bug that landed on my keyboard yesterday while we were writing up episode 15’s recap!

Deeno: I hate bugs. I hate everyone in this show. Everyone on this show is a bug. I’ll get the pesticide.

Raine: No, we have pandas, hens and chicks, too. Leave them be.

Deeno: I won’t get in much trouble for killing animals…I’ll do in a squirrel or two while I’m at it. Peter Wiggins style.

Raine: Don’t mention that name. Then I’ll remember they’re making a movie out of my favorite childhood novel and break down again.

Deeno: Yay! I’ll mention Ender and Bean too, then.

Raine: He clutches the ring tightly as she leaves.

Deeno: Panda sneaks into Tae Mu’s office and peeks through his things. He notices half of Park Ha’s family picture, but before he can see Jang, Tae Mu joins him. They are also joined by a delivered package. When Tae Mu opens it, he finds a framed picture with him and Tae Yong in New York. He freaks out while Panda tries to contain his smirk.

Raine: I love the Panda more and more. You torture that wannabe llama!

Deeno: Bad emu!

Raine: *slaps hand*

Deeno: No touchy!

Raine: Bad llama!

Deeno: Panda just keeps playing with Tae Mu. He sends a similar package to Granny’s house and Tae Mu tries to keep it hidden. It’s nothing but a dog though.

Raine: *squees with delight* I LOVE seeing the bad llama squirm like a worm!

Deeno: You just had to rhyme there didn’t you?

Deeno: Next Panda calls from a payphone near the rooftop to make sure Tae Mu go his gift. Tae Mu finds the payphone then storms the rooftop to search for Panda. When he can’t find Panda he starts smashing pots and yelling! Yay for the mental break down. Tae Mu, Park Ha is right there. I’m sure if you snapped her neck you’d find Panda…when he runs a sword through your stomach. Mwhahahahahaha! The rooftop massacre begins.

Raine: You know what makes me most upset about this scene besides the fact that he’s terrorizing my peppermint? He’s smashing flowers. I love flowers. Leave the flowers alone.

Fluffy Deeno: Poor flowers. I’ll love you and hug you with sunshine till you get better.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: You have terrible timing, you fluffy thing. I just met the blender.

Deeno: Tae Mu decides to follow Park Ha around. To the subway. Where he plans to push her in front of a train or she tricks him to getting on the train right as she leaves so she can meet Panda in private.

Raine: Tae-mu is really losing his touch. His game is so off. But that’s fine by me ‘cause the Panda and his peppermint are too cute.

Deeno: He deserves to die.

Raine: Panda Prince’s are endangered species. Leave him be!

Deeno: No. I want death. I want destruction. I want to take a nap.

Raine: You can have one when you’re done killing everyone off in this recap.

Deeno: Unnis first!

Deeno: Panda reveals that Tae Mu has a picture of Park Ha’s family. They talk for a while and get some cute in before they inevitably have to part ways again. Park Ha tells her mom about someone else having the picture and her mom tells her to investigate since it may lead to Park Ha finding her real mother.

Raine: How much you wanna bet Jang dies before they can have a hug as official mom and kid?

Deeno: How much do you wanna bet Park Ha dies before they can have a hug as official mom and kid?

Raine: If we let you loose, there is a good chance.

Deeno: Or let idiots like Tae Mu and Se Na loose.

Raine: That might be a better idea. They’d fail and I’d be happy.

Deeno: They’d fail, but my nuke wouldn’t.

Deeno: Park Ha asks Tae Mu to tell her where her mom is; Tae Mu asks Park Ha to tell him where the Panda scam artist is. Park Ha’s mom tells Se Na that Park Ha may find her mom and Se Na gets out of there fast so she watch Tae Mu burn the photo.

Raine: Ooooooh pretty. Fiiiirrrreeeeee. Too bad it’s only pretty. Are they really this dumb? They think that burning the photo is going to solve the problem?

Deeno: Really dumb. Really want to kill them.

Raine: They totally lamed out when they got caught. The reason I liked Se-na was because of her cool. Now she flips out every other scene.

Deeno: Park Ha talks to her real mom about the hunt for her mom and how much she wants to meet her. When can we get rid of this birth secret. It’s so boring. Let’s move on to a murder.

Panda searches Tae Mu’s desk again, but the picture is gone.

Raine: Come on Panda! You’re resourceful! You can figure it out!

Deeno: Look for fairy dust.

Deeno: Jang wants to take Se Na back to Hong Kong. She wants to stop looking for Park Ha and learn how to be a good mother. She asks Se Na’s fake mom if she can take Se Na back and Fake Mom agrees.

Raine: I’m back to disliking Jang again. What is it with K-drama and making adoptive parents lesser than biological parents. Jang abandoned not one, but TWO, kids. She’s lame. Say no Man-ok! SAY NO!

Deeno: Off with her head!

Raine: Curiouser and curiouser.

Deeno: Se Na overhears Jang planning to bring her daughter back to Hong Kong and assumes that Jang really found out who Park Ha is. She calls Tae Mu who looks at a truck and comes up with a plan. This plan had better involve locking Park Ha in a freezer truck and sending her on a long trip…into a lake.

Raine: Again, Se-na flipping out. However, I’m glad Tae-mu is finally not sitting back making the shocked face over and over again. Even if his plans are silly, he’s finally becoming more active as a villain. I appreciate that.

Deeno: I don’t appreciate this at all. Can he be active and smart. Or go completely berserk and at least become a decent murderer?

Raine: We still have four episodes and if the present is going to be like the past, a murder will definitely have to be attempted.

Deeno: Tae Mu calls up Park Ha and wants to meet. He tells her some lies about arranging for her to meet her real mother and she falls for it. Doesn’t she know that the Tae Mu is a murder suspect? Oh, well she gets chloroformed and kidnapped. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. Why didn’t you just shoot her? It would be less of a mess than a kidnapping. She’ll probably end up biting you now.

Raine: I actually thought he’d kill her for a second. A really, really, really short second. A millisecond. But I can dig him being evil. So I’ll go with it.

Deeno: He’s not evil. He’s an idiot. Kidnapping never works. Kill first. Steal the body later.

Raine: I dunno what you define as ‘evil’, but putting peppermints in refrigerated trucks sure falls under the ‘evil’ category of my list.

Deeno: Panda finds Park Ha in the background of one of Tae Yong’s pictures. Then he gets picture of Park Ha in the back of a truck from Tae Mu.

Deeno: Panda calls back and threatens to kill my sexy murderer. How dare he? I’ll chop that Panda in half. Take him down with my AK-47. Send my toaster to torment his dreams.

Raine: Wait…he’s your sexy murderer again?

Deeno: I wrote that before I wrote my comments. That brought out my repressed rage. I still have some vague loyalty to him.

Raine: After fifteen recaps of love, there must be residual feelings left.

Deeno: Not much… I’m crushing them one by one.

Deeno: Tae Mu locks Park Ha in the back of the freezer truck and leaves. Now we just need a lake. After Tae Mu leaves Park Ha wakes up and pounds on the door while Panda stops his car and it looks like he’s finally figured something out.

Raine: Detective Panda Prince to the rescue!

Deeno: Hope he doesn’t make it in time.

Raine: GO PANDA!

Deeno: FAIL PANDA! I shall rename this show “The Great Panda Failure”

Raine: NEVER! My Panda rocks. Failure is not in his vocabulary!


Deeno: GAH!!!!! I’m so frustrated with the episode. Sure Tae Mu is rocking it, but I know the writer is totally going to wuss out and save everyone. If I actually felt like Park Ha was going to die, I’d be so happy. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. I like villainy more if I feel like it’s smart and might actually work. That’s it Tae Mu. You’re off my sexy murderer list.

Raine: YAY! She finally realizes he’s just a wannabe! And I have no problem with saving people, unless it’s grandma, Se-na or Tae-mu. Oh yeah, and Daddy Yellow Teeth. Grossssssssssss.

Deeno: That’s because you’re too weak to kill them yourself.

Raine: What about hit list don’t you understand? I made one last recap. I’m waiting until the story unfolds. If no deaths occur, I will deal with them myself.

Deeno: Hit lists shouldn’t exclude any characters. Hit lists should kill every character.

Raine: This is a princess hit list, not a dinosaur hit list. Princess’ can be selective. Especially if they like Panda Prince’s who keep getting cooler!

Deeno: I’m so frustrated I don’t even want to write about this episode. I wish this episode didn’t exist. I wish this drama didn’t exist. I don’t care about that it’s supposed to be cute and funny. You robbed me of my sexy murderer and turned him into an idiot. If you’re going to kill someone just stab them. Make sure you do it right! Don’t abandon them in a freaking freezer van unless it because you’re jumping out as the truck plummets into a lake. Even then that should just be to dispose of their body. They should already be dead. Gah! Strangle! Gah!…

Raine: I’m going to give you some Xanax…it’s okay uri Deeno!

Deeno: Let’s not get me started on how boring the last half of the episode was. They kept switching from scene to scene. It became a big game of following one assumption to the next. I really don’t want to know what Jang thinks or how all the pieces are falling into place. Can’t you give me some non linear story telling. Jump to Tae Mu locking Park Ha in the truck and then have flashes of how he came to the conclusion to do this. Can’t you hide something for ten second before telling the audience what the consequences will be? *pant SCREAM pant STRANGLE pant*

Raine: What bothered me was not the quick plot development but de-evolution of the awesomeness of the badguys. The plot development itself was actually interesting for me ‘cause I’m more interested in the murder mysteries than the office politics. The villains, however,  became ridiculously impulsive and the cold calculations disappeared. Even though Tae-mu “planned” Park Ha’s kidnapping, it was born of panic. The whole time he was driving with Park Ha he was nervous and shaking.

Deeno: Yes that’s bad, but it’s so bad that it makes the show horrible. I can’t stand this show. I don’t care about it anymore. The flip has been switched and what was mere annoyance has become full blown hatred.

Raine: Don’t worry, show! I still like you!

Deeno: I laugh at you and your attempts to have a plot. I laughed as Park Ha screamed inside the truck. Such a cheesy move. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Raine: The truck was cheesy. Everything about Tae-mu’s plan was cheesy save for the actual threat. I wish Tae-mu was like that more often.

Deeno: I wish he was dead.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Rooftop Prince Episode 16 Screencaps.

12 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Episode 16 Recap”

  1. WHAT’s UP MAD DINO!!! & RAINE!!
    I have been reading your recaps, just no time to respond…
    …LOVE you guy’s role playing in this recap…light sabers, answering machines, XANAX!! ——->LOL!….I’m wondering about you guys??…. BUT AWeSOME!…:)

    This drama….oh……..this drama?? 😦
    I had such HIGH HOPES for it,…but wt? The eps keep dragging on, except for this one..

    I will agree with you about sexy murderous, and ONE of the track suit trio guys is hot….don’t know the name of him though, but if it wasn’t for them two, I WOULD HAVE STOPPED WATCHING THIS A LONG TIME AGO!

    …but even if sexy murderous is playing his role well, how should he die?

    -Pushed off a yacht, -falls from a rooftop, -get sent back to the princes time and beheaded?!? <—– (check)!
    …. I know you guys can come up with something more morbidly graphic!!

    -Panda is still stiff with/or without glasses, Se Na is just someone that calls herself special in many ways, everyone else are just zombie fillers…….

    Of course we know Prince Panda is going to save freezer burn girl before she becomes a Park Ha-cicle with a butterfly stick!…I just hope it doesn't take a whole ep!!….
    Thanks Again D&R!!

  2. I think more than the recap, its the hilarious convo the two of you are having that keeps me coming back for more. Pandas, zombies, what next vampire? So Deeno is over the sexy murderous Tae Mu? Ha! The last two episodes were kinds meh for me but I’m hanging on. I wish the PD nim and writer would give the more interesting stuff like the Joseon murder, the CEO Jang connecting to daughter & Taeyong’s murder attempt closure already so that the ending can focus on the que sera, sera, what will be will be for my OTP.

  3. If I only watch movies because they are logical and and caters to my needs only, then i would of stop watching dramas a long time ago.

  4. judging by the comments this episode is not very pleasant 😦
    i haven’t had time to watch it yet… too busy 😦 😦

  5. Don’t like stupid wannabee murderers either. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Maybe the writer thinks than if Tae-mu is pabo enough then he will we redeemable? I don’t want redemption in this show: I want a clean and well executed murder with premeditation (Se-Na as a target has my preference but i’m open to discussion). Storing a girl in a refrigerator? Mwahahaha! Girls love liquid nitrogen and icy stuff. Dumb assassins love inflammable substances (Cameron’s law n°3).
    Anyone feeling his/her/its life is in danger on this blog can come to my island: I give diplomatic asylum. Even Boris can come, and potatoes too. But not Fluffy Deeno. Well, i say that for her: Giraffes adore chewing and drooling on fluffy things… (Washing my hair for the 3rd time today).

    • Hehehehehe. Those Giraffes…you need to teach them some manners…

      Boris would love to visit your island…but only if he survives the recapping process. Now that Deeno has started her imminent spiral to Rooftop doom, I might need him.

      “liquid nitrogen and icy stuff” LOL is that cause girls are frigid bitches? 😛

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