Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

by: Raine

(Momma Raine and Raine, age 2)

This post is dedicated to my mother. I am proud to say that I am the reason that she’s been a mother for 27 years (28 if you count the 9 months she carted me around) as I am the oldest of her children.

(Raine, brother and sister about 6 or 7 years ago)

She is the mother of three: my brother (24), my sister (22) and I (27). We all think she’s the most amazing woman for raising the likes of us!

(Raine’s sister as a cute ickle baby! Look at those eyelashes!)

All three of us are possessed of various talents, intelligences and needs. Raising us has not been neither easy nor simple. My mother raised us, worked to pay for all of our extracurricular activities, nurtured us and still managed to smile, go on dates with my father, start up her own art business and continue to advise us, befriend us and love us to this very day.

(Raine about age 2 and first cat Maxie about 2 months. This is a favorite family picture. Thought you’d like to look at it mommy!)

It’s no small feat that which a mother performs. She is always there, crooning, talking, screaming, smiling, nagging, feeding, teaching, aiding, suffering, supporting, laughing and loving. We children love to whine and complain, point out faults, break rules, want more than we’re given and generally under-appreciate the sacrifices of motherhood.

(This is in 1988. My brother was just born and there’s three-year-old me holding him. You can see my green baby blanket behind me that I still have. I remember being ridiculously excited to hold my baby brother. Another occasion to celebrate Mother’s Day!)

Well, at one point I did all that under-appreciating business.

I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen more clearly how much she’s done for my siblings and I. Lately, I’ve noticed that we are friends and confidants. It’s made me enjoy growing older with her. Motherhood doesn’t stop after one’s child turns eighteen – it lasts until death.

(My daddy and me in late 1985 or 1986. I want to ask, but I don’t want to ruin the Mother’s day surprise… In any case, mom you did good! I was a cute baby! Look at those cheeks! Pinch da cheeks!)

Mothers’ roles change throughout their children’s lives and I think that’s amazing. I’m looking forward to having babies, having them grow into toddlers, into teens and young adults. I’m looking forward to developing a similar relationship with them as I have with my mother in my late-twenties. She’s a mother, but also my friend.

Here’s to you Momma Raine.

(Sister on Raine’s lap, Raine, and brother. This was about 20 years ago. Those are some happy kids!)

12 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!”

  1. Awwww!Rainey!I hadn’t visited your blog for a while.This was soooo sweet.
    Happy belated mother’s day to your mommy and all the other moms out there.Hugs!

  2. such happy photos 😀
    raine sleeping like the kitten has got to be the most awesome picture ever :O :O

  3. what a lovely family you have! and obviously a happy one,too! thank you for sharing those photos.you are all good – looking.i like your photo with the cat Maxie.
    happy mothers’ day to your omma! ^.^

  4. Hi Raine,
    I like that all your family members are smiling, we hardly see that nowadays,
    so happy mothers day to your mon and dad !. awesome family !.

  5. awwww…all the pictures are so sweet! Favorite is baby and kitten, natch. I sometimes forget that I am old enough to be your mother, too, and then you go plugging in the years and I am forced to do the math.

  6. Raine,
    you are the most wonderful oldest daughter in the world. love the blog!
    and you. Mom

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