Fashion King: Episode 17 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 17 came in at 9.5%.

I hit the point of no return with this drama. Seriously…they must’ve sliced up bits from previous episodes and stuck them together to make this one. It’s the same crap over and over again. Well not EXACTLY the same. Different ugly wardrobe.

“???” –  You’ll get more when they give me more! (from the Fashion King OST)

episode 17 recap

Jae-hyuk has organized plan kidnap Ga-young using social means: a company celebration of her promotion. They go dancing and then to a noraebang. He tries to get her attention while Jung-ah tries to catch his. The whole time, Jae-hyuk stares at Ga-young like he wants to eat her.

I wonder if she’s tasty. I will feed her to Deeno and find out.

Meanwhile, Young-gul is waiting with his candlelit table at the factory. He tries to call Ga-young again and then resorts to calling Bong Sook. The crazy roommate informs him that she’s at a celebration for her promotion so Young-gul drinks a whole bottle of wine.

I’ve done that before. Seriously, it’s the worst hangover headache ever. Suffice to say, I can really call him an idiot for doing it.

Jae-hyuk forces Ga-young to drive home with him and then forces her to accept a necklace with a heart pendant as “a gift from the company”.

If you all noticed, I used the word “force”. This guy is just desperate and hanging on by less than a thread. But then we can go the other way. Somebody give Ga-young some courage. Just say “no” to the necklace. No one else will know that you refused but him and his pride won’t let him tell anyone. He keeps at it because she keeps letting him.

In any case, Jae-hyuk has turned into a total creeper. So now I’m gong to stare at Lee Je-hoon’s face and imagine him nekkid with Yoo Ah-in on Mystisith‘s island. *Grins*

Stalker necklace boy drops Ga-young home where Bong Sook tells her Young-gul has been trying to contact her. She runs over to the factory and finds him sleeping on the cot.

Please give her a kiss flip. Please give her a kiss flip. Please give her a kiss flip.

No kiss flip. Ga-young wakes him up, he has a headache and then he notices the necklace. Tension mounts as she tells him about the party she attended for her promotion. Was today special? she asks but he says “no” and tries to send her off since they both already drank.

Then they argue about her working for Jae-hyuk. The argument doesn’t make sense. In fact, I’m sure the script looked like this:

He asks why she can’t quit. She asks why he can’t understand her need to work there. He tells her he’s rich and he can give her stuff now. He also hates her working for Jae-hyuk. She sullenly agrees to quit and storms out. He throws his gift and broods.

This scene should piss me off, but I’m feeling rather blasé. I’m wondering how Yoo Ah-in manages to stay in character. I would’ve chucked that box at the writer.

At home, Bong Sook makes the big reveal: It was Young-gul’s birthday. *GASP* Then she fawns over the necklace Jae-hyuk gave Ga-young, thinking that Young-gul gave it to Ga-young. Guilt-tripping is the way to manipulate Ga-young, since she doesn’t have a spine. She snatches the necklace and storms off to work.

I wonder if they have spine miracle grow. I will invent it. It’s a neon yellow powder that you sprinkle on the base of the neck. Growth of the spine is not a painful process, but side effects include:

  1. Yellow teeth.
  2. Reduction of drama episode length from 20 episodes to 1.
  3. Forfeiture of both male leads. They only like spineless women.

I forgot to mention, Ga-young leaves in her pajamas. No, wait. That’s apparently an outfit. Since when were pajamas in? (I’ll show a body shot of the pajama outfit later.)

Ga-young contemplates her “choice” before getting called into a meeting where Jae-hyuk establishes her new position via coffee run – she no longer has to get everyone coffee. Jae-hyuk’s triumph is short lived as his assistant calls him to an emergency meeting.

What’s it about?

Basically, GG is kicking YGM’s ass using Dongdaemoon selling tactics. And Daddy Jae-hyuk is ready to kick Jae-hyuk’s ass. Where has Jae-hyuk’s head been? daddy demands.

I KNOW! Pick me! Imagining Ga-young naked! Not that hard to do when she comes to work in pajamas….

Speaking of Ga-young, dad’s pissed Jae-hyuk promoted a rookie who has no achievements to speak of but winning an internal contest. The only reason dad supported it was to save face for his son. At least An-na had the qualifications for Team Leader even if her first line lost them money. Dad almost beats Jae-hyuk but instead tells Jae-hyuk to take town Young-gul. Why? Dad hates Dongdaemoon people. And if Jae-hyuk fails, he’ll be removed from his position.

Good. He makes all his decisions with the wrong head.

Jae-hyuk storms into his office and paces like a caged lion. When Assistant Kim comes in, Jae-hyuk asks how much it costs to buy GG, but Kim explains why GG can’t be bought. Young-gul has thousands of factories working under him to make a product with a quick turn over. As Kim explains, he gets really excited.

I like this about the show: Kim’s character is remarkably consistent and adorable. He always freaks out over business prowess and Young-gul has it so he’s always freaking over Young-gul!

Kim suggests growing YGM rather than buying GG and also to consider the offer from Italy.

Ga-young interrupts the nice little chat to tell Jae-hyuk she’s quit. He thinks she means the new position, but then she hands him her resignation, the necklace and the car key.

Of course, he’s shocked and accuses her of using him after he brought an orphan, high school graduate and factory worker to his company and treated her like a human being.

But his manipulations don’t work (finally) and she leaves. Jae-hyuk looks like all the veins in his face are going to explode. I think it’s Lee Je-hoon fighting his desire to rip up the horrid, horrid script.

Young-gul and An-na are working and she notices him waiting for a phone call. She changes the subject and asks if he took over the company in Italy and he confirms that he did. An-na is pissed that she wasn’t consulted since she introduced him to them.

For once, I agree. Not cool, Young-gul. And is this the same Italian company that Jae-hyuk was too zombified to sign with?

Suddenly, Young-gul asks how she met Jae-hyuk and guesses it was in New York. She avoids his questions and Young-gul pulls out the photo he pilfered from Jae-hyuk’s wallet back in one of the first few episodes. “Forever Love, An-na” is on the back.

Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk broods over what An-na said about him dumping girls for new girls and the time she quit.

Show. Show. Show. What are you doing? Are you seriously doing what I think you’re doing? He flicked her aside like a booger. Don’t even think about it…DON’T!

The Dragon calls for a meeting with Young-gul who plays dumb as to why she’s pissed. Apparently Young-gul found the person who fabricated the documents Dragon needed to take over the factory and confined him somewhere. She doesn’t know why Young-gul keeps concerning himself with Ga-young. If he stops, Madam Dragon will compensate him well. Besides, in court she’d win.

With a smirk, he replies that she has her reputation to lose even if she wins in court. But if she loses in court, she’ll go to jail for forgery and misrepresentation. He has nothing but time and money so the ball’s in her court.

He leaves her fuming and yelling at her lawyers on the phone. Then she decides to retaliate by doing what she does best: be a giant, slimy lizard.

She calls up An-na and makes a huge hullaballoo of how An-na’s working so hard and helping Young-gul so much and she didn’t even get a marriage proposal out of it. Was it ’cause of Ga-young? Dragon had a man once who left her and Jung-ah to go to America and she regrets not chasing him.

Ew, the Dragon had a man.

An-na broods at home, remembering her “good times” with Jae-hyuk when who should ring her doorbell but the stalker himself. He quickly starts in with the reason for his visit.

Jae-hyuk: I am not confident. I’ll just say this quickly. I’m sorry. I really didn’t know. I’m sorry. I didn’t think that it was appropriate to say over the phone. That’s all I wanted to say.

An-na: After hurting me like that, why are you coming back now?

Jae-hyuk: This is really embarrassing but, Lee Ga-young taught me.

Wait, how did Ga-young do that? She apologizes profusely for everything she does. Someone explain how he learned this? I think it’s ’cause there is no one left on his side and he realizes that he shoved away what he had.

(And then they decide, forget women, we’re going to live on Mystisith‘s island with sheep, giraffes and frolic nekkid under the sun; together; holding hands.)

When Young-gul still can’t reach Ga-young, he goes downstairs to ring Jae-hyuk’s doorbell, but chickens out. Too bad Jae-hyuk just climbed off the elevator. IN a moment of unexpected comedic levity, Jae-hyuk glances back at the elevator, wondering if he got off on the wrong floor.

The boys immediately puff out their chests and Jae-hyuk asks if it’s good to have her quit work at  good company. Young-gul counter that Jae-hyuk should stop being so interested in another man’s woman.

Il-gook chauffeurs Young-gul around and says that he can’t find Ga-young either. But he did hear that Ga-young received all this stuff over at J Fashion: winning a contest, cover model for magazine, promotion, car.

Young-gul had Il-gook looking for new offices, probably for An-na and the return of Ga-young. Il-gook says that loan shark invited Young-gul for a meal but Young-gul doesn’t want to go. Il-gook says that money changed Young-gul who denies it and says it’s just ’cause Il-gook has been sponging off of him.

Seriously, if you wanted to go that route, writernim, you shoulda established it better.

Young-gul hands Il-gook a fat wad of cash and heads inside the factory, knowing Ga-young is there because the lights are on. She’s there sewing and looking like she’s wearing PJs.

For some reason, this scene reminded me of that scene in Ghost where a half-clothed Demi Moore is sculpting and Patrick Swayze sits behind her and they make out. Or maybe I just want Ga-young and Young-gul to make out again. That would be way better than listening to them talk. Climb behind her, Young-gul! Help her sew and lay one on her!

(Omigosh, YAI smiling…*Drool*)

Anyway, Young-gul tells her he was worried because he couldn’t contact her and she says that she’s making him a gift for his birthday. He’s all smiley ’til he sees it’s a shirt embroidered with his name, similar to the one she gave to Jae-hyuk ages ago.

Seriously? Thirty seconds of cute? That’s the best part of this show. And Bong Sook’s faces.

Young-gul thanks Ga-young for quitting J Fashion and Ga-young wants to start working at Young Young Apparel tomorrow.

He takes off the shirt and when she frets, he says he’ll take special care of it and wear it tomorrow. Then he wants to drink and invites her to go home. She is confused and says “This is home” but he means to his fancy new pad. Because his pad is her pad. She’s awkward and wants to invite everyone, but he drags her off and orders Il-gook to drive them to his place, even though she wants to go to Bong Sook’s

Seriously woman, you let yourself get dragged everywhere. When you drag doormats around, they get dirty. She must be filthy.

As they ride the elevator to his floor, they’re both nervous passing Jae-hyuk’s floor. Hrm, maybe he shouldn’t live in the same building…

Anyway, she most definitely notices how it looks like Jae-hyuk’s place. He shows off his closet and she ogles the watch safe!

LORAX! Now should we call him MR. Lorax?

Young-gul tells her that this place would’ve been theirs from the start had she not betrayed him and left. They tiff about who hurt who more, but it’s light-hearted. He pours them drinks and tells her he bought the New York apartment. He’s working on the school issue because it was his fault that she was kicked out. She tells him it’s okay.

Why is she always saying that? It’s NOT all okay. DOORMAT!

(Look at those circles under poor Shin Se-kyung’s eyes. I’m sorry, baby girl. You deserve a break from work and a break from this drama.)

He reminisces about when they first met. She’d walked in with only a resume and he had been ready to kick her out until he saw that her birthday was the same as his dead younger sister’s.

He also saw that Ga-young was an orphan, like him. Young-gul thought that she was strong and raised herself as he’d raised himself. Maybe they could encourage each other. Maybe it was destiny. He finally became part of a family and felt as though his sister had come back.

Therefore, she has to stay with him, not with Bong Sook, until she goes back to school.

Of course, Ga-young asks if she’s still like a sister and he retorts that he wouldn’t kiss his sister.

Young-gul gets a phone call and Ga-young peruses the paperwork on the coffee table, which basically says that Young-gul is fucking over J Fashion big time. When he sees her ruffling through his papers, he hangs up. She’s pissed that he’s harming the place where she worked hard and wants him to just stop. GG is successful and he doesn’t need to keep doing this. Besides, Jae-hyuk is working really hard on YGM.

But those are the wrong things to say to Young-gul. He wants to know why she ran to Jae-hyuk, the man he hates, every single time she had trouble.

No, he’s going through with it.

‬For me and for you. The people who gave us pain, I wont leave them alone. I’m going to the end. Don’t say anything and just watch me.


Exactly how I feel, Yu-ri.

So we brought back all dropped/incomplete story lines. Loan shark, dead sister, murder of Ga-young’s parents, Young-gul as a money freak, An-na and Jae-hyuk as lovers, Ga-young’s schooling. Seriously show. Pick a path and stick to it.

My Twitter friends and I came up with this scenario:

Put them in a car and let them argue their way off a cliff and fly off into the sunset. What do you think? Sunsets are romantic.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Fashion King Episode 17 Screencaps.

38 responses to “Fashion King: Episode 17 Recap”

  1. Wow, you’re really good at writing! It’s actually interesting to read your recaps, even though they’re really long. I actually started reading from ep 13 because I got so tired of the stupid storyline. So much, double crossing misunderstandings, and I got so confused with the three, An Na, Jae Hyuk and Young Geol going back and forth with who they like, and eventually also forced Gayoung to become uncertain and join them in their game of going back and forth. I’ve never seen a romance drama that has so little scenes of the actual sweet moments between the main characters. It’s a wonder how they even got so much funds to make this into a 20 episode drama. :/

  2. I actually liked her pajama outfit — but then i love short shorts — I guess i’m continuing to watch this show for the female eye candy. The acting is actually pretty good, and other elements. If you can overlook the plot that seems to go around in circles over and over again, it’s not too bad of a show.

  3. this my first time writing a comment here. i always read your recap silently. Big Big thanks for the recaps 🙂 it helps me alot. especially when i decided to stop watching this crappy drama ever since ep 16. but im curious on how this drama progressed, so i read yours every weeks!
    the scriptwriter needs to shot him/her self. this drama keeps running in circle. No Character development at all. i hate Ga young for always keep clueless and silent and can’t decided what’s good for her. yeah right she’s 21, which is the biggest mistakes for her background character. the writer wants to paired her with a guys whose in his 27/28 ?? and on top of that, her character is also annoying. silent is gold but if you kept silent for 18 Fucking ep, it’s Annoying.
    I dont ship any couples in this drama as i want the 3 of them just shot each other, and we have Anna as the winner. ughh i dont even like anna, but she’s the only one who can speak up and have a clear mission.
    watching this drama is clearly wasting my time. but reading your recap is def worth my time!


  4. Finally GY get fed-up and disappears leaving the two men clawing at each other!

    Last scene,
    she reappears 3years later and became the World’s FASHION KING…

    the end.

  5. Having just watched ep 18, I’m going to reserve my rather pointed comments for that recap, Raine. FK is one epic, totally fucked-up FAIL – and I thought nothing could be worse than ‘A Thousand Kisses’……..

    • Sorry, nothing can be worse than 1000 Kisses! That was 20+ hours of my life I will never get back!

  6. I have now watch epi 17 with subs, shin se kyung has acted very well for the character lee ga young, now she is thorn between her loyalty to jfashion and yang guls persuasions to stick by him and now we also see her invigorate herself from her previous low self esteem self, (jae hyuk help her on that part).

    It looks like lee tae ran from timbuktoo will come back into the picture next, I am also perplex like what jae hyuk ask sec. kim. How did young gul get his support from his local business investment, which is 60% we saw on yang gul’s chart.

    Remember what jae hyuk told ga young earlier – episode 15,
    1% is your effort and 99% are BRIDESMAID ?. – he is a smart analysis, come to think of it . WHERE IS THE ANSWER. ? next episode ?.

    The black shirt with initials, yang gul is thiking she is making me a second hand thought for his birthday but he is also a copycat going to make the “lee ga young” label which is jae hyuk’s idea for ga young earlier.

    Well next week is the end of this drama and I will really missed jung jae hyuk !!.

  7. The show is infuriating. Ga Young’s character is so very badly written in this ep – the writers (I use the term loosely – and generously) have completed undone her.
    I just give up.

    On a silly note: pyjamas are now all the rage! I truly, deeply, wish I were kidding but even The Guardian says it:

    Loved the recap Raine – thanks for sharing and suffering with the rest of us.

  8. Ok, now that I’ve actually seen episode 17, I have to comment before I go to bed! for the first time EVER, I actually feel sorry for Jae Hyuk! His father? What a b@stard! Watching him flinch when his Dad was about to hit him made me realized why he is how he is. He is an abused child/adult! Sad! But back to the funny parts! I kept giggling through the whole show because I kept thinking of you comments, Raine! Right on the money! I laughed so much, I missed the pajamas but I have to admit, I loved that eyelet shirt! That is so me! But back to the show. I too was surprised when he went to apologize to An Na but wasn’t that funny when Madame Jo (that’s what I like to refer to her as) was hinting about getting her man, she was talking about Young Gul but guess who An Na was thinking about?!! Boy, if Madame Jo had been in her thought bubble, she would have pissed that her prodding missed the mark. Based on the previews for 18, it looks like the roller coaster continues. Ga Young, please get a back bone! Its depressing me! An Na is already a dust mop! One of the women besides the evil ones have got to become assertive! PLEASE!!

  9. I use to hate JH the most now it is GY, she reminds me of those girls that are always pretending to be so innocent and helpless, but when you step back from them what you see is that everyone around them is dancing to their tune.

    I agree that those shorts under that big shirt was most strange office wear.

  10. I just don’t get it…it had everything going for it to be a good drama; but I’m pissed off with character development. Gayoung’s everending silences try my patience something horrid. And it’s not as if she couldn’t open her mouth to give her 2 cents worth, its writers doing a poor job. And it drives me bonkers. It’s not the same as for example Jung Hee in Family’s honour, when her silences were because she didn’t fancy answering Shihoo back. Or when Se Kyung in Tree with deep roots she was mute for half the show. Writers here just forgot to write her in. And it sucks.

    • Actually if we get her childhood info. from Il gook, ga young was also from a rich family, chauffeur driven during her childhood days, lost her parent
      so growing-up under mdm jo was a miserable life – I think her life was zero and nothing except that she has talent in fashion design.

  11. Let me be the first to say, never read Raine’s recaps of Fashion King with Almond milk in your mouth! Your circular drawing depicts just how I feel about the relationship and I could help but laugh out loud (sitting in my office reading)!! Have not watched yet but always read your recap first so that I am not surprised or shocked by anything that happens. Not shocked or surprised! Thanks for the barrel of laughs (as my director walks out of the office!)!

  12. “Wait, how did Ga-young do that? She apologizes profusely for everything she does. Someone explain how he learned this?”

    Sorry I can’t tell r u being funny? or serious? If the latter, JH is brewing in his own hurt stew. GY did to him what he (JH) did to Anna… and so in a sense GY taught him how he made Anna feel because he is now feeling it and now knows it sucks being on the receiving end. Does that make sense? I don’t know does that me the JH/Anna ship afloat again? Man I definitely that ship sunk and was to lay dormant to house fishes.

    1 more week!

    • Almost everything I say is sarcastic. Hehe. The way they attempt to portray angst and reflection upon past deeds is indeed baffling. I don’t take this show seriously in the least. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yay one more week!

  13. “Jae-hyuk looks like all the veins in his face are going to explode. I think it’s Lee Je-hoon fighting his desire to rip up the horrid, horrid script.”

    LOVE IT! Yep, they are all pretty much done with this FKing thing.
    Thanks for recapping despite lack of anything interesting to report.

    I still like watching it, and yelling at GY, and I am glad that someone gave JH some real guidance.
    His father is all: “Go do this. Go do that.” but never tells him how.
    Meanwhile, Sec Kim has to explain things s l o o o w l y for JH to understand these business-things-that-JH-is-supposed-to-be-the-boss-of
    He is sooo imcompetant incompitent inept at his job. Will CEO Dad fire him, please?

    Three more eps?
    We need at least two more really good kisses. I nominate a sweeet goodbye between JH and YG. OK, it’ll never happen, but I can dream…

    • The same JH who constantly rags on YG about his lack of schooling and being schooled big time! I always get a kick out of Sec Kim and his glowing words about YG right before getting smack upside the head by a book, magazine or JH’s hand!

  14. Just to share this thoughts I love the small heart shape pendant that jae hyuk bought for ga young, it comes from his heart for her !. As for the heirloom pendant from ga young’s mom not from yang gul’s own gift, yang gul is keeping it all the time and replace it with diamonds, when he threw it on the floor it was bulky and not fashionable.This episode my dear jae hyuk is hit most left, right and everywhere, poor man what will he do?.

    Jae hyuk got that sexy villain look !. My wish came through, jae hyuk was dancing with ga young, look how happy he was smiling all the time with her.

    I don’t know how to describe ga young at all, clueless of her actions because she is a 21 years old girl and she has no parent to guide her from young.
    But the action chart that she saw from yang gul, I don’t know will it shake her relationship with yang gul !.Now yang gul keeps shouting at ga young.

      • Gosh, I hope not! The only way to make a big splash is go out with a very large bang. I hope he stabs someone, THAT would be awesome….OK, not really…but I hope he is thrown out of the company at least. Let’s face it – he’s not going to be able to take down GG or YY or whatever they are, and that is the ONLY thing CEO dad wants from him…NOT produce a quality fashion line to take global for YGM. That would be silly!

      • I hope so, because, he has apoligised to choi an na . And yes,
        ga young’s supposedly dress – risky of being rape !!. Horrible dress !,
        is that what we call fashion !!.

      • I hope so, because, he has apoligised to choi an na . And yes,
        ga young’s supposedly dress – risky of being rape !!. Horrible dress !,
        is that what we call fashion !!.

  15. Young-gul wants to have total revenge? Some people will definitely die next week: Can i suggest killing the writer? Sidenote: I DON’T offer diplomatic asylum to crappy writers.

  16. i am still clueless as to what is on GY’s mind. If based on the story plot of What Happened in Bali, probably GY finally will go to JH?

  17. Nekked? *hehehe* (yes, out of all your words posted, that’s the only one that stuck in my brain) Nekked JH? YES, please. I no longer care about any plot or story with this show. Bring on the desperate, broody stares from JH and I’m happy.

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