Rooftop Prince: Episode 18 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: Up we go to 12.1%!

This episode gets a huge  OMIGOSH! Lots of stuff happened to the characters that we already knew about. Our baddies finally tried to actually be bad and remember all that disappearing that they weren’t doing last episode? Yeah, that was…compensated for. I love this show but…I can’t tell you anymore why besides Panda babies, the Tracksuit Trio and the OST.

“Riddle” –  Instrumental with NO COMPOSER mentioned!!!! (from the Rooftop Prince OST)

episode 18 recap

Raine: Panda decks Tae-mu, twice.

He seriously rocks.

Deeno: Tae Mu with blood on his face!!!!!!!!!! Blood! Tae Mu! Blood! Tae Mu! Squee!

Raine: It’s a pathetic amount of blood, and yet she squees. It’s on a wannabe though. Is that still squeeworthy?

Deeno: No this is the real Tae Mu! Blood. I don’t need much to be happy.

Raine: I suppose blood is blood.

Deeno: Sexy murderers are sexy murderers, but sexy murderers with blood…*grins*

Raine: Lee Tae-sung is sexy…

Deeno: Murderers are sexy too. Especially in broody shower scenes. Nom nom nom.

Raine: While Deeno salivates over Tae-mu, the prince accuses him of killing Grams, which Tae-mu denies. But we all know the truth: he wishes he did it.

Deeno: Poor SMID (Sexy Murderer Idiot Doppelganger).

Raine: Pathetic SMID.

Raine: His pandaness calls Tae-mu a liar and a murderer (you give him too much credit, Panda) and swears to make the wannabe atone for his sins. What worries me is the tone of voice he uses – he sounds like an arrogant Joseon prince and not a 21st-century twenty-something.

Tae-panda visits Tae-potato and apologizes for being unable to protect Grams’. Then Panda swears to catch and punish the criminal.

That’s really sweet. What a good, panda.

Deeno: Bad, Panda!

Raine: You just wanted to say “Bad, Panda!”

Deeno: Yes… Is this a bad thing?

Raine: Did you want to give him a spanking too?

Deeno: PERVERT UNNI! Scared!

Raine: Heehee. I wasn’t myself last recap. There wasn’t enough mention of pervy things so I need to fill my quota.

Deeno: There shouldn’t be such a thing as a perverted things quota. It’s just wrong.

Raine: Hee. Hee. Anywho, he’s such a nice panda, that he sits on a bench and remembers all the times that Grams’ expressed her deep love for Tae-yong.

Park Ha interrupts his thoughts and tells him that Se-na is her real sister. Her Panda Prince muses that she must regret not knowing about Se-na and Jang earlier. She should be happy, but the peppermint don’t look that happy.

Um, she’s related to the lying, stealing, murdering Se-na. Why would she be happy?

Raine: She rises to look over the city and get control of her tears so the prince moves in for a comforting back hug…and fades.


Deeno: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Part them. May they never be together!

Raine: You hissy velociraptor you! Leave my Yee-haw alone! OTP 4EVA!

Deeno: *involuntary facial spasm*

Raine: And the prince doesn’t stop, he fades something serious and freaks. Just before Park Ha turns around, he solidifies. When she asks him what’s wrong, he says “nothing” and hurries away, completely unnerved.

Yeah, it is a little creepy when your body suddenly becomes see through. Now if only it was JUST his clothes…

The Joseon Prince’s New Clothes anyone?

Deeno: *cricket chirp*

Raine: Park Ha follows him and he tells her that he started to fade. he couldn’t see his body or hold her in his arms. *tear* She is saddened to hear it and he’s shocked she knew about it and didn’t tell him. She just didn’t know how to tell him.

Again, she turns away, tears running down her cheeks. He hesitantly reaches for her, but this time he doesn’t fade away so he quickly enfolds her in his arms.

Deeno: Yay! Hugs!

Raine: Kawaiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! Wait, wrong language. Kyoptaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Raine: Time for a chat in front of a fountain. They agree he’s probably gonna return soon. The Panda concludes he came to Seoul to meet Park Ha, but she reminds him about solving the Crown Princess’ death and now Grams’ death.

Our Panda Prince is a romantic though, and wants to use his time to woo his peppermint. *squee*

Now it’s time for one of two sad, short appearances of the TRIO! YAY TRIO! *applause* They inform the prince that the police don’t think Grams was murdered and that they’re investigating the area around Grams’ home. Panda knows Tae-mu is involved and vows to find evidence before the police do. He will punish Tae-mu! In the name of the moon!

Deeno: Uh….

Raine: Chi-san would look AWESOME as Sailor Mercury. I’m just saying. Blue hair would totally be better than that orange mop he’s sportin’ now.

Deeno: Again, uh….

Raine: Blue heels…

Deeno: I’m hiding now…

Raine: Well, they’re boots…

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I think she’s still in hiding.

Raine: The Yong family meets to go over Grams’ will, which states that EVERYTHING goes to Tae-yong. Tae-mu and his yellow-toothed daddy aren’t too pleased. The official signing will be the next day at noon

Hrm…we all know that means a Tae-mu attempt at intervention. I think we need to intervene on Tae-mus interventions and let him know he’s just not quite cut out to be a bad guy

Deeno: *grits teeth* SMID…Don’t destroy my sexy murderer’s name by associating him with the idiot.

Raine: How vivid your fantasies have become.

Deeno: You’re confusing me. This is reality…

Raine: Daddy Yellow Teeth and Tae-mu fuss over the will and dad says they need a good reason to get Tae-yong kicked off. Suddenly, Tae-mu remembers the wording Tae-panda used during their mini-fight, “Liar and murderer.” The same wording and intonation as the “conman”.

Tae-mu pulls out the tape from Tae-panda’s mysterious awakening and notices that the veggie hides his hand under the covers.

Okay, .01 of a point for Tae-mu.

Deeno: A million points for my murderer!

Raine: Loser points.

Deeno: Do you really want to make fun of my lover? You better watch out…

Fluffy Deeno: Fluffy Deeno’s here! With flowers for everyone!

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: Raine, I was just telling the alarm clock how sexy she’d look in Sailor Mercury’s boots.

Fluffy Deeno: The alarm clock is so cute. The other day I was chatting with her about knitting unicorn sweaters. It was so much fun!

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I think even I cannot handle such comments. Is there another answering machine around?

Fluffy Deeno: Boris, you know what? You’re kinda cute too. 😉

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I only date things that run on electricity or have big batteries.

Fluffy Deeno: I run on love and Lucky Charm marshmallows!

Raine: *tries desperately to ignore* A detective shows up to question Se-na about Gram’s death.

Tae-mu plants money and a plane ticket in Tae-yong’s car. I will gripe about this lame tactic later in the recap.

Fluffy Deeno: Why can’t SMID just plant flowers. It would be such a happy surprise.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I would pick them for my love, the convection oven.

Fluffy Deeno: The oven is such a sweet soul. Always sending apple pies to those in need.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: Can you stop now? I’m trying to work my mojo and Raine needs to finish her recap.

Raine: *pokes her head out* Park Ha and Panda have a date and the Panda is wandering around, lost in thought. Feeling playful, Park Ha pokes his hand and he turns to apologize for being boring. She tells him that it’s good that he doesn’t only focus on women. He smiles at her, grateful for her understanding. He just can’t seem to get a handle on Grams’ murder.

Deeno: Murder!

Raine: Selective attention.

Deeno: Murder. Blood. Dinosaurs. Kamikaze toasters.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I would hit on that toaster, but I do not want to accidentally fry myself. I need to live on to romance more appliances.

Deeno: I’d fry you if you hit on my toaster…

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: And that’s why I don’t hit on you. But I might hit on your lightsaber…

Raine: BORIS!!!!!

Deeno: Can I use my lightsaber to woo him to my side?

Raine: Not as long as that Fluffy nightmare is around.

Deeno: I’m starting to like her. A breath of fresh air.

Raine: Deeno…do NOT take strange pills.

Deeno: No…Fluffy Deeno has become permanently separated from me. She’s my doppelganger here to hunt down people who call my lovers wannabe murders.

Fluffy Deeno: Yep! I’m here to stay! Love you, unni!

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I have legal documentation that says you cannot call her “unni”. Let’s continue with this recap.

Fluffy Deeno: But, oppa, how can you do this to me?

Raine: *turns off Boris* Must ignore!

ANYWAY! Park Ha and the Panda pass by a storefront that has a television playing the news. It talks about a blackbox in a car that recorded a car crash. His pandaness remembers car debris in front of Grams’ house the day she died and off the Yee-haw couple goes! They search around for a mechanic who knows about the accident and finally find the owner of one of the vehicles; he lives in Gwangju.

Park Ha is stoked to have a lead but her excitement is quickly snuffed as the detective comes to arrest Tae-panda for impersonating Tae-yong and being involved in Grams’ death.

Raine: The detective accuses Tae-panda of lying based upon the evidence that Tae-mu planted. What kinda crap detective is he?

Raine’s issues with this arrest:

  1. No fingerprinting. If they had done any, they would’ve found Tae-mu’s prints everywhere.
  2. No trace of purchase of the plane ticket or of the funds.

Deeno: Yeah I have issues with this too….

Raine: Ri.Di.Du.Lous.

Raine: Next Tae-mu comes in and says that he was with Se-na that day and Tae-panda is incredulous.

Raine’s issues with this lie:

  1. Security cameras at the bar.
  2. Bartender/eyewitness testimony.
  3. Record of drink purchases.

Anyway, bad villain Tae-mu promises to crush Tae-panda after taking the inheritance.

Deeno: SMID *hums*

Raine: *pulls out her megaphone* WANNABE!

Deeno: *pulls out her Fluffy Deeno* SMID!

Raine: *backs off…for now* Panda gets thrown in lock-up and tries to tell the detective that Tae-mu is at fault, but only succeeds in annoying him. Crap detective cuffs Panda for his efforts.

Over a fancy lunch, Tae-mu promises Se-na that everything is all better now. Tomorrow they’ll have everything and they don’t have to worry about the “conman” anymore. He tells her not to worry, but she, wisely, is still very worried.

Good. He’s a wannabe. Nothing he does succeeds. Well, except looking hot.

Deeno: Sexy murderer!

Raine: *drool*

Raine: Back at the rooftop, the lotus has blossomed and sits atop the fishtank, together for now. Park Ha sits on the sofa, checking out the mystic hanky. She discovers two initials in the lower right-hand corner, “ㅂㅇ” (These are the Korean letters “bieup” and “ieung”.)

In possession of this new clue, she goes to visit the prince who guesses that it stands for “부용/Bu Yong”. Finally, he realizes the mystic hanky was made by Bu-yong. Not that it’s super important, but it does give the prince more of a reason to feel bonded to Bu Yong.

That makes me sad because when he goes back to Joseon, if Bu Yong is alive, she’ll probably be his woman. I KNOW she’s Park Ha’s earlier incarnation. But…but…she’s not Park Ha. 😦 I’m feeling jealous of Bu Yong for Park Ha.

Deeno: I still think that he belongs with Bu Yong. He has a long history with her. And he won’t be blinded by his wife anymore.

Raine: He may belong with her, but I’m shallow and totally in love with the OTP. Besides, Park Ha’s modern day love is Tae-potato. There is NO “punishment” action from him. Not cool.

Raine: Anyway, the prince explains that he saw the initials in Joseon, but didn’t know what they meant. He reaches out to the hanky and his hand starts to fade and even goes straight through the bars and glass! Each time he does it he fades

Guess you’re on the right track, panda boy.

Deeno: I really want him to leave forever already…

Raine: NOOOOOO! Not without peppermint! Although…I’m seriously having my doubts that they really are the OTP…*sob*

Deeno: I just want everyone to be lonely and miserable while I sneak off my with my Tae Mu.

Raine: I like my happy endings. Too bad all my K-drama friends always get me hooked on these dramas with endings that make me cry. I’m a masochist. Please don’t continue to make me one, show. Pretty please.

Raine: Finally, the panda completely fades, leaving a horrified Park Ha who quickly fakes a phone call as a cop struggles by with an arrestee.

Tae-panda materializes in the hallway and Park Ha encounters him. Pumped on adrenaline, she yanks him out of the building, barely missing the crap detective. She sends him running to the meeting.

Raine: Tae-mu and Daddy Yellow Teeth are sitting and waiting with the others. The wannabe is smug as you please when noon arrives without Tae-panda. The lawyer begins the proceedings as Tae-panda hauls ass up the stairs. Because the Panda ain’t there, the lawyer says that everything goes to Tae-mu who readies his stamp.

Raine: But no! His pandaness arrives, huffing and puffing and blowing Tae-mu’s flimsy plan down! Team Tae-mu is pissed; Team Panda is pleased as punch. Tae-mu accuses Tae-yong of being fake, but that really don’t matter ‘cause his plan has already failed. HA. HA.

Deeno: SMID is a total loser!

Raine: Yes, yes he is.

Deeno: Tae Yong gets the company but decides to give it to Nostachio while he seeks revenge against Tae Mu and his minions. Mwhahaahahaha!

Deeno: The Tracksuit Trio looks at the footage from the black box. They are shocked and decide to kidnap Tae Mu. Mostly from boredom. I often kidnap people when I’m bored. They get Tae Mu to call Se Na and show both of them the video. Tae Mu and Se Na try to deny it, but Panda is smart. Kinda. He tells them to leave the company and return the embezzled fund or he’ll kill them in a way more painful than having their limbs torn off. Then Panda lets them walk out. Seriously? Do you think they can be redeemed or something. Just kill them now and you’ll never be caught. You’ll just return to your own time.

Raine: You all know I love Rooftop Prince. I really do. But this whole sequence was…lame. I was so underwhelmed.

Deeno: Lame is the right word.

Raine: I’m glad my Trio is back, but they seriously need better functions. That and the prince needs better ideas. It’s a silly plot filler scene. At least the rest of the episode rocked. And we get some cute on top of that.

Deeno: Tae Mu decides to kill Panda. Yay! Now if only he actually succeeds.

Raine: He actually looked scary. He does the “looking scary” part well but is remarkably horrible at actually “being scary”.

Deeno: SMID doesn’t really think before he acts.

Raine: I think he’s trying to think but failing miserably.

Deeno: Park Ha sits outside Panda’s door and talks to him. She’s afraid he’ll vanish completely and she’ll never know. He lets here in the room and they lay down next to each other holding hands. Park Ha worries about the future. Panda tells her that they should just enjoy the present. He’s very happy in the present.

Raine: Me, too. I’m happy with the cute. I love cute. And I love how healthy this relationship is. And full of cute. Did I mention the cute? Do you know who else is cute? You know Hoo…

Deeno: Vanness!

Raine: You know HOO. *ahem**cough**ahem*

Deeno: Tae Mu?

Raine: I can’t handle it. Park. Shi. Hoo. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Deeno: Oh him.

Raine: *glare*

Deeno: Tae Mu plans something by a lake side! Water. Past. Present. Melding! Yay! Park Ha you won’t be with your Panda much longer. Mwhahahaahahahaha!

Raine: I’m going to pretend I haven’t seen 1,001 dramas and retain my hopes and dreams that nothing bad will happen.

Deeno: I’m happy I’ve seen a million dramas and can see what is coming!

Raine: The happy ending Jay Park sings about in the opening theme music?

Deeno: Well my happy endings involve a death or two.

Deeno: Se Na visits Park Ha to fake apologize and talk about committing suicide. Don’t believe her. Don’t leave her alone. Especially with your phone unlocked. Se Na steals the phone so she can send Panda a message to meet her at the lake. Panda agrees to meet Se Na at the lake and Se Na rushes out.  LAKE! LAKE! LAKE of DOOM! I like where this episode is going.

Raine: I don’t…more cuddling in bed! More “stuff” in bed! Well, I wish there was “stuff”.

Deeno: You just want to hold the panda babies and rub their cute little tummies.

Raine: *makes cooing noises*

Deeno: Park Ha rushes after Se Na since she wants to feed her. She notices on the GPS that Se Na is headed to the lake and assumes she’s going to try to kill herself. Then Park Ha’s phone goes off in Se Na’s purse and even notes that it’s the same ringtone. Park Ha blows it off. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Raine: Park Ha really isn’t that dumb or naive. They haven’t established her thus and it’s annoying that they purposefully make her regress into idiocy in order to establish tension. I’d rather have a few more coinkidinks.

Deeno: I think the way she figures out what happened is going to be paralleled in the past with Bu Yong so I don’t really mind.

Raine: With the persimmon poison you mean?

Deeno: Yep…*happy dance*

Raine: *scowl*

Deeno: Panda prepares for a date. The boys help and yet again Blue Ajussi tries to join in, but is rejected. Chi San has to head back to the rooftop to get some tickets. While there he asks Park Ha why she isn’t night fishing. She figures out what happened and heads to the lake.

Deeno: Panda waits for Park Ha, then Se Na visits him dressed as Park Ha. She runs off so Panda will chase after him and brings him right into the path of Tae Mu’s car. Tae Mu heads towards Panda just as Park Ha shows up and pushes Panda out of the way! Mwhahaahahaha! I knew she was going to die! She totally better die.

Raine: She totally better NOT!

Deeno: She totally better…

Raine: *sobs*

Deeno: *dances*


Deeno: I’m so excited that Park Ha is the one that ends up in the lake. This makes it so much more likely that Bu Yong has also ended up in the lake. Panda will probably figure it out when he sees Se Na wearing Chi San’s shirt and get instantly transported back to the past.

Raine: But if they both in the lake, then Panda doesn’t get PANDA BABIES! Maybe Park Ha gets to make them after all!

Deeno: Only Park Ha will end up in the lake. She clearly shoved Panda away in time. This is going to tie into the past where Bu Yong died to save Panda by eating the persimmons she suspected were poisoned. I’m sure when she solved the riddle she notice the persimmons and recalled how oddly clumsy she was around that iron.

Raine: But didn’t Bu Yong offer Hwa Yong the persimmons when they were kids?

Deeno: If Hwa Yong had already tampered with the persimmon supply it was sure to happen sometime.

Raine: But her parents could’ve eaten them. I don’t see her doing anything to endanger them. But then again, your theory makes sense and this show DOES have cops who don’t know what fingerprints are.

Deeno: I don’t think it was a deadly poison…just the right amount to made an accident occur when she needed one the most. Especially in someone smaller being more prone to the effects and more likely to overindulge in her favorite food.

Raine: True. You are the detective between the two of us. I still wonder if there was a Tae-mu of the past.

Deeno: I call him SMID…

Raine: Stupid middling idiot doppelganger.

Deeno: I’m still trying to figure out why Bu Yong was dressed as the crown princess. Somehow in the back of my mind I get this odd vision of Se Na doing a second save. Actually redeeming herself by trying to save Park Ha, but if this drama goes there. I will kill it.

Raine: The look of horror on Se-na’s face made me think that as well. Come on. The woman has repressed every ounce of humanity. It’s really not in her character to go back.

Deeno: If that really happens, I’ll cry. I’m so excited for next week though.

Raine: ME TOO!

Also, remember she read something surprising in the book about Joseon in one of the very early episodes? Did that fall victim to the live shoot process?

Deeno: If Park Ha lives it may come up again. Or perhaps she wrote a letter…

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Rooftop Prince Episode 18 Screencaps.

17 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Episode 18 Recap”

  1. OMG pervy Raine is back. I petition to ‘no perviness when it comes to Chunnie’!!!

    I was laughing so hard with Fluffy Deeno’s fluffy entrance. LOLOLOL. I am so loving Fluffy Deeno’s fluffiness. It’s so cute. Ahahah. And I’m so weird for picturing Sena in her wedding dress as Fluffy Deeno lol. Must be because of her Twitter DP. ‘Love You unni!!’ LOLOLOL.
    Aside from Fluffy Deeno, I also love Boris and his romantic self. wahahha.

    I agree with your issues regarding the plane tickets, the stupid police, that bar thing. Goodness, this episode is so full of stupidity. And Park Ha…where did the spunky Park Ha go??? I want her back drama.

    You found that one lame, I found it funny because it’s so ridiculous. That scene where it shifts to Sena and Taemu sitting in front of the projector was so funny cause it’s so lameeeeeeee.

    Onto the good stuff that is the Joseon mystery. My late suspicion of Buyong being the dead one in Joseon was strengthened with the ending of this one. And that just made everything juicier. I love you drama for that. Why would be Buyong the dead one? Why was she dressed in the Crown Princess’ garb? You make my mind work drama. I actually have a hunch that even before the car hits Park Ha, Lee Gak would be transported in Joseon, like just in time to see who killed whom and such. I don’t want Sena to save Park Ha, she’s evil already, better stick to her persona. Hahaha. But if she does that, it’ll make things more interesting. Hmmm…I really hope the Joseon mystery will be so good, as to be the saving grace of this drama’s latter half.

    Oh well, 2 more episodes and we’ll say bye bye to them. I’ll miss the Power Rangers and Park Ha. And I’ll miss Chun in a drama. It’ll probably take a year before he’ll do another one. That’s if he won’t enter the army this year.

    Another great recap ladies! And another long comment from me. Sorry hehe.

  2. Let’s see. Maybe the crown princess did died in joseon. And what’s gona happen in episode 19 (just guessing), might be a lovely episode. Who knows? maybe Se Na came out from the bush and pushed Park Ha away? (Oh, now that’s how you relate it back to joseon why crown princess died). Can’t wait!!

    • Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I have been instructed to screen any messages that contain unhappy thoughts, like Park Ha’s death. I however am only concerned with the health of her pink cellphone, who is quite the adorable appliance.

  3. I love your recaps. I have always believed it was Bu Yong who died. Now I hope not. Because that would mean Park Ha will die next week .And in that week, I would be mourning. The Prince would have disappeared and gone to heaven.

  4. Loved your recap as usual.I didn’t like this episode at all.A lot of stupidity was going around…
    I totally agree with Deeno,I think Park Ha will die and the prince will immediately go back to Chosun,but I don’t know how it’s going to continue from there.I really hope that the writers know where they are going with the story,and I want a happy ending!I don’t want another 49 days!(Sorry I hated that ending!)
    Oh and Raine,you know Hoo,LMAO!
    Thank you Madcap duo!

    • I’m in denial of anything sad. Too much stress from SN and idiot Mu.

      I dunno why I love this show so much. I read the recap and I was like, this drama writing is so…uneven and confusing…but I love it anyway. LOL

  5. Sorry to say but since 13. ep. this drama is losing itself in some unlogical absurdity which is pretty difficult to follow. I still love it and I´m going to watch it to the end, but at the same time I´m dissappointed.
    Another thing is that the main OTP totally doesn´t work for me. Han Ji Min belongs to Kang Chil, that was amazing chemistry between the two of them. Here everything is just lukewarm and not convincing enough to me. Especially now, when Park Ha has become so different to herself from the first episodes, when she was smart, sharp and independent. If falling in love with a prince means for a woman that she changes in teary, dumb and clingy girl then I say pass.
    But I always give a credit to Chun´s acting skills, he´s amazing.

  6. I will take the risk of passing for a dumb person, but honestly: Am i the only one who finds the plot ultraconfusing? Only 2 eps left and we don’t get exactly the link between the doppelgangers: Reincarnations, different souls or what? And who’s supposed to end with who? I must say i will be happy to see an end for this show. For me 16 eps well paced would have been enough. And the ducklings seem as lost as me… I blame the writer here.

    • I have no clue either. I’m seriously missing the earlier episodes where the funny reigned supreme and the mystery was new. Are they going for a two episode quick revelation?

  7. damn i didnt have time to watch this ep yet!! i was busy packing for my trip to america!! i stuck the episode on my laptop and will rage as i watch it in the air 😀 No table flipping on the plane though 😦 😦
    i shall read this after i get back :D:D

    • You’re coming to my side of the very large pond! Sort of. 4 or 5000 miles away from me…but still!

      You can try to tray flip, but i’m not sure if the passenger in front of you will appreciate that.

      • lol im back from my (brief) trip to america.
        no tray flipping on the plane
        we did manage to do a lot of touristy stuff like hollywood/universal/disney, eat american food like ihop…

        There was one day we went to korea town and saw stuff i didnt expect to see… like a life sized yoochun instant noodle ad.
        we also bought some of those parkha mints and yogurt drinks that were featured in the show… and i ate an omurice from some restaurant lolol
        fun stuff 😀

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