Jo Jung-seok: The Photogallery

by: Raine

(Jo Jung-seok for Sure magazine. KYAAA!)

My love started during What’s Up? but we all know what happened to every single person watching King 2 Hearts: instant obsession with this amazing man. I could wax poetic (and esoteric) about how his musical prowess makes my ovaries explode (thanks JoAnne unni for that amazing term) or how his incredible acting makes my retinas detach themselves from my eyeballs and adhere to the computer screen. But I won’t. I’ll just share some pretty, pretty pictures of oppa and let you enjoy.

(Jo Jung-seok for Sure magazine. NOM NOM FRICKIN’ NOM)

(Jo Jung-seok for Sure magazine. The man seriously is a chameleon as a musician, actor and now as a model. What can’t he do? Oh, I know, be unattractive.)

(Yeah, you’re seeing right. The man is in GQ.)

(I totally wish he was giving me this smile. The InStyle photographer was very, very, very lucky. This shot is a total eyegasm.)

(Oppa, how do you have such a piercing gaze? Instead of modeling for InStyle, I imagine you’re modeling for me…:D)

(Does he have monolids? That may explain my obsession. I totally have a thing for monolids. Thank you InStyle for supplying fuel for my obsession.)

(What organ wouldn’t I give to see this GQ shoot live?)

Yes, you can thank me for this. I will thank me. Thank you, Raine for the eyecandy. You ARE welcome Raine. You had way too much making this post, didn’t you? Yes, yes I did.

More Coming Soon!

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6 responses to “Jo Jung-seok: The Photogallery”

  1. Oh he is such a darling (still thankful that WU introduced him to me). As soon as the entire episodes of TKH2 is out, I’m gonna marathon it just for him! He’s the one thing that attracts me the most abt the drama!

  2. awesome pics^^
    I’m really looking forward to the next episode of K2H because it really all depends on him. 🙂

  3. Talk about brightening my day/evening/night! I also loved, loved him in What’s Up and was so excited to see him in TK2H! Boy can he sang and definitely can act! I was surprised to see that he was a stage actor for real! Keep posting those pictures!

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