Raine’s Going Under the Knife!

by: Raine

Today I’m having surgery on both hands and my right elbow. I have severe carpal tunnel and something I don’t really understand in my elbow. But it’s all from repetitive stress (ie practicing cello with too much tension for too many years. I learned how to relax a little too late…)

In any case, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I’m supposed to use my hands right away, but we’ll see how that goes.

Wish me luck! Off I go to the hospital!

22 responses to “Raine’s Going Under the Knife!”

  1. Hope everything goes fine and to have you around doing witty recaps…One thing though, don’t make witty remarks in the op theater…if the doctors crack up as me when reading your verb…your cello playing might be on hold a bit longer!!! =0)

  2. Dear Raine, I will pray for God’s healing upon you. You will be fine. Think of Si Hoo Oppa when you wake up. His smile will cheer you. Come back soon. But please don’t stress your hands again,OK?
    Lots of love.

  3. Good luck with the surgery! Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂
    Thanks for sticking with fashion king even if it’s sucks 😀

  4. You will be fine. I had carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery years ago and after a few days I could even play the piano. Take care of your elbow which is the most delicate part of the surgery and you will be missed. Please have someone update us on your recovery status. It’s a good thing most ongoing dramas wrapped up this week, so don’t worry about your fans. Let us worry about and pray for you. 🙂

  5. Ouch! Here’s a wish for your complete recovery from a successful surgery, Raine! I’ll be sending you some hot, cyber porridge to help you along – apparently a bowlful cures everything in dramaland!

  6. Wish you all the luck and have you in my prayers. Mine was not as severe so I did not need surgery so I know how painful it can get. Blessings to you!

  7. Lee Je-hoon will be kissing you awake after surgery, Yoo Ah-in will be arriving right after with a dozen roses (wearing that smirking hot smile) and Shin Se-kyung will be providing the doormat so you don’t slip. Take care and have a relaxing convalescence.

  8. Good luck Raine!! We’ll be praying for you..well at least I’ll do hehe. Just think of the dramas you’ll watch after you get better so that you’ll feel…uh, better? Haha. God Bless. ^___^

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