Two-finger Surgery Update

by: a bandaged-up Raine

Thank you for your beautiful wishes and prayers. I look like a boxer with gauze for paws instead of gloves! I’ve pretty much been sleeping since the surgery. My parents are taking really great care of me.

The surgeon said I did really well and I go back in a week to get the boxing gauze off. Apparently, I woke up asking for music to be played:  Mozart, to be exact. Not only that but I asked…in French!!! Heehee.

The details: I was under general sedation with a nerve block in both arms. Had the i.v. in my foot (OWWWWWW! Okay, I’m a baby…) Both carpal tunnel releases went well and they didn’t have to do the transposition of the ligament in my elbow. ASA!

Recovery thus far has been lots of Percacet, sleep and TLC…and, of course, messages from my most awesome K-drama community.

Please feel free to discuss the endings of Fashion King and Rooftop Prince ’cause I can’t get to DB OT. The two-finger typing system doesn’t lend itself well to community chats…but getting updates on my phone is really easy!!! Will someone update OT please? KAMSAHAMNIDA!

Anywho, gonna try to watch the finale of King 2 Hearts and start Queen In-hyun’s Man…if the Percacet doesn’t take me out first. It’s the battle of the drugs: Percacet vs. K-drama.

Round one: FIGHT!

13 responses to “Two-finger Surgery Update”

  1. Glad to hear your surgery was successful, Raine! Enjoy your Percocet and the weird dreams it produces (BIG, little, BIG, little…) – it’s a new happy place!
    As for your ‘boxing gloves’, it’s bad of me but I had an immediate visual of you doing the T’ara’s “Poopie, Poopie, Poopie” dance for Lovey-Dovey.
    Get well soon!!

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t speak in Korean and ask for PSH. 😀
    Hope the drugs work well until everything is healed up nicely.

  3. Glad to see you’re doing well Rainey,and so glad that your sense of humor is still there despite the surgery.I guess requesting Mozart in French(and by the way LOL!) is better than requesting something related to you know Hoo;)
    Get well soon

  4. Glad to see everything went well. Enjoy your recuperation period and rest. Follow the doctor’s orders even if you don’t want to. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Get well soon!

  5. Good golly Miss Molly, vous parlez français sous anesthésie? That’s hilarious. Mozart I can understand, but speaking french under anesthesia, what a hoot! Not once during multiple surgeries has my h.s. french popped up. Anway, wishing you Godspeed! Don’t rush your recovery ’cause I’ve been there, done that and Percocet heaven can make any kdrama have a happy ending, even Feast of the Gods and Fashion King :-). RT Prince had a beaiful finale and K2H was OK given the context of the drama, but it could have been better. Obtenir ainsi mon ami.

  6. Hi, Raine, Is good to read that you are good and in good humor, wish you get well soon. Take care of yourself and enjoy life rest and watch dramas just for you. Read you soon. ^^

  7. Lol @ the Mozart in French! Good to know you’re spirit was still there, even while younwere half dazed! All the best on the road to recovery and get well sooner than soon! 😉

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