Big: Episode 1 Recap

by: Raine

Here it is folks, coming in at 7.9% (AGB Nielson National), BIG! It lived up to my expectations. Fine acting, gorgeous cinematography, witty dialogue and I’m already invested in the characters and the story. Not to mention, nekkid Gong Yoo for 10 minutes. *angels sing*

Warning: I will be traveling for two and a half weeks from June 21 to July 11. This means I won’t be current with about six or seven episodes. I’ll catch up when I’m back, but I just wanted to let ya’ll know. Then, I’ll be back in full force so you better get ready!

“Because It’s you” –  Davichi (from the Big OST)

episode 1 recap

A frantic heroine, Gil Da-ran (LEE MIN-JUNG) rushes to deliver a bridal bouquet, immediately showing us Da-ran’s character mold: clutzy heroine. She arrives just in the nick of time to deliver the bouquet to a bride who, lo and behold, Da-ran unexpectedly knows. After a few nervous glances, the bride says she thought Da-ran would be studying for her (teacher’s) exam so she didn’t invite her; but why doesn’t Da-ran take the group picture with them?

Ha. Yeah. Right.

Da-ran makes her excuses, decides to get some lunch out of the whole affair and grumbles about the bride and her friends making her an outcast for not yet passing the exam. A call stops her from brooding because there is urgent news: the bouquet deliveries were switched.


So Da-ran gathers with the gaggle of women for the throwing of the bouquet, feigning support for the bride/fake friend. I love how she prepares herself, cracking her neck and knuckles before leaping into the air, in slowmo, to catch the bouquet.

She’s JUST about got her mitts on it when a man knocks into her and sends her flying in the direction of the stairs.

I was seriously cracking up the whole time as Da-ran fell and the man, who is none other than future scrumptious doctor fiancé Seo Yoon-jae (GONG YOO), tries to save her. “Tries” is the operative word because she flies over a huge flight of stairs to the ground.

Gil Da-ran climbs on the bus while listening to the radio. She sent in a story to the radio station under the nom de plume “Ms. K” and it’s being read on air. Turn out that it was a good thing she flew down thirty-six stairs, fractured her tailbone and wrist and was hospitalized for two months. Why? She got one hot, hot, hot,  hot, hot doctor fiancé out of the whole thing. He treated her injuries and proposed the day the cast came off. Now she’s going to re-take the exam she missed while hospitalized and will work as a substitute teacher in the meantime.

Oh yeah, she also wins a rice cooker for the submission of her story to the radio station.

So Da-ran is happily dancing in her seat and smiling to herself when she notices a handsome kid staring at her. He has the most adorable smile.

Stop, Raine. Jail bait. JAIL. BAIT.


The bus stops, she grabs her umbrella and disembarks only to be stopped by Hottie McJail Bait. Cue 40s style violin-laden music as his hand overlaps hers. She thinks he’s developed a little crush, but as it turns out, she grabbed his umbrella by mistake and he wants it back.

Heh. Heh.

Then, the best line ever.

She tries to take the umbrella but he stops her with an English-ism, “Uh-oh.”

BWAHAHAHA! (I absolutely cannot WAIT to hear Gong Yoo say that!)

McJail Bait leaves with his umbrella and she follows him, explaining that she must’ve grabbed the wrong umbrella because his staring was making her flustered. With a smirk, he informs her that EVERYONE on the bus was staring at her because she reacted to the prize from the radio station with a verbal, “Asa! Rice cooker!”

Cue utter embarrassment as McJail Bait continues to tease her for only noticing the young, handsome guy staring at her. He also wants to know if she’s going to continue to follow him. One last English-ism from McJail Bait, “Oh my God,” sends her scurrying into the rain with her cardigan as a poncho.

He stops her with his umbrella in her face (HA!), but she blows him off and he utters another “Uh-oh!”

‬Dear Hottie McJail Bait,

I love you. We know you’re our cold, probably rich, hero. But your snark has me snorting with laughter and your smirk is so hot cute. Please grow up really fast so I don’t feel like such a lecher.

Love Sincerely,


Gil Da-ran arrives late  and is immediately scolded by vice-principal (VP), Kim Young-ok (CHOI RAN), as P.E. Coach Na conspicuously walks by and drops a towel on her chair on his way out of the teacher’s office.

Outside, he’s catching his breath over his daring move and meets Hottie McJail Bait.

Anyone notice how it’s ALWAYS the P.E. teacher who crushes on the heroine in school dramas?

McJail Bait heads inside to Da-ran’s mortification. He’s introduced by VP Young-ok as extremely good-looking Kang Kyung-joon (SHIN WON-HO).

Seriously VP? You needed to point out the obvious?

In any case, he’s a brilliant transfer student with great grades who just came from, you guessed it, America!

Kyung-joon smirks *squee* at the embarrassed Da-ran who gets assigned to give him a tour of the school. He sardonically asks if he can follow her now and she tells him to do so, in English. “Follow me!”

The school is flippin’ gorgeous. I wish I’d gone to a school that looked like that. Mine looked like a prison.

Da-ran spouts the merits of the school and Kyung-joon shoots down every statement: in banmal. She calls him on it and he makes the excuse that he wasn’t talking to her but himself; don’t people use banmal when they talk to themselves.

Wow kid. You got a ‘tude…me likey!

She catches him uses banmal in a direct statement towards her and he makes another excuse: he’s not used to speaking Korean.

I call BS! McJail Bait, I KNOW for a fact that you know the difference between banmal and jondae. It’s a basic component of the language. Even I, the whitest girl on the block, know this.

He also calls her Gil “Teacher” in English, instead of the accepted, respected songsaenim. You don’t even use “teacher” in English. Double rude. Is this his play on Cha Chi-soo’s “Intern”?

Anyway, Da-ran gets a call from Yoon-jae and immediately starts in on the cutesy twirling, aegyo mannerisms and drawing a heart on a dirty window pane. Yoon-jae can’t meet for dinner, but says she can stop by the hospital for dinner. Kyung-joon watches her with a disgusted look on his face and assumes that the relationship is over.

Nice to know we have an optimist in the house.

When she hangs up, Da-ran asks Kyung-joon to keep the radio story a secret. In return, he tells her to overlook his banmal usage, which she agrees to. Then he hops out the window, deciding he’s had enough of the school tour, leaving her grumbling in the classroom.

On his way down a gorgeous brick pathway, he gets stopped by…PARK MOO-YUL! ACK!

No, wait. It’s not Park Moo-yul. That is White Christmas. And this character has a smirk on his face and he’s not uptight… But it IS actor Baek Sung-hyun and WHOA is he different than his White Christmas character. My brain can’t get over it. In this show he is Gil Choong-shik.

Choong-shik and his posse stop Kyung-joon and Choong-shik asks if Kyung-joon knows his friend in America. Uuuuh, in which one of the fifty states are you talking about?

Kyung-joon gives him the look that mirrors my incredulity. then starts speaking in some fudorable English. Then, Choong-shik replies, “My name is Gil Choong-shik. Are you…can…Korea?”

What? What was that? Apparently, Choong-shik wants to know if Kyung-joon speaks Korean and starts waving his arms and talking as though Kyung-joon was hard of hearing. Kyung-joon epically replies, “Stu-pid,” straight off High Kick 3. Choong-shik ain’t so quick on the uptake and needs the reference explained before he gets pissed and attacks Kyung-joon. He misses, falls down (pfffft) and tries again.

This time he is foiled by a magical punch-catcher, AKA Gil Da-ran, Choong-shik’s noona, who beats him and chases him off screen.

How much do I love seeing Baek Sung-hyun like this? ❤

Da-ran scolds and fusses over Choong-shik while Kyung-joon longingly watches from a distance. My spidey senses are tingling and I’m sensing family issues.

Aaaand I’m right!

He goes home to a house that large, extremely spacious and as sparsely decorated as a museum, opens a fridge full of frozen pizzas to microwave some chow (which he forgets to unwrap before he puts it into the microwave) and then curls up on a small bed shaped like a cradle. He knocks a family of little wooden robot figures off his side table one-by-one, leaving only one lonely robot. *sniffle*

Da-ran goes to the hospital and meets Lee Se-young, a doctor who works with Yoon-jae. Se-young is played by Jang Hee-jin who portrayed the evil B-list actress from What’s Up? I’m preparing myself to be underwhelmed by this character.

Anywho, Se-young is sporting a “I got to go poo poo” face and asks Da-ran why she hasn’t yet received a wedding invitation. Then Da-ran heads to his office, staples a picture of her and Yoon-jae on his cork board and parks herself on the bed.

Flashback to a cute memory where they are talking about wedding furniture. He already has decent furniture and doesn’t think they need to get anything new. But she has her eye on a big new bed.

RAWR. I like the way she thinks.

Yoon-jae asks her how big it is and she spreads her arms out. He mimics her and then uses the awkward beat to bring her head to his shoulder.

He’s soooo shy! Aw! Shy Gong Yoo?! CUTE!  *squee* Even using the old “stretch-so-that-I-can-put-my-arm-around-her-shoulder” technique.

Da-ran comes out of her memory and notices that Yoon-jae hasn’t yet opened the box with their wedding invitation. Well that’s why Dr. Poo poo face didn’t get one.

So he’s a neglectful workaholic, uri Yoon-jae?

At home, Da-ran gets scolded by daddy, Gil Min-gyu (AHN SUK-HWAN), who wants her to prepare diligently for her exam and not to mooch off her doctor husband. Momma, Lee Jung-hye (YOON HAE-YOUNG), wants her to lose weight and take care of her face for the wedding and Choong-shik wants to turn her room into a fitness room.

Glad to know everyone’s got a plan for her life! We also find out that dad’s a teacher, too, so she’s got some shoes to fill.

Yoon-jae returns to his office and sees his dinner with a note that they’ll meet tomorrow to shop for furniture. We get a short, close-up shot of his guilt-laden face and then a long-shot, distancing us from him as he’s distanced himself from Da-ran.

Kyung-joon’s uncle, Kang Hyuk-soo (JANG HYUN-SUNG)  buys him a coveted red motorcycle, which Kyung-joon snarkily thanks him for. Then, he points out that his uncle bought it using the money from Kyung-joon’s mother’s will, so he should really be thanking her.

Mom is dead, how sad. *sniffle* My poor jail bait.

His aunt, Lee Kyung-mi (GO SOO-HEE), is stocking the fridge and uncle Hyuk-soo wonders if Kyung-joon should get a new bed. The one they brought from America is for a child. But Kyung-joon can only sleep on that bed. Auntie suggests finding a smaller house, but this is the house that Kyung-joon’s mom bought so he’s not moving.

So he lives in that huge mansion alone with his robot figurines and instant pizzas? *clutches chest*

Kyung-joon heads into his room and stares at the little bed. He flashes back to when he was around four or five and first slept in the bed. His mother tucks him in and says, “If you sleep in your own bed, by yourself, you’ll become an adult.”

“Big enough,” Kyung-joon says as he lays in the bed with his legs dangling off the edge. “I’ve grown enough.”


So he heads to a store where there is only one bed left. We can all see where this is going. All I have to say is this, “Don’t shop at a place who can’t keep track of inventory. Unless you’re in a drama. Then it creates juicy conflict.”

Kyung-joon plunks himself on the bed and says he’ll buy it if he falls asleep.

Enter Da-ran who wants to check out the bed she’s had her eye on. She’s shocked to find someone sleeping on it.

How cute is it that he has his thumb in his mouth? Awww, McJail Bait!

Anyway, they are surprised to see each other and in her desperation to have the bed, she tries to convince Kyung-joon that’s its bad quality. She proceeds to break it. And you know what they say: You break it. You bought it.

Commence Operation Bribery. Da-ran takes Kyung-joon for a meal and he pretends to haggle for a sale price and then flat out turns her down. Kekeke. He wasn’t going to buy it. How does a kid like him have money? She points out that’s what parents do and we find out he’s an orphan.

Open mouth. Insert foot.

A call from Yoon-jae has her tracing hearts on the table until he bails on her again. Come on, dude. You’re picking out a BED. It’s important. She tells Yoon-jae that everything is okay and hangs up, on the brink of tears.

Dr. Poo poo/Se-young rips the picture of Yoon-jae and Da-ran off the board and asks when they’re getting invites. Did not not come out yet? He tells them, “Not yet…”

Excuse Mr. Doctor Man. You need your head checked.

On her way to school the next day, Da-ran gets purposefully sprayed with water by Kyung-joon driving by on his new motorcycle. He gets stopped by Coach Na for wearing street clothes to school and lies that he hasn’t yet received the school uniform.

Da-ran has witnessed the scene and calls Kyung-joon in for a meeting. Rules are rules and they’re to be followed. She’s procured him a uniform with no costs so he should wear it. And also keep his hands out of his pockets. She leaves him and he mutters that he’s an orphan, not a charity case, Gil Teacher. A second later, she rushes back to collect her books, leaving him to smile after her.

Is this noona-like behavior making her grow on you little, little man? The noona he never had? I’m not thinking romance yet.

He puts on the uniform and looks adorable. *squee* *pinch da cheeks*

In his wallet we see a card with a picture of two cherubs reaching for each other. Cut to Yoon-jae and Da-ran’s wedding invitation on top of a book entitled “Miracle” with the same picture of the cherubs gracing the cover. Yoon-jae is brooding over a plane ticket to L.A. Is this for their honeymoon? Or, a conference? Why are you brooding neglectful, sexy doctor man?! WHY?!

He shoves the ticket into the Miracle book.

Da-ran starts her class and who is in it but Kyung-joon, who adorably removes his hands from his pockets. Aw yay!

Immediately after the class greets her, they set in on making fun of her for the radio story of her romantic engagement. She turns towards the chalk board to write and tries to quiet the rabble and teach, but is unable to find the inner strength to stop them. Kyung-joon watches as Choong-shik attempts to stop the teasing and fails. Concern furrows his brow.

I hope that we see Da-ran grow stronger throughout the drama. She’s spunky, bubbly, but insecure. She doesn’t come across as dumb, which I’m thankful for. Only flighty.

A fellow teacher tries to comfort an embarrassed Da-ran who wonders what the friend would say if Da-ran was a doctor who married a good-for-nothing. “You would be stepping in dog poop.”

Nice move, friend. Nice.

Friend tries to cover up the slip-of-the-tongue by saying its a love story, love overcoming everything. Besides, aren’t they house hunting today?

Outside, Da-ran waits on a bench on a beautiful leafy pathway. She tries composing a text to Yoon-jae when he calls and says he can’t see houses together. Tearfully, she tells him it’s fine.

All the while, Kyung-joon watches. Aw, puppy!

Anyway, Yoon-jae asks Da-ran if she’s really okay, and she finally, honestly, tells him “No, I’m not.” She tells him that she wonders if asking her to marry him was his guilt over the hospitalization and wonders if he really loves her. If not, he doesn’t have to marry her.

She hangs up.

Good girl. Here’s a cookie.

But she freaks out over it and almost calls him back when Kyung-joon stops her.

Time for a ride on the snazzy red motorcycle. He takes her to a beautiful place along the river. So gorgeous.

Da-ran thanks him for stopping her from idiotically retracting her words. He self-consciously wonders why he even bothered and she assumes it’s because he’s guilty for spreading the rumor about the radio show. Kyung-joon fervently denies it, telling her not to lump him in with his childish classmates. Da-ran thinks they’re all the same. They’re all the same age.

He sarcastically thanks her for seeing him as a child with a formal “Kamsahamnida”. What follows is her schooling him on the proper way to make fun of him, as the other kids had made fun of her in class, replete with little dance.

BWAHAHA! She’s got spunk! LURV!

Da-ran tells Kyung-joon he needs to know two things to be totally in with the cool crowd: the kamsahamnida dance and the “boing boing” aegyo crybaby move from High Kick 3. She tries to get him to do it and it’s adorable. I’m really loving this start as noona/dongsaeng.

A phone call from Yoon-jae interrupts them and she immediately forgets Kyung-joon’s existence when Yoon-jae says he wants to meet to answer the question she asked before: Do you love me?

Kyung-joon pretends not to be miffed that she quickly blew him off. He hops on his mike checks the wallet for gas money (where the cherub card is) and drives off. Aw, he lost his new found noona already. Abandonment issues!

Yoon-jae quickly leaves to meet her, leaving the Miracle book on top of medical texts.

Both Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon drive alone the Han River of doom as an angelic choir sings in the background.

It’s time for some mystical cherub action, isn’t it?

A comet passes overhead and both men/boys check it out.

Are the cherubs arriving riding comets like space cowboys…er cowbabies?

Some idiot passes Yoon-jae, causes a car accident and both Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon are forced off the road. They fly slow motion into the river.

They hit the water and with some effort, Yoon-jae breaks free of the car but Kyung-joon is barely conscious and unable to move. Yoon-jae hesitates but a moment before swimming to help Kyung-joon.

The light shines through the water as Yoon-jae desperately swims towards Kyung-joon who finally looses consciousness. He stretches his hand out to Kyung-joon and the scene freezes and slowly morphs into the photo of the cherubs, reaching for each other.

It was quite stunning with the interplay of the light, water, and cherubs.

They’re rushed to the hospital, but lose Yoon-jae.

Da-ran rushes to the hospital and receives the bad news. She’s so weakened by grief that she slumps sobbing to the ground in the hallway. The camera gives us a shot of Da-ran alone in the hallway, huddled against a wall and sobbing Yoon-jae’s name.

Warning: If the director and writers did not expect the following reaction from me and bajillions of fangirls for the next scenes, I don’t know what they expected in the first place. My hormones took over for about the next ten minutes of this recap.

Yoon-jae wakes up on an exam table in the morgue…and he’s nice and nekkid. *FIST PUMP*

Omigosh back muscles. Omigosh back muscles. Wait, focus. Focus! Ah, Thank God, distorted image in metal dead body fridge. ACK nekkid front… okay… story… uh… How’d that go again? He keeps walking towards the mirror and then there are two of him…more nekkid!

*slaps self*

Yoon-jae freaks out as he checks himself out.

Yes, check yourself out! ‘Cause that means we can check you out.

We all know that he’s confused because the body swap has occurred via mystical comet-riding cherubs. So it’s not really Yoon-jae freaking out, but Kyung-joon in Yoon-jae’s body. He’s BIG now. I now dub you, “Kyung-big”! Yes, I’m creative like that.

Now there are four Kyung-big’s in the reflections of the dead people fridge and I’m on estrogen overload.

Kyung-big wanders into the hallway in a white sheet, looking gloriously like a Greek Adonis. RAWR!

He spies Da-ran sobbing and slowly heads towards her. When she sees him, her sobs stop and she calls his name over and over again as she throws her arms around him. Kyung-big pushes her away, confused. Why is she calling him Yoon-jae?

Kyung-big: Teacher, I’m Kang Kyung-joon.

Teacher looks at him like he’s grown a second beautiful head on that magnificent body. He explains that he was in a car accident, hit a guard rail, fell in the water and when he woke up, he was like “this”. Da-ran is unable to absorb the information, still reeling from the news of his death and then his magical half-nekkid re-appearance.

Kyung-big wonders where his body his and rushes back to the morgue, freaking out that he’s only eighteen and too young too die. Da-ran follows him, baffled by his behavior. He uncovers the corpse of the body that had been laid beside him, but it’s only an old man. Kyung-big falls to the ground with relief.

A worried Da-ran wants him checked out by a doctor, believing his strange behavior and talk is due to the accident. She tries to make him snap out of the crazy talk by asking,

Da-ran: You were going to tell me something important. Remember what I asked you to say?

He looks like he remembers something important.

Kyung-big: Boing, boing!

BWAHAHAHA! I’m dying here! He even does the hand motions!

Da-ran doesn’t find this as funny as I do. She’s actually quite hurt but he assures her that “Gil Teacher told him to say ‘boing, boing’.”

They are interrupted by a nurse who screams bloody murder at seeing a sexy, nekkid, breathing corpse. The corpse and his teacher/fiancée scream in return.

An MRI reveals that “Yoon-Jae” is strangely in perfect health and the doctor promises to run more tests to determine the cause of the strange behavior.

Kyung-big regards his new face in the mirror, realizing that this fine bit of man flesh is Seo Yoon-jae, Gil Da-ran’s fiancé. But where is HIS eighteen-year-old body? By chance he hears his aunt and uncle asking for him and follows them to where his body lays unconscious.

A gurney carrying a bleeding woman rushes by. Her hand is hanging over the side and it brushes against Kyung-big’s hand, smearing blood all over it. He looks at it and suddenly flashes back to the time when his mother died. She is bleeding profusely on the pavement before him. Kyung-joon has blood spatter on his face. Perhaps his mother was shot to death?

Kyung-big tries to wipe the blood off his hand in a panic, crying at the unwanted memory.

Da-ran searches for “Yoon-jae” and instead finds Kyung-jae’s comatose body. As she listens to the doctor explain what happened to Kyung-jae to his aunt and uncle, Da-ran realizes it’s the same story “Yoon-jae” told her.

Kyung-joon and Yoon-jae crashed and now “Yoon-jae” thinks he’s Kyung-joon?

She looks for “Yoon-jae” in his office and apartment to no avail. Then, she remembers that “Yoon-jae” thinks he’s Kyung-joon and calls to get Kyung-joon’s home address.

When she arrives at the museum-like mansion, she finds the front door already open. Strewn across the floor are the two pieces of his hospital gown. In the crib/bed lies “Yoon-jae” who she is starting to finally believe is Kyung-big. She watches him sleep for a moment. Then, he opens his eyes and slowly lifts his head.

Da-ran: Kang Kyung-joon?

Kyung-big: Yes, Gil Da-ran songsaenim?

They stare at each other.


The total star of the episode. How adorable is that grin? Noona killer, anyone? *pinch da cheeks*

Now, what don’t I have to say about this pilot episode? I’m going to try NOT to write a novel, but we’ll see what happens.

First of all, how beautifully was this shot? Lots of foliage, beautiful architecture, shots through limbs of trees or parts of the crib/bed. So much solid scene and mood setting. Mad props PDnim.

The use of reflection when Kyung-big first wakes up shows the confusion he feels as well as the soul/body switch. There are multiple reflections, distorted reflections, incredibly clear reflections. So wicked cool. Or the moment that Yoon-jae “dies”, the camera focuses on him with Kyung-joon’s foot in the foreground, showing us where the death tag will hang. Loneliness is well depicted by viewing the scenes through the leaves of a branch or the gauze covering of the crib/bed; the camera is spying on the angsty private moment.

I love stuff like that and there was tons of it.

And what about the soul/body swap moment in the water that connected to the comet-riding cherub babies? GORGEOUS!

The story is nothing new or special, but it’s the Hong sisters so I’m expecting a fun spin on old material. Already we have Kyung-joon as the male lead with more emotional variety and the older, supposedly more “mature” Yoon-jae lagging far behind, which makes the body swap extra interesting. I’m wondering if it’s going to lead to love, or a noona/dongsaeng relationship where Kyung-big and Da-ran learn to lean on each other. I hope the later because when they switch back it would be sad not to have a happy ending. Me likes happy endings. But then I have that nasty noona love for Kyung-joon…eek! Well, I have fifteen more episodes to squee and agonize over.

It’s a bit darker than the Hong sisters’ normal stuff, but I found the gravity really made the funny moments refreshing. It also makes me anticipate character and plot developments. Other shows had the characters in dire straits with sad backstories, but this drama makes me feel the gravitas in a way, let’s say, You’re Beautiful didn’t. Not knocking You’re Beautiful. I’m a super fan. First K-drama evar. But it just didn’t have the weight in it’s sixteen episodes that Big had in its first.

There was definitely not as much funny as I was expecting, but the funny that was there was laugh-out-loud HYSTERICAL and so flippin’ witty. The clever deliver of “boing boing” in the morgue? A MORGUE?! BWAHAHA. The brilliance of the Hong sisters is that the humor doesn’t take away from the gravity of the situation.

I need to address Dr. Seo Yoon-jae. Is he a 1-D character or what? BUT, I kinda dig it. The writers really set themselves up for a slow reveal that really better not disappoint! Don’t disappoint me! We basically got that he’s a brilliant, busy, guilt-ridden doctor who chooses work over love and really isn’t good at expressing emotion. Also, the camera barely focused on his face, but gave us a lot of his back and shots from a distance; this is exactly how Gil Da-ran feels. I really liked the mystery behind him. Not to mention the mystery of how Suzy is going to play Jang Ma-ri. Please, please tell me she’s going to say, “This is just how my face always looks.”

I love, love, love, love Shin Won-ho as Kang Kyung-jae. What a fun, snarktastic kid he is. He’s got issues. He’s rebellious. He’s fitting the rich chaebol mold. But then he’s more. He sees deeper into Da-ran than just the surface. He doesn’t play into Choong-shik’s teasing…well, not TOO much. He’s cheeky as hell as dances circles around Da-ran with his words and I love it.

What also makes him so enjoyable is Lee Min-jung’s Gil Da-ran beside him. She’s refreshing, full of heart and sadly insecure. She’s so earnest in all of her actions that it rubs off on him and brings the best of his wicked tongue out. It is such an adorable pairing. I’m sad we won’t see Shin Won-ho acting beside her more. Or will we? They have great chemistry.

Gong Yoo stole my heart. Can I marry him? He’s so pretty. AND he’s talented. So reserved as Yoon-jae and practically bursting out of his skin as Kyung-joon. I cannot WAIT FOR HIJINKS! GIMME HIJINKS!

Through the body/spirit swap I hope they all grow up. Da-ran will grow a backbone, Yoon-jae will open his heart, and Kyung-joon will make some friends/relationships to be his makeshift family. Or, his rather lackluster aunt and uncle could come around. But I won’t hold my breath.

This is at least what I hope for now, until the next 15 episodes throw me some major curve balls…

YAY! I finished writing. Now I can watch episode 2!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Character introductions.

Big Episode 1 Screencaps.

Production Details

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 6.4.12 to TBA

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

Director: Ji Byung-hyun

Screenwriter: THE Hong Sisters (Hong, Joeng-eun, Hong Mi-ran)

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  1. I have just one thing to say…..BACK MUSCLES! Seriously, before that scene he just looked like an (I hope I spell this right) adjusshi in a lab coat. BUT WHEN I SAW THAT SCENE IT ALL CHANGED! From then on I saw the hottness from within!!! The way those muscles worked when he was on that table OMG OMG……..*ahem* it looks like it will be a sweet story so I’m looking forward to “feel good” feelings and more back muscles……….he shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes. They did it in twilight so they can do it for this. Ok, I’m off the back muscles….for now.

  2. I totally missed the comet! I was wondering what they were looking at! I’m sold! Literally! After one episode! This is what I am talking about. When you have good writers that know the best way to grab your audience is with the first hour, that gives me hope. McJail Bail (like that name) is such a cutie! I loved every scene with him in it. You could feel the loneliness he must feel. I assume his mother committed suicide, I was not sure. Da Ran, you have to love her! When she was beating on her brother (Have not seen White Christmas), it was so funny! AHN SUK-HWAN was be the hardest working supporting role man for 2012. I’ve lost count how many dramas he has been that I have seen this year!

    I hesitated watching this because some of the new dramas have really, disappointed me (especially I Do , I Do). I am so glad to see that I will continue to watch this just to see how it all plays out.

    • Did I forget to mention the beauty that is the nekkid drool moments that is Gong Yoo! Oh, I did not forget about him, I’m still recovering 😀

  3. Thanks Raine! I didn’t notice the comet on the accident scene, the first time. I was too captivated by their faces i guess. Mc JailBait actor is going to be very famous. I wish they could do like in SeGa (bodyswapping scenes) when they showed the soul played by the “right” person. This way we would have him more on our screens. Not that i don’t like Gong Yoo, but…

  4. Nice! I enjoy reading ur comment in between the recaps, its hillarious 😀
    Ah everybody in love with Kang KyungJun, r should i say the actor who portray him^^, and im pleasantly surprise that he and MinJung has such a great chemistry together. Im officially their shipper since the 1st time they met.

  5. I loved the “McJail Bait” and “Kyung-big” nicknames… McJail really made an astounding impression; I’m already on the noona romance ship. Gong Yoo body is AWESOME; even now I see the screencaps and get flustered. I can’t wait till next week. Btw, thanks for the GY body caps Unni!!!!

  6. LOL Ur recap is refreshing! ^^ I like it!
    and Gong yoo’s muscular back–wheeeh…and those abs. 0_0 well, he sure must have worked out alot in the army. 😀

  7. Kyung-Big?
    BAHAHAHAHA I laughed so loud at that one! Please continue to use it in your recaps to distinguish the male characters.

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