Big: Episode 2 Recap

by: Raine

And the fun has really begun with episode 2, which dropped a bit to 7.4% (AGB Nielson National). BIG served up a pinch of mystery, a dash of angst and a whole lot of laugh-out-loud antics. We can’t forget a cup of sex humor and a vat of social commentary. It took a turn that I didn’t expect, which really makes me want episode 3, like, now.

“Because It’s you” –  instrumental of the song sung by Davichi (from the Big OST)

episode 2 recap

When Kyung-big (Kyung-joon in Yoon-jae’s body) wakes up, he realizes that he’s still stuck in the wrong body. Da-ran immediately tries to drag him to the hospital so that the doctors can right the mystical comet-riding cherub babies body-swapping action. Practical Kyung-big points out that this is not a dilemma to be righted by modern medicine and refuses.

Instead, he manages to convince the panicked Da-ran to listen to his theory of what happened, using the robot figurines and two cups.

I KNEW those robots would be back! I love me some robots.

Kyung-big hypothesizes that Yoon-jae thought his body was dead and so his soul jumped into Kyung-joon’s body. So Kyung-joon had no choice but to jump into Yoon-jae’s.

Da-ran doesn’t think her Yoon-jae is the kind of person to jack another person’s body, which frustrates Kyung-big. Taking the cup with Yoon-jae’s soul, Da-ran wonders how her Yoon-jae could go into “that kind of place” to which Kyung-big angrily replies, “I hate this body!”

To cool off his frustration, Kyung-big heads to the fridge for a soda but Da-ran forbids it. Yoon-jae never drinks soda. While Kyung-joon inhabits Yoon-jae’s body, she would like him to treat the body as something precious because Yoon-jae is precious to her; he should eat healthy and dress warmly.

Then, she’s off to the hospital to check on Kyung-joon the body, but she is again intercepted by practical Kyung-big who calls his uncle instead. They discover the body has been moved to a hospital in Seoul. While they’re chatting, auntie is waving her hand over Kyung-joon’s face.

I dislike her.

After Da-ran hangs up, she frets over the fact that Kyung-big may be discovered in the house, but he informs her that he lives alone. That bit of cruel reality helps her realize that her Yoon-jae isn’t the only one suffering. She immediately wonders if he’ll be okay alone after such a traumatizing situation. The concern touches Kyung-big, but he doesn’t know how to handle it and blows her off. “You just want to be sure I take care of Yoon-jae’s body.”

When Kyung-big goes into his room, she discovers that his fridge is stocked with soda and frozen pizza. It saddens her that he’s so lonely. However, we all know what is going to happen with the junk food.

Anyway, Kyung-big wakes up the next morning and bangs his elbow on the crib/bed. He complains, in English, that this body is “too big”. Heehee. Oh, the double, triple and quadruple entendres that can be read into that statement, serious and otherwise.

But, for the first time since the body swap he is happy: this body means he doesn’t have to go to school. He has a really, really great reason to play hookey.

Then, it’s time for breakfast. Da-ran has laid out a healthy meal, which he ignores and goes for the fridge. To his horror, it’s stocked with water and healthy things. Complaining that she must really be concerned over Yoon-jae, he refuses to eat it.

Da-ran visits Kyung-joon’s body where she believes Yoon-jae’s soul resides. She takes a hand in both of hers and flashes back to a time when Yoon-jae took her hand to “keep it warm”. Shyly, Da-ran comments that his hands are warm. She heard people with warm hands also have warm souls. Yoon-jae had smiled adorably in return.

Kyung-joon’s hand is warm so Da-ran says that Yoon-jae must be in there.

I hope he is and I hope he wakes up soon because I want to see McJail Bait moving again. But will he still be considered jail bait if he has the soul of a thirty-year-old? Well, the body belongs to a high schooler…

After her visit, Da-ran sneaks back home and her mother is stoked that Da-ran stayed out all night. Mom had been worried that something was wrong with Yoon-jae when he kept sending her home at the end of the night.


So mom and dad conspire to put eels (considered to be an aphrodisiac) in the dumplings to spur the engaged couple on without making them feel awkward.

Kyung-big rebelliously eats veggie pizza and gets really itchy. He pulls up his shirt for a glorious, gratuitous nekkid shot and we see a few spots on his back.

Because of her all-nighter, Da-ran arrives late for a school function and the vice-principal (VP) glares at her. Coach Na steps up, literally, and blocks Da-ran from VPs view.

Aw, love this little puppy love.

Suddenly, Kyung-big arrives in a taxi with his body hanging out the window sporting some big ol’ yellow sunglasses and scans the crowd for Da-ran.


Kyung-big bursts out of the cab, runs, wiggles and dances his way over to Da-ran, frantically begs for money. He pays the cab drive and returns, writhing the entire time.

Cue sexual innuendo.

“I think I’m going crazy.” “My body is flaming up.” “My body is hot.”

As he says all this, he’s yanking up his shirt, spazzing out, horrifying Da-ran and shocking the entire mass of people in the assembly. Choong-shik can’t believe his eyes.

Da-ran miraculously prevents Kyung-big from stripping so he grabs her and asks her to “look at it over there” before dragging her away under the incredulous stares  of, well, everyone.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Drag me away and I’ll look at it for you…kekeke.

They find refuge in a classroom where he declares he’s really itchy and pulls up his shirt – he’s covered in angry, red hives. Da-ran gasps and inspects all of the hives at waist level as he writhes sexily and makes noises of itchy agony.

‬It’s so hot I think I’m going to go crazy.

Da-ran smacks his butt to make his stand still so she can properly inspect the hives.

Uh-uh. Hives. Riiiight.

Anyway, the VP (who has discovered that they two loonies in the classroom are engaged) and Da-ran’s teacher friend watch the whole scene through the window before ducking down.

It definitely looks like there are some not-so-school-friendly activities underway. Kyung-big’s moans and cries of “Oh please! Mother! Father! Jesus! Oh yes there! Oh please! JESUS!” are not helping any.

Can I help it that this made me laugh until I cried and then rewound to laugh some more? BWAHAHAHAHA! I love you, Gong Yoo!

Da-ran’s friend tries to sneak another peak inside, but the VP stops her from indulging in such depravity. Poor, unfortunate friend.

big ep 2

Finally, the calamity is calmed by a visit to the nurse’s office and some anti-allergy medication – the mushrooms on the pizza caused the itchy dance.

In the teacher’s office, Da-ran gets scolded and apologizes to everyone before walking Kyung-big to the bus stop.

He notices her muted mood and asks a bit guiltily if she was scolded a lot. In reply, she tells him that she is distressed over Yoon-jae’s tarnished image because he’s normally an amazing and nice person.

If Kyung-big had a tail, it would be between it’s legs as Da-ran tells him to stay home, not cause any accidents and take his medicine. She’ll buy him the things that he needs.

Again, her concern for Yoon-jae pisses Kyung-big off and he snaps that he’ll take care of himself and walks off.

This time, however, I think she’s right and the guilty look on Kyung-big’s face shows that he knows it, too.

At the bus stop, Kyung-big whines about how this body ruined his shirt that looked perfect on his eighteen-year-old body. He spots a poster of a well-dressed model and hilariously tires to imitate the model’s pose. Maybe he’ll get clothes like that when he gets his money back.

Aw, puppy.

Ignoring Da-ran’s wishes to stay home and out of trouble, Kyung-big heads to the hospital to find his body as Da-ran’s dad heads to the hospital to find Yoon-jae.

As Kyung-joon would say, “Uh-oh.”

Dad and Kyung-big are waiting in front of the elevators when dad spots who he thinks is his son-in-law. He calls to “Yoon-jae” who glances apathetically at Da-ran’s father and then walks onto the elevator with nary a backwards glance.

EEK! I was totally squirming in my seat during this part.

The surprised father calls again and Kyung-big looks lazily at the noisy ahjussi before turning away as the elevator doors slide shut leaving one very confused father-in-law-to-be. Dad calls Da-ran, crushed by the rejection while Da-ran flips out that Kyung-big is at the hospital.

Kyung-big doesn’t know a LOT of things that he should while walking around in Yoon-jae’s body; most importantly, that Yoon-jae is a doctor at that very hospital!

Da-ran can’t seem to muster the courage to ask the VP for permission to leave, but her adorable coach-in-shining-armor steps in to save the day…again. He makes a huge scene by yelling at Da-ran for looking at his files. Only he can look at them and he will sort them and put them away.

Oh. My. God. How. Cute. If I ship him, what do I call that? It’s not first or second lead shipping. Side-kick shipping? Never-gonna-happen shipping?

In any case, the coach gives Da-ran a chance to make a break for it and off she goes, bolting past her brother who is confused when she ignores him.

At the hospital, Kyung-big is completely weirded out when all the kids and their parents greet him in the pediatrics ward. Each greeting makes him huddle closer to the floor.


Finally, Kyung-big comes face to face with a poster of Yoon-jae holding a child in his arms and beaming like the star doctor of the pediatrics ward that he is. Kyung-big huddles and skirts the walls with his shirt covering the lower half of his face as he searches for safety – he finds it in the men’s restroom.

As it turns out, the bathroom ain’t safe either because Yoon-jae’s smiling face is plastered on the wall, claiming the hospital as his territory.

In one of my favorite physical comedy moments thus far, Kyung-big tries to imitate Yoon-jae’s winning by using his fingers to mold his eyes and lips into the proper position.

The result: he looks like a school girl who has to go potty. Hehehehe. REWIND!

He escapes the bathroom and makes it to the elevators, but gets caught by a fellow doctor and Se-young AKA Dr. Poo poo (because she has a perpetual look of constipation on her face.) They wonder where he’s been and Kyung-big says that he’s been sick because he ate mushrooms. Dr. Poo poo gets a little handsy with Kyung-big’s face to “check his temperature”, which makes Kyung-big feel really uncomfortable.

He quickly mumbles and excuse and leaves, only to be caught again by Dr. Poo poo. She reminds him that because “it’s getting close, he can use that thing she gave him any time.” She slides her fingers down his arm and grosses Kyung-big out.

So the plane ticket was from Dr. Poo poo? Not for the honeymoon? Or…a conference? The mystery of perfect doctor fiancé grows more…mysterious!

Da-ran shows up and Kyung-big uses his hands to mold his face into the ridiculous smile he practiced in the bathroom. HAHAHA! She drags him away, scolding him for coming to the hospital. He replies that he was ust looking for his body and his things; he didn’t know that Yoon-jae was a doctor here. Da-ran looks guilty for not thinking of that and brings Kyung-big to Yoon-jae’s office to dress him in a lab coat.

Kyung-big wants to know if Yoon-jae has any female doctor friends because one doctor’s touch is “different”. Da-ran immediately dismisses the observation on the assumption that boys his age read into everything and Kyung-big is just blowing things up – he better not use Yoon-jae’s body in any unsavory ways. Kyung-big snarktastically replies that if you push kids his age, they’ll want to misbehave even more.

He says,

I’m at a sensitive age.


Sadly, she notes that Kyung-big really seems like her Yoon-jae in the lab coat, office, and now lying on the bed. Kyung-big winces as she comes closer and asks to take his hand – he’s already scarred by Dr. Poo poo. But he gives it to Da-ran who closes her eyes and then announces that it can’t be Yoon-jae because the hand isn’t warm, which Kyung-big is perfectly happy to hear. He wants to be cool.

Da-ran offers Kyung-big a hand up, which triggers a memory of the accident. In the water, Kyung-joon thought he was going to die, so he grabbed Yoon-jae’s outstretched hand. Could that perhaps be why they body swapped? The camera then focuses on the mysterious Miracle book on Yoon-jae’s desk.

They head to Kyung-joon’s room and she makes Kyung-big hold his body’s hand to see if it will make them switch back. Kyung-big closes his eyes and, somehow in the middle of a hospital room, a slight wind blows through, ruffling their hair. When Kyung-big opens his eyes, he tells her, “It’s me.”

Da-ran breaks down in tears and confesses that she felt the whole thing was her fault because of what she said. They both apologize and Yoon-jae wants to say the words he was going to say before.

She waits in anticipation and then,


She’s utterly crushed.

Kyung-big had been joking but doesn’t realize how seriously he hurt her until she starts crying. Did he think this was a game? It was her fault to believe what a kid said, she mutters and pushes past him as she leaves.

Ah, pointing out that he’s a kid is his sore point. He reacted badly when she teased him in the first episode.

(Look at that body language. The slightest hunch in the shoulders. Nice, Gong Yoo.)

Before Kyung-big can wallow too heavily in guilt, he spots his stuff. His aunt and uncle come in, preventing him from collecting it and ask the “doctor” about what happens if Kyung-joon doesn’t wake up. What do they do with him because they’re only caring from them out of obligation as relatives.

Kyung-big watches as his aunt digs through his things, haphazardly tossing everything aside save for the cash and cards in his wallet. Then she wonders where to send him if something happens.

Wow, auntie, that was cold. You just broke Kyung-big’s heart. I will reach through the screen and beat you now!

Kyung-big leaves and Da-ran is waiting for him. Seeing her is the icing on the cake and he kicks a trash can before throwing the doctor’s coat on the ground, scaring one of the patients in the background. (The poster of perfect Yoon-jae beside Da-ran’s help probably doesn’t help either.)

She follows him outside, but he is in a foul mood and doesn’t want to talk. He doesn’t want to hear her talk about her precious Yoon-jae and if she persists, he’ll do worse things with Yoon-jae’s body.

The reason Da-ran is persisting is because she worried for him after hearing the cruel words of his family. After the nasty emotional wound though, Kyung-big doesn’t believe her. He thinks she is “just like them” and doesn’t like him because he’s a burden. He tells her that she is just worried about Yoon-jae’s body and pretending to care about him, Kyung-joon.

We can see the realization set it. She hasn’t been caring for the boy who is confused and scared. It’s a huge growing moment for her and makes me respect her. That kind of growth is difficult and many people can’t or won’t make the leap.

Da-ran tries to stop Kyung-big who shoves her away, which her brother, Choong-shik sees. He was worried for his sister because of his brother-in-law’s strange behavior. Choong-shik is pissed at “Yoon-jae’s” rough handling of her sister.

The closeness between siblings isn’t helping matters and makes Kyung-big explode that Choong-shik is not his brother-in-law. Then is he a sister-in-law?

Hahaha! Total crack up even though it was a serious moment. Love that the hilarity didn’t detract from Kyung-big’s pain. Yay Hong sisters!

Kyung-big calls Choong-shik stupid and storms off, leaving Da-ran to hold back a fuming Choong-shik. She warns her brother not to do anything because it will only make things worse. She tries to go after Kyung-big, but he is already gone.

Where to? The vending machine where he chugs a soda in direct defiance of Da-ran’s wishes and then tosses the can in the trash can. That gives him the idea to look for his things in the trash of his body’s room, but the trash has already been emptied. Kyung-big promises Yoon-jae that his aunt and uncle won’t do anything to his body yet because of the inheritance.

Ack! Tears!

Kyung-big heads home and finds a bag with his things hanging on the door handle along with a box of dumplings from Da-ran’s family restaurant.

At home, Da-ran is facing the angry, insulted male members of her family who think that she is no longer engaged. She makes the excuse that it’s not really Yoon-jae, realizes how idiotic that sounds, and retracts the statement, unsure of how to explain “Yoon-jae’s” strange behavior.

Kyung-big shows up scratching the remnants of his hives and Da-ran’s mother finds him. In the most ridiculously hilarious guessing game, she makes him guess what is inside the dumplings and then hauls him inside.

She reminds me of a psycho 50s housewife on speed.


Anyway, no one is happy to see Kyung-big who is slowly putting together who all these looney people all based on their conversation. A lovely diagram shows us his thought process: Da-ran called the ahjumma “mom”; the ahjumma called the ahjussi “yobo/honey”; the kid must be her brother.

DING! DING! DING! They’re Yoon-jae’s in-laws!

Kyung-big quickly greets everyone properly and declares, in English, “Surprise! Yoohoo!” The boys aren’t happy but 50s mama is thrilled. Da-ran is embarrassed.

Da-ran hauls him outside, demanding to  know why he’s there and readying herself to do damage control. Kyung-big quickly explains he’d just come to see her when he was assaulted by the ahjumma who made him play an eel guessing game before dragging him inside. In any case, he did his part and now he’s going to leave.

Uh. No.

He’s got to stay and finish out the charade.

Inside, his family assumes “Yoon-jae’s” behavior was because he was unwell and that his sudden reappearance means that the wedding is back on.

Da-ran and Kyung-big are arguing about what to do when Choong-shik comes outside to grab some beer from the restaurant. He’s curious about the goings-on but Da-ran says not to meddle into adult affairs. Of course, Kyung-big latches onto “adult affairs” and tells Choong-shik that “little kids” don’t need to know.


When Da-ran goes into the kitchen to help her mother with dinner, Kyung-big is left with dad for the most AWKWARD conversation EVAR. Dad is unnerved by “Yoon-jae’s” strange behavior: pointing to pictures, rubbing his toes in the carpet and scratching the hives. To distract from the awkward moment, Kyung-big asks about the multitude of rocks decorating the home, which dad jumps on.

Dad collects rocks and even has a cute little rock quartet to represent the family. Kyung-big is unable to hide his boredom and tries to cover up this social faux-pas by quickly mentioning that another rock should be added for Yoon-jae the son-in-law. He wants to know the standards for choosing a person’s rock because if it’s by beauty or height, dad would be the smallest rock.


Seriously kid? SERIOUSLY?

An insulted daddy gives a vague standard for selection and walks away. With a shrug, Kyung-big says that Yoon-jae will take care of it when he returns.

Hah. That’s not going to go right, is it?

Over dinner, Kyung-big is slurping and making a huge deal over the spicy food and Da-ran scolds him.

They’re like siblings. It’s kinda adorable. I approve.

Dad offers Kyung-big a beer, which the man-child readily accepts. Da-ran makes excuses as to why “Yoon-jae” can’t drink. Choong-shik also tries to procure a glass, but Da-ran refuses: alcohol is not for kids. Again, Kyung-big loves repeating the “not for kids” part.

Despite Da-ran’s efforts, Kyung-big excitedly gets a glass of beer. So she does what any self-respecting body-swap guardian would do: she snatches the glass and chugs the beer. Just before she finishes, Kyung-big grabs the glass and finishes it off.

Afterwards, Da-ran walks Kyung-big back because she wants to take responsibility for him because he’s a student and he drank. Kyung-big points out that he only drank a drop. The real reason manifests a moment later: she’s sorry he has to pretend to be Yoon-jae and she’s thankful for the fact that he did.

He tells her that she doesn’t apologize because she got his stuff back, but if she was really thankful, she’d feel the wallet. And do something about his clothes because the pants are riding up. (He’s been picking wedgies the whole episode.)


Da-ran’s parents chat about how rude “Yoon-jae” was but crazy mom says it makes her happy! It seems like he’s finally comfortable with their family.

Okay…that’s one way to look at it.

Off they go to Yoon-jae’s place where Kyung-big can’t stop messing with switches and Da-ran has to drag him to the closets. He picks the most casual thing he can find and starts to change. She walks in with an electric razor and some lotion, only to be greeted by Gong Yoo’s post-military, half-nekkid body!

She yelps in embarrassment and turns around. I fist pump.

Kyung-big is confused by her reaction, since she sees this body all the time. She turns to sneak a peek.

Good girl. You’re finally catching on.

Kyung-big calls her on her furtive glances and tells her just look if she wants to.

I love this refreshingly open take on sex. No apologies. Just adorable, natural shyness.

Anyway, poor, little Da-ran admits that she’s never seen Yoon-jae’s body, which shocks Kyung-big. The wedding is a month away and they still haven’t done anything? She replies that a kid shouldn’t say that, but Kyung-big is on a mission.

‬Teacher, do you want me to show you. This ahjussi’s body is great. It can’t be achieved in one or two months.

And up the shirt goes! Hooray!

Da-ran turns around and Kyung-big points out, “Look. Even chocolate abs.”


How much do I love this scene? The Hong sisters know about post-military body madness and are milking it for all it’s worth. And the obsession with chocolate abs. And then Gong Yoo for making fun of himself.  And then the cameraman for giving me such delicious shots.

Kyung-big wonders how Yoon-jae could have enough time to work out two hours a day to keep his body this fit, but not have time to see Da-ran. He always said he was busy, but had time to exercise? He likes his abs better than her.

Another stroke of brilliant writing. Hilarity that morphs into a plot twist.

Da-ran deflates, wondering if Yoon-jae was really going to tell her that he loved her that day. Kyung-big looks conflicted before straightening up and gazing deeply in to Da-ran’s eyes. She’s frozen by the intense moment and his masculine magnetism.

‬Gil Da-ran ssi. I love you.

The words make her smile involuntarily. It’s the sweetest little smile and something in Kyung-big’s face changes as he watches the smile grow. He manages to grab a hold of himself and says, “He was probably going to say it like that to you.”

Da-ran smiles gratefully at him, a reaction I love. She could’ve gotten angry, but she’s learning to understand Kyung-big. Such a good moment. All raw emotion and no awkwardness. A real connection between two souls.

It’s time to pack a bag for Kyung-big so Da-ran picks a few clothes that Yoon-jae looks good in – Kyung-big, of course,  hates them. Does she like Yoon-jae that much? he mumbles.

Ooooooh jealousy!

No! Don’t ship Hottie McJail Bait. Noooo! But…but…

As Kyung-big is riffling through the clothes, an officetel key falls out of a pocket. He asks Da-ran if it’s hers, but it’s not. Maybe it’s for their new place after the wedding?

Curiouser and curiouser.

The phone rings and it’s Dr. Poo poo. Da-ran guides him through the phone call. Apparently Dr. Poo poo was oh-so-worried about Yoon-jae because she heard about his accident. She’s bringing him his things now and will be there soon.

Naive little Da-ran is glad that Dr. Poo poo remembered because Da-ran had been too busy (taking care of the man-child).

Kyung-big worries he will have to work in Yoon-jae’s stead, but Da-ran tells him to use the accident as an excuse to take time off. He agrees to this but says that he will absolutely NOT get married in Yoon-jae’s stead. In a voice that belies her words, Da-ran says, I’m sure he’ll come back before that.”

Da-ran suggests they clean while waiting for Dr. Poo poo but Kyung-big already cleaned Yoon-jae’s body. He won’t clean his place as well.

When he sets out, Da-ran warns him not to looks at Dr. Poo poo with funny eyes and he promises to look at her with open eyes.

Da-ran sets to cleaning and looks for a vacuum. Instead, she finds a packed suitcase and a passport. Where was Yoon-jae planning on going without her and without telling her?

Oh noes.

Dr. Poo poo arrives and on her key chain is an identical key to the one that fell out of the wardrobe. When she sees “Yoon-jae” she throws her arms around his neck and exclaims that she was soooo worried.

They’d been hinting at some funny business all episode, but this still really pissed me off.

When Dr. Poo poo tries to kiss him, Kyung-big backs off, demanding to know what’s going on. Dr. Poo poo declares that she loves him. Commence Kyung-big gaping like a fish.

He’s unable to reply before they get interrupted by Da-ran, who looks confused and hurt.

The women exchange stares while Kyung-big connects a few dots and comes to this conclusion,

‬Seo Yoon-jae, that bastard!


Again, how much do I LOVE that Baek Sung-hyun is the annoying kid brother? His delivery of the sister-in-law lines was epic.

First, I love that the story is orienting itself towards solving the mystery of the body swap as well as the secrets of Yoon-jae. It takes “self-discovery” to a whole new level.

I felt like this episode worked on making Da-ran and Kyung-big a team,  not just two people who were stuck together by chance. Da-ran realized how difficult this was for Kyung-big and vice versa. The trials of the episode could’ve wrenched them further apart, but they have that solid bond that was established in episode 1. They are comfortable around each other, which is great for friendship; it’s also great for love.

Now, who to ship for? Well, I’m holding out on judging Yoon-jae because so many things could explain the key, the plane ticket and everything else. Maybe Dr. Poo poo is forcing herself on him, which isn’t unlikely considering that this is K-dramaland. Or Dr Poo poo has something on him and is blackmailing him for his cooperation – a secret of his past, a love child, something that could harm Da-ran.

Can you tell I want Yoon-jae not to be a scumbag? I don’t want poor Da-ran to have loved in vain and the flashback scenes were so adorably shy and awkward. It seemed to me that Yoon-jae really liked her. He was really shy with Da-ran; like puppy love; or a first love.

But at the same time, I totally love Kyung-big and McJail Bait’s chemistry with Da-ran. It could go noona/dongsaeng or noona/noona-killer.

We can’t forget the potty humor or the gratuitous nudity. I seriously love seeing stuff like this in K-drama. It’s so refreshing to actually make a sex joke and not hide from it. And even though Kyung-big is a teenager, he still speaks with Da-ran openly and comfortably about sex in a way that makes it natural, rather than something taboo.

I hear Suzy will be here next episode and I can’t wait to see what the appearance of the “pretty girl” does to the balance of the body-swapping universe.

Next episode, we shall commence “Operation Big Boy” – get Kyung-big adjusted to life in an adult’s body while, at the same time, making him a detective of the supernatural and terrestrial kind!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Character introductions.

Big Episode 2 Screencaps.

Production Details

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 6.4.12 to TBA

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

Director: Ji Byung-hyun

Screenwriter: THE Hong Sisters (Hong, Joeng-eun, Hong Mi-ran)

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  1. I just watched the ep today and I wanted to know the title of the song played when Kyung-joon talked to his relatives, the scene when her aunt throws his stuffs. I did some google but I can’t get the song, I really love the voice and the soul in it. Thanks !

  2. Gong Yoo, how I ship that post military body! You are not lying that the Hong Sisters are giving us Body Beautiful time in SPADES! *Breath Deeply!* I was rolling in laughter at the number of times we got to view those perfect abs! Help me! This was a great episode! Ok, already hate Dr Poo poo! Can she next time play a role I don’t despise?! I enjoyed every moment! This has replaced I Do, I Do. I’ve decided I don’t really care for that too much!

  3. Thanks Raine! I’m really enjoying this drama more than i thought possible. But it’s true i’m a Hong sisters fan. Never underestimate a good writer! I love the whole cast and i hope that sticky female Doc will not bring war (i know she will)…

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