Sungkyungkwan Scandal: Character Introductions

by: Raine

Howdy folks! Time for a retrocap and I will be collaborating with the amazing Akiko from An Entertaining Cup of Morning Coffee. When deciding on what to recap, Akiko and I were at a loss. We wanted something we could take our time on but also something really fun. Fashion King and Rooftop Prince had just ended and we realized that we could get both of our Micky Yoochun and Yoo Ah-in fixes in ONE place: Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Plus, we’d get Park Min-young and Song Joong-ki. What else could we ask for?

To be updated as we progress further in the drama.

The first episode recap will be hosted by Akiko.

character introductions

Kim Yoon-hee

Actor: Park Min-young

Nicknames: Kim Yoon-shik as a boy; Dae-mul (Big Shot)

A lively, intelligent, quick-on-her-feet crossdresser who earns money for her poor family and sick brother by using her knowledge of the classics to work for Hwang Ga’s book store. She is caught cheating by Seon-joon and he notices how extremely bright she is. He manages to get her to take the imperial exams, which she passes with flying colors. The king orders her to attend Sungkyunkwan University and dubs her “nok bin hong an”: jet black hair and pretty face.

Commence cross-dressing hijinks.

Lee Seon-joon

Actor: Micky Yoochun

Nicknames: Ga-rang (Perfect/Beautiful Husband)

The upright, rather severe son of the Left State Minister. He is honest to a fault and believes everything should be done properly. Yoon-hee as Yoon-shik baffles him because of her lack of faith in the system. I don’t think he’s ever truly been challenged before until she came along.

Gu Yong-ha

Actor: Song Joong-ki

Nicknames: Yeo-rim (Forest of Women)

The most adorable character! ACK! He’s rich, loves to dress well, loves the women (and they love him) and will do anything to be entertained. He’s bored by life and is basically independent of factions, floating wherever something interesting is happening. Any schemes happening are most likely propagated by him. He also finds it curious that he’s attracted to Yoon-hee (as Yoon-shik) since he’s never been attracted to men before. He’s definitely clever. And he likes to read Joseon porn. Heehee.

Moon Jae-shin

Actor: Yoo Ah-in

Nicknames: Geol-oh (Crazy Horse)

The Crazy Horse of the Sungkyunkwan campus. He moonlights as the Red Messanger, hates his father and is total bff’s with Yong-ha. The Best. Bromance. EVAR. He’s unpredictable, a terror in the martial arts and an expert marksman. He also, rather adorably, always hiccups around women. Plus, Yoo Ah-in rocks the mane-of-glory so he’s extra special hot in this. Nom nom nom.

Ha Hyo-eun

Actor: Seo Hyo-rim

Nicknames: none

In-soo’s rather frivolous sister who is in love with Seon-joon. Despite her carefree ways, I really think she’s adorable.

Cho Sun

Actor: Kim Min-seo

Nicknames: none

The best gisaeng in Joseon. She’s cold, hard to win over and loves Yoon-hee as Yoon-shik because she actually treated Cho Sun like a person. She’s a rather heart-breaking character. In-soo is in love with her and the Minister of War has a thing for her.

Ha In-soo

Actor: Jun Tae-soo

Nicknames: none

The son of the creepy Minister of War and brother of the frivolous Hyo-eun. He is the student body president of Sungkyunkwan University and therefore wields the most power on campus. He’s on a mission to either bring Seon-joon to his side or to humiliate him.

Im Byung-choon

Actor: Kang Sung-pil

Nicknames: Idiot #1

The louder of In-soo’s goons who likes to talk a lot and cause trouble. He hired Yoon-hee at one point to make a study guide for him.

Seol Go-bong

Actor: none

Nicknames: Idiot #2

One of In-soo’s goons.

Kang Moo

Actor: Chae Byung-chan

Nicknames: none

In-soo’s quiet right hand man. I have a feeling he’ll be important later on.

Jung Yak-yong

Actor: Ahn Nae-sang

Nicknames: none

The newest professor at Sungkyunkwan University who was appointed by the king and seems to be good friends with him. He has a good sense of humor and a passion for learning. The Noron faction wonders at his placement in the university.

Yoo Chang-ik

Actor: Park Geun-soo

Nicknames: none

The stodgy head profession of Sungkyunkwan University.

Choi Shin-mook

Actor: Kim Ha-kyoon

Nicknames: none

He is the head of Sungkyunkwan university and the biggest suck-up I’ve ever seen. He tries to cater to Seon-joon in order to find father with his father, but it only serves to annoy Seon-joon…and me.

Ha Woo-kyu

Actor: Lee Jae-yong

Nicknames: none

In-soo and Hyo-eun’s father, the minister of war. He doesn’t seem to be the brightest crayon in the box. He has a thing for women and wants to make Yoon-hee his wife because of her vivacity, intelligence and her audacity to try to defy him. It kind of creeps me out that he has a young daughter.

Moon Geun-soo

Actor: Choi Dong-joon

Nicknames: none

Geol-oh’s father, the minister of justice, who Geol-oh does not get along with.

Lee Jung-moo

Actor: Kim Gab-soo

Nicknames: none

Seon-joon’s father, the left state minister, who is highly respected and the leader of the Noron political faction. He is cool, calculating and has high hopes for his bright son.

Mrs. Jo

Actor: Kim Mi-kyung

Nicknames: none

Yoon-hee and Yoon-shik’s mother who frets over Yoon-hee’s cross-dressing and lively interest in learning. She believes learning is poison for a woman in Joseon. But, because she adores her children, she allows Yoon-hee to enter Sungkyunkwan because she knows it will make her daughter happy. She even sells her hair ornament for Yoon-hee’s gift to her seniors. Aw, mama.

Kim Yoon-shik

Actor: Han Yoon

Nicknames: none

Yoon-hee’s mild-mannered dongsaeng who is quite ill. He is very close with his sister and is always willing to help her in any way that he can. I love his relationship with Yoon-hee. One of my favorite minor characters. He willingly gives his name to her so that she may enter Sungkyunkwan University.

King Jeongjo

Actor: Jo Sung-ha

Nicknames: none

King of Joseon who wants political harmony between all the strong-willed political factions. He’s also looking for the truth behind his father’s death.

Soon Dol

Actor: Ryu Dam

Nickname: none

Seon-joon’s very lively slave who adores his master to death and always has a lot to say.

Hwang Ga

Actor: Kim Kwang-gyu

Nickname: None

The owner of the book shop where Yoon-hee works copying scrolls, creating cheat sheets for Sungkyunkwan students and more recently, getting hired as substitute test taker. He’s a rather cowardly, money-hungry fellow, who is, nonetheless, rather devoted to his best money-maker.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 10.30.10 to 11.02.10

Air Time: Monday and Tuesday 21:55

Director: Kimg Won-suk, Hwan In-hyuk

Screenwriter: Kim Tae-hee

Recaps of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

6 responses to “Sungkyungkwan Scandal: Character Introductions”

  1. I loved your recaps on ep 1 and 2 of sungkyunkwan scandal but..WHERE IS THE REST?!?!?!? I really want to see more ;-;

  2. am so much in love with the group of Lee Seon-Joan i love this drama. Am looking towards the day i will meet you people i know i will

  3. Yay! Look forward to your combined recap efforts! I have been meaning to watch SKKS for a while and decided to make the time to watch it after Rooftop & FK. Love it! Akiko is right that YAI was so different and cool in SKKS compared to FK, where his character was just annoying. Lots of endearing characters in SKKS, but Goo Yong-Ha is my fave! :).
    Raine, I hope the weather in UK will improve when you arrive for your vacation!

  4. Before hitting the article, I’d like to thank YOO so much for taking time recapping my ever-precious drama SSKS~ the one that introduced me to sageuk. I used to avoid sageuk but SSKS turned my whole world upside down and made me head over heels. I’m still now. So thanks sooo much♥♥
    Now start reading!

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