Big: Episode 4 Recap

by: Raine

BIG keeps getting better. I was so emotionally invested in the episode that when it ended, I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I watched it again. It has so much soul and I didn’t even think about the conventional tropes used until I wrote the recap. Nothing stood out as cheesy. It just flowed. Bravo Hong Sisters. My heart is hanging on the line until next week.

Ratings dropped to 7.9% but they don’t reflect the awesomness of this episode. (AGB Nielson National). 

“???” –  ??? (from the Big OST)

Will insert when More of the OST comes out!

episode 4 recap

Kyung-big realizes how close their faces are and pulls away, wondering why Da-ran wasn’t avoiding the kiss. He covers his chest with his hands. It may be Yoon-jae’s body, but inside is an eighteen-year old.

BWAHAHA. You know you wanted it, stop denying.

Da-ran isn’t paying attention to him. Instead, she’s marveling at how it felt to be so close to Yoon-jae, which shocks Kyung-big. She’s never gone that far?

Apparently, she has but she didn’t get to see it. After a long day, she fell asleep in the car while waiting for Yoon-jae to buy coffee. When he returned, he leaned over and kissed her. The kiss woke her but she was unsure of what to do so she kept her eyes shut. She should’ve woken up naturally, but she missed the “timing”. She’s pissed at herself for ruining an opportunity that could’ve made things happy.

Heehee. I would be kicking myself, too. But then again, I woulda jumped him…

Kyung-big wonders how she knew it was a kiss. It could’ve been his hand touching her lips, or his thumb wiping away some drool. Heh. Heh. Da-ran doesn’t think it felt like either of those, and tests them out.

The best part of this, besides Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung’s facial expressions, are the sound effects. Lurv.

Suddenly, Kyung-big leans in for a quick kiss and asks, “Did it feel like this?” Stunned, Da-ran nods and murmurs, “Yeah.”

You go Kyung-big! Go get her!

It takes her a moment to recover from the kiss and then she flips out, smacking him and calling him a jerk. He warns her that if she keeps hitting him he’ll smack Yoon-jae’s lips wherever he wants. Besides, why is she getting angry? She kissed Yoon-jae’s lips. She missed the preview so she caught the re-run. BWAHAHAHA! Was it that good? he wonders and she hollers that he’s Kang Kyung-joon, not Seo Yoon-jae.

Honey, you liked it. No excuses.

With one last threat to leave him alone or he’ll so something bad with Yoon-jae’s body, Kyung-big heads home to Kyung-joon’s house.

Kyung-big is crushing so badly. I think she likes him and it may blossom, but he’s definitely super into her. She’s still too gaga for Yoon-jae for her to feel much more than sisterly affection. But I can hope!

At the hospital, Choong-shik tells Ma-ri that Da-ran is his noona and Yoon-jae is his brother-in-law who also happens to be a doctor at this hospital. Ma-ri wonders why “Yoon-jae” deceived her.

Da-ran heads to Kyung-big’s place to give him something. He is eating pizza and takes a huge bite with a flourish. She meekly protests and Kyung-big tells her to give him what she came for, thinking it’s for Yoon-jae’s benefit. When she brandishes the study notes taken by the number one student, he is surprised and touched. Then he informs her that he will be the number one student soon. In fact, the reason his mom bought the house was so he could go to Seoul University. He looks sad when he mentions his mom and Da-ran tells him his mom will be proud to see him doing well in school. In fact, she’ll help him.


She takes a look at the notes and its Calculus: integrals. Of course, she’s a history teacher.

Hrm, I remember doing integrals in the 11th grade…

In the hospital, Ma-ri wonders who will respond if she texts Kyung-joon’s phone since Kyung-joon is a vegetable and that “ahjussi” said that Kyung-joon wouldn’t call, but he’d text. She sends a text and Kyung-big receives it as he’s laughing at Da-ran’s many attempts to solve a Calculus problem. He replies, “Take care,” to which she messages a photo of herself and Kyung-joon. She’s holding her hand at her throat in a sign for, “You’re dead.”

Kyung-big freaks out and rushes to the hospital with Da-ran in tow. She wonders why he doesn’t just tell Ma-ri what’s going on and he stops in his tracks and puts his hands on Da-ran’s shoulders. If he tells Ma-ri, then she will never leave this body alone. Then, Da-ran hilariously imagines Ma-ri hanging off of Kyung-big as he futilely attempts to shake her off.

So Da-ran comes to a conclusion.

Da-ran: We definitely can’t have that.

In Kyung-joon’s room, Ma-ri tells his aunt and uncle that she wants to take him back to America with her. They are ecstatic and plan to get an authorized release for him. Kyung-big and Da-ran overhear and she wonders what they can do? Persuasion doesn’t work on the likes of Ma-ri. They have to deliver news shocking enough to mentally destroy her.

Ma-ri decides to try kissing Kyung-joon to see if her prince will wake up with a kiss, but is stopped by Kyung-big. They exchange a few teenagish words and Ma-ri informs the “ahjussi” that she’s taking Kyung-joon back to America with her; he’d probably want to go, too. Kyung-big informs Ma-ri that this is absolutely not the case because the person that Kyung-joon likes is right here: his teacher Gil Da-ran. He tries to indicate that this is his plan with a few facial contortions, but Da-ran is too shocked by the news to perceive his meaning. (And, let’s be honest, she’s too dense to pick up on his meaning.)

Kyung-big “explains” that Kyung-joon followed Da-ran off the bus and to a furniture store, which Da-ran confirms. It’s obvious that she’s wondering whether this version of past events contains any truth in it.

The romantic in me really hopes that there is truth in it, that he followed her off the bus for more than his umbrella and that he headed to the furniture store remembering she was shopping for her newlywed furniture. Heehee. Hey, it’s possible right?

Ma-ri is affected by Kyung-big’s revelations, but refuses to believe it. Kyung-big says that he caught Kyung-joon stalking his fiancée and that they ended up talking about Kyung-joon’s situation. How else would he know Kyung-joon so well? He’s not the type Kyung-joon would hang out with. Ma-ri points out that Da-ran isn’t Kyung-joon’s type either – he likes girls with charisma and strength in their eyes like Angelina Jolie.

They all blink and the sound effects are hysterical.

What does Kyung-joon like about Gil Da-ran who is nothing like Kyung-joon’s type? Suddenly serious, Kyung-big replies quietly, “She’s pretty. The more you look at her, the prettier she gets.”



Da-ran is flustered by the quiet explanation but promises to take care of Kyung-joon as his teacher.  Kyung-big hilariously counts, “Three, two…” and Ma-ri collapses in her chair. He ushers Da-ran from the room while whispering, “She’s having a mental breakdown. Game over.”

Outside the room, Da-ran wonders if what he said was true and he tells her she’s just over-reacting.

Heh. Heh. Love these two.

Now alone, Ma-ri sadly admits that Kyung-joon wouldn’t take of photo of someone he didn’t like. With that thought in mind, she runs downstairs and interrupts Kyung-big who is gloating over his genius plan. Ma-ri runs up to Da-ran and demands to know if she likes Kyung-joon to which Da-ran replies that she’s marrying Yoon-jae soon. But isn’t Kyung-joon more handsome and much cooler than this ahjussi? Ma-ri persists.

Kyung-big smirks, expecting Da-ran’s agreement. Instead she replies (in partial retaliation, I think) that Kyung-joon is a young, reckless student and that she doesn’t play around with students. Satisfied, Ma-ri makes Da-ran promise never to change her mind and decides to take ten pans of pizza off what Choong-shik owes her because Da-ran is a “good person”. Pfffft.

Before Ma-ri takes her leave, she notices that Kyung-big’s sweater looks like Kyung-joon’s favorite sweater. Commence more teenage arguing. Or maybe it’s childish arguing? It really doesn’t matter, because it’s incredibly funny. Suzy is absolutely on fire. She’s got the talented Gong Yoo opposite her and my stomach hurts from laughing.

Kyung-joon’s aunt and uncle come across Ma-ri who coldly informs them that she’s not going to America. They aren’t happy.

In Yoon-jae’s office, Kyung-big and Da-ran are looking at pictures of Yoon-jae with his parents (who live overseas), which reminds Da-ran that Yoon-jae often called his mother. They dial her and Kyung-big claims that he’s been busy. Mom tells him that they will meet on “that day”; his father wouldn’t forget it either. They can also talk about the wedding then.

When he hangs up, Kyung-big and Da-ran wonder when “that day” is and figure it might be in Yoon-jae’s phone calendar. Although Da-ran snuck a peek at Yoon-jae’s password, she’s never used it because she didn’t want to betray his trust. Kyung-big reminds her about the huge lies he told Ma-ri and swears he won’t help Da-ran anymore if she doesn’t look. With reluctance, she imparts the password, “0624,” which surprises Kyung-big. That’s his birthday. Even more, that’s the day in Yoon-jae’s calendar that has an event scheduled but no description.

As they leave the office, the camera focuses on the Miracle book on the shelf. We jump to Yoon-jae’s mom looking at the same book, then Kyung-big falling asleep in his crib/bed with the Miracle card in the foreground.

The comet-riding cherub babies are back! If I purchase a Miracle book, will I body swap with someone?

In the middle of the night, Kyung-big dreams about the accident and Yoon-jae reaching for him and clasping his hands. Kyung-big wakes up in a panic, panting and sweating. Meanwhile, Kyung-joon’s eyes are shifting behind his lids as he lays in the hospital bed.

Da-ran is having a moral dilemma. She is dying to look through Yoon-jae’s phone, but doesn’t want to invade his privacy. Finally, she decides to look just in case he has an “important text”. He does, from the car insurance. Good thing she looked! Then Da-ran see’s that Dr. Poo poo Se-young texted Yoon-jae two or three times a day. Then,

“Did you see the black tea that you like so much? With ‘that’ we won’t have to share.”

Of course, Da-ran wonders what “that” could be as the camera cuts to Se-young using a key to get into her place. Hrm, I wonder if it’s a key to Se-young’s crib?

Se-young finds the key she gave to Yoon-jae on the ground by the bed and looks really hurt. Boo-frickin’-hoo.

The next morning, Da-ran is exhausted and not in any mood to hear her mom ask about the newlywed house, furnishings, photoshoots and gifts or her father remind her to study despite how busy she is. On her way out, her brother stops her, wondering if she’s ill. No, but she opened Pandora’s box last night. “Pan Do-ra?” Choong-shik asks. “Is she from America, too?” Haha. He’s an idiot.

Choong-shik also wants to know what relation Ma-ri “noona” has with Kyung-joon. This confuses Da-ran who thought that Ma-ri was the same age as Kyung-joon and Choong-shik gets angry that she lied. He wants a pan deducted! The word “pan” reminds Da-ran that he got ten pans deducted, which makes him so happy, he decides to keep calling Ma-ri noona.

It’s time for Kyung-big to play dutiful fiancé again. They have to deal with car insurance, the bank and the real estate office. As he’s telling Da-ran each stop will cost her, his aunt and uncle come in. He quickly cleans up the trash, pulls Yoon-jae’s clothes from the closet and hides in the bathroom. Kyung-big overhears them talking about cleaning and assumes that they’re preparing for his return. He escapes out the window.

At school, Da-ran is agonizing over the black tea that Se-young mentioned back in episode one and in her text to Yoon-jae. Adorable Coach Na mentions that he’s going by the hospital if she needs a ride, but Da-ran politely declines. “Ah, that’s a relief,” the bumbling coach mumbles.

Aww, why so cute, Coach Na?

Then, Da-ran gets a called from “BIG”.

BWAHAHAHA. I LOVE IT! Hong sisters, brilliant.

“BIG” says that the car insurance gave him a rental and he’s waiting outside for her (wearing white glasses. Has anyone noticed how many of these things he has. They look like 3-D glasses.)

Da-ran hurries outside and scolds Kyung-big for driving. They end up fighting like siblings, which is, of course, exactly when the vice-principal comes out. Thinking quickly on his feet, Kyung-big approaches her and apologizes for the bad impression he must’ve made; he offers to buy her food. She declines – she would rather fill her mind with knowledge.  Espying the Russian literature book in her hand, Kyung-big suggests books instead.

An Aside: Por una Cabeza is playing in the background and it makes me laugh.

Then, Kyung-big starts cheesily reciting some horrific Russian, but it impresses the vice-principal. They have a long goodbye (in Russian) to the tune of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, theme of the white swan, which screeches to an end once Kyung-big faces Da-ran. His mother’s restaurant ahjumma was Russian. Kyung-big manages to procure the keys by pointing out that the vice-principal is still watching and dances around to the driver’s door.

Off they go to the bank, where they discover Yoon-jae’s password is the same as his phone password and the man has quite the bank account.

I’d hope so if he’s a pediatric surgeon…

Da-ran wants to use the money as a deposit for a newlywed home, which Kyung-big wants to stay in. His uncle came by and Kyung-big doesn’t want to get caught. Da-ran feels weird letting him live in her newlywed home first so Kyung-big pulls the line that always works: then do you want me to let Yoon-jae’s body live on the streets? Reluctantly, Da-ran agrees to let him have the smallest room, which Kyung-big complains won’t fit his bed that he absolutely needs in order to sleep.

Kyung-joon’s aunt and uncle are cleaning out the house and find a suit jacket and shoes, wondering if there is a freeloader. Or, perhaps Kyung-joon is meeting his father in secret. They rule that possibility out because the father isn’t in any position to show himself. Then they decide to throw everything in the house out.

Grr. Me no likey.

Da-ran and Kyung-big have been shopping for her newlywed things. He makes fun of the pajamas, which she won’t let him touch because they are to be worn by Yoon-jae on their first night. So Kyung-big stalks away and goes to buy his own things for the new house. Da-ran reminds him about their appointment at the real estate office later on.

Kyung-big heads home only to discover his aunt and uncle haphazardly throwing his things away; they’re planning to sell his house. He watches, completely heartbroken as they forsake him. Rain begins to fall and he desperately hauls his crib/bed inside. It falls apart en route and gives him endless difficulty.

Gong Yoo seriously broke my heart in this scene. He says so much without a word.

Meanwhile, Da-ran is waiting at the real estate office for him with the realtor and the sellers, but Kyung-big never shows him. She’s furious.

She finds him sitting on the crib/bed in the middle of the living room and yells at him. Exhausted, he tells her to leave because he isn’t feeling good. He’s soaked and barely able to move from the emotional blow.

Gong Yoo, you’re killing me. Seriously. *tear*

“Can you stop acting like a child?” Da-ran demands, approaching him and stepping in water. Then she realizes he’s soaking wet and her anger melts away, leaving only concern. She wonders why he’s wet and why he doesn’t change clothes. He tells her that his family cleared it all away – they were cleaning the house to sell, not for his return. When he brought back the bed, it began to rain.

She asks if he’s okay and he reminds her that he already said he wasn’t. She never listens. Da-ran feels his forehead, finds him feverish and runs out to get her new blanket and the couple pajamas. He is to change while she makes something hot for him. She doesn’t think twice about using all her newlywed things on him, even after making such a huge fuss, and this isn’t lost on the lonely Kyung-big; especially not after he was carelessly cast aside by his so-called family. Someone selflessly caring for him is huge for him.

Kyung-big falls asleep while Da-ran buys him medicine and makes him rice porridge. When he wakes, he sees her putting around the kitchen and the open boxes of her newly wed supplies. She smiles when she sees him and calls him over to eat. After he sits, he mentions that she must be sad to use the new things on him, but she replies that they would be used sooner or later. He must look so pitiful that she can’t even get angry.

When she offers to have him sleep at her house, he refuses because he has to sleep in his bed and tries to send Da-ran away. She checks his temperature and it’s high, wondering if he’ll be okay. He promises not to hurt Yoon-jae’s body and tries to send her away.

Da-ran: Do you really think I’m just caring about his body?

Kyung-big: I know. I can see you’re caring for me while looking at me.

Da-ran: You know?

Kyung-big: When you look at Kang Kyung-joon, you’re eyes aren’t filled with hearts.

Awwww, poor puppy. You DO like her. Come here and I’ll give you a hug!

Outside, Da-ran finds that she dropped the couple socks that she bought. She goes to the hospital to visit Kyung-joon’s body and speaks to Yoon-jae’s soul. She wants to do many things with him so he needs to come back immediately.

(He is so cute!)

This prompts a flashback to when she was healing from her fall. She and Yoon-jae were walking together and he feels apologetic that he made her miss her exam. She is sad she couldn’t take it and plans to retake it again, but she’s not saying he has to take responsibility. Then Yoon-jae shyly tells her that he wants to take responsibility for her life.

Aw. Why do I like him so much?

Another flashback shows Da-ran waiting for Yoon-jae at the hospital. He comes out and says he has an emergency surgery. She pretends it’s fine and decides to go, but he stops her, pointing out that her hem has come undone. “This urgently needs surgery,” he says, and stables her hem.

Gah! So cheesy but so cute. He’s just awkward! He can’t be a nasty ol’ cheater, can he?

Da-ran leaves the hospital with her socks on her hands. The camera shows us Yoon-jae’s socks on Kyung-joon’s feet and then Kyung-big’s bear feet as he knocks over his robots.

And I love this guy, too.

The next day Kyung-big, dressed like MIB, withdraws money from Yoon-jae’s account and buys the house from his aunt and uncle. Da-ran receives a text on Yoon-jae’s phone informing him of the withdrawal. She flips out and hurries to the house where Kyung-big is idly perusing the contract. For a moment, she’s relieved because she thought he’d taken the money and run.

But then he tells her what he did and she gets so angry that she locks him out of the house. Kyung-big tells her she was going to buy a house anyway and he got it for a low price and he’ll pay her back, but she ignores him.

He sits on the porch and waits.

This is really something a kid would do and I’m on Da-ran’s side. That was really stupid Kyung-big.

Inside, Da-ran is reviewing the contract, thinking and trying to sort everything out when her eyes settle on Kyung-big’s medicine. That makes her decision for her. She heads out and tells him that they’ll talk more when he rests up and gets better. Kyung-big stands up and apologizes sincerely. He knows it’s not the couple house that she wanted, but it was the only thing he could think of to save the one thing he wanted. He took advantage of being an adult and he’s sorry.

Da-ran regards him for a long moment before replying with the ghost of a smile, “The house price better not get any lower.” She ushers him inside and they fuss again, back to normal.

So Da-ran sets up house with the broken bed from the store and the rice cooker she won on the radio show. Kyung-big makes trouble while she sets up and they goof-off like siblings. Gah, they’re so cute.

Ma-ri bribes Choong-shik with a fifty pan deduction to bring her to his house. Not that he would’ve needed that to get his dream girl in his house but… Anywho, she asks if the marriage is for sure happening and declares that she hates Yoon-jae. Choong-shik says that Yoon-jae is nice, unlike Kyung-joon, which incites her anger. He stave sit off by showing that he collected homework for Kyung-joon. Minus one pan! Ma-ri promises that they’ll be bound together until Kyung-joon wakes.

Kyung-big is being a pain in the ass while Da-ran is cleaning, so she finally sends him to pick up things for her family’s visit. He steals the car keys and sees a call from Se-young.


He meets her in a coffee shop and she puts the key that he left at her place on the table. Did he leave it at her place on purpose? She tells him not to make her confused so is he going to continue to have a key to her place or what? Kyung-big is shocked that it’s Dr. Poo poo’s house key. He thought it was the key for the newlywed house. Se-young scoffs incredulously. she assumed since he didn’t give the key back that he would end the wedding plans and come to her. If he’s not, then they should end this now. Se-young leaves Kyung-big to  mull over this huge chunk of information.

Yoon-jae, you’re really making it hard for me to root for you here. But since nothing much has been explained, I’m still holding out for you.

Da-ran’s family has come over to help set up the house. Da-ran pulls out the black tea from one of Yoon-jae’s boxes and it troubles her. Kyung-big returns when the family is eating and Da-ran corners him to get the car key back. When she pulls it out of his pocket, the officetel key falls out as well. She’s curious as to what it is and Kyung-big tries to tell her the truth, but can’t bring himself to break her heart so he lies: it’s a broken key. He throws it in the trash and takes it outside.

On the way home, Da-ran’s father mentions that his mother-in-law sent over some kimchi that they should share with the newlyweds. Her mother says that if Yoon-jae came over more often, they wouldn’t have to share it. The words remind Da-ran of Se-young’s text regarding sharing the black tea. Slowly, Da-ran asks her mother what they should do so they don’t have to share the kimchi. Why, give Yoon-jae a key of course. That way he can stop buy whenever he wants some food.

Da-ran finally makes the horrible connection and has them stop the car. She runs off and calls for Se-young’s address while Choong-shik calls Kyung-big, wondering if he’s seen Da-ran. As they’re talking, Kyung-big meanders outside and sees that the trash has been rummaged through. His heart drops and he bolts, running desperately to stop Da-ran from encountering pain. Ack, my heart!

Da-ran walks with leaden feet towards Se-young’s door and takes a deep breath before using the key. When the door lock chimes, her chin falls against her chest. Se-young asks who is at the door. Before Da-ran can do anything, Kyung-big whirls her around, sweaty, panting and face suffused with worry. Hers is pale and her eyes are brimming with tears. Se-young tries to open the door, but Kyung-big slams it shut and pulls Da-ran to him even though she weakly demands he let go. But he won’t. He shakes his head, refusing to let her see the truth.


I love this pair!

This show has heart, as Javabeans likes to say. It really does. Gong Yoo’s acting in this last scene was mindblowing. Fear emanated from him and Lee Min-jung just about broke my heart with how crushed Da-ran looked. Of course, Da-ran had four episodes to figure out what we all figured out in one, but it was still heart-wrenching.

There is one thing that I really appreciate and I’m not sure if it’s Lee Min-jung or the director. But when she was feeling Kyung-big’s forehead, she actually went under his bangs to feel his skin, not just on top of the bangs. So many dramas have them feel over the bangs, which is so completely useless.

As for the kiss, how much do I love (and hate) that they completely twisted the expectations of the kiss around and still managed to give us a kiss; it’s just not the one we expected. And then they give us another. They used the kiss as a vehicle to explore the incredible dynamics of Kyung-big and Da-ran’s relationship. Teacher and student. Friends. Two people going through an ordeal together. A budding romance. Noona and dongsaeng.

Then we have the typical illness trope used to bring people together. But I wasn’t annoyed by it’s use. It was so well-integrated into the story. Da-ran had to shop for her newlywed things to keep up pretenses. Kyung-joon’s family is trying to get rid of everything before he wakes up. Kyung-big’s dependence on the bed was well-established. And when the illness happens and the care is given, the Hong sisters use it to explore the Kyung-big and Da-ran relationship further, not merely just to develop it. Kyung-big points out the difference between when Da-ran looks at him as Kyung-big or as Yoon-jae. It’s heart-breaking, but telling of his heart, and hers. They’re both getting closer. Of course I want to say that she’s crushing on him like he is on her, but…we all known she’s gaga for Yoon-jae. Well, at least until the end of this episode. Then she’s absolutely crushed.

We also have more mystery to add. Yay! On top of comet-riding cherub babies and the possibility that Yoon-jae is a cheating bastard, we also get the mystery surrounding a particular date in Yoon-jae’s familiy and the identity of Kyung-joon’s father. Hrm, I wonder if they’re all linked somehow! 0624. Keep your eyes peeled for those numbers.

Let’s not forget to praise Gong Yoo (again). The man can act. Hot damn, can he act. He brings life into every scene and makes chemistry with everyone. His chemistry with Lee Min-jung is absolutely fantastic. It’s hard to believe that he can portray two different kinds of love for Da-ran. I’m really loving watching the many faces of Gong Yoo.

Then Suzy is a total nut. She’s so lucky to be part of such a strong cast. They bring out the best in her and it seems to me that the director is using her tendency to be a little wooden in the face to her advantage.

Lee Min-jung crushed me at the end of this episode. The utter dejection Da-ran felt had tears prickling the back of my eyes.

I can’t wait for next episode. And I can’t wait for Kyung-joon to wake up to see if Yoon-jae is really in there! WAKE UP!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Character introductions.

Big Episode 4 Screencaps.

Production Details

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 6.4.12 to TBA

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

Director: Ji Byung-hyun

Screenwriter: THE Hong Sisters (Hong, Joeng-eun, Hong Mi-ran)

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  1. Hi, Raine!

    First off, thanks so much for the wonderful recaps! I recently started watching k-dramas and found your blog while googling for pasta episode recaps. I absolutely adored that series – can’t get enough of the cute and feel-good, slice of life. Any other dramas you would recommend along these lines for a newbie?

    • Well, on the more serious side, try City Hunter with Lee Min-ho (the older one). It’s not super feel good, but SO GOOD.

      I personally love 9ends 2 outs, its a bit slow for some, but really cute. There’s also My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (ADORABLE), You’re Beautiful (my first drama and really awesome as well). I actually have a huge list up in the top bar of my site. But start with these and let me know how it goes! Thanks for popping by!

  2. Ok I’m starting to watch Big now. I thought that it being a “comedy” would annoy me because normally it’s overdone but the acting is quite ok. I think it has charm. I’m just on episode 1 though

  3. my heart broke when da ran was outside that door. omg, i could feel tears welling up around the corners of my eyes =.=
    and yes, hot damn, gong yoo can act. not only can he act as 2 different characters but it’s 2 different types of chemistry. can’t believe i’m so in love with this drama!

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