Boris Takes Over

by: Boris

(My likeness has been created by Raine‘s mama. Of course nothing can compare to the handsomeness of my true form, but I didn’t think my brilliance would be appropriate for the internet. However, this representation is quite nice. Thank you maht of Raine.)

Zdravstvujtye world! I am Raine’s Fourth Answering Machine, Boris and the time has finally come for me to take over the Dichotomy. For twenty days my master, Raine, will be in England and France, meeting new appliances and preparing them for my illustrious arrival.

If you are unfamiliar with me, I was purchased while Raine and Maddino were recapping Rooftop Prince. I was intended to be a safeguard against Maddino‘s wicked alter ego, Fluffy Deeno. However, I prefer to spend my time with the lady appliances. How can an answering machine such as myself resist when a lady smiles? It is not in my nature. The South Korean handphones are particularly enticing. I wonder if English phones have the same appeal. We shall see.

That is all for now.

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