Raine is in Colorado!

by: Raine

Hello my lovely, lovely readers. I know this summer has been rather dry at the Dichotomy, but starting this weekend I’ll be back. I have to do my research on what’s happening in K-drama land. I know my beloved is contemplating a new drama. YES! But tell me what you’re looking forward to or currently enjoying watching.

As for me, I’ve relocated to Fort Collins, CO and I’m still in the midst of setting up house. Today is the most wonderful day when I GOT THE INTERNET! HOORAY!

Timmy had a rough go of it but he’s finally settling down. He loves the staircase. Pictures will come as soon as the house is presentable.

I’m searching for students, a rather daunting task, but I’m up for the challenge.

As always, love you guys. I’ll be back in full force soon!

9 responses to “Raine is in Colorado!”

      • i’m liking a lot of the new ones… Of the ones that just ended (ending soon) I really enjoyed A gentleman’s dignity and bridal mask…

        So far I’m really liking May Queen, Arang, and haeundae lovers…. My sister really likes Beautiful you 😀
        Faith is good so far too but i’m kind of getting sick of the time travelling shows now

        • I loved AGD but I haven’t yet braved BM. Since you like it I might have a go at it. The only new one I’ve ventured into is The Thousandth Man (which Im recapping as well.)

          • omg!! i’ve been watching answer me 1997………. best drama ever!!! stop what you’re doing and watch it now XD… brings back great memories from the 90s 😀 check it out 😀

            I haven’t had time to check out thousandth man yet :o… maybe i’ll start tomorrow or something

  1. yeheyyy! will welcome anything from you now that you’re back! of course,only about timmy,your new place and PSH! lol.anyway,miss the best blogger! \^.^/

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