Park Shi-hoo in a New Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice! ASA!

by: Raine

(Nom, nom, frickin’ nom!)

I know I’ve been absent from the Dichotomy due to, y’know, life. But what kind of true fan and negligent blogger would I be if I didn’t post about Park Shi-hoo breaking out of his several-month-long dramaland disappearance? He’s appearing in Cheondam dong Alice (and hopefully nothing with change from now until then!) It’s a rom-com (yay, kissing), it has Moon Geun-young (yay, talent) and, most importantly, Park Shi-hoo (yay, k-drama LOVE.)


(Park Shi-hoo and Moon Geun-young)

So this show sets itself up in typical K-drama fashion: handsome chaebol, spirited heroine, fighting against the odds. We’ve been there and done that. Luckily for us, we have Park Shi-hoo as the chaebol. He’s played a few of these in his lifetime: Goo Yong-shik in Queen of Reversals (MBC 2010) and Yoo Joon-suk in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS 2007). Even as Shi-hoo/Ja-dol in Iljimae (SBS 2008) he was well-to-do as the legitimate son.

Over the course of his career, even the anti-fan would have to admit that Park Shi-hoo has seriously sharpened his acting. He was a total powerhouse in his last drama, The Princess’ Man (KBS 2011). I can’t wait to see him in something new. *squee*

Then there is Moon Geun-young. She’s not the best as picking herself a good drama, but we all know she can bring life into even the most impossible of dramas (Mary Stayed Out All Night KBS2 2012). The girl is so relaxed in front of the camera, you’d think she was born there.

Put 2 + 2 together and what do you get? Amazing leads and, hopefully, sizzling chemistry. Both actors have a knack for drumming up some wicked onscreen chemistry with fellow actors.

(I just thought this picture was really cute. Perfect for a plucky heroine!)

What is Cheongdam-dong Alice about? Well, Moon Geun-young plays Han Se-kyung, a talented young designer trying to break into the exclusive, quirky world that is Cheongdam-dong fashion. She has a few design contests under her belt, but the job she finds relegates her to nothing more than office go-for. And, because this is k-drama, the plot throws another obstacle in our heroine’s path: the wife of her new boss is a snooty underachieving, former classmate.

Park Shi-hoo’s character, Cha Seung-jo, is the president of another clothing line. He notices her and then stuff happens. End of information by English sources that I could dredge up. But who cares? It’s Park Shi-hoo.

Okay, so I’m  not that shallow. Honestly, I hope that the writers of Tree with Deep Roots (SBS 2011), Queen Seon Duk (MBC 2009) and Dae Jang Geum (MBC 2003) can breathe life into this tired storyline. Remember what happened to the last fashion drama that aired? (Fashion King*cough*) Of course, I don’t think this show will be anything like that. But because I wasted almost a hundred hours on Fashion Failure I hear “fashion” and “k-drama” and start convulsing. Then I think of Park Shi-hoo and all is well. And the talented little Moon Geun-young!

The picture above is just eye candy and reminder that not only is Park Shi-hoo a good actor, but he’s just so GOSH DARN PRETTY!

Oh yeah, Cheongdam-dong Alice airs after Five Fingers sometime in December. (Hopefully.)

Production Details

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: Dec 2012

Air Time: Saturday & Sunday Night 21:5

Director: Jo Soo-won

Screenwriter: Kim Jin-hee, Kim Ji-woon, Kim Young-hyun

More News

Cheongdam-dong Alice News.1

Cheongdam-dong Alice News.2

11 responses to “Park Shi-hoo in a New Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice! ASA!”

  1. I started watching this just now and I’ve run out of episodes. Was wondering where to get the Cheongdamdong Alice crack I need to keep going until the next episode airs. Thought of PSH and how I KNEW it was impossible you weren’t gonna recap this one. Have all your recaps open in separate tabs. Nom nom nom… And thank you!!!

  2. Ooohhh am looking forward for the latest PSH!!! Please oh please kdrama- write a good one so this x end up like RIP FK.

  3. wouaaa thank you for this ad, happy that the two can work together first MGY is a multi-talented actress and the best of his generation and he PSH extraordinary actor and I think I will enjoy with 2 figthing and thank you

  4. annyeong ha seyo,chin gu! what a perfect way to post your ” breaking out from your several-month-long Dichotomy disappearance”,too.
    i have something to look forward to again in kdramaland. what with PSH as the handsome chaebol again!!! and MGY as the perky damsel-in-distress and with credible writers putting life into a worn-out fashion storyline, Cheondamdong Alice will be fine. plus PSH oggling time for me till my eyes pop out!!! lol
    WELCOME BACK, Raine!

  5. Beyond myself with excitement and glee! Read it at dramabeans and screamed out loud (I’m at work)! Cannot contain my excitement! I have high hopes that it will end the year with a bang! And after Five Fingers, I might need a great rom-com!

    • So true. I have yet to start watching it. I’m thinking I’m going to review every 10 episodes of 5 fingers. cause it has piano in it. lol just talk about the music stuff

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