Full House Take 2: Episode 8 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: We have face off between Man-ok and a she-monster. We have face off between a sheep and a bunny. It’s time to get this party started.

episode 8 recap


Deeno: The Evil One hugs Sheepy and apologizes for coming back late. Sheepy so isn’t into it. Yeah, kissing bunnies isn’t the best way to woo sheep. Unless you’re Man Ok.

Raine: It’s a She-monster! Be wary, she’ll have mutton for dinner!

Deeno: Panda Steak?  Actually comparing her to….what her name in Rooftop Prince…is insulting to what’s her name.

Raine: Se-na? Yeah, She-monster is a new breed of evil.

Deeno: The kind that is easy to hate without a shred of remorse.

Deeno: Man Ok reports the new visitor to Bunny. He tells her that Evil One used to be in the same company with them and was Sheepy’s first love. Man Ok switches the topic of conversation over to cat food.

Raine: And now her crush on Sheepy rears it’s sad, sad head. Poooooooor Bunny.

Deeno: *hugs Bunny* I love being here to comfort the second lead.

Evil One makes some small talk with Sheepy. He suggest that she leave immediately. Instead, she tells him that she’s moving in. She’s already discussed it with the president and signed a contract. Then she starts finishing Sheepy’s sentences and saying she’ll do whatever she wants because he used to like that about her. Well, I hate that about her. Sheepy agrees.

Raine: So how is it legal to live in a house legally owned by Sheepy without Sheepy’s consent? A lawyer wouldn’t even spend three minutes on that lawsuit.

Deeno: I think the house is owned by the president. Sheepy’s trying to buy it back bit by bit.

Raine: I thought he owned the annex that she decided to move into.

Deeno: I’m not too sure on the details here. I tend to fast forward through scenes with the loan shark.

Deeno: Sheepy runs away and goes for a drive without saying a word to Man Ok. He thinks about his break up with Evil One. She kissed Bunny just as an excuse to leave him without holding back. He’d promised to treat her like a princess, but all he’s done is scrimped and saved for a house he loved more than her. I totally understand where she’s coming from with his obsession with the house, but she tells him that’s she’s leaving and once he’s living a rich grand life she’ll come back to him. Uh, does she seem more delusional than the typical second lead to you?

Raine: I told you, a whole new breed of evil, the She-monster.

Deeno: I like Evil One more, but both work. Our readers are going to be so confused. We can’t even agree on nicknames.

Raine: I already wrote my half, dangit!

Deeno: You told me, but I didn’t like your nick name.

Raine: Mine makes me think of that disgusting, simpering smile turning into a smile of drooling fangs and that perfect skin breaking out in boils. Then she gets hunted down by a mob of sasaeng fangirls.

Deeno: Pervert Unni has issues.

Deeno: Man Ok takes care of Bunny’s leg. He’s happy that she takes care of him, but promises that he’ll help her move out once he finds the recording. She’s a bit distracted as she waits for Sheepy to come home. This does not bode well for my dreams of Sheepy being the first to fall for Man Ok. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Raine: I dunno, he ran to save her and keeps staring at her. Oh, and him being obsessed with her lips!

Deeno: Evil One is going to cause some sort of dent that’s going to turn Man Ok into a pining idiot. Which I hate, but this is kdramaland and it has to follow all the conventions.

Raine: I’m hoping she doesn’t go the way of Wild Romance and turn a kick-ass chick into said pining idiot…I hope and pray. But when I hoped and prayed for a second lead that didn’t make me want to pull my hair out, k-dramaland refused to grant my wish.

Deeno: It is an evil world, but inside it is also Dong Ah’s dog…

Raine: Leave the dog alone! And Chaton, you cannot hurt Chaton!

Deeno: Come here, my little Chaton.

Raine: *snatches up Chaton* Stay away!

Deeno: Sheepy’s car returns, but he’s missing. Man Ok searches for him and runs in Evil One. Evil One knows that Sheepy won’t return till she goes to bed and blames it on Sheepy pretending he doesn’t like her even though he does. Uh. Can I duct tape her mouth shut because every time she speaks I want to kill her?

Raine: Why don’t you just kill her?

Deeno: Why didn’t I think of that?

Deeno: Man Ok finds Sheepy sitting outside in the cold. She tries to cheer him up with a kick, but ends up falling straight into his arms. He finds himself once again staring at her lips.

Raine: Like I said, he’s already well on his way!

Deeno: But first he has to become a super big jerk so she’ll run away from him and we’ll be forced to endure a time leap. We know it’s going to happen. This drama has managed to fit in every other drama cliche.

Raine: And it’s managed to work…hopefully the next fifty cliches don’t kill it.

Deeno: Man Ok nearly kicks Evil One in the face. So close! Why, oh, why didn’t she?

Evil One interrogates Man Ok about the engagement as Man Ok serves up breakfast. Why is she feeding the obnoxious girl again? Just starve her out of the house.

Evil One asks Man Ok if she knows about how Tae Ik likes to kiss, which causes Man Ok to spew food out of her mouth. Evil One assumes that they haven’t kissed before and Sheepy slams down his utensils and leaves the table.

Raine: I don’t even want to read this recap when it includes the Evil She-monster. I want to shoot myself while writing about her. I want to shoot her while writing about her.

Deeno: Well we could start a fan fiction. Edit her out of the drama. Insert a pickled baby. I have some mad Photoshop skills.

Raine: Let’s have at it. So where there was once an Evil She-monster, there is now a pool of blood. A ginormous dinosaur came and ate her. Then the dinosaur left a pickled baby in the monster’s place – pickled babies cannot talk and therefore they cannot annoy me.

Deeno: Pickled babies can also travel through time. They can go back and fetch Shunji from Gaksital. We have have a Shunji vs Bunny showdown and they’ll fight over rights to Chaton!

Raine: I get Chaton! He can be BFFs with Timmy!

Deeno: I get Shunji and Bunny then!

Deeno: Evil One camps out in the living room, which makes it impossible for Bunny to leave the basement and go the bathroom. Oh, now you’ve really done it. I’m going to kill you!

Sheepy searches online about sleepwalking since he’s worried about Man Ok’s sleeping habits. He reads about sleepwalkers jumping out of windows and finds a CD for Man Ok that will help relieve stress and cure her of sleepwalking. So cute.

Raine: Oh please let this crush go somewhere fast! GO! JUMP HER BONES!

Deeno: Jump on her bones? Oooooooo….Man Ok would make a fine skeleton.

Raine: Nice save. But the readers know where I was going with that…especially after how much time Noh Min-woo spends shirtless on screen.

Deeno: I’m just trying to save you from your own pervertedness.

Raine: That is a lost cause…

Deeno: Man Ok tries to get Evil One to leave, but Evil One picks up on her suspicious glances back to the basement. Man Ok explains that she’s keeping a kitten in the basement. Don’t forget that you’re keeping a Bunny in there too! Evil One apparently loves kittens (or strangling them) and runs to the basement and uncovers the hidden Bunny.


Deeno: Didn’t we have rules about capslock?

Raine: I thought that was only for Rooftop Prince and the word “squee”. Speaking of, Park Shi-hoo makes me squee. And all these trailers and pictures and interviews and pictures and stuff and more stuff is coming out about him and I think I’m on hormone overload. *SQUEEEEEEE*

Deeno: You broke the rules again. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. PSH.

Raine: Psh? Psh? PARK SHI-HOO!

Deeno: Sheepy comes by seconds later and finds the group outside. He goes down to the basement and finds all the decorations that Man Ok has made for Bunny and gets jealous. Bunny explains that he has to prove his innocence before he moves out and asks for some kindness. Evil One chips in her two cents and Sheepy tells her that it’s not needed and that she should be the first to leave especially if she spills the beans about the Bunny basement. Go, Sheepy!

Raine: Am I the only one who noticed that Sheepy is not sneezing when the basement has a very, very fluffy kitten living in it?

Deeno: Can’t see the kitty. Can’t sneeze. I’m surprised he’s not sneezing at the kitty stickers though. Those things are nasty.

Raine: They make Bunny smile, though…

Deeno: That makes me smile!

Deeno: Sheepy goes to his room and takes his frustrations out on the CD he was going to give Man Ok. He notices Man Ok sitting outside his door trying to write him an apology text.

Raine: And he reaches to touch her slumped figure on the computer screen. Oh, so corny! But sweet.

Deeno: Sheepy visits the president and the president tells him to start his solo album and not to kick Evil One out. Oh, now I really need to kill him too. How come the only person that can boss him around is Evil One?

Raine: Seriously, he needs to grow a pair…and a brain.

Deeno: Pickled baby brain?

Raine: Better than what he’s got.

Oh yeah, the Evil She-monster won’t go on tour without Sheepy. She wants fresh meat to munch on. Even though the president says “no”, she assumes her will be done.

Deeno: Man Ok gets frustrated when Sheepy, Bunny, and Evil One starts ordering her around like a servant. She decides to take vengeance by tearing up Sheepy’s flower bed. When he catches her, she tells him that she’s creating him a vegetable garden. She fakes a backache and makes him garden instead, which he goes about far too enthusiastically with a little bit of praise. Men are so simple.

Raine: And that’s how we like ‘em.

Deeno: Mmm Hmmmm.

Deeno: Evil One sneaks into Sheepy’s bedroom and notices a picture on the night stand. She remembers that he used to hide precious photos back there. She opens it up and find the picture of her sleeping with him and Bunny. I’m going to say that it’s in there because he misses the times when he got to sleep with Bunny.

Raine: Or he forgot about it.

Deeno: Or he’s in love with Bunny.

Deeno: Man Ok apologizes for hiding Bunny from him and lying. He asks her about the sleepwalking and is relieved that it’s a lie. He remembers carrying her into the trailer before with a smile.

Evil One moves all her furniture up to the second floor in the room next to Sheepy. Sheepy yells at her, but that doesn’t stop her.

Raine: *rubs the belly of the pickled baby* Please send Evil She-monster back to the dinosaur age where she will be eaten.

Deeno: *Rubbing the belly of the pickled baby caused it squeaked.*

Deeno: Man Ok asks Bunny why he doesn’t like Evil one. He explains that Evil One is like a watermelon green on the outside and red inside. He likes people who are white inside and out like Man Ok. He sings her a song about a white bear and as the lyrics mention kissing the bear on the nose, Bunny kisses Man Ok’s nose!

So CUTE! I’m dying here. I need one too! *scurries off to find Bunny*

Raine: Even my desires to see some lip-action are put at bay by how darn cute that was!

Deeno: Bunny gets extra points for being the first to make a move.

Raine: Bunny deserves the girl. I’m so torn!


Raine: Bunny continues to sing while Man-ok stares at him in shock. He teases her when she starts to blush just like in the song and pinches her cheeks. He picks up Chaton to show her how her mother’s face became red. Oh yeah, he’s the father. Man-ok’s eyes widen even further so Bunny amends it to “oppa” and “unni”. But Chaton is a boy, so it’s “noona”. He loves on the kitten while she is all embarrassed.

Boy, you laying it on thick! Think she gets the point?

Deeno: That kitties are ridiculously cute as are Bunnies.

Raine: Not quite, but close.

Raine: The She-monster, I mean, Evil One, I mean, the Evil She-monster, sets up a meeting between a Chinese fashion designer, Hwa Ming,  and President Lee. She will invest if he reinstates Bunny so he can be the face of her brand in Korea – Bunny is her muse. He’s mine, too! The president resists but finally gives in and then orders his lackey to find Bunny.

Deeno: Where is the Bunny? *looks around suspiciously*

Raine: Bunny tries to sneak around Full House, but the construction and his bum leg prevent him from getting very far. He has a nice encounter with the ground.

When he gets back, the She-monster is holding Chaton. Let him go! You’ll kill him with your bad energy. Anywho, she wants Bunny to accept Hwa Ming’s offer and to be the face of her brand. That way he’ll leave Full House and leave her with one less obstacle to deal with in terms of Sheepy. She also just hates his existence.

Wow, She-monster, that’s just harsh.

Deeno: Evil One will die!

Raine: Pickled baby, you are failing in your purpose.

Deeno: We need something stronger. An evil mother-in-law. Wow, that actually might be better than Evil One.

Raine: Would the evil mother-in-law eat the She-monster, or would they both exist in the same space-time continuum. Because that would not be acceptable.

Deeno: I’m sure the mother-in-law would bribe the Evil One and she’d whistle on her way out the door.

Raine: Death needs to be in this equation.

Deeno: That may be hard. Mother-in-laws are often afraid of getting their own hands dirty and their thugs tend to fail them.

Raine: *sigh* Back to the drawing board.

Raine: Evil She-monster also doesn’t think Man-ok, Sheepy’s FIANCEE,  is a threat because she’s not Sheepy’s style and she’s plain. Bunny’s jaw works at the insult, but She-monster has the upper hand – if she wanted to spill the beans on all the gossip laden activity going on in Full House, she could do so at any time.

Raine: Man-ok has made breakfast. She-monster complains about it. The boys fight over a piece of meat and then want their meals served separately. Man-ok has had enough and tells them to sit now or no food later.

They sit obediently.

Deeno: So CUTE. She has both boys smitten. Evil One has zero.

Raine: I’m suffering from a serious case of Schadenfreude right now. HA! Who can tell me the name of the musical with a song entitled “Schadenfreude” without looking it up?

Raine: Anywho, Man-ok wonders if they think of her as a cook? Evil She-monster starts to complain about the food and Man-ok shuts her up with the BEST BITCH FACE EVAR!

Bunny tries to pick up some food and his sight starts to blur. Man-ok notices and serves him, rousing She-monster’s suspicions and Sheepy’s jealousy. Because his eyes are bugging him, Bunny leaves. She-monster takes the chance to insult Man-ok’s skin and Sheepy has lost his appetite at her nastiness. She-monster takes the chance to insult Man-ok’s cooking again and Sheepy lays into her. The only person Man-ok should serve from now on his her fiance, him, not dregs. She’s not a domestic servant. The She-monster looks really insulted. HA! GOOD! Man-ok smiles as she-monster leaves.

Deeno: Permanently?

Raine: If only. Her face is starting to give me heart palpitations.

Raine: Bunny is wondering about his eyesight and Man-ok brings some bibimbap for them to share. She has also left food for Sheepy who eats her food happily, especially after reading her note. “Each person eats their own food. Eat it deliciously even if you eat it alone.”

He is so in love. It’s so flippin’ cute.

Deeno: That food makes me so hungry.

Raine: His smile makes me hungry…

Deeno: Bunny’s or Sheepy’s?

Raine: ←Equal opportunity lover.

Deeno: ←Bunny Lover.

Raine: Man-ok asks why She-monster and Sheepy broke up; she’s curious just because she’s living with him. Uh-huh. SURE. Anyway, she thinks Sheepy would be uncomfortable and Bunny agrees. Sheepy loved She-monster like she was the only woman in the world and then she dumped him, which gives Man-ok serious pause. Bunny doesn’t miss the look on her face. He also wants to know if Man-ok is interested in him, wondering who he likes, who he’s dated. When she gives him a blank stare, he jokingly asks if she really thinks he’s gay. He tells her to ask him whatever she wants and she’ll ask next time.

Also, Man-ok will be busy now because of Sheepy’s solo album. Aw, the look on Bunny’s face hurts my heart.

Deeno: Poor Bunny better confess. I don’t want to see his sad eyes. They look so much prettier when they smile.

Raine: Think if he confesses now he’ll get the girl? *looks hopeful*

Raine: Sheepy starts recording and he sounds like a dying animal trying to sing his final words. But President Lee seems happy. Then Sheepy does a photoshoot and takes pose ideas from Man-ok. When she does a heart over her head with her arms, he almost starts to drool.

Deeno: I find it really odd that he copies her. I guess he just does as he’s told when he’s in love. That’s probably how the Evil One trapped him in the first place.

Raine: It was a little odd, but it was cute. I like cute.

In the car, she slumps over while sleeping and he fixes her position, rousing Go-dong’s suspicions.

Again, a Sheepy in love is just too cute.

Deeno: People better start confessing. That’ll be the only way to get rid of the Evil One.

Raine: I doubt it. She’ll illegally moved in, put her arms around Sheepy, stayed even when he verbally kicks her out and flashes her nasty fangs at everyone if they try to stop her.

Raine: Sheepy remembers She-monster’s comment about Man-ok’s skin and buys Man-ok some really expensive facial cream as a gift. She’s shocked by the fact that he’s spending so much money and then giving the cream to her. He tells her to just use it and she curses him even though she’s secretly pleased. Super, duper pleased.

It’s the most adorable fight!

Deeno: All of their fights are adorable.

Raine: *grins* They so are. *Squeeeee!*

Raine: When she gets in, Man-ok happily checks out her present and then starts sketching a caricature of Sheepy in gardening clothes.

Raine: The She-monster is moping while reading the news about Sheepy and Man-ok. A package arrives for Sheepy and of course the invasive, rude-mannered, horrible, moral-less, selfish, inconsiderate wench opens it. It’s the pictures from the couple’s photo shoot. She-monster notices they were all taken the same day and does some digging. She figures out that the engagement is a publicity stunt.

She-monster is grinning from ear to ear when the couple comes back. I’ll make that grin wider, how’s a Chelsea grin for ya?!

Deeno: *pulls out her portable volcano*

Raine: Man-ok has made a shirt out of the caricature as a gift for Sheepy. He pretends to hate it, but totally shows off for himself in front of his mirror, loving it.

Raine: In the living room, She-monster is drinking wine. I think she’s a wino. She’s always drinking wine. Maybe to forget that she’s a she-monster. Sheepy comes out and she back hugs him.


Deeno: At least I don’t have to worry about her stealing hugs from my bunny. But she did steal a kiss. She needs to die. NOW!!!!!!!!

Raine: *pulls out her pink, jewel-encrusted princess axe*

Deeno: *pulls out her handy-dandy AK-47*

Raine: She-monster is drunk and confesses that she’s sincere about wanting to start over with him. How long is he going to be cold towards her. He angrily points out that she was sincere about liking him, sincere about breaking up with him. It’s completely selfish sincerity. Can she really be sincere?

Then she asks if he’s really sincere about having gotten over her; what about the picture behind the frame? If he’d revealed that, it would’ve solved his problems. But he didn’t want to hurt her. That shakes him and he doesn’t move when she hugs him.

Deeno: Don’t listen to the Evil!

Raine: Taser! Shotgun! Portable volcano!

Deeno: How does one go about getting a portable volcano? It makes no sense.

Raine: Remember Deeno, this is k-dramaland. Nothing makes sense.

Deeno: Pickled babies make sense.

Raine: Of course, they do.

Man-ok walks in and her eyes lock with Sheepy’s.

Dun, dun, dun.

Deeno: Doom. Doom. Doom.


Raine: So I wanna know what you all want to do with the Evil She-monster. I’ll vote her off the island…or the planet. And if my vote counts for something, I want Man-ok to get a new hairstyle. It looks like an ahjumma fro’.

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10 responses to “Full House Take 2: Episode 8 Recap”

  1. Love your recaps, absolutely hilarious and entertaining. I find bunny so irresistible, I’m caught by the second lead syndrome. But sheepy is cute too. That nose kiss is adorable. I’m also praying that Man-ok changes her hairstyle in the later episodes, although from time to time it does grow on you. Thanks again!

  2. Fun recap! I especially loved the references to portable volcanoes, princess axes and AK-47s. They should ALL be used when fighting such a She-monster, since I don’t think any one can finish the job.

    I have to say that I love Man Ok’s curls—I just wish they had a decent shape. The styling is horrible, but it looked best with the hat from last episode (as long as you ignored the ponytail). I’d love to see what you could come up with, Raine.

  3. Gosh… You guys are hilarious….
    Such a refreshing recap… Gotta bookmark your site and MadDino future lurking… 🙂

    But let me remind you guys, both Sheepy and Bunny are mine… They are mine… LOL… * I turn to be one hell delusional fan girl… Kkkkk*

  4. OMG~~ I’m loving your recaps ^_^ LOL~~ Thanks for posting.. BTW, this is my first time visiting, I’ll be camping here to read more recaps in the future 🙂 ❤

  5. I was hoping that Deeno would suggest flame-throwering the Evil-She-Monster. Ack! I hated her from the first three seconds, no, make that the first second she came on screen. She is eeeeevilllllllll!!!!! I hate it when the evil, second leads get there way so much, and muck everything up. Argh!!!!!!

    I also want even more cute time with Sheepy and Man Ok and Man Ok and Bunny ohtohkhay?!?! I really can’t choose who I like more together.

    And I totally second you on the new hair-do. It really is atrocious.

    Also, I spend most of the recap laughing out loud. My roommates must wonder what’s going on.

    • I laugh out loud while we write it! Hehe, it’s fun to do. And I might have to use my horrible photoshop skillz on Man-ok’s hair ’cause that would be better than what she’s got now!

      Lyarisa – thanks for coming by! Check out Deeno’s page for the odd recaps!

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