Cheongdam-dong Alice News.1

by: Raine

(Location: Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on the set of Gonjiam)

With fifteen days to go until the premier of Cheongdam-dong Alice, I thought it would be pertinent for me to share some of the news that’s been floating about. Filming started October 18th and  Park Shi-hoo, Moon Geun-young, the cast and crew held a start of shoot ceremony November 14th. You know what that means? Park Shi-hoo back on the small screen! YES!

Just to remind ya’ll what this drama is supposedly about:

Moon Geun-young plays Han Se-kyung, a hard-working designer who aspires  be a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law (i.e. marry rich). Why she wants to do this? We don’t know. But I bet it’s for a noble cause. She is, after all, the hard-working, eternally sunny female lead.

A former classmate from long ago becomes her superior and the boon of her existence. Enter chaebol Cha Seung-jo played by uri Park Shi-hoo. There will somehow be a marriage agreement between them and the show will explore the true meaning of marriage.

I have no idea what that means. Drama stuff with cliches and more cliches? I’m expecting office terror and Park Shi-hoo yumminess and Moon Geun-young kicking camera ass.

And, just to wet our tastebuds, SBS has given us…

This teaser sucks. No action. Just lots of pink and smiling pretty actors. Teaser FAIL. When’s the next one coming out? It better not be all fluff like this one.

We also had a family photoshoot for Se-kyung. Her family looks pretty typical, which will really make her a fish-out-of-water when she enters the scarily fashion-savvy world that is Cheongdam-dong.

(Why is he so adorable?)

Now for some fun Park Shi-hoo news that made it’s way to the forefront during this time of obscene amounts of promotional material.

Park Shi-hoo had mentioned several times that he was excited to meet and work with Moon Geun-young. Little did he know that he would be in over his head! Kekeke.

During one of the bonding dinners between the actors and writers, uri Shi-hoo had a beer – then he promptly passed out. (Thank you ockoala for sharing this!)


Moon Geun-young, on the other hand, can hold her drink and is quite a teasing co-star! She kept waking up Park Shi-hoo, making him drink, letting him nap and then repeating the process. I expect that after all that alcohol, they are fully bonded and ready to make some on-screen chemistry!

Production Details

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 12.1.12

Air Time: Saturday & Sunday Night 22:00

Director: Jo Soo-won

Screenwriter: Kim Jin-hee, Kim Ji-woon, Kim Young-hyun

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