Cheongdam-dong Alice News.2

by: Raine

(Is it just me, or does it look like Park Shi-hoo’s stylist was trying to make him look like the Fresh Prince of Cheongdam-dong?)

Cheongdam-dong Alice airs tomorrow and I am psyched…even though I have no idea what it’s really about. They’ve thrown press conferences, four teaser trailers and a twenty-minute trailer at us, but someone must not what us to know anything about it. Moon Geun-young is poor and hoping to crawl up the ladder. Park Shi-hoo is jaded and out for vengeance against all women. Somehow they hook up and engagements are involved. Wanting to marry rich is involved. Lots of expensive clothes and glittery accessories flit across the screen.

I guess we’ll start finding out some answers tomorrow.

(She can even act in French. I love Moon Geun-young.)

This is the first cute tidbit I wanted to throw at you is of Moon Geun-young speaking French. Her character, Han Se-kyung, is on an interview. Personally, I only caught about a fifth of what she said. How was her French you native French speakers?

This is one of the poster-making shoots, which I thought was interesting because it shows a little chemistry between our leads. w00t! They still look a bit awkward, like they’re getting to know each other. It’s adorable. But when you’re acting, things often change when you have great actors behind the wheel, so I’m not taking the shyness to mean much.

There was a press conference 11/27/12 where the women seem to really get along. OCKoala pointed out that they’re wearing black and it is a bit bizarre. But Moon Geun-young is so sunny, it really doesn’t matter. I’m just mentioning it so I can put up pretty pictures…

Here we have the 20-minute trailer with no subs. If you want subs, check them out on Viki.

I gathered a few things from this trailer:

  1. Park Shi-hoo’s character is petty, out for some revenge and he’s going to make me laugh. I’m glad he’s not a broody chaebol.
  2. Moon Geun-young’s character expectedly gets pushed around. My current theory is that she wants to marry into Cheongdam-dong nobility to get back at those who look down at her, taking a page out of PSH’s book. Who knows? They don’t give me enough to go on!
  3. I don’t get how they’ll tie this into the whole Alice in Wonderland motif they were going for.
  4. I still have no idea what this is about.

Production Details

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 12.1.12

Air Time: Saturday & Sunday Night 22:00

Director: Jo Soo-won

Screenwriter: Kim Jin-hee, Kim Ji-woon, Kim Young-hyun

Sources for this post:,,,

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5 responses to “Cheongdam-dong Alice News.2”


    I get the black clothes though. I guess this drama didn't do a very good job of promoting itself properly, it's not bright and bubbly at all! ok, maybe not substantially. I like how dark it has gotten. I just hope Se Kyung doesn't do anything irredeemably cold-hearted and evil. No matter how hard I think at the screen, 'Don't! Ha ji ma, Se Kyung-ah! Don't make a deal with the devil! No! Don't continue the lie! NoOOOO!' she just doesn't seem to listen. 😦

  2. That first poster looks like something out of the early 2000’s, someone burn his t-shirt, it’s ruined my eyes >.< on the other hand what they did with his suit and all those watches, looks quite clever.

  3. right,chin gu.i’m so clueless about what they want to project here.CDDA a la AiW.hmmmm.i just hope that the storyline is not the typical Cinderella/fashion whatever that we’ve seen a lot in hallyu, FK and the rest.for the sake of a credible cast with our gorgeous guy as the lead!!!!!anyway,cheers to a positive pilot telecast tonight,dec 01!

  4. “I still have no idea what this is about.” Raine! What are we supposed to do with that? *Hands on hips.* ^^
    I love the BTS for the Alice themed poster shooting: I guess 1 character will be obsessed by punctuality [follow my eyes.] and the other will be running after time.
    About MGY speaking French: Honestly, I had to put on the headphones and focus to understand. It’s like she was talking with a stuffed nose. Still, I won’t make fun of someone who tries. I know it’s hard…
    About fashion: I will never spit on a hot chaebol in a blue suit. (But maybe I will drool over it…). I notice than the traveling skull scarf is still trendy. It’s like a carpe diem message which helps defining bold characters: Rawr!
    I hope this show will be good, in the interest of everyone.

    • I totally forgot to mention the Dokko Jin scarf! Okay, I thought my French had disappeared, but I understood the actual French woman…

      And the show, you’ll get the recap tomorrow night or Sunday morning!

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