Full House Take 2: Episode 12 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino


Raine: Part 1 of this episode thrilled me. Part 2 fell so damned flat I wanted to cry.

episode 12 recap



Deeno: Sheepy and Bunny battle it out for Man Ok. Bunny is convinced that Sheepy is just going to hurt Man Ok and isn’t sincere. Sheepy asks what Bunny will do if he is sincere about his feelings. Will he steal again? Bunny is confused.

Raine: Forget the fighting. Get to the bromance.

Deeno: Fighting can lead to bromance too!

Raine: Lead to it? No, no, no. NOW!

Deeno: Are you okay? You seem a bit…frantic!

Raine: *twitch*

Deeno: I think this is a sign of too much City Hunter, which really shouldn’t be possible.


Deeno: Bunny looks back to the past where he finds out that Sheepy is dating Evil. He wants to tall Sheepy something about Evil, but instead decides to confront Evil about fooling around with Sheepy. He tells her to behave and not hurt Sheepy. She notices Sheepy and remembers someone, probably President Jerkface, telling her that if she wants to have freedom then she has to break up with Sheepy. She kisses Bunny and somehow manages to keep it up long enough to throw Sheepy into a jealous rage. She smiles when she leaves the very confused Bunny behind.

Raine: Poor Bunny has been tainted. He needs to be decontaminated.

Deeno: I volunteer!

Raine: It’s a dangerous situation. Are you sure you’re up for decontaminating She-monster cooties?

Deeno: I’m perfect for the job. A few AK-47s, some grumbles and everything will be fine.


Deeno: Sheepy goes back inside and Man Ok asks him where Bunny is. She is ready to run after Bunny when Sheepy asks if they can talk about the night before. She remembers nothing about his confession and he gives up on trying to remind her.

Raine: Cop out! It’d be nice to have it come out now instead of pulling this.

Deeno: I can’t think of any reason why it didn’t come out. I don’t want to wear out my brain trying to figure it out when I can come up with plans to steal Bunny instead.

Deeno: Bunny comes back and starts fighting with Sheepy for Man Ok lunch rights. They are interrupted by Grandpa who takes an immediate liking to Bunny’s smile. Good, Grandpa! Grandpa tells Man Ok to make Bunny some food when Bunny’s tummy starts growling. So cute!

Raine: He’s always cute.

Deeno: He’s smiling again! SQUEE!!


Deeno: Bunny tries to eat, but Sheepy has to jump in and start eating too even though he’s already eaten. They fight over the food like 5-year-olds untill Man Ok is forced to split the food fairly. She tells them if she finds them fighting again she’ll throw away all the food. Bunny is shocked by her forceful nature so Sheepy explains that she acts like that because she’s at home now and they are guess. Bunny says that he understands since he used to be a guest at another house and the host was completely rude. Ha! I love how long it took for Sheepy to realize that Bunny was talking about him.

Raine: I love, love, love this bromance. It’s my dream come true. I’ve been waiting eleven episodes for this! *SQUEEEEE*

Deeno: It makes me so happy. I wish this misunderstanding would be cleared up so every episode could have bromance like this.


Deeno: Errand Boy gets yelled at for Bunny’s disappearance and Evil confronts Jerkface about Bunny’s blindness.

Bunny ignores Errand Boy’s calls and goes back in the for night. He decides that Sheepy’s tent looks mighty comfy and that he’d like to stay for the night. Sheepy protests, but finally allows it after Bunny suggests that he could sleep in Man Ok’s room instead.

Raine: Did you see Bunny’s cheeky, cheeky grin? He was so pleased with his manipulations.

Deeno: I did! It was so cute! I love how easily he got Sheepy to cave.

Raine: I’m telling you, bromance solves everything. I’m shipping them harder than Sheepy and Man-ok!

Deeno: I’m shipping Deeno and Bunny.

Raine: I ship Raine and Park Shi-hoo.

Deeno: Bunny sleeps next to Sheepy and tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but Sheepy turns away in frustration and Bunny keeps his mouth shut. Sheepy wakes up all alone! Oh, I’m sure he misses Bunny as much as I do.

Raine: Here’s my response to this frustration – RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!

Deeno: *hides from the herd of mini hippos*

Raine: I just laughed so loudly that I totally killed the somber mood in City Hunter. My sister is watching it for the first time and has discovered the hotness that is Lee Min-ho and the awesomeness that is SHITTY HUNTAAAAAAAAAAA.

Deeno: You should have known a hippo comment was coming at some point.

Raine: Well, after we re-wrote the Cheongdamdong Alice teaser with hippos and bunnies this afternoon, I definitely should’ve guessed. Kekekeke.

Deeno: I still need to watch that. Though taking your conclusions and adding silly animals may be more fun.

Raine: I still say we write our own K-drama that involves, toasters, answering machines, Vanness, Park Shi-hoo, rabbits, hippos, bunnies, and pandas. Oh yes, can’t forget the sheep.

Deeno: Uh! You totally forgot the pickled babies!!!!

Raine: OMO! Definitely can’t forget them. We need to have them for time traveling sheep to meet Panda!


Deeno: Man Ok runs into Bunny outside and asks him why he’s working for Jerkface again. Bunny tells her that he’d prefer to keep that private, but that he does have a good reason. He asks her to consider staying by his side.

Raine: This drives me bonkers. How can she help when left in the dark? Yes, pun intended.

Deeno: He should tell her, but I guess he doesn’t want her pity. I think I’d be more upset if he told her just to keep her near him, which wouldn’t be uncommon in k-dramas. Or is this a nasty side effect of having marathoned the Seasons dramas. Gah! Still trying to rip those chunks out of my memory.

Raine: This is why I haven’t attempted them. If he doesn’t want pity though, he shouldn’t ask at all. The truth is bound to be revealed. His condition is quickly deteriorating.

Deeno: Bunny returns home after staying out the whole night and Evil teases him about having fallen for Man Ok. She informs him that Jerkface already knows about his crush on Man Ok and that Jerkface has Bunny’s phone.

Manager Hwang gets an investor for Sheepy. The investor is known for training up his artists or something like that.

Raine: That was just too easy. Plus there’s no paper trail. Oral contracts go oh-so-well in this show.

Deeno: Yeah, I’m a bit suspicious about this whole thing. Watching it the second time I wondered if it had something to do with Bunny’s family though. I don’t know why.

Raine: That’s a good possibility. They do seem to crop up randomly. But still, if Manager Hwang is so experienced in the industry, he should know better than to accept something this easily. Or it’s a sign of his desperation.

Deeno: Man Ok comes back home and starts chatting away instead of opening up the gym. Sheepy holds out his hands to asks for the keys, but instead Man Ok gives him her hand.




Raine: Sheepy smiles with amusement and then tells Man-ok that what he really wanted is her scooter keys so he can get some fresh air. She hands them over with embarrassment. He drives over to Full House and wonders if he can really get it back.

Go-dong is hounding Bunny in the sauna. He barges in to Sheepy’s horror. At Bunny’s spa treatment where his skin has now acquired a…golden glow, Go-dong explains that the president told him to watch Bunny 24/7 or else he’ll be fired and left with nowhere to go. Bunny swears that he won’t do anything to get him fired as long as Go-dong does one thing for him.


Raine: Cue Go-dong not so stealthily sneaking around the president’s office looking for the cell phone that Man-ok lent Sheepy. Of course, he gets caught and has a showdown with the president. If he doesn’t return the phone to the president, Go-dong will be fired.

Isn’t this illegal? That’s phone stealing! ARREST THE PRESIDENT!

Anyway, Go-dong stands up to President Wannabe who reneges on his promise to make Go-dong a singer, explaining that no one in their right mind would make Go-dong a singer.

Deeno: Where did this desire to become a singer come from? This seems really random to be adding in episode 12.

Raine: It seems like a throwaway line to pad Go-dong’s character and to further illustrate the president’s evilness. Show, we get it.

Go-dong walks out and President Wannabe promises to ruin Go-dong’s future in the biz. He then wonders why everyone leaves him.

I wonder why, jerkface.


Raine: Then with Manager Hwang, Go-dong cries over losing his job and a place to stay over a moment of irrationality. Hwang tells him to stop crying but Go-dong laments the fact that the very same president who encouraged him to become a singer threw him out so unceremoniously. Hwang again tells him to stop crying and that it’s a good thing; he wanted to get Go-dong out of there anyway.

They head to Hwang’s nasty apartment where Go-dong thinks Hwang will house him, but he vacates it instead.

So my assumption that it was for show was incorrect. But he did really vacate it. He DID want Sheepy out because he was planning to vacate.

They head to Man-ok’s dojang and asks if they can stay there. Man-ok says her grandfather won’t turn away people in need. Then Hwang hands her an envelope of money to pay off President Wannabe – it’s the deposit from vacating his room.

Deeno: I love this reason for vacating the apartment. I just wish they’d explained why he was doing it early. It left both of us confused.

Raine: I should’ve hypothesized a more ridiculous reason last recap…

Deeno: Something that involved volcanoes and pickled babies. It can explain anything really.

Raine: Pickled babies are the one thing we can thank Dr. Jin for.

Deeno: I do have some awesome screencaps from the few recaps I wrote. I also liked the rubber father too.

Raine: I didn’t hear about that, but I believe it. I avoided the show because Hand Towel was in it.

Deeno: I only like Hand Towel because of the pickled baby. It’s starting to border on an obsession. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle him in East of Eden though.

Raine: *shudder*

Deeno: It’s my marathon drama for the weekend. I’m already starting to doubt my sanity and I’m only four episodes in.

Raine: I don’t doubt your sanity. It’s non-existent.


Raine: Man-ok refuses the money, but Hwang heckles her to take it. Sheepy is confused because he doesn’t know that the president backed out on his verbal agreement to cancel the debt if she participated in the engagement with Sheepy.

Sheepy is furious to be left in the dark, but they convince him not to do anything for the time being. They need to plan their next steps carefully.

Sheepy tells Man-ok to take the money to be out from President Wannabe’s evil shadow. He promises that they will all earn 100 times more with a determined look on his face. He also calls Hwang “hyung,” which surprises them all. It’s a word of respect and closeness and Hwang wonders how Man-ok changed him. Haha.

Deeno: So cute! It’s nice to see Sheepy be a bit more polite.

Raine: I like how he does it super, super slowly. It’s realistic character growth in a highly unrealistic show.

Go-dong is inspired and promises to work hard as well. Hwang teases him for crying only just a while before. Who me? Go-dong asks. No, he’s a former marine who can catch ghosts.

Then he yells with a fierce pose and scares them all. So random, but funny. I like you Go-dong.


Raine: Gramps makes them work out in the morning and no one is thrilled. But if they fall out of favor with gramps, they are on the streets.

Sheepy manages to avoid some attacks by gramps and explains he knows the basics. Then gramps beats the crap out of him and tells him not to slack off or get cocky.


Deeno: Violence is good.

Raine: I like seeing Sheepy get kicked around a little.  😛

Bunny calls the president, furious about Go-dong. The president says he doesn’t need someone who can’t manage his singer properly. Bunny tells him that the only way he’ll behave properly is if the president brings in Man-ok.

Okay, you all know I dig Bunny. But this is getting ridiculous. I’m kind of annoyed at him actually. What is with the ridiculous petulance and excessively stubborn refusal to communicate with his close ones. I know he’s not as open as Sheepy, but he at least told Man-ok some things before. Now he’s just mooning after her and pitching fits.

Deeno: Even I’m getting annoyed. Where was the Bunny from last episode?

Raine: We should plan a mission to find him! Pickled baby, get your time-traveling powers ready!

Deeno: That would indeed be a worth cause to time travel for. It’s a good thing we have these pickled babies.

Raine: I wondered if they’re available at the supermarket yet.


Raine: Man-ok heads to the company and the president pretends to be happy to see her, thinking she’s going to come back. But she’s not coming back, she slides over the money and he laughs. She owes the penalty for breaking the contract as well, he tells her with a malicious grin on his face. She tells him that he’s too much and she’s not going to just sit back and take it. She’ll go to her reporter friend and tell her everything she saw while working there.

The president derisively wonders who’ll believe her and promises to sue her for defamation. Then, to his surprise, she tells him to go ahead and do that because his image will still be tainted. She has nothing to lose so she has nothing to be afraid of, unlike him. He has a lot to lose.

She rises to leave and he yells that he doesn’t want her, but he’s doing it for Bunny. Man-ok doesn’t believe him at all and leaves.  Go Man-ok!!!!!

Deeno: She totally didn’t cave and she had so many good points to make. I wish everyone approached Jerkface in the same way.

Raine: I do like that she’s a really strong heroine. It’s one of the best things about part 2.

The money is still on the table. Can’t he just say he never got it? Shouldn’t you have written a check, photocopied it and written a cover letter stating your intent to repay? Why didn’t Manager Hwang do any of this?

Deeno: For the sake of not slowing down the pace, I’m glad they didn’t show that. The writer already has a tendency to tie everything together a bit too nicely.

Raine: I just think it’s inconsistent. Or maybe it’s consistent with its inconsistencies. It didn’t necessarily slow down the pace, but the swift manager from the beginning has turned into a bumbling one.


Raine: Sheepy calls Man-ok who says it’s all taken care of. Oh really now? He also wants fresh, organic fruits and veggies. They fuss a bit and then she promises to get them if he cleans up. Of course, Se-ryung the She-monster has overheard everything and heads over to Man-ok’s place to pitch a princess fit.

Maid Sheepy is fighting the vacuum because it’s not picking up very well when the She-monster comes in. Instead of trying to vacuum up the filth, he talks with her.

She doesn’t understand what’s going on and doesn’t recognize him. She’ll do everything he wants if he comes with her right now. But he refuses because he has no more feelings for her; he admits to having feelings for Man-ok and She-monster thinks he’s just angry at her because he wouldn’t even give up Full House for her. But he says Man-ok was worth it. Besides he got over She-monster a long time ago, so she should get over it to.

Ridiculously, she says she won’t give up and turns around dramatically, pauses, then walks out the door.

Seriously? This is just ridiculous. The motive is pure jealousy over…what? Her continued annoyingness really isn’t an excuse to keep her in the script any longer. I know this mirrors the first Full House, but this is exactly what bugged me about it. Give me a second lead with a real, identifiable, understandable purpose, even if that purpose is ridiculous.

Deeno: Time to add a hippo!

Raine: Hippos always have purposes. It was time we added something more exotic to our menagerie anyway.

Deeno: Though technically they are just hairless rabbits.

Raine: Really, really fat hairless rabbits.


Raine: Outside, Man-ok finds her and they have a cat fight. She-monster accuses her of having fun with Sheepy and attacks her for playing with someone above her and making him clean. She-monster won’t let her get a word in edgewise until Man-ok steps it up. When She-monster compares Man-ok to the helpful manhwa character Candy, Man-ok calls her the vicious Eliza. She-monster counters with rude language, but Jang Man-ok won’t have it. She quickly puts a stop to that because she hasn’t done anything to be spoken to in that manner.

GO MAN-OK! You rock!


Raine: Well, for like two seconds. ‘Cause the She-monster reveals that Bunny is going blind. Does Man-ok not care about Bunny?

Man-ok turns around in shock. Then she drops the groceries and hurries to Bunny, leaving Sheepy to find the spilled groceries and wonder where she’s gone.

Deeno: Not the groceries! What did they ever do to deserve being dropped on the ground. Nothing! Nothing I say!

Raine: Wasting food is a no-no. You might be blacklisted.

Also, Sheepy and Man-ok annoy me. Talk people! Especially you two, who communicate decently well.

Anyway, Man-ok puts together all her memories of Bunny’s trouble with vision and realizes that She-monster’s words are true.


Raine: When she arrives at Full House, Bunny is walking around, hunched over in the dark, trying to follow the trail of stars. Man-ok turns on the lights and he yells, “Jin Se-ryung, turn off the lights.” When nothing happens, he yells again and Man-ok is shocked.

“Kang-hwi nim,” she says in horror as he realizes he’s been discovered by the one person he didn’t want to find out. “You can’t see me?”

Deeno: He can’t see her!

Raine: *sob*

Deeno: At least we can still see him!

Raine: Too true!




Raine: Okay, part 2 veered into typical, annoying K-drama land and wasn’t able to salvage itself or poke fun of itself as it had before. It was serious and TRIED to be serious and it just didn’t work for me. Boo.

Since we’re at episode 12 out of 16, I’m expecting separation when they barely brought the trio together in the first part. The pacing is really starting to get out of hand.

And, did anyone else notice that gramps hasn’t figured out the dire financial situation the dojang is in and the fact that they don’t have any students? Are they just gonna glide right past that?

Deeno: I’m confused about him still being around. I thought he was just popping in for her birthday and then leaving. I guess old folks do tend to get all fuddy duddy about cohabitation though.

Raine: Is that why he was there? Whatever. Inconsistencies!

That and I have to music rant. That singing teacher pushed his voice terribly on the upper registers. He was not fit to teach. It was a pretty voice and all, but I wouldn’t let him teach.

That, and someone doesn’t have to have perfect pitch to realize that the guy took the capo off the guitar. That means the key is lowered. You could be tone deaf and realize that. Guh, bad music portrayals.


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7 responses to “Full House Take 2: Episode 12 Recap”

  1. Argh! Silly going into crazy dramaland time…I guess it was too much to hope for that we could keep it up. I don’t have much to add to what you said, but the one thing that has been bugging me for a looooooooooong time is – when is the show going to bring in the fact that Sheepy and Man Ok already knew each other – and that she’s been to the house before – and that Sheepy’s dad being a black belt in Hapkido obviously has something to do with Man Ok’s granddad being his Hapkido master? And right now there are too many back story story lines going on. I really don’t want it being revealed super last minute. *sigh*

  2. I have to say… I liked the show at first cause it was crazily funny. But a dumb show who starts to pretend it’s “serious stuff” when we all know it’s just a big parody. ??? Change of tone, inconsistencies and too many hateful characters. I feel like watching this drama till the end will be a struggle. More bromance and more romance please. Also, can the kamikaze toaster throw itself in the bath tube of the She Monster? Enough already!

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