Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Teasers and Photoshoots

by: Raine

We finally have it, folks! Jo Jung-seok is to be a leading man in Lee Soon-shin is the Best!!! ASA! HOORAY! STOKED!!!!!


To make things even BETTER, it’s going to be at least 50 episodes and airs next Saturday, March 9 taking the place of My Daughter Seo-young. And this is only IU’s second drama and she’s rockin’ the lead role. You work it girl!

Can’t it air now? Please, please, pretty please?

Alright, I’m okay…I swear…

The drama is about a youngest daughter, Lee Soon-shin (IU) struggling to cope with the sudden death of her father. She and her mother move from a remote island (HA!) to Seoul where Soon-shin vows to work really, really hard just like any good k-drama heroine should. Her aspiration is to become a singer and on her road to stardom, she meets Shin Joon-ho (Jo Jung-seok).

I’ll give you three guesses as to what kind of leading mean he is.

Okay, you only get one.

Nevermind, you don’t even get to guess. The answer is TOO obvious.

He’s a handsome but cold, calculating CEO of an entertainment company who falls for the persistently plucky Lee Soon-shin.

Anywho, like most weekend dramas, Lee Soon-shin is the Best will focus on family issues. Soon-shin and her mother, Kim Jung-hae (Go Doo-shim), live and learn together while dealing with the sudden death of Soon-shin’s father. And, of course, it will focus on looooove. And hopefully, smoochies. I love smoochies. Especially when they involve Jo Jung-seok.

Okay, enough of that. Let me summarize all the publicity that’s come out for it and give you pretty pictures to boot.

BTS Poster Photoshoot Interviews

(The LSSITB bit starts a few seconds in.)

First Script Reading

(February 4, 2013 at the KBS Annex Building in Yeuido, Seoul.)

Script Reading Workshop

The cast of Lee Soon-shin is the Best gathered on February 8, 2013 at a resort in the Gangwon Province for some quality bonding time. Of course, like any good Korean gathering, this included post work drinking. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to drink with Jo Jung-seok…

During the gathering they read the script and bonded as a cast. I want to bond with Jo Jung-seok too…

Director Yoon Sung-shik led the gathering that took place during the Lunar New Year and made sure to intersperse work with plenty of fun and games.

Again, fun and games + Jo Jung-seok = I’M THERE!

Two Short Teasers

The first is translated, the second says the same thing, only instead of IU channeling Charlie Chaplin, she rocking the blond Marylin Monroe wig.

Shooting of Episode 1

The first scene with IU, Son Tae-young and Go Joo-won was shot on February 13. Jo Jung-seok also came to observe like the awesome sauce that he is.

“It was great to see the casts’ enthusiasm and passion. Everyone worked great together and we expect this drama will be a big success,” said an official from the set.

At the end of filming for the day, IU stated, “I was so nervous when we first started, but everyone was great and helpful and so I was able to relax.  I had a wonderful time today and I look forward to working on this drama. I am doing my best, and so I really hope the viewers will enjoy the drama.”

IU and Jo Jung-seok – Video Message

(KBS2 TV new weekend drama “You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin”. Jo Jungsuk . IU
KBS Journal ‘first issue (online)’ congratulatory message – Translated by squishy from the Soompi forum.)

IU: Hello! We are the lead actors for the new KBS weekend drama ‘You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin’, to be broadcasted after ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’, IU…

JJS: … and Jo Jung-seok.

IU: Since 1988, KBS Journal, which has received a lot of love from viewers for over 20 years, will be publishing its first online issue!

JJS: The cover of the first issue is none other than…

IU: *Dugudugudugu*

JJS: *joins in the duguduguing* Both of us!



JJS: Sorry… Hurry and click to visit KBS Journal online, which is filled with interesting KBS Programs.

IU: ijournal-dot-kbs-dot-co-dot-kr. Be sure to remember the date March 4th!

JJS: On March 9th…

IU: …it’s our first broadcast…

JJS:You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin”… Yep yep it’s our first broadcast.

IU: Yes.

Both: Please look forward to it!

Lee Soon Shin is the Best Episode 1 Preview

(I haven’t found a translated one yet, but just enjoy the fun for now!)

Production Details

Episodes: 50

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 3.9.13

Air Time: Saturday and Sunday 19:55

Director: Yoon Sung-shik

Screenwriters: Jung Yoo-kyung

Korean Title: 최고다 이순신 (Choigoda Lee Soon Shin)

10 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Teasers and Photoshoots”

  1. Hi raine!babyviolets here of soompi 🙂

    Can you please give me the link of the news regarding their first shoot, and how jjs was here too? I don’t think I read that one yet. You know how we need to gather stuff like this for ‘evidence’kekeke

  2. I love her and I LOVE him! Both in What’s Up and K2H.. He’s awesome, awesome, AWESOME. I’m SO glad he’s moving into leading man territory! ❤

  3. I’m thrilled Jo Jung-seok gets to be the leading man, finally. I’m less sure about everything else.

    The drama sounds full of clichés already (super-hard working lowly country bumpkin? Check. Cold-hearted, super smart and super-superior city guy? Check) and 50+ episodes? I can’t commit to 50+ episodes.

    I don’t have any experience with super-long weekend dramas (the only one I ever tried was A Thousand Kisses and the less is said about that one, the better), but I guess there are bound to fluctuate more quality-wise. Are extended weekend dramas considered as good or better than weekday dramas for an actor’s career?

    Kinda sad to think Jo Jung-seok finally gets to play the lead, while IU does so in her second drama (I thought she was okay in Dream High, nothing more or less). Must be hard to be a non-idol actor in the business sometimes! Hope IU and Jo Jung-seok do well with this drama tough.

  4. I’m psyched with you!! Once I saw Architecture 101 and K2H, I knew this man HAD to have his own leading role!! Thank you Drama Gods!!

    • it was what’s up for me. and then k2h solidified it. that and after what’s up i discovered he’s as awesome as my favorite broadway stars. he’s like the sutton foster of korea…and a dude.

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