Raine’s 252nd Post!

by: Raine

Happy 252nd Post!

Raine’s Dichotomy has reached it’s next big milestone: 252 posts!

Thank you! Thank you! *princess wave*

Like I said last time, we’re going in 63s! Why? Because I can. I like the number 63. It’s fun and now no longer random! It has deep meaning here at Raine’s Dichotomy. (Yes, I said the same thing I did on the last few posts, SO WHAT?!)


I got some more plans for the Dichotomy everyone! W00t! First things first, I need to pick up some older projects. Finish some retrocaps, start my music education series up again with my bestie Roboticraven, pick up K-drama tunes, ‘cello style, and start doing more drama exploration along with recaps.

My first plan for exploration is Flower Boy Next Door. There are a lot of points of the drama that I love that I would love to share, things people don’t necessarily think about.

My next big recapping project is a weekend drama, Lee Soon-shin is the Best. It’s 50 episodes long. O_o. I’ve never tackled something that long before so I really need to plan out how I’m gonna do it. But I think the challenge will be fun, especially on a one-woman run blog.

So congratulate me for my 315 posts! Whooooo! And if you want to see anything on the Dichotomy, let me know! Click that comment button.

See you in another 63 posts! Keep up with the Dichotomy until post 315!

7 responses to “Raine’s 252nd Post!”

  1. chukkahaeyo,agassi!!! more,more,more!
    life is always fun when i read your blogs no matter what!
    ❤ ^psh^ ❤

  2. おめでとうございます!

    (Just because I happen to know how to say that.)

    You are pretty courageous taking on recapping a 50+ episode drama. That’s just mad! 화이팅!

    • arigatou gozaimasu!!! (because I know how to say that)

      I’m thinking I’m stupid at this point…but we’ll see…FIGHTING RAINE!

    • alua, I agree: She’s nuts (for those who didn’t know that before, now you’re in the loop… ^^) That said, it’s going to be fun! *Sending energy to Raine*

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