Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Character Introductions

by: Raine

Here we have it, my first weekend drama and it’s 50+ episodes. Will I make it through or will Jo Jung-seok have to carry me?

(Last updated: 3/23/13)

character introductions

Lee Soon-shin

Actor: IU

Nickname: none

So one of the character descriptions of Lee Soon-shin is that she’s an average looking, talentless woman who is nonetheless brave and courageous.

Well then please tell me how she gets scouted by a talent in order to try to succeed on the stage if she has no talent. She has to have something. And, IU is playing her. The girl is gorgeous and has a voice to kill.

These character descriptions are so silly.

Basically everyone rains on her parade, tells her she’s ugly and worthless and then bad shit happens to her. Somehow, she isn’t a sobbing wreck the whole time.

Shin Joon-ho

Actor: Jo Jung-seok

Nickname: none

My precious Jo Jung-seok is playing an arrogant, cold-blooded CEO of an entertainment management company. Now first of all, I know this is so typical of the genre, but uri oppa will bring color to this lame description. I KNOW IT!

With the first episode watched, I can say he also has some fun insecurities that Jung-seok oppa will definitely have fun with.

Kim Young-hoon

Actor: Lee Ji-hoon

Nickname: none

This guy is a Renaissance character: Joon-ho’s sunbae and best friend, a coffee shop manager and Soon-shin’s guardian angel. Aww, how sweet…*Barf* Give me something new with these descriptions KBS2!!!

Lee Yoo-shin

Actor: Yoo In-nah

Nickname: None

*squeeeeeeee* Yoo In-nah. Totally girl crushing right now!

Okay, I’m done now.

She plays a freelance writer and public relations professional. She’s Soon-shin’s second oldest sister and she also gets some love action going with her hottie neigbhor Park Chan-woo.

She is a MEAN MEAN sister. But it’s Yoo In-nah, so I’m lovin’ how I can hate her and love her allllll at the same time.

Lee Hye-shin

Actor: Son Tae-young

Nickname: None

Like me, this woman is an eldest daughter. Also like me, she feels the pressure of being the eldest daughter. She has trouble expressing herself save for being responsible and family oriented.

Kim Jung-ae

Actor: Go Doo-shim

Nickname: None

This is the mother of the Lee daughters who moves with Soon-shin to Seoul after the sudden death of her husband. She and Soon-shin lean on each other in order to get through the tough times.

Song Mi-ryung

Actor: Lee Mi-sook

Nickname: None

A famous actress who discovers that Lee Soon-shin is talented, despite the character description that said Soon-shin was talentless…heh. She also has a secret relationship with Soon-shin’s mom. Is she…her sister? Her long lost lover? Her husband’s long lost lover? Soon-shin’s potential mother? So many makjang paths to take. Which to choose?

Park Chan-woo

Actor: Go Joo-won

Nickname: None

This dermatologist neighbor will be macking it with Yoo In-nah Lee Yoo-shin.

Shin Dong-hyuk

Actor: Kim Gab-soo

Nickname: None

Shin Joon-ho’s daddy. He looks a bit scary in that picture…

Choi Yeon-ah

Actor: Kim Yoon-seo

Nickname: None

Shin Joon-ho’s actress ex-girlfriend. The implication is that he left his music career for her. She’s pretty arrogant, too.

Jo In-Sung

Actor: Lee Ji-hoon

Nickname: None

Shin Joon-ho’s plucky assistant. He is always crackin’ on Joon-ho and getting reprimanded.

Shin Yi-jung

Actor: Bae Keu-rin

Nickname: None

Shin Joon-ho’s sister.

Park Chan-mi

Actor: Park Ga Won

Nickname: none

Park Chan-woo’s sister and Soon-shin’s friend. She seems to like her food and is very frank. She is a freelance journalist.

Park Bok-man

Actor: Song Min-hyung

Nickname: None

Park Chan-woo’s father.

Jang Gil-ja

Actor: Kim Dong-joo

Nickname: None

Park Chan-woo’s mother. She doesn’t seem to like Soon-shin, just like everyone else.

Seo Jin-wook

Actor: Jung Woo

Nickname: None

The neighborhood baker who made his first appearance in episode three.

Hwang Il-do

Actor: Yoon Da-hoon

Nickname: None

Song Mi-ryeong’s ex-manager. He used her to settle some gambling debts. He also has been her manager for thirty years so he has a few of her deep dark secrets under his belt. Now that he’s been fired, he’s kinda a loose cannon, don’t ya think?

Yoon Soo-jung

Actor: Lee Eung-kyung

Nickname: None

Shin Joon-ho’s mother.

Shim Mak-re

Actor: Kim Yong-rim

Nickname: None

Lee Soon-shin’s grandmother.

Han Woo-joo

Actor: Kim Hwan-hee

Nickname: None

Hye-shin’s daughter and Soon-shin’s niece

Lee Chang-hoon

Actor: Jung Dong-hwa

Nickname: None

Lee Soon-shin’s daddy who’s gonna kick the bucket.

Mr. Waiter

Actor: Unknown

Nickname: None

The sourpuss waiter who work at Young-hoon’s cafe. He doesn’t like Soon-shin because she loitered and then got a job at the cafe.

reporter park who asked all the questions in the first episode

President Fake Shin

Actor: Kim Kwang-gyu

Nickname: None

The conman who scams Soon-shin and Jung-ae for a ₩20 million bank loan in her nam

Production Details

Episodes: 50

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 3.9.13

Air Time: Saturday and Sunday 19:55

Director: Yun Song-shik

Screenwriters: Jung Yoo-kyung

Korean title: 최고다 이순신

Recaps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

6 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Character Introductions”

  1. Good luck raine for this 50 episoder…I’m watching this myself so I’ll drop my to read your take on it.

    There are two Lee Ji hoon ?? Anyway the boy from school 2013 plays Jo Jungseok’s secretary or personal assistant.

    Saw the first two episodes…so far quite alright. YIN is a riot.

  2. Lee Ji Hoon is in this and Glass Mask at the same time?!! The man is a machine!!!! Glass Mask is a daily!! When will he find the time?!!! I sure hope to see this! Viki! Dramafever! Someone reliable!! You know I prefer to watch on my TV not my laptop!!

      • Yup, I love him! Loved him in his dramas more than the dramas themselves. Glass Mask has been the exception!

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