Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 12 Recap

by: Raine

How much am I loving the rapport between all the growing relationships? There is an ease about this show, even with the secrets lurking about, that makes me want to watch it over and over and really look forward to each Saturday.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 28.0%. Highest rating thus far! Whoo, rock on Lee Soon-shin!

episode 12 recap

Gil-ja finally discovers the secret that we’ve all known pretty much since day 1: Kyung-sook/Mi-ryeong is Soon-shin’s biological mother.

FINALLY! I cannot tell you how annoying this whole this has been for me.

Anyway, Bok-man ushers Gil-ja out for a chat, leaving his miffed wife behind. It’s kind of a douche-y move. She thinks you’re cheating buddy. You should clear that up right quick.

Jung-ae is absolutely incredulous and can’t believe that Bok-man and Chang-hoon would trick her. How could they not tell her that Soon-shin is Mi-ryeong’s daughter? When Bok-man verbally confirms her suspicions again, it strikes her cold. And then she asks the question we’ve all been wondering: is Soon-shin Chang-hoon’s child?

This sends Bok-man into a flurry of explanation. She’s not. Chang-hoon would never do that to you. He loved you. Jung-ae is skeptical. How could her husband bring his first love’s baby to her and then lie to her for all these years? Bok-man frantically reassures her that there must’ve been a good reason and Soon-shin is NOT Chang-hoon’s biological daughter.

If you ask me, I don’t think Soon-shin is. I don’t know why. It’s a hunch. But I guess you didn’t ask me, huh?

Jung-ae lies in bed and tries to absorb the truths that Bok-man accidentally flung at her. She tells herself that her husband can’t have cheated on her.

In the morning, Soon-shin asks Hye-shin were there mother is and Jung-ae is sleeping. She stayed up all night. Of course, poor lifelong scapegoat Soon-shin assumes that it’s her fault for continuing to pursue acting. She goes to talk to Jung-ae, but she pretends to be asleep. She can’t face Soon-shin yet.

Soon-shin heads to work, but is feeling pretty down about her mother. Our trusty Young-hoon notices and comes to help her clean a window. He notes that she looks really worried and wonders if it’s because she’s working and studying acting. Soon-shin admits that her mother doesn’t want her to become an actress. He advises her to give Jung-ae some time. If Soon-shin really loves acting, Jung-ae will eventually understand, so Soon-shin shouldn’t worry. With a sweet smile, Soon-shin thanks him, which is, of course, the moment our hero enters just in time to feel jealous.

What are you whispering about? Joon-ho asks and Young-hoon says he doesn’t have to know. Joon-ho guesses that it was about Soon-shin’s mother and scoffs that everyone knows. With a smirk, Soon-shin repeats Young-hoon’s words: you don’t have to know. Then she walks away, leaving him curious as hell.

He heads up to his office and literally internet searches, “How to convince parents who oppose…” HAHAHA! So cute! The internets have the answer for everything, don’t they? In-sung comes in and asks why Joon-ho looks so worried so Joon-ho asks: What should I do if parents oppose something?

He’s already opposed his parents once and gotten kicked out, so he’s probably really unsure of how to go about this.

Of course, In-sung thinks that Joon-ho is trying to woo a woman and her parents hate him. Well, in a way…sort of…


Here are In-sung’s suggestions:

  1. Buy the parents a present.
  2. Then, if they have warmed up to him, he should go visit their house.
  3. Then, get down on his knees. (Do I have to?) Yes! and smash your head against the ground and say, “Give you daughter to me.” In a confident voice.

To illustrate suggestion number three, In-sung smashes his forehead against the desk, emphasizing that the noise is the key to convincing the parents that one can live without the woman. BWHAHAHA!

Joon-ho decides not to listen to him. Hehe. Smart boy…er…man?

Then we’re off to sexy baker Jin-wook who is, SURPRISE, looking in the paper for places to live. His assistant comes to tell him to find a nicer place than a dorm this time and wonders why Jin-wook is saving money like crazy.

Oooh, why ARE you saving money like crazy? Huh? Huh? For a ring? HUH?!

No, he wants something more boring: to build his own bakery. Mr. Assistant suggests to sleep in the kitchen with a sack of flour for a pillow. They laugh together, but Jin-wook’s laughter quickly melts into a glare. Mr. Assistant quickly suggests something smarter: go see a realtor.

The realtor who is working to sell Granny’s room is having a hard time selling the badly lit sub-basement to a woman. And then who should walk in but uri sexy baker who hears that the room is really cheap. He wants to rent it, but the realtor says that he can’t because he ain’t a girl. Jin-wook says he can protect against thieves and other such things. The realtor isn’t sure, but he asks for a chance to convince him.

The realtor takes him to the property and he loves the garden. When they go in, Hye-shin is there to greet them. He gasps in surprise when he sees her and runs away when Granny comes in. The women are super confused. In the street, he’s flipping his lid when Woo-joo passes by him without a greeting.

Granny thinks he’s weird for running away. Also, she told the realtor NO MEN.

Okay, now I KNOW he’s gonna live there.

Anyway, Granny knows she’s seen him somewhere and Hye-shin tells her that he’s the baker. Granny likes him, he’s a nice guy. Then she asks if Jung-ae went to “exercise” again.

She did and she is sitting, lost in thought. Her mean boss comes by to tell her to step up. She’s been cleaning the same place for hours. He sees her half-heartedly scrub and climbs the stairs to give her a piece of his mind. She’s always late or missing work. She doesn’t deserve to get paid. She quietly apologizes. He says she looks like a woman mistreated by her husband.

It’s the last straw and she drops her bucket and grabs her boss by the collar. “What did you just say?!” He shoves her away and she falls to the ground. She is fired.

Okay, I admit. If she’s missing work and coming in late consistently, those are grounds for firing. But he treated her like shit. Not cool.

Yi-jung is trying her luck at the hospital again. She made an appointment to see Park Chan-woo and tells the lady at the front not to tell her father she’s there. Yi-jung has come in with a small cut on her arm. She acts like it’s the hugest deal in the world and tries to strike up conversation, but he gives very short answers. She starts blathering on about fate and Chan-woo hands the treatment over to his nurse ASAP. Yi-jung screams at her for making her cut sting and runs after Chan-woo.

How can someone behave like that to other people? Seriously, Yi-jung said Soon-shin was raised badly, but Yi-jung treats others like dog doo.

Just ask Yi-jung runs after Chan-woo, Yoo-shin comes in for an appointment, just in time to witness Yi-jung hitting on Chan-woo. She thanks him for helping her, offers to treat him to lunch  and gets a serious once over by Yoo-shin. She thinks that Yi-jung is the woman Chan-woo took on a blind date. When Chan-woo spots Yoo-shin, she waves. He ignores her and walks away, leaving her crestfallen…and jealous.

Oooh. Jealousy will move things along. Let’s go jealousy!

Yoo-shin goes back to work, but can’t concentrate. He said he liked her and now what is he doing?

He’s making you JEALOUS! HA!

It’s lesson time with Mi-ryeong. Soon-shin has brought her a red bean bun from Jin-wook’s shop, saying that it’s the best. Yi-jung scolds her for giving their teacher garbage food. Mi-ryeong says she loves this food, which shuts Yi-jung up right quick. When Mi-ryeong sees the name on the pastry’s bag, she wonders if Soon-shin lives in the neighborhood.

Yes, yes she does. Born and raised.

Yi-jung tries to hand in her assignment, but Mi-ryeong ignores her, enjoying the red bean bun and asking Soon-shin for any help regarding the neighborhood in the future. Yi-jung’s face falls.

I don’t feel badly for her. She deserves it. I feel badly for Soon-shin getting star treatment, but she is, in reality, just being used. Well, sort of. Mi-ryeong really does like her.

Mi-ryeong reads over their essays and compliments Soon-shin’s and harshly critiques Yi-jung’s. She says the writing is bad and wants her to read Soon-shin’s essay and do it again. Then she hands them a DVD and script from a film she was in long ago, asking for an analysis of the main character.

Yi-jung shoves Soon-shin aside as she leaves. I seriously don’t know why the adults let her treat Soon-shin like that. Or why Soon-shin doesn’t say something. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m American and I don’t get it. If someone shoved me, I’d have a little somethin’ somethin’ to say!

Soon-shin skims Yi-jung’s essay and compares it to hers. When Mi-ryeong returns from the kitchen with some water, Soon-shin asks why she was complimented on purpose. She thinks Yi-jung’s paper is better. Mi-ryeong is surprised by how sharp Soon-shin is. “Do you think I did it on purpose?” she asks and Soon-shin agrees.

Instead of being insulted, Soon-shin promises to work harder for a real compliment in the future. She leaves Mi-ryeong smiling.

Outside, Soon-shin is greeted by Yi-jung who sticks a foot in her path to stop her. Soon-shin walks around her, pissing the rich princess off further. Yi-jung stops Soon-shin again, asking who her backer is. Why else would Soon-shin be getting compliments? Soon-shin is really annoyed by Yi-jung’s constant question, especially as she doesn’t even know what a “backer” is.

Yi-jung thinks she’s lying and that it’s Soon-shin’s fault she’s being “treated this way.” Who is Soon-shin, huh? Along with the nasty words, Yi-jung starts shoving Soon-shin’s shoulder and then grabs her collar.

Dude, I want a cat fight. Soon-shin, kick her whiny ass!

And I get one! Soon-shin has the upper hand until they fall on the ground, pulling hair and rolling and screaming.

This is when Joon-ho chooses to show up and he breaks up the cat fight with our cats still hissing and spitting.

Yi-jung immediately blames Soon-shin, but Joon-ho knows his troublemaker sister better than that. He spots a cut on his commodity’s forehead and pushes back her bang’s to inspect the wound. She shoves him off.

I know I called Soon-shin is commodity, but now I’m positive she means more than that to him. They have a small rapport going and a few exchanges of “awareness”.

Anyway, he turns and yells at his sister. “Yah! Shin Yi-jung!” Of course, his sister say that she’s the victim and Soon-shin is flabbergasted. Yeon-ah comes to visit Mi-ryeong and sees the strange sight. She asks Joon-ho what’s up, but he tells her she doesn’t need to know, grabs Soon-shin’s wrist and drags her away.

Normally, I’m against the wrist drag. But he’s trying to take care of her, but I’m down. Plus, the look on Yeon-ah’s face is worth it. Yeah bitch, you just got ignored. SUCK ON THAT!

Yi-jung runs after him screaming, “Oppa! I’ll killl you when I see you at home!” Yeon-ah carefully approaching the angry beast and asks what relationship she has with Joon-ho.

In case you didn’t know, the word “oppa” technically refers to a girl’s older brother. But it can also mean a person who is LIKE an older brother to you OR a romantic interest. So it makes sense that the word “oppa” confuses Yeon-ah. Yi-jung COULD be his girlfriend…or his sister.

Weird. I know.

Yi-jung asks who Yeon-ah is instead and she says she’s an old friend.

Then she heads inside and asks Mi-ryeong about her teaching those two girls. She’s jealous because she never got private lesson with Mi-ryeong.

Yeon-ah asks if “that girl” that Joon-ho brought has potential. Mi-ryeong says that she’s smarter and cuter than she’d thought.

Is that an answer? And can I trust you? You always LIE!

Yeon-ah is surprised by the answer and says the game will get fun now.

Grr, you bitch. You bitch. You bitch.

Then they talk about a movie on the coffee table. Mi-ryeong really didn’t like herself in it but Yeon-ah says she loved it, especially where she cried out in sorrow. MI-ryeong hadn’t wanted to cry out, she had wanted to smile, but she cried as the director wanted. She wishes she could change it. Yeon-ah says as long as people feel sad, it’s okay.

Wow, you’re really not an artist are you? You should’ve taken Mi-ryeong’s gut instinct and grilled her on it! I would’ve!

The film was on the table because it’s her students’ homework. How will they act?

Joon-ho has gotten some ointment for Soon-shin’s cut. He scolds her for fighting and she defends that Yi-jung came at her first. “Your face is most important as an actress. You got a scar on your ugly face…”

That’s how you’re gonna get her, boy. Just keep that up…

Soon-shin tries to apply the ointment, but misses because she can’t see. Joon-ho snaps at her and decides to do it himself. He cradles her face in his hands so he can do it and they both feel a very tense moment of awareness. Thanks SFX team for the thumping heartbeat in the background.

Joon-ho tosses the ointment at her and makes her do it herself because he is too embarrassed. Then he blusters on about an audition she has to take and what should they do? “Let me look at it again.”

Aw, aw, aw, aw. She’s changing from a commodity into a woman, isn’t she?

He fusses about the bruise and mutters his sister’s name angrily. Soon-shin startles him from his mutterings with a laugh. She thinks it’s funny he’s taking her side. What’s funny? he asks. Of course he’d take his actresses side.


Joon-ho sits beside her and asks about Mi-ryeong’s class. Is she picky and scary? He doesn’t believe Soon-shin when she says that Mi-ryeong is kind because she has a reputation for being picky.

Jung-ae is drinking at a pojangmacha and remembering when they first got Soon-shin. Her husband had said he found the baby at a bus stop. And then later he hadn’t wanted Soon-shin to be an actress.

It all comes together now and Jung-ae continues to drink.

She goes home smashed and falls over, worrying Granny and Hye-shin. She starts rambling. “It’s not true is it? He loved me so much. That’s why you hated me so much, right Granny?”

Hye-shin helps her up, but Jung-ae pushes her away, yells at them and falls over again. Soon-shin comes home to witness the sad scene.

In her room, Jung-ae throws a pillow at the picture of her husband, remembering how sweet he was to her and how he promised to live happily with her. Now she knows he kept deep secrets from her.

Hye-shin and Soon-shin come in with water and are shocked by the mess. Jung-ae waves them away, but both girls sit. Jung-ae beckons Soon-shin closer and touches her  face and hugs her, muttering, “My beautiful child, my beautiful maknae.” Then she passes out.

At least we know she still loves Soon-shin. I still dislike her taking her anger out on the kid, though.

On the way home, Yoo-shin spots Chan-woo and asks him about the girl at the hospital. She was his date right? Are they serious already?

Yoo-shin tells him, only because she cares for him as a friend, that she thinks the woman doesn’t look nice. She isn’t your regular Doenjang girl. (Soybean Paste girl: not spending on necessities to by expensive clothes and accessories) Yoo-shin doesn’t think he can bear with someone who obsessed with nice things. Chan-woo reminds her that she doesn’t have to worry about bearing it. It’s not of her business.

Yoo-shin says it is because she’s his friend. A woman always knows and that girl is no good! He tells her to stop bad mouthing someone she doesn’t know. The girl isn’t who Yoo-shin thinks she is. That makes Yoo-shin deflate a little. Is he taking this girl’s side when he said he liked her just a little while ago? Did he move on already?

And then the lightbulb goes off as Yoo-shin rants about him taking the other girl’s side. We can see in his face that he finally gets it. He asks: Are you feeling jealous now?


She sputters on about how she’s not, but it’s too late. Chan-woo gets it. She says she’s worried and he asks WHY she worries about him. They’re friends, she says nervously.

He’s had enough of her cute denial and he kisses her. At first she resists, but not for long. He pulls away and says, “If you hate me, stop me. Then I won’t do it.” He kisses her again…and she doesn’t stop him.

Yeah, there is no hate there.

YAY KISSES! Babies next? Or is that too fast? Probably, huh?

The next morning she wakes up. “Lee Yoo-shin, what have you done?” She wonders what she did and tosses and turns in bed. You liked it. ADMIT IT!

Yoo-shin rushes down late. Hye-shin tells her about Jung-ae coming home drunk, which surprises her. Soon-shin thinks she was drinking because of her, because she told Jung-ae she was going to be an actress. Hye-shin thinks that Jung-ae wouldn’t drink just because of that. Yoo-shin wonders if it’s because of “that” and Hye-shin immediately shakes her head. She doesn’t want Soon-shin to know about “that”…the divorce.

Hye-shin thinks that Jung-ae is going through hard times. She hasn’t had time to grieve because she’s taking care of the family. They should do more to care for her. The others agree.

Then pretty much my favorite little throw away lines ever: Yoo-shin notices Soon-shin’s cut and frets. She does care! She does! Soon-shin says she bumped into something on the way home.

Granny brings Jung-ae some honey water for her hangover, but Jung-ae sets it aside. She asks her daughter-in-law what happened. Jung-ae refuses to tell her and says nothing is wrong. Instead, she asks why Granny didn’t want her to raise Soon-shin when she was brought to them. Granny simply says that she already had two children. Why raise someone else’s child?

The phrase “someone else’s” child gets to Jung-ae. Maybe Chang-hoon didn’t father her. Granny wonders if Jung-ae regrets raising Soon-shin. Did she cause trouble again? No, she didn’t. And Jung-ae will never regret raising her. She lived her life to the fullest, trying her hardest. Doesn’t Granny think so? The question worries Granny even more.

Soon-shin is at the gym and wants to call her mother, but can’t seem to make herself.

Joon-ho, who is eating with his family, gets a picture text from Soon-shin’s time at the gym that morning and he smiles.His father immediately assumes his dating (I would, too!) but Joon-ho denies it. He has no time. He even had Yi-jung dumped onto his lap now.

Yi-jung asks what relationship he has with Choi Yeon-ah and he defensively says he just wants to scout her.

Soo-jung comes in and slaps a piece of raw beef on Yi-jung’s face to help with the bruising. Yi-jung is grossed out by it, but Soo-jung heard from her friends that this is the best cure.

Really? Beef on a shiner? Isn’t that the oldest myth in the book. Whatever. I’ll go with it. I like seeing Yi-jung with beef on her face. She looks goofy.

Dong-hyuk asks his wife what she’s doing in front of a doctor and she says home remedies are best.

Soo-jung asks how she got the bruise. Did she fight? Yi-jung denies it and Joon-ho jumps in: if she got that bruise, the other person must’ve gotten a bigger one.

Hehe, that’s a warning if I ever heard one.

Dong-hyuk asks his daughter about acting classes and she lies that they are going JUST fine. If she can’t do it, he says, she can quit and he won’t make her go back to America. This complacent attitude scares Soo-jung.

On his way to work, Joon-ho pauses and heads into the kitchen to steal the WHOLE package of beef. He puts it in a ziplock, tucks it under his jacket and scoots by his mother.

Did he just steal beef from his mother’s freezer for Soon-shin?

YES! He goes to the restaurant, sits Soon-shin down, takes one look at her large bruise and slaps a piece of meat onto it.

AHAHAHA! I love him!

She tries to take the RAW beef off her forehead, but he won’t let her. It’s expensive! That has her taking the beef off her face and telling him to cook it instead. He calls her dirty for wanting to eat what was on her face. Put it back! he orders. He’ll buy her real beef later.

You mean, like on a date? HUH?

He gets up and slaps the beef back on her face, all while newly arrived Yeon-ah watches with what may be jealousy? Curiosity?

She and Joon-ho sit down for tea. Yeon-ah asks how everything is going and he asks if she knew that Soon-shin is studying with Mi-ryeong. Yes, she did and Mi-ryeong said that Soon-shin is cute.

Then she brings up the lies about his family. He’d said his parents died and he lived poorly by himself when in reality his father is pretty famous. Joon-ho asks if she regrets something, but she is just sad he wasn’t honest.

Well you’re a slimy snake, how’s that?

He thinks so, too, because he says they probably wouldn’t have broken up had she known that he was from a rich family. She is offended but can say nothing because Young-hoon comes with snacks. On his way out, he checks Soon-shin’s forehead again, all while Yeon-ah is watching. Heh. I love it.

Yeon-ah asks Young-hoon about Soon-shin. He says she’s excellent and wonders if that makes Yeon-ah scared. She should stop the be now if that’s true, before she regrets it. Yeon-ah scoffs while watching Soon-shin: she won’t regret anything.

Pretty cello solo! It plays while Jung-ae confronts Chang-hoon at his grave. How could he do this to her? How could he trick her when she loved only him? When she lived her life as best she could and did the best she could for him and the kids? Who is Soon-shin’s father? Is he?

She keeps talking and asking questions he can never answer. It’s sad to watch her so aggrieved.

Gil-ja tries to aegyo her way into getting some answers from her husband, but it doesn’t work. Besides, she can’t keep it up for long. Chan-mi comes in and tells her mom to lay off. Then she advises her father to tell her mother that he isn’t cheating on her. But he just tells her to go home.

Seriously, dude. Take care of your marriage. I can’t blame Gil-ja at all! I mean, she’s crazy and loud, but she has a right to question your truly bizarre behavior.

Chan-mi wants to arbitrate the fight and swears she’ll live on her own after Chan-woo gets married. She’s sick of them fighting. When Chan-mi leaves, Gil-ja asks again and Bok-man blows up at her. It’s nothing! he declares and stalks away.

Um, then tell your WIFE. You’re seriously at fault here, buddy. If it’s Chang-hoon’s secret, say THAT at least. Be open. Marriages fall apart because of this stuff. Wait, this one IS falling apart because of this stuff.

Soon-shin heads up to Joon-ho’s office and first thing he does is check her cut and bruise, which are nearly gone. It really worked!

He asks if her mother is still against her acting and says that people never like what other people do. Soon-shin says that her mother isn’t like that; she’s doing this for her sake. Joon-ho mutters that people say they’re doing things for others, but they’re really doing it for themselves.

Bingo. 빈고!

Joon-ho tells Soon-shin to leave her mother to him. He’ll take care of her and she scoffs at him. How will he do that? He immediately counters that she doesn’t really trust people even though her name means “innocent” and “trusted”. She scoffs again, amused but not condescending.

He also tells her to not fight with Yi-jung again. If she must, she better beat Yi-jung up, okay? This makes her genuinely laugh.

Why are they so cute?

Cut to Yi-jung who has been in bed all day. She gets a call from a friend and whines that she doesn’t want to go to class. But when her friend mentions clubbing, Yi-jung is suddenly wide awake. She quickly jumps back into bed to fake an illness and has her mother call Mi-ryeong to make her excuses.

Mi-ryeong smiles to herself: her plan is working!

Soon-shin comes for class, which she’ll be taking alone.

Jung-ae has been by Chang-hoon’s grave all day and the caretaker comes to kick her out. The graveyard is closing. On her way out, she remembers passing by Mi-ryeong that one time. She hurries to Bok-man’s chicken shop to ask him where Mi-ryeong lives.

Ruh-roh! Soon-shin is alone with Mi-ryeong! ACKS! This can’t end well.

Jung-ae asks if Chang-hoon met her before he died. Mi-ryeong visited the grave. This surprises Bok-man who gets tongue-tied when Jung-ae asks if Chang-hoon had been meeting the actress.

He had, but not in the way you think! Give your husband a chance woman!

Before Bok-man can explain what really happened, Jung-ae declares she can’t believe him and leaves. He chases after her and they both brush by a very surprised and hurt Gil-ja.

At Mi-ryeong’s Soon-shin is reading the final scene from the move that Mi-ryeong wishes she could re-film. Soon-shin reads the scene sadly, with tears in her eyes and hesitancy in her voice. At the end, she laughs bitterly, surprising the hell out of Mi-ryeong.

Okay, I kind of saw that coming, Soon-shin’s insight into the scene. But I don’t think it’s genetics and that they’re linked by the mind. I think it’s just raw talent given by genetics. Does that make sense?

Soon-shin says she can’t help but laugh even though it says to cry. It would be more sad if she laughed instead of cried. A very pleased Mi-ryeong offers Soon-shin wine and goes to prepare it with a smile.

She IS talented. Hooray!

Soon-shin watches the projector with yearning and awe. Then the doorbell rings and Mi-ryeong asks her to get it. It’s probably the manager.

Only…it’s not. It’s Jung-ae. And she’s cranky.


I wonder if the writer is going to circumvent this meeting as several meetings have been avoided thus far. Maybe Hwang will actually show up. Maybe Soon-shin will hide. Maybe they’ll ignore the door. Maybe they’ll have a face off?

I personally would love a face off. I want to at least have Jung-ae in the know. I’m sick of her whining and moping and yelling at people. I understand her situation is SUPER difficult. She just could’ve handled it differently. Like for one, tell Soon-shin she’s adopted. And talk to her family about what is bothering her.

And then Bok-man. Dude, tell Jung-ae the truth. Tell your WIFE the truth. Stop being a total pussy.

Loved Chan-woo’s moment of understanding. He knows Yoo-shin well and finally got that all the posturing and stuttering stemmed from actual affection for him. I hope she doesn’t do something stupid now. Or maybe I do. Depends on how stupid and what kinda stupid.

I’m a little…unsure about what I think about Jin-wook moving in. It’d be nice to have a man around the house again and to see the forced proximity with Hye-shin AND Woo-joo. I want to see Woo-joo warm up and open up. That girl has some serious damage from this whole divorce thing. I do wonder how they will react to the jailtime. That’s always a hard pill to swallow.

Soon-shin + Joon-ho = HAPPY!

I love these two together. They bring each other out of their shells and delusions about themselves. They poke fun of each other without being mean. They make each other smile. They are naturally drawn to each other and they are sooooooo cute! I love him caring about her under the pretense of the contract, which is, of course, a huge motivator, but he also genuinely is concerned for her well-being. Plus, I get to laugh at him slapping steak on her forehead!

I’m so torn on Mi-ryeong…I like that she’s bolstering Soon-shin. But I hate that the only reason she’s teaching her is because she’s using her. Sure, she thinks she’s cute and feels an affinity for her, but what the hell will that do for Soon-shin?

Now that she’s discovers Soon-shin has some skill, I hope it will improve, but it still pisses me off she was being used.

I’m really glad Soon-shin does have this skill and I hope Jung-ae will get to supporting her quickly. However, she will probably insist on a new acting coach. I wonder how that is all going to work. The synopsis for the drama says Jung-ae will help Soon-shin become an actress. How will that happen I wonder? There are a few paths I see and I’m hoping the show will completely surprise me!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Character introductions.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 12 Screencaps.

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