Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 13 Recap

by: Raine

We finally have a few annoying issues starting to come to a head. I want to see this business with Jung-ae explode so we can just get it over with. I’m sick of her crabby moods. But I love watching Joon-ho and Soon-shin grow close. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 25.9%. It’s still first though!

episode 13 recap

We left off with Jung-ae at Song Mi-ryeong’s door. Mi-ryeong is happily preparing wine and snacks while Soon-shin is trying to comprehend the world of trouble and hurt that will befall if she’s caught.

Luckily, Hwang shows up to take care of it for her. I knew this meeting would subverted. I KNEW IT! They’ve done it too many times. Modus operandi. Come on, show. Find a new trick.

Anyway, Hwang is suspicious of Jung-ae and asks who she is and why she’s ringing a doorbell so late in the night. Instead of identifying herself, Jung-ae merely says that she has to meet Mi-ryeong. Hwang says “no” and physically moves her from the gate. When Jung-ae insists, stepping closer to the gate, and Hwang, he grabs her and shoves her onto the ground.

?!!!!! WHA?! Okay, Hwang, I know I’m not a Jung-ae fan, but that was douche-y. Hwang…meet Raine’s FISTS.

Hwang threatens to calls the police and brushes his jacket off while Jung-ae holds her hand that she hurt in the fall.

Inside, Soon-shin stands immobile in front of the video intercom. Hwang comes in an says he sent a strange woman away. I don’t think Soon-shin saw the altercation, but she is worried about why mom was there. She quickly begs her leave and runs after Jung-ae, leaving Mi-ryeong surprised and, dare I say, a little hurt.

I hope the miscommunication between them ends soon. Soon-shin thinks that Jung-ae is angry because of the acting and she has no idea that it’s because the acting is tied to Mi-ryeong, her biological mother. But it’s too early in this fifty-something episode show to hope for that, huh?

Soon-shin catches up to Jung-ae who lies that she was just walking around the neighborhood. She won’t even give Soon-shin the time of day when she asks to talk.

Nice parenting. I know you’re suffering, but you NEED to parent. I know how difficult this situation is. Death throws you out of whack and then the cheating…but this is not cool.

At work, Soon-shin wonders aloud if her mother discovered everything, which is how a smiling Joon-ho finds her. He notices how down she looks, but she brushes him off. So he launches into some pretty darn good news for an acting trainee: intensive audition training sessions. Of course, this requires late nights, which Soon-shin refuses. She needs to be home early for a while. Joon-ho shrewdly guesses that it’s about her mother and so she agrees to do it, unwilling to open up to him.

He goes upstairs and orders In-sung to buy presents to please parents: ginseng extract. This has In-sung excited that Joon-ho is finally meeting his woman’s parents. Joon-ho kicks him out, but In-sung doesn’t leave before reminding him to get down on his knees and fist-pumping a “fighting” for his romantically hopeless boss.

Jung-ae is sorting bean sprouts with a blank expression. Granny comes in to say that women don’t want to rent their semi-basement. Jung-ae isn’t paying attention and mutters a two-word reply. Granny sighs that she wouldn’t have to rent the room if Chang-hoon was alive. Also, Jung-ae was really lucky to have had Chang-hoon. He was a great husband who never lied. Jung-ae snaps and tells her to stop talking about a dead person.

Granny heads out to garden when Joon-ho shows up to kowtow to Jung-ae.

Oh no, sweetie, you have terrible timing. But you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t, I suppose.

He greets Granny and introduces himself. He wants to talk to Granny and Jung-ae to ask permission. She says they don’t need to go inside and immediately starts in on the questions: Parents? Siblings? Happy family? Age? Zodiac sign?

He finally tells her he doesn’t want to marry Soon-shin, which confuses the hell out of Granny. Then Hye-shin and Jung-ae come out and I’m biting my nails.

Joon-ho begs for her to give him one more chance, begs for her to trust him, but she has “no” written all over her face and in her body language. She walks away from him and he stops her by the arm. She throws him off and he begs again, this time on his knees.

In-sung, you got your wish, but it’s not going over well. Jung-ae becomes even less sympathetic than before. Wait, was she even the least bit sympathetic before? In any case, she raises him and tells him to leave or she would take this lying down.

Then Granny comes in with the broom: you want to date but not marry? Get out! He gets beat out of the yard by Granny. Hye-shin runs out after him to apologize and to promise to work on Jung-ae. But…he should leave for now. Then she points out some broom twigs in his hair. Hehehe. Nice touch.

Hye-shin confronts her mother about how harshly she treated Joon-ho. He has a good reputation. Hye-shin met him personally and points out that he even came to the house for Jung-ae’s permission. This contract isn’t just for fun.

But Jung-ae won’t listen. She says Hye-shin doesn’t know anything and should stop encouraging Soon-shin or she’ll cut Hye-shin off. When Hye-shin asks why she is so sensitive, Jung-ae snaps that shes not an emotionless person. Hye-shin points out that she’s normally understanding, but htat only makes it worse. Jung-ae thinks her kids are neglecting her, like their dad. She’s not going to live like that anymore.

I admit, I agree with her being angry at Chang-hoon. This is a pretty huge lie. But Hye-shin has been a pretty good daughter (save neglecting to tell her about the divorce) and she doesn’t deserve this.

Granny comes in to ask for water and Jung-ae tells her to do it herself and leaves. Hye-shin quickly pours it for her.

I totally winced. Jeeeeez woman.

In her room, Jung-ae throws both pictures of her husband in the trash and then starts to pack.

Open your mouth you idiot, foolish woman. Rely on people. This is why tragedy breaks people apart, because they clam up and become time bombs. At least her being depressed allows for us to have a pretty, melancholy cello solo in the OST!

Dong-hyuk, Soo-jung and Mi-ryeong are eating dinner together. Soo-jung is babbling about Yi-jung’s acting and Mi-ryeong brushes off the compliments and kiss-assy remarks. She gets a call and leaves the room.

With his wife gone, Dong-hyuk thanks Mi-ryeong. He heard Yi-jung skipped class. Mi-ryeong assures him that the girl will be quitting soon. The girl learned a little of what hardship is, but won’t really understand it as Mi-ryeong and Dong-hyuk do; they had to start from the bottom and struggle. Dong-hyuk invites her to play golf with him and his wife that weekend and Mi-ryeong is surprised by the offer. They chat and laugh amicably, which Soo-jung finds a bit bizarre. (She’s peeking into the room during her call.)

Joon-ho returns home and gets cared by the bemasked face of Yi-jung. She asks why he and Mi-ryeong favor Soon-shin. Is her dad rich? Why does Mi-ryeong keep complimenting Soon-shin? The questions strike Joon-ho and make him think, but aloud he defends Soon-shin’s talent and tells his sister to shut her trap just because she ain’t as good.


Now for a short Joon-ho brooding session. I want it to be in the shower. But it’s not. In any case, he wonders why Mi-ryeong is being nice to Soon-shin. His mom comes in and says that Dong-hyuk is acting weird – he was laughing with Mi-ryeong. This adds fuel to Joon-ho’s brooding fire.

Bok-man and Gil-ja are drying dishes and Gil-ja tries to aegyo her way into conversation. But it doesn’t work. She finally just comes out with it: Chang-hoon and Mi-ryeong had a relationship in the past. His reaction confirms the truth and he begs her not to say anything.

You better sew her mouth shut, dude. She’s a blabbermouth.

She promises not to tell, but understands how betrayed Jung-ae feels. She starts going on about how you can’t trust men, when Chan-mi comes in. Bok-man immediately jumps up to cover his wife’s mouth and kisses her cheek. Chan-mi is totally grossed out and surprised when dad asks for private time.


More brooding. Jung-ae on a bus. The bus driver kicks her off at the last stop.

When Soon-shin comes home, Hye-shin tells her that mom isn’t home and that Joon-ho came to beg for permission. Jung-ae furiously sent him away. They wonder what to do if Jung-ae finds out that Soon-shin hasn’t quit.

Soon-shin tries to call mom who is staying at a jimjilbang, but she ignores the call.

The next morning, Soon-shin goes into Jung-ae’s room and finds the trashed pictures, but no Jung-ae. She goes into the kitchen where Hye-shin is preparing breakfast to ask if their mother came home. Yoo-shin assumes she went to work even though they told her to stop going.

Hwang presents a chart of MI-ryeong’s proposed dramas and films to Joon-ho, but Joon-ho isn’t happy with it. The movies on the list all have similar characters; i.e. she’s being type-casted. Also, the movies that Hwang chose for her to focus on were highlighted because of the famous directors.

Hwang defends that it is Joon-ho’s fault: she doesn’t have time because she’s teaching Yi-jung and “that girl”. He should’ve solved the family within the family, not use Mi-ryeong to make Yi-jung give up. That’s why Mi-ryeong agreed to teach them.

More fuel added to Joon-ho’s suspicions.

Joon-ho heads to the hospital to confront his father. But who should already be meeting with him but Chan-woo. Hehehe. Dong-hyuk invites Chan-woo to a seminar on Jeju Island and the young doctor happily accepts. Then, Joon-ho walks in and Dong-hyuk doesn’t even bother introducing him, confusing Chan-woo. Dong-hyuk tells Chan-woo to be prepared for the seminar as he’ll be representing their hospital. Then he leaves and Joon-ho immediately asks about him.

Dong-hyuk’s reply: He’s smart, nice, handsome and tall…unlike you.

HAHAHAHA. I love that they’re pulling in Jo Jung-seok’s height. Not that he’s short (5’8 ft/175cm). But we know how Koreans love their tall guys. I think he’s juuuust right.

Anywho, Joon-ho tells dad that Chan-woo’s face isn’t handsome, but “faces like mine are the big trend. I told you to watch t.v., dad.” Hehehe. Cheeky bastard.

Dong-hyuk asks why his son is there and Joon-ho jumps right into it. “You planned this all with Mi-ryeong, didn’t you? You used Soon-shin to make Yi-jung give up on acting.”

Dad comments that Joon-ho has too much times on his hands, but Joon-ho won’t be deterred. He’s in an awkward position now because of this. Dad points out that Joon-ho wanted Yi-jung to quit, but Joon-ho didn’t want it to happen by using his actress. Dad laughs him off, but Joon-ho is firm: don’t use Soon-shin OR Mi-ryeong again without my permission. Got it?

Rock on, Joon-ho!

As he is leaving, he sees, tall, handsome, successful Chan-woo talking with a patient. Joon-ho scoffs that he looks like a tree. Hehe. You so petty. Also, that he ain’t as hot as he is.

True dat! Jo Jung-seok FTW!

So Joon-ho pushes between Chan-woo and his patient even though they was plenty of room to go around. Then he glances UP at Chan-woo, straightens his shoulders and goes on his 175 cm way. Hehe. How much do I love this? Playing on the height standards? Also, I’ve mentioned this before I think, but In-sung is taller than Joon-ho too and is ALWAYS hunching and stopping so he doesn’t seem taller than his boss. Hehe.

Chan-woo watches Joon-ho leave feeling just a tad puzzled, that is, until a nurse explains that he’s the boss’s son and the boss of an entertainment agency.

At work, Mr. Waiter is being a bit too nice to Soon-shin, cleaning up dishes for her, but then we find out the real reason: he’s got the hots for her older sisters. He asks if the second one has a boyfriend and then fistpumps happily when he hears that she doesn’t. She should invite her sister so he can treat her to good food. Then he makes her sit and rest.

Joon-ho watches for a moment and walks away. I’m thinking he’s jealous, but even more, I think he’s a bit overwhelmed with the situation.

The two go for a walk and she tells him not to come by without telling her. Her mom has been in a bad mood and she’s worried about her. He says he did it for her and with embarrassment admits that he even got hit with a broom by Granny! Soon-shin apologizes for that and says she knows what it’s like. It hurts! Did it hurt for him, too? He is touched by her concern, but oh-so-macho-like says “no.”

She tells him that she’ll take care of it so he doesn’t have to. How? She’ll learn how to act and show her mother. Her mother loves her, she’s just having a hard time. She’ll understand eventually. So he shouldn’t worry.

Then Joon-ho says: Your face is full of worry. How can I not worry about you? You’re very tender-hearted.


He covers up the cute (badly) with: how are you going to be an actress with a heart like that.

(Yeah, they’re close enough for her to touch his arm as she leaves. AW YEAH!)

They sit on a bench and he asks about acting class with Mi-ryeong. She loves them and the compliments. This bothers him and he warns her that compliments can be poison. He’s going to get her a better acting teacher who is not so busy, but Soon-shin doesn’t want another one. She’s going to follow Mi-ryeong. Joon-ho is distressed by this and says there are better teachers out there. But Soon-shin remains firm. Then runs off to work, leaving him frustrated.

Jung-ae mopes at the jimjilbang.

Hye-shin come into gather Granny for lunch, but the old woman is tearing up as she reads a book. Turns out she couldn’t sleep all night because of how Jung-ae treated her. Is this how it will be now that Chang-hoon is gone?

I understand how Granny feels, but she should give the temperamental beast some time.

Hye-shin says she’s probably having menopause, but they both know that’s crap. So Granny gets ready to go out and get air, clear her mind. She’s skipping lunch and feels she doesn’t deserve to eat because she’s a useless old lady. Aww.

Granny heads to sexy baker Jin-wook’s shop and he gives her some milk and buns. She asks why he ran away and he stutters that he forgot to turn off his stove. Then she asks why he wants to rent their room if he owns this nice huge bakery. He admits that he is just the manager and he’s saving for his own business. Granny impressed that he’s honest and hardworking. The real estate lady says he’s nice.

Oh man, the jailbird thing isn’t going to go over well…eeks…But he is so adorkable!

Then Granny offers their room to him. She’d feel more relieved at nights, too. He asks why there are no men. What about her eldest’s hubby? Oh yeah, he’s in Hong Kong.

Yeah…Hong Kong…with another woman.

Hye-shin is staying with them until her husband comes back, Granny informs him, which makes him sad.

He accepts the room.

Yoo-shin can’t stop thinking about kissing Chan-woo. Heh. So she goes to work it off at the rock climbing wall. She hears him calling to her, thinks she’s hallucinating, looks down and then sees his smiling face!

She heads down and confronts him as he stretches. He called her office and found out she was here. When she accuses him of following her, he says he came to rock climb…with the cheekiest smile ever. She’s incredulous and doesn’t believe he can do it. He says he’s athletic and even got complimented in the army. Yoo-shin turns away and tells him to do as he pleases. But when she peeks back, he’s already halfway up the wall, getting admiring looks from all the ladies at his rock climbing prowess. Oh yeah, hers, too.

Admit it Yoo-shin, you think he’s sexy and athletic and hot and smart.

They go out to eat afterwards. He rags on her for eating so little and she tells him to eat where he wants. But he wants to eat with her considering their relationship. And what relationship is that? she wonders. Didn’t they make it clear, y’know, that night?

She calls them friends, his face falls and he realizes that he has an uphill battle in front of him. But he looks totally game for it, especially as he can see her resistance seriously wearing thin. He asks her to a movie, as friends. Hehe. She agrees awkwardly and seems confused about the whole thing. It’s hitting her faster than she expected, I think.

Jung-ae sits on a bench wondering what the point of running away is when there’s nowhere to go. She returns home and is greeted by Hye-shin who wonders where she went. Granny asks the same thing and then says she found someone to rent the room. Jung-ae half-heartedly tells her “good job” and then Granny tells her to wake up. She’s not the only one suffering.

Again, Jung-ae agrees with no emotion. When Hye-shin asks for a thermos to make Woo-joo some soup, Jung-ae throws her bag on the ground, tired of responsibility. Then she relives being kicked from Mi-ryeong’s house.

She dresses nicely to try again. But when she sees Mi-ryeong and Hwang, she chickens out.

So she heads to Gil-ja’s chicken shop for soju. She ignores Gil-ja’s questions and drinks. Then she tells Gil-ja that Soon-shin is Song Mi-ryeong’s biological daughter. Chang-hoon fooled her for all these years.

Gil-ja asks if Soon-shin is Chang-hoon’s daughter, then changes her mind. She can’t be. Jung-ae starts crying and admits she went to see Mi-ryeong, but didn’t meet her. Couldn’t meet her. Mi-ryeong was gorgeous and Jung-ae feels like she couldn’t compare. She didn’t know whose child she was raising. What should she ask Mi-ryeong? Did you have sex with my husband? Jung-ae thinks she’s an idiot. She ran away from home, but no one noticed.

Um, yes they did. You weren’t gone more than a night…stop being retarded.

Jung-ae regrets her life and thinks it was pathetic. She sobs and Gil-ja just sits with her, pitying her.

Yes, cry, get it out, and stop being stupid.

Mi-ryeong has tea with Yeon-ah who notices she’s been happy lately. Mi-ryeong mentions the movie she wanted to laugh in but had to cry instead. She assigned it to her students and Soon-shin laughed, just as Mi-ryeong had wanted to. This does not go over well with Yeon-ah who is jealous, or disappointed about the bet or something. I can’t read her.

Mi-ryeong is stoked that Soon-shin is so smart, but Yeon-ah doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Instead, she invites Mi-ryeong to a fashion show and gets turned down in favor of teaching class.

Soon-shin walks in and receives a tepid greeting from Yeon-ah. Yeon-ah bitterly says that “eomma” complemented Soon-shin and Soon-shin blushes. Then Yeon-ah asks “eomma” to walk her out, feeling possessive.

Ah, so you’re jealous of your mommy, eh? Want the same attention?

Yi-jung texts that she’s still sick so she can’t take class. Mi-ryeong smirks and goes back inside, where Soon-shin is starely glumly out the window. She comments that Mi-ryeong and Yeon-ah seem like a real mother/daughter pair, still worried about her mother.

Soon-shin wonders if her mother would be happy if she becomes an actress like Yeon-ah. She hasn’t been able to tell her mother because her mother has been depressed. Soon-shin hopes her success will bolster her mother’s spirits. Mi-ryeong tells her she’s a great daughter.

I think she is, too.

Mi-ryeong asks for a tour of the neighborhood and they smile happily in anticipation of their outing.

Joon-ho goes to the restaurant where Young-hoon comments that he just missed Soon-shin, who he is always looking for. Joon-ho denies it.

Young-hoon wonders if Joon-ho really thinks that Yeon-ah would work for him. Joon-ho swears she will.

Then Young-hoon cuts to the chase: he’s worried about Soon-shin. She always practices, leaves directly for a practice room after work, recites lines. The reminder makes Joon-ho uncomfortable, but he defends that that is what he pays her for. Young-hoon points out she doesn’t do it for money, just as Joon-ho hadn’t done music for money. People motivated him by saying he was good. Soon-shin is the same; as soon as Mi-ryeong encouraged her, she worked harder. Does Joon-ho want to see her get frustrated and hurt?

No! He doesn’t! Of course, here comes the requisite brooding on the bed scene…no, he’s not naked. Sad times…

Soon-shin and Mi-ryeong are walking and Soon-shin misses her dad whenever they pass the hiking trail and the mineral water pool. Then Mi-ryeong coughs and Soon-shin wraps a scarf around her neck to protect her weak bronchial tubes; she is an actress after all. Soon-shin’s  father used to do it for her since she, too, has weak bronchial tubes. Mi-ryeong mentions someone she knows who used to do it for her, too.

Thank you, show, for smacking us in the face with more shared traits.

Soon-shin takes Mi-ryeong for sundaeguk in this small mom and pop shop. Mi-ryeong garners a bit of attention, but not enough to be annoying. Then Joon-ho calls and hears they are having dinner together. He hurries over only to find Mi-ryeong sitting alone.

He immediately asks her not to hurt Soon-shin’s feelings and to stop pretending to be nice. She’s going to stop teaching when Yi-jung quits anyway. Mi-ryeong is surprised. He keeps going. How is Mi-ryeong going to take responsibility for hurting Soon-shin’s feelings. The girl is really excited right now.

How can he ask her that? Mi-ryeong queries. She guesses there is a bet over Soon-shin between him and Yeon-ah. joon-ho’s face drops. But more than that, Mi-ryeong finds him suspicious for worrying so much. Does he like her?

Cue overenthusiastic denial followed by both of them looking at Soon-shin who is being fed food by the proprietors. They must think she’s cute, too.

Mi-ryeong assures Joon-ho that she’ll make our little Soon-shin an actress.

Soon-shin returns and Mi-ryeong smiles between them while Joon-ho feels the weight of his position and actions.



So was it just me, or was that ending a bit…awkward? It was like, hi, we’re smiling and stuff, so yeah. here’s a nice place to end that leaves you with nothing to anticipate except for the knowledge that you know episode 14 is coming out tomorrow…

Bad editing. Hrm…

Anywho, we all know how much Jung-ae is driving me bonkers. I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I love that Chan-woo still has to work for Yoo-shin, his free-spirited, loud-mouthed princess  who is so fiercely independent. Tame the beast, Chan-woo!

We still have yet to see much of Hye-shin plus the baker, but we know he is so adorably awkward and nervous and insecure. But he does have enough sense to manage a bakery, be a good baker and save money for his dreams. I know the jail thing will punch a wrench into the works, but  bet you anything he was helping someone. I also want to see the mini-romance between him and Woo-joo. I want to see him win the kid over. She needs a daddy figure to care for her.

Joon-ho and Soon-shin. I love their dynamic. They both see each other as society does and then they also see beyond it. They can commiserate with each other, understand each other, poke fun of each other. Feel comfortable. They are so very comfortable and I love it.

Young-hoon. Will someone develop this guy already?

Love In-sung as the sidekick. Gimme moar of that.

I need nekkidness, too. I’m being deprived. Must go back and watch Chan-woo strip.

Don’t judge me. I’m single.

Anywho, this episode was a bit disjointed with Jung-ae randomly running off and telling us Soon-shin is studying but not showing it all that much. It seems like she mostly works. When does she study and go to the gym? We see her having class. And then making Yeon-ah so bitter or jealous or whatever. It didn’t seem like the Yeon-ah before with her showing so much emotion. It was just bizarre. I bet you she’s gonna try to sabotage Soon-shin along with Yi-jung.

We shall see. Onto episode 14!

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Character introductions.

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  1. Hi! I just discovered ur blog today. I ❤ ur recaps! haha, ur hilarious. so sad there wasn't a shower scene or at least a half-naked scene too. I agree on everything u said about Jung-ae btw, ur not alone 🙂 keep raving about dramas. ur really cool 🙂

  2. hello! i’m just click here and there, and I found your blog! 🙂

    I love this show. I love the cast. I love Shin Joon-ho character. And Jo Jung-seok as well. He is perfect! I have a great time watching this show.

    Thanks for the recap. I love the way you recap this drama by the way 🙂

  3. “They both see each other as society does and then they also see beyond it.” Couldn’t agree more. I love how our main couple has 1 thing in common self-esteem wise. can’t wait til their relationship start to develop:) Thanks for the recap!

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