The Denial of Spring

by: Raine

I haven’t ranted in quite some time. The Dichotomy has been quite k-drama heavy. It’s not a bad thing, but I thought I’d cater to the neglected ranting side of things, which, in part, will hopefully aid my sanity.

As most of my readers know, I relocated from Miami, FL to Fort Collins,  CO last August. I love Colorado. It’s got mountains and forests and hiking trails and lots of places to bicycle and do outdoorsy things. And it ain’t got no damned humidity!!! RAWR!

So I enjoyed time outside during fall, patiently waited through the throes of winter and then March 21st, the Equinox, came. Spring! Flowers and butterflies and green grass and blue sky and HOORAY!

Well, at least it was SUPPOSED to come. I even joined a gym to get back in shape for hiking!

And then it happened: March snowstorm.

(Yeah, that’s my car and my driveway. RAWR! )

And then it happened again: April snowstorm.

And again: another April snowstorm.

RAWR! For serious weather gods? Have I been neglecting you too much for k-drama? Did you dislike me for worshiping Park Shi-hoo and Jo Jung-seok rather than you? Is it because I don’t ski and I live in Colorado? Is that some sort of Coloradoan blasphemy? What did I do to deserve so much snow when all I wanted was green grass and fresh, non-frozen, lung burning air? HUH?

I was so excited last week when I saw the grass and then I woke up the next morning and everything was covered in this white CRAP. There was so much of it I had to shovel the driveway twice and dig my car out of the snow THREE TIMES.

I know, I know. You chose to move. Don’t complain. And I DIDN’T. In WINTER! But it’s time for sunshine and I WANT IT!

Not only that. I work up in Wyoming and every Friday I have to drive up the 287. When it is snowing, it is taking my life in my hands in order to make money to pay rent. I love my Wyoming days. I get to do this gorgeous drive, get out of town, listen to music the entire way up and back.

BUT WHEN IT SNOWS, THAT DRIVE IS THE DEVIL! I shouldn’t have to make devil drives in APRIL. That’s WRONG. Cruel and unusual.

And I KNOW we are in a drought and need the moisture. But this is a rant so I’m gonna be selfish and rant. So don’t even TRY to use logic with me. It won’t work!

Ahem…breathing now…

So finally, today, the snow has mostly melted and it was a glorious 60 degrees Fahrenheit out. My bestie RoboticRaven and I went for a two hour walk on this stunning trail and enjoyed what we should’ve gotten before. *mumble grumble*

AND AND AND…my time at the gym really helped my endurance and lungs. I have exercise induced asthma so I always have trouble with long walks and hikes, but NOT today. GLORIOUS!

We chatted for the two hours we were on the trail, enjoyed the river, the snowy foothills, a few peeks of Horsetooth Rock and, of course, the FRESH NON-SNOW LADEN AIR! And we got exercise and it was fun and beautiful.

If it snows again, I might pull all my hair out and commit myself.

Oh yeah, you better comment, or I’ll rant at you. Heh.

5 responses to “The Denial of Spring”

  1. Ah, I feel your pain so much. I thought only the East Coast was experiencing such levels of crappy spring weather. Well, no snowstorms (yet! gosh now I feel like I might have jinxed it) but it’s been unseasonably cold and windy and I just want my spring damm it, but no it will just be unpleasant until May and then I expect horribly summer heat to settle in like it always does.

  2. Snow in APRIL??!! That is some crazy weather you’ve got there! 😛 Glad you’ve managed to enjoy some nice weather now, and hopefully, you won’t see snow for the rest of the year until winter comes around again! And yes, I agree with Mystisith, please be careful on that drive!!

  3. hmm… right about now i’d give anything for snow instead of the crazy humidity that leaves you dripping in your body juices night and day.

  4. I feel you: Weather is a pain in the a$$. Since a pic is better than 1000 words, Basically it’s 1 day yeah! and 10 days booooh!
    I hope you’ll post pics of the place when all is in full bloom. ^^
    PS: Be careful when you drive, Okay? We want a Raine in one piece.

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