Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 14 Recap

by: Raine

How much do I love the growth in the people and the relationships in this show? Well, save for Jung-ae. I feel like they make her cranky for the sake of making her cranky. But I really love watching all the couples and friends and family members interact.

But I am getting antsy for singing. They won’t deprive me, will they? They let Jo Jung-seok sing in King 2 Hearts…for a hot minute. But STILL.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 27.3%.

episode 14 recap

We left off with an oddly quiet episode ending of Mi-ryeong, Joon-ho and Soon-shin staring at each other with only minor tensions flowing in the emotional undercurrent. Such a whacked out ending. But whatever. Soon-shin returns and she immediately gets scolded by Joon-ho for eating sundaeguk instead of what’s on her prescribed diet plan. She gives him some cheek.

Mi-ryeong watches them with a knowing smile: fighting will lead to Joon-ho/Soon-shin babies.

Okay, so I’m getting a little ahead of myself since this is episode 14….

Gil-ja tries to stop Jung-ae from drinking on an empty stomach, but finally gives up. Depressed people are stubborn. Gil-ja advises that Jung-ae raise Soon-shin as before; it doesn’t matter who her parents are and Mi-ryeong isn’t trying to take her back. Chang-hoon is dead.

All valid points, but a little sugar coating would help, Gil-ja ssi. You are just slapping her in the face by saying it like that. Then again, Jung-ae needs a slap in the face.

Jung-ae mutters that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Is she jealous? Worried about losing her kid?

Gil-ja gets a phone order for chicken and Bok-man comes in just in time for Jung-ae to stumble out of the shop, shirking off any offers for help.

On her way home, she sees Joon-ho dropping Soon-shin off, which ticks her off. But then she is floored to see Mi-ryeong come out of the backseat to return Soon-shin’s scarf. The two smile together and you can practically see the jealousy and rage boiling behind Gil-ja’s eyes.

Joon-ho drives away and Soon-shin spots her fuming mother. She is horrified to see her and she should be: Jung-ae marches over and drags her into the house. EEK!

In the car, Joon-ho asks Mi-ryeong why she changed her mind about using Soon-shin. He realizes that she’s serious about training Soon-shin. Mi-ryeong finds Soon-shin cute and pretty, which makes him scoff. He doesn’t think the actress is acting like herself. Right back at you, she says.

Back to Jung-ae dragging Soon-shin into the house. She throws her on the floor and Soon-shin apologizes. Then she explains that she didn’t know what to say because she knew Jung-ae didn’t want her to act. But she REALLY wants to. Even her new teacher, Song Mi-ryeong, thinks she has potential.

She gets smacked across the face and Jung-ae looks murderous. How could Soon-shin do this do her? She tells Soon-shin they are no longer mother and daughter. She is kicking her out.

WHAT?! *Cursing* *CURSING* Seriously you crazy selfish bitch, is that what you’re going to do to your kid? You raised the girl for 25 years and you’re just gonna drop her ‘cause you have some personal issues? You’re going to break up a family. Seriously woman, go rot in hell. I’ve reached the end of my ability to sympathize with you.

Soon-shin begs her mother, but Jung-ae runs upstairs, packs a bag and then goes down to throw it at Soon-shin’s feet. Along the way she gathers a very shocked, Hye-shin, Yoo-shin, Woo-joo and Granny. They are all appalled by the scene and can’t stop it from happening. Jung-ae declares Soon-shin is no longer her daughter and literally shoves her out of the house.

The only beautiful thing about this scene is that Granny, Yoo-shin and Woo-joo, the three people who were meanest to Soon-shin, are on her side, heartbroken and wanting nothing more than for Jung-ae to stop being a crazy bitch.

Hye-shin tries to convince Jung-ae that Soon-shin wants to learn to act and that even Jung-ae supported her at first. What’s the deal?

How about, she’s keeping secrets and doesn’t share with her family and then breaks it apart ‘cause she’s a moron. Yeah, I’m feeling hostility here. Soon-shin is not trying to actively hurt her. Jung-ae acts like she is. Jung-ae is an ADULT. She should realize this. I’m more angry because I just recently went through a death and I KNOW what it does to you and your family. And I also know that you can still treat people decently well despite the pain.

Jung-ae snaps that Soon-shin can do whatever she wants now. She looks guilty, but I really don’t give a damn.

Granny is talking to Yoo-shin in the kitchen and wondering how Soon-shin could still want to be an actress after everything that has happened. Yoo-shin defends Soon-shin and says that the contract is real. Joon-ho isn’t her boyfriend but the president of a big entertainment agency. He wants to make Soon-shin an actress. Granny says that he looked like a swindler, which makes Yoo-shin laugh. She heard Granny hit Joon-ho with a broom. How cool does that make her, hitting a famous guy with a broom?

Sick and twisted, Yoo-shin. But it worked. See people? I knew I liked her. Now I wish Jung-ae would go back to being normal so I can like her again…maybe.

Granny wants to know why she was the only one who didn’t know about Joon-ho, but Yoo-shin deflects. Can Granny try to convince, Jung-ae? Granny doesn’t want to.

Hye-shin comes in and they wonder why Jung-ae is acting so crazy. There must be another reason. Granny thinks it’s because her husband died; look how Jung-ae is treating her.

Soon-shin wanders the streets, lost and depressed. Hye-shin calls to check on her and advise her to sleep at a friend’s house. Soon-shin puts on a strong facade, but seems to be barely holding it together. Then she remember the key to the practice room that Joon-ho gave her. She heads over and the room has a sofa, a wall lined with mirrors, and little else.

(Although I see a keyboard and now I want SINGING! SING IU SING! JUNG-SEOK OPPA SING!)

Soon-shin gives her reflection a pep talk and my heart breaks for her.

The next morning, In-sung heads into work and sees a practice room door is open. He peeks in to find Soon-shin sleeping on the sofa, her shoes on the floor, cup ramyun and bagged kimchi on the table and…her toothbrush. Yeah, she moved in. Get over it!

In his office, Joon-ho is brooding over what he say to Mi-ryeong about treating Soon-shin well and not hurting her. And then what she said about him making a bet on her with Yeon-ah. In-sung comes in to report that it looks like Soon-shin moved into one of the practice rooms. In-sung actually seems worried and suggests that Joon-ho check up on her.

Why would he do that?! Joon-ho huffs.

In-sung hands him the script for Soon-shin’s audition and Joon-ho, of course, heads down to check on her. He bumps into her coming out of the room and asks if she’s going camping with the huge backpack on her back. She lies that she came to practice that morning…well, earlier…

He cuts her off, saying that he doesn’t care (LIES!) and hands her the audition script. She plays a girl who wants to kill herself after being dumped, but a nosy guy changes her life. Soon-shin scoffs at the script; it’s not her style. She’s prefer action because melos are all the same. Joon-ho gets in her face and tells her that her style is what he tells her it is. All she has to do is appreciate him.

Honestly, although there’s a lot of swagger in there, he is right. He is successful and knows what he’s doing. She should listen. Luckily, despite the ‘tude, I know she will.

Then Joon-ho mumbles about her fashion sense. She has none although she doesn’t get why he’s picking on her. She thinks her style is just fine. (I get what he’s saying though. She’s going to be an actress and that means constant limelight. She needs to look good.)

He warns her to practice hard for the audition…and for her mom.


Chan-woo surprises Yoo-shin on her way to lunch, embarrassing her in front of her nosy, nosy, nosy co-workers. She makes the excuse that she’s eating with her “friend,” but she ain’t fooling no one.

By the way. I wants her heels. Yes, I do.

Chan-woo puts a kerchief on the bench for her but she snootily picks it up and puts it on her lap. Then he sets up lunch like a boyfriend would and she’s a bit unnerved by how nice and charming he’s being.

She scolds him for coming without telling her and he says friends can do that. Friends can also book movie tickets for this weekend. He reminisces about picnicing when they were younger and she gets even more unnerved and weirded out. She asks him to stop whatever he’s doing, but he ignores her by changing the subject.

He met Shin Joon-ho at the hospital. He found out that Joon-ho is the son of his hospital director, which impresses Yoo-shin. She thinks he’s cool for having good family ties and being a CEO. Of course, that makes Chan-woo jealous. He thinks Joon-ho was rude, but Yoo-shin says the guy doesn’t need to be polite with that background.

Chan-woo throws his chopsticks down. Yeah, point Yoo-shin, buddy.

Yeon-ah shows up at Dong-hyuk’s hospital, garnering attention from the employees. She asks to meet with the director of the hospital and is immediately shown to the VIP room.

I hate that I think she’s so flippin’ gorgeous because I hate her character. *jealous mumblings*

She is shown to Dong-hyuk who greets her cordially, but without any recognition. He doesn’t watch t.v. so his nurse tells him who she is. Yeon-ah has heard much about him from Mi-ryeong and says that he looks nice and that she wants to come see him often.

Oh, you sneaky git!

(I should put a picture of Jung-ae here, but I don’t want to. I don’t like her anymore!)

Jung-ae is moping in bed remembering the fight where she kicked Soon-shin out of the house. Sit sits up and yells up at the heavens: why is Chang-hoon doing this to her? Did he bring Soon-shin to them so Jung-ae could suffer?

Wow, how about Soon-shin. I want to skip all Jung-ae scenes, but I’ll be a responsible recapper and suffer through them to bring you the scoop. BUT I’M GOING TO WHINE ABOUT IT! WHINE! WHINE!

Soon-shin is absentmindedly cleaning a table and reliving the same fight when she accidentally knocks a tray of dishes on the floor. Mr. Waiter comes flying to her side, he is the truest of suck-ups. He tells her that he will clean for her and freaks out when he realizes she’s cut herself. She’s a bit unnerved by his attention and I’m just waiting for him to crush on her. That would be cute. Especially after so shallowly going goo-goo over his tall, gorgeous sisters.

Speaking of her sisters, he asks when her sister is coming and she gets confused. He runs off to get a broom and tells her not to touch the broken dishes, but she starts to clean again.

Young-hoon comes to help her (wearing University of Miami colors, just like Jo Jung-seok wore a UM sweater in Introduction to Architecture. Yeah, I noticed stuff like that, especially since I went to UM!)

He brings her ointment and a bandaid and asks about her practicing. She answers half-heartedly, which makes him wonder if her mom is still against her becoming an actress. Soon-shin admits that she doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing, but he doesn’t understand what she means. Instead she promises to work hard and make her mom understand. Yeah, he’s not buying her courage.

Yi-jung reluctantly shows up for class and does some Dokko Jin style “mind controlling” before heading inside and presenting an expensive cake to Mi-ryeong. Mi-ryeong isn’t impressed and asks if Yi-jung thinks a cake would make Mi-ryeong forgive her. Yi-jung = blank face. She apologizes for missing class and Mi-ryeong says she can’t be an actress with such weak willpower.

Yi-jung complains that Mi-ryeong always sides with Soon-shin and she hates it. Mi-ryeong smirks and tells her that that’s an excuse. There are girls that are prettier, cuter and more attractive, but they’re not important. It’s important how she does so she should stop making excuses. Also, if she thinks Soon-shin is no better than she is, she’s wrong. She’s a hundred times better than her.

(Honestly, I do think Mi-ryeong is being a tad too mean, but Yi-jung really has a horrible attitude. However, if she has talent, we’ll never know, because she never really got the chance. Why am I standing up for her? Grr.)

Enter Soon-shin. Yi-jung stands up, furious, declares that she quits acting and throws the cake at a very startled Soon-shin’s feet. Then when she stalks out, she slips on the mess and cries like a baby. Soon-shin helps her up and tries to help, but Mi-ryeong stops her.

Mi-ryeong has the lesson start and Soon-shin presents the script. It’s a movie Mi-ryeong might do and they both seem excited at the prospect of working together. They get started on the script.

Woo-joo comes home from school is appalled to see sexy baker Jin-wook moving his stuff into the sub-basement. Then Yoo-shin comes home and is even less happy than Woo-joo to see the weird guy. Jin-wook apologizes for being rude and Woo-joo runs inside to protest this move.

I actually find her adorable when she’s petulant. Woo-joo and Yoo-shin don’t want him to live there and they have a unified fit. Yoo-shin thinks he’s a weirdo, but Granny comes in and says that she checked him out. Everyone in the neighborhood likes him and having a man in the house would make him feel reassured. In fact, she’s inviting him to dinner. But Woo-joo and Yoo-shin aren’t happy.

Yoo-shin confronts her mom. She thought only a woman would live in the rented room. Jung-ae ignores her and continues to chop vegetables. Hye-shin urges her mom to relax and forgive Soon-shin and Yoo-shin joins in. Finally, Jung-ae says she doesn’t know who Soon-shin is so they should stop talking about her, stunning her eldest daughters.

Jin-wook is set up in the basement and has his baseball memorabilia on the wall, cook books on the shelf and a photo of him and what looks like his halmoni. Hye-shin comes to invite him for dinner, but he turns it down, saying he ate. But there is ramyun boiling on a hot plate. He lies that he’s still hungry and laughs awkwardly.

He joins the women, three of whom are sullen and unhappy. Granny scolds Jung-ae about her nasty facial expression, but there is no change. When Jin-wook reaches for food, both Woo-joo and Yoo-shin take the bites he wants. I love watching those two sullenly glare even though its mean. Hye-shin and and Granny scold her and Jin-wook laughs awkwardly.

When Granny asks if Soon-shin has called, Jung-ae leaves the table and Granny apologizes on her behalf. Then Jin-wook gets something in his throat and coughs, so Hye-shin pours him water, earning a glare from Woo-joo. But he can’t stop coughing and spits rice at Woo-joo’s face.

SHE leaves the table and her mom follows. Only Granny and poor, awkward Jin-wook are left at this festive family meal. Granny apologizes on her family’s behalf – they’re not usually like this.


Hye-shin calls Soon-shin who lies that she’s staying at a friend’s house. Aw, it’s so cute how Hye-shin worries about how she’s doing and if she’s eating well.

She’s not the only one. Joon-ho hovers outside the practice room and peeks in. Soon-shin is eating bowl ramyun alone and studying her script. He leaves but pauses at several intervals, fighting himself. He wants to go to her, but won’t let himself.

However, his foot won’t step on the gas pedal and he finally heads up to save her from her solitude.

She’s practicing her audition script in the mirror. It’s a scene about someone who feels abused and misused by her lover and she’s breaking up with him.

Joon-ho pops in and scolds her for eating the ramyun (it’s against the diet plan!) He comments she made the place her home and she says it’s because she practices all the time. Then he jumps in with the big question: have you been in a relationship? Not just a one-sided love.

No, she answers and he wonders how she’ll do the audition when the role is about a girl hurt by a relationship. Mi-ryeong must be crazy to compliment her. All she’ll do is embarrass him.

Although Soon-shin is sighing, I’m thinking that he’s speaking in opposites. And he’s trying to transition to taking her out somewheres. He finally manages to order him to follow him.

He takes her to a meeting that requires an internet ID and everything. They write name tags and he warns her to pay attention and not fall asleep; this is for her audition.

And then we find out: it’s a broken heart club! They are sharing break up stories to get over past loves. One girl is sharing her sob story and, well, sobbing.

(Smart of him to expose her. Again, smart idea, indelicate execution. That’s the name of Joon-ho’s game.)

As the girl sobs and sobs, Joon-ho can’t keep himself from snickering at her story. Soon-shin is called on to talk about her breakup. She doesn’t know what to say and the host skips over her, thinking she’s not ready to talk about it. Joon-ho smirks…but not for long. It’s HIS turn to share: how did he overcome his broken heart? Soon-shin glances at him with a mixture of amusement and expectation.

Joon-ho coolly says that he followed Soon-shin and then leans over to urge her to do what she practiced. She stays stubbornly silent, embarrassing Joon-ho who struggles to find something to say. He finally says that tons of girls are after him so when they leave it doesn’t matter. But the host urges him that avoiding the situation won’t help. He needs to face the situation.

The host has the group clap for Joon-ho. Soon-shin joins in enthusiastically. Finally, with all eyes on him, he admits there is someone he won’t ever forget. He says that she’s everywhere: outside, on t.v. As he speaks, he grows more reflective.

Joon-ho says that he gave up on her. Why cling to someone who hates him? Looking back, he doesn’t think he liked her that much.

While this isn’t his truth, it is what he’s been telling himself all this time.

At first Soon-shin thinks he’s goofing off, but the expression on his face isn’t lying: this is his real hurt that he’s baring regardless of what he’s saying.

The host asks Joon-ho whether he had trouble sleeping and eating or other such normal reactions. Joon-ho’s face falls more. He admits he had trouble sleeping, but he’d always had trouble sleeping. The sobbing woman from before wonders why not sleeping isn’t a problem. She wishes she could sleep without thoughts of her ex crowding her mind.

He answers that he enjoyed sleepless nights better. He didn’t the morning to come, when everyone went about their routines and he was left out. He couldn’t bare that.

They leave the meeting and I’m thinking, “It happened again! He tries to help Soon-shin and ends up helping himself.” I love watching them grow and learn together. It’s really lovely.

But also funny. Soon-shin asks where he found such a weird club. Is he a member? What he said before sounded so real. He denies it, calling it acting. She believes him as much as I do, which is not at all. He turns back to her: learn from this if you don’t have any heartbreak experience. She should thank him…and she does, sarcastically. LOL.

He says she’s hopeless, but she’s stuck on whether or not the story was true. He walks away.

They are so damned cute.

When Joon-ho gets home, he finds Yi-jung sobbing about quitting acting. She was serious about it.

Then you wouldn’t have quit. I’m just saying.

When she sees Joon-ho, she stalks out of the room and his mom tells him that she quit acting. Mi-ryeong made her feel small, which obviously pisses mom off. But Joon-ho is glad. How could Yi-jung be an actress if she can’t even handle lessons with prickly Mi-ryeong? Yi-jung should just be sent back to the U.S.

While I do admit that Yi-jung needed to be knocked down a peg or two, it does bother me how people in her family treat her like an object.

Soo-jung wants Joon-ho to talk to Mi-ryeong, but he says he’s tired. She is frustrated for all of two seconds…until she mentions Yeon-ah became a VIP member of their hospital. Soo-jung may be excited, but Joon-ho is not.

Speaking of the she-devil, Yeon-ah is getting her nails done with Mi-ryeong. She asks how class was and then asks about Yi-jung, who looked pretty. (Yeah, pretty annoying…Hur hur hur! I so funny…okay…stoppping…)

Mi-ryeong explains that the girl quit, probably didn’t want to do it anymore. Yeon-ah doesn’t seem happy that Soon-shin is now getting private lessons. Does she have to do that? Yeon-ah asks and admits that she has a bet with Joon-ho over Soon-shin’s success. She’ll sign a contract with him if Soon-shin becomes famous in six months.

Mi-ryeong knew it. Yeon-ah doesn’t think it will happen but admits to being jealous of Mi-ryeong complementing Soon-shin. So Mi-ryeong shouldn’t be played by Joon-ho.

Then Mi-ryeong eomma lays it down: Yeon-ah needs to be more honest. Does she not want to lose because she doesn’t want to sign or is it because she still has feelings for him?

Yeon-ah is floored and Mi-ryeong reminds her the warning she gave: don’t make trouble that you’ll regret later.

Hehe. Too late!

Yeon-ah is still silent and not smirking! Yes, Mi-ryeong can silence the beast.

Hwang comes to pick Mi-ryeong up, but gets a call from a Detective Park about a witness. Moments later, Hye-shin gest the same call.

NO! Why him first? WHY?! WHY?! That’s not cool!

Hye-shin and Jung-ae head to the station where Hwang is already talking to a detective about the witness. But it was a false witness trying to deduct penalty points from a DUI. Hwang asks if the guy saw anyone, but he didn’t.

Another detective tells Hye-shin and Jung-ae the news. Hye-shin is deeply disappointed, but Jung-ae remains emotionless. She leaves, followed by her angry daughter. Hye-shin stops her and tells her that she’s acting weird, like a dead person. What the hell is going on?

Jung-ae brushes her daughter off and walks out of the station. Hwang sees them leave and does a double take when he sees Jung-ae.

Hwang brings Mi-ryeong her schedule. She asks about the witness (she overheard his phone conversation) and he tells her that it wasn’t the right person. He assures her the case is over.

Soon-shin shows up for a lesson, reminding us of whose daddy was killed in that accident…as if we don’t really know.

On his way out Hwang, grumbles about Mi-ryeong teaching Soon-shin and then a flash hits him! He remembers Jung-ae from in front of Mi-ryeong’s house. It’s time to make a call to someone to gather some information on a dead dude: Lee Chang-hoon. Oh and info on his family with pictures.

Guh, I don’t’ know why I don’t like this plot thread, but I don’t. I never liked Hwang. He’s like a plot mover with no character substance. A sandwich with no filling. He’s lame. And…he has no chin.

Soon-shin is reading from the script. It’s a fight between the female character and her mother. Soon-shin gets really emotional and the tears take over. She stops in the middle of the scene, overwhelmed. Mi-ryeong wonders why she is so emotional; too much emotion is just as bad as too little. She also notices that Soon-shin’s shirt is dirty; that’s not good for an actress. Appearances are important.

But Mi-ryeong also realizes that it’s more than just being too emotional. Something is wrong with Soon-shin. Soon-shin admits that her mother is very mad at her and that she sleeps in the practice room.

Mi-ryeong offers to talk to her mother, which perks Soon-shin right up.

And actually, it perks me up, too. They’ve been teasing us with this meeting for a while. Let’s do it!

Jung-ae reads a text from Soon-shin. “Mom, I won’t let you down. Please understand me.” She sets the phone down and then gets an unexpected call to meet none other than HER WORST ENEMY EVAR!

Yeah, Mi-ryeong. She wants to talk to her about Soon-shin. That can be interpreted so many ways by Jung-ae. Heh. I’m excited. And a little twisted…self-admitted.

Jung-ae shows up at a nice restaurant and spots the glamorous Song Mi-ryeong sitting at a table waiting for her. Mi-ryeong rises with a smile.

Mi-ryeong: Are you Soon-shin’s mother?

Jung-ae: Yes, I’m Soon-shin’s mother.

Mi-ryeong: Nice to meet you. I’m Song Mi-ryeong

Camera pan! END!


How loaded is the word “mother” right now? I felt like Jung-ae was going to explode into a thousand pieces when Mi-ryeong said “eommoni” at the end there. But THANK GOD for the Mi-reyong/June-ae meeting/mommy show down! Clash of the mommies!

Or, will the tension be subverted…again. It worked the first few times, but the director and writer need a new trick.

Speaking of moms, we know I’m super hating on Jung-ae, but seriously, the woman is CAUSING HER OWN PAIN. She’s wallowing, closing herself off, making assumptions, not leaning on those who are right there to help. That’s on her. And kicking Soon-shin out, that was a nasty, nasty, nasty selfish move. She’s acting like Soon-shin was the one who betrayed her rather than Chang-hoon. Soon-shin didn’t have a choice in the matter. But Jung-ae did and does. SHE chose to raise Soon-shin and that makes her her true daughter and she needs to take more responsibility for that.

And what is she doing treating Granny so badly? I’m the first to admit I don’t like Granny all that much, but damn, you don’t treat an elder like that. NO!

How amazing was Joon-ho this episode? I really love how he helps her and then ends up helping himself with her learning and growing by his side. I really appreciate how his fear is being left behind, as Yeon-ah did to him; as even his father did when he disowned him. It’s the same thing Soon-shin is going through. Her sisters are “successful” and she feels that she can never catch up to them. Neither of them feel as though they are good enough.

I’m seeing more how the bet between Yeon-ah and Joon-ho can hurt her. I mean, I knew it would hurt, but as they grow fonder of each other, the truth will feel like a betrayal. Joon-ho may be all posturing and mean words, but he’s constantly there for her, helping her and, in his own backwards way, urging her on. She’s leaning on him and it will be a blow to find out that the support was all because of a bet. Well, supposedly. I’m wondering if she’ll blow it out of proportion or beat Joon-ho up and then forgive him. It’s not much like her to blow it up, but we’ll see.
Now to wait for Saturday. I need to acquire some patience…

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Character introductions.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 14 Screencaps.

9 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 14 Recap”

  1. I adore this drama – I can’t wait for the jump-off on our Soon-Shin couple (seriously). I wonder if once these plot points with the mothers are tamed but SS not knowing the wiser. if we are going to be given a time-skip – or musical video montage of SS becoming the great little starlet that she can be then JH winning the bet and moving on to the hurdles of what that means – ie Crazy Ex sequences of wanting back her man, Crazy Ex attempts at ruining SS career, Crazy Ex gaining what she wants for two seconds and then losing it all because of her egotistical ways lol

    Hmmm nah, it probably wont happen because this show is slotted for 50 episodes and there are all the other characters to consider. So all this crazyness will probably take place during SS climb to fame.

    They better give us explosive SS & JH scenes – and hopefully a couple that once they are together – no noble idiocy or crazy bee with an itch can keep them apart.

  2. No friggin’ way. You’re from Florida?! It’s about time I find a recapper from around here! I’m currently at UF. No hate on UM or anything, but I look out for orange and blue on actors as well lol 🙂

    • Born and raised in Miami! But…I live in Colorado now. Hehe. Haven’t been to the 3-oh-5 since January…UM alumni but alllll of my friends went to UF. I started my blog in Florida. It was born there in 2011. Hehe. Strangely, there are a few Gator fans here! *high five to florida buddy*

  3. I guess I’m fine with Jung Ae being turned into a bad guy, but I wish they’d spend less time on her moping and more time on this making Soon Shin and Joon Ho closer. If they weren’t such a cute couple I’d probably whine more. One of the downsides of recapping is too much analysis. Meanwhile I get to sit back and bask in the cuteness of this drama. I’m even watching this at normal speed! Mwhahahahahaha!

    And sorry about always missing you when you send chats. I’m the worst at staying online these days.

    • Aw, you’re alive! Yeah, I want to throttle Jung-ae. I want more cuteness from our main couple, but based upon my meagre long drama experience, it won’t really happen until closer to episode 20. And wait….normal speed. YOU?! I think I might pass out now…

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