The Denial of Spring is a Scary, Scary Thing

by: Raine

(Tree hunched over under the weight of the snow.)

I know I’ve been ranting about snow. But here is WHY.

Spring snow is DANGEROUS.

Not that other snow isn’t dangerous. But Spring snow is wet and heavy and causes problems!

Like last night, I had to drive home from Wyoming and there was a BLIZZARD. Just outside the stateline, there were THREE huge accidents and idiots driving at 65…on snow…and ice…where traction is seriously like, what? ZERO.

I drove at 30 mph the whole time, stopped periodically to clean ice off my windshield.

So scary.

But if I hadn’t I’d be stuck in WYOMING today. Nothing wrong with Wyoming, but OMG, all roads between FoCo and Wyoming are CLOSED this morning.

And then the poor tree in my front yard is stooped over like a grandfather, LOOK:

I’m going to have to go beat the snow off the branches so those cute little green buds can breathe…and I can walk to my car. Or I could go through the garage. But I’m complaining here.


Dear Snow,

Please go away.


Snow-weary Floridian transplant

8 responses to “The Denial of Spring is a Scary, Scary Thing”

  1. Okay, I get being annoyed about the drive. People driving on snow are idiots. And yes, spring snows CAN be scary and bad. But nothing had bloomed yet. Not too too many broken branches. The snow had already melted off the road by like 9am. And the moisture is good for us. So…
    Floridian transplant…. you’re not in Florida anymore. It snows in Colorado WHENEVER THE HECK IT WANTS! I’ve seen snow in June, woman! Get used to it! ❤

    • You’re the queen of hating change…some comment coming from YOU. But yeah, I know Colorado has the most temperamental weather EVAR.

  2. I’m still slightly jealous. I understand hating snow because you have to drive in it, but a good spring snow can be fun. Especially when you know it will melt away in a day or two and you can go back to warm happy days.

  3. I feel for your Raine dearest.

    We finally got sunshine here in London. Around 16-18 degrees C (sorry, I never got into Fahrenheit, even after living in the States for a couple of years). Mind you, that’s probably as hot as it going to be for most of spring and summer (no such thing as British summer in my un-British opinion).

    • Hehe thanks. I can’t help but rant! I guess my Florida blood followed me and after enough winter, I’m suffering. I suppose everyone does tho…hrm…

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