Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 15 Recap

by: Raine

Too much Jung-ae in this episode. It felt like a super set-up episode. Based on my limited weekend family drama experience, we’re getting to secondary plot introduction time. So too much Jung-ae and not enough Joon-ho/Soon-shin cuteness.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 23.0%.

episode 15 recap

It’s time for mommy showdown between the mommy in the know, Jung-ae, and the blithely smiling mommy, Mi-ryeong.

Mi-ryeong introduces herself and doles out the basic compliment: you raised her well. Jung-ae reigns in her anger as Mi-ryeong explains why she’s there. She hopes Jung-ae will support the depressed Soon-shin because the girl is doing very well. The acting biz is unstable, so it’s reasonable to worry, but Mi-ryeong wants a chance to take care of Soon-shin.

That incites Jung-ae’s self-righteous anger and she accuses Mi-ryeong of knowing nothing about her daughter. But Mi-ryeong says she reads people well and Soon-shin is a rare cookie: she’s innocent and honest. It’s the charm she needs to succeed in the acting field.

When Jung-ae thanks her for the compliment, Mi-ryeong makes the wrong comment: you gave birth to her, it’s thanks to you. She even looks like you when she smiles.

This of course brings out the pride in Jung-ae, if but for a moment, and she says Soon-shin resembles her most. Mi-ryeong  understands why she worries about Soon-shin so much with this kind of love for her child.

But Jung-ae lays down the law. No acting. Even though Mi-ryeong says she usually doesn’t do this and Soon-shin is a special case, Jung-ae asks her to stop. Don’t touch Soon-shin. She won’t act.

Mi-ryeong thinks she should let Soon-shin choose her life’s path, but Jung-ae says that it’s her prerogative. She leaves Mi-ryeong shocked. The actress reels at the treatment.

In the end, it bothers Mi-ryeong so much that she meets Soon-shin at the restaurant to admit that she couldn’t convince Jung-ae. Soon-shin sighs that she knew it wouldn’t be so easy and apologizes for wasting Mi-ryeong’s time. But Mi-ryeong is more concerned with whether or not Soon-shin will continue acting – Mi-ryeong wants to try out of spite. The audition will allow her to debut and show her mother. They will start daily intensive training.

At home, Jung-ae relives the conversation and sneers at Mi-ryeong’s compliments of Jung-ae’s mothering. Then Jung-ae starts to cry, the insecure mother/woman that she is. Hye-shin comes in and Jung-ae asks after Soon-shin. Hye-shin  hopes this means Jung-ae will let her act, but she only wants to know where Soon-shin has been staying.

She stalks out after hearing she’s staying in a practice room at her company.

Guh, this can’t be good. I’m sick of Jung-ae and her selfishness. She’s jealous of Mi-ryeong and pissed at her lying husband so she takes everything out on Soon-shin and her family. Just not cool. I need Joon-ho/Soon-shin time now to cool my temper.

Soon-shin enters her temporary living quarters to practice and recites a linen about waiting for a phone call, which makes her wish her family would call. Just then Candy’s theme pierces the air and Soon-shin jumps to answer it. Hye-shin suggests Soon-shin come home to assuage Jung-ae’s foul mood. Soon-shin begs for a few days in order to prepare for her audition and Hye-shin promises to handle things at home.

Over a meal, Woo-joo asks about Soon-shin and Granny wonders why she’s being so stubborn. Yoo-shin points out that Jung-ae is being just as stubborn. She used to have faith in Soon-shin, why  not now?

Jung-ae declares she won’t have faith in anyone anymore, including them.

What? Okay, come here. I’m going to smack you…with a shovel.

Granny is insulted. She knows Jung-ae has changed, but how can she say that to her face? Jung-ae defends that she cares for Granny very well. She’s only going to think about herself from now on. Oh yeah, Hye-shin and Yoo-shin need to give her an allowance as a living expense. They aren’t forgetting who raised them, are they? She has a rich son-in-law and a daughter who makes good money. She deserves to live well and hang out with her friends.

WHAT?! Okay, I’m done. Can I not recap when Jung-ae is in the scene. I seriously don’t like her. I don’t know how she will make this up to me. I know you’re hurt. Your husband died. He might’ve had a kid with a gorgeous actress. That kid wants to study acting, too. Your janitor boss treated you like dog crap. But how does that make any of this her family’s fault? How does this mean she’s underappreciated by all of them? I get that she’s a little resentful of Granny and Yoo-shin’s attitudes, but this is too much.

Go rot, Jung-ae.

Granny goes out to garden and wishes she followed her son to the grave. Sexy baker Jin-wook comes out and asks after her. He offers to help her and does it with a smile, which is what she needs. He asks if she’s okay and persists even though she says it’s nothing. Finally, she says that old people should die. Jin-wook laughs at her, telling her she’s not old and he makes her laugh by saying she can’t be more than 40 or 50.

Aw, I love him. I’m not a fan of Granny, but Jung-ae is treating her like old people garbage. One thing I LOVE about Korean culture is how they treat grandparents: well. In American culture…eh, not so much. I’m sad for poor Granny who really feels alone in the world.

Yoo-shin comes out to stretch and does some pretty lascivious poses. Jin-wook can’t help but stare and then gets glared at by Yoo-shin when she notices. But girl, you’re the one who stuck your ass out, I’m just saying.

One more reason for her to hate him. But this is one hate I’m down for ‘cause I have a feeling it’ll be fun.

What’s even better is that Hye-shin comes out to walk Woo-joo to school and Woo-joo rushes her mother away from Jin-wook who is walking the same way to work. In Woo-joo’s kid world, she’s scared he’s going to take her mother from him.

Once at the bakery, Jin-wook is pensive and his assistant tries to rouse him, asking about his new place. Does he not like it? Jin-wook wonders whether or not to move out.

Jung-ae goes to the restaurant and drags Soon-shin out. (Thankfully it’s after her shift.)

Soon-shin is on her way to her lesson, which pisses Jung-ae off even more. She wants Soon-shin to choose between coming home RIGHT now or going to her lesson.

Yeah, that’s mature. I have so many angry things to say, but I will hold them in…for now.

Soon-shin explains that there is an audition and Jung-ae assumes that she’s choosing that over never seeing her again. Then she storms away. ONE bit of credit I will give her is that she pauses to look back for her daughter. But she turns away, cursing Soon-shin. So…that credit disappears.

Then, much like Soon-shin had stared into a window while wearing that purple dress, Jung-ae sees her shabby reflection in the window of a nice clothing store.

Soon-shin reads for Mi-ryeong who coaches her. Yeon-ah calls to hang, but Mi-ryeong is busy teaching. She hangs up leaving Yeon-ah jealous and stunned.

Soon-shin reads again and Mi-ryeong is hard on her, wanting more emotion for the scene, a breakup scene. The younger woman is a bit lifeless because of the meeting with her mother.

(Sexy JJS singing. We need singing in this show…)

In-sung has Joon-ho look at several possibilities for an album cover and whadduya know, it says “What’s Up” on the cover and has a picture of a shadow posing like a rock star….just like Jo Jung-seok in What’s Up!!! Those magic changes…. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE.

Ahem…I’m okay.

Of course Joon-ho doesn’t think it will strike a chord in the buyers. Heh. Oh irony.

Mi-ryeong shows up to ensure that he’ll be at Soon-shin’s audition. All new actresses are auditioning and Joon-ho really doesn’t expect her to be cast. She’s not ready yet. The audition is for experience.

Mi-ryeong thinks he’s too innocent. He’s following all the steps but taking no chances. She heard about the bet from Yeon-ah and although she’s not taking sides, she’ll help with this audition. When he asks why, Mi-ryeong admits it’s to prove her awesomeness to the stubborn and rude Jung-ae.

Wow, really? Two completely selfish women? Well, this is drama…

She tells him to focus on marketing and she’ll make Soon-shin a star.

All these declarations are making me nervous…

Mi-ryeong starts to make good on her word by meeting with Director Choi. He wants her to be in the movie and she seems amenable to it. She asks about Eun-young who Director Choi says is his hidden card. He’s having an audition for it, but Mi-ryeong wants to make a suggestion. He’s a bit wary so Mi-ryeong says she’ll hold off on the movie.

Using star power for leverage. How come I admire her and find her gross all at the same time?

He eventually caves.

Bok-man and Gil-ja are making fried chicken (I’m with Onew from SHINee….yay chicken!!!!) They chat about Jung-ae and he suggests she go buy her something tasty. Chan-mi comes in and they all fuss at each other. Then ask about Soon-shin who is still acting. Gil-ja explodes in shock.

I’m wondering why Chan-mi’s character is even there. She never interacts directly with Soon-shin. She’s just the “oh-I-HEARD-from-Soon-shin” person and I hate that. Waste of a character.

Gil-ja goes over to the house with some chicken and greets a very down Granny. Granny admits she never felt so humiliated in her whole life. Before Gil-ja can comfort her, Jung-ae comes home with both arms full of nice clothes – she wants to live luxuriously, too. Then she goes into her room without even greeting Granny.

Korean culture aside, even in my whiteass American house, if you don’t greet people when you walk in the door it is considered extremely rude. Poor Granny.

Gil-ja stares at the expensive clothes with awe and can barely comprehend that Jung-ae bought her something, too, for everything that she has done.

Then Jung-ae admits she met Mi-ryeong and that she is Soon-shin’s acting teacher. Gil-ja clucks where she is supposed to and Jung-ae keeps going. Mi-ryeong didn’t even recognize her own kid and urged Jung-ae to let Soon-shin act. Jung-ae found her rude and shamless enough to want to spit in her face.

So…damned if you do and damned if you don’t, eh? Jung-ae is terrified for Mi-ryeong to recognize Soon-shin and scornful when she doesn’t.

Guess what? Jung-ae even wants revenge. But…for what? I can’t understand her. Can you? Maybe I’m just too disgusted.

Woo-joo stops into the sexy bakery to see the sexy baker. She orders him to move out. He tells her he has a legal contract and she can’t kick him out without legal violation of the lease. Then he asks why she lied about Chan-woo being her father. She looks chastened when he scolds her about his embarrassment, but the girl is quick on her feet. Next question: you like my mother, don’t you?

Stunned silence, then awkward laughter. Then denial. Woo-joo leaves him sputtering.

I love the flirtation between them. I know it’s not romantic flirtation. But to me it’s still flirtation. They’re testing out their relationship and it’s so damned adorable. I can’t wait until they’re buddies.

Before Jin-wook can go after Woo-joo, his Satori-drawling assistant stops him.

Jung-ae puts new bedding and Hye-shin comes to cheer her up. She explains she got new bedding because she didn’t want to use the one she shared with her husband. Hye-shin thinks this is all because she misses Chang-hoon so much.


She wants Hye-shin’s husband’s number because she’s mad he hasn’t contacted her at all since the funeral. (Okay, she’s right there.) She warns Hye-shin not to trust a man not to cheat.

Hye-shin knows…that’s why she divorced. I want the divorce secret out, but Jung-ae might go completely ballistic.

Jung-ae wants to warn him not to cheat, but Hye-shin convinces her not to. Instead, Jung-ae tells Hye-shin to go live with him and come back together.


Hwang gets pictures of Chang-hoon’s family and freaks when he sees Jung-ae. When he peruses the family list, he sees Soon-shin’s name and starts to get suspicious. He calls to ask for a picture for the youngest daughter.

Mi-ryeong is shopping for an outfit for Soon-shin’s audition and calls her to double check her size and tell Soon-shin to work hard.

Hwang comes to meet with Soon-shin, which weirds out Mr. Waiter. It also pisses off Mi-ryeong when he doesn’t answer his phone, but he’s on a mission. He asks about her father and discovers he died and that his name is familiar: Lee Chang-hoon.


Dong-hyuk’s family is eating dinner sans Yi-jung, who is sick in bed. Soo-jung says that she is devastated over her crushed dream. Dong-hyuk isn’t worried: Yi-jung will get over it in a few days and by then she’ll have a new plan to make trouble. Soo-jung calls him cruel and he doesn’t see how he’s being mean. Then he suggests sending Yi-jung for marriage lessons. But Joon-ho thinks that’s a bad idea: people would curse their family if they made Yi-jung get married. No one would like her.

Soo-jung thinks the men of their family are cruel. The men fight about being lumped together and are offended by the comparison while mom watches incredulously. They are father and son, not enemies.

Hehe. They are so dysfunctional.

Soo-jung visits Yi-jung who is lying in bed like a lump. She encourages her daughter to chase another dream. Perhaps dating. What about the doctor (Chan-woo) at Dong-hyuk’s hospital? Yi-jung is elated by that news.

Off to the hospital Soo-jung goes in order to gauge Chan-woo as a son-in-law. He is engrossed in treating her, but she manages to sneak in questions about his parents and asks if he has a girlfriend. She wants to introduce a nice girl to him. He breaks her heart by saying he is seeing someone.

I wonder if Yoo-shin knows that they’re dating…hehe. Dating “as friends”.

On her way out, Soo-jung gets caught by Dong-hyuk and she lies she came to see him. He coldly rebuffs her and I can’t help but pity her.

Chan-woo waits for Yoo-shin who rebuffs his attentions, of course. They head to the movie and she gets totally hot and bothered by the kissing and sex scenes. Chan-woo, however, is enjoying her squirming, especially as everyone around them is a couple being all lovey dovey. That, and Lee Min-ki is getting jiggy on screen. How could you not be turned on by that? I think it’s the film “Very Ordinary Couple”.

Chan-woo leans over to ask her what’s wrong and the proximity nearly blows her mind.

The movie finishes and she charges down the stairs, making him chase her. She’s cold to him and he wants to know why. Finally, she turns and asks him what he’s doing. Why did they watch a romantic movie together? Why does he keep bringing up “just friends”? She thinks he’s making fun of her for being a little attracted to him and turning her down.

She declares she doesn’t want to be his friend and walks away. Then he calls after her, “I don’t want to be your friend either. I’m doing all of this so I can be your boyfriend.” She is embarrassed by his loud voice in public, but he won’t be swayed. Why can’t they be together if her heart was swayed? Is it that their families are too close? Then they can keep it secret.

Hye-shin packs up some things for Soon-shin and asks Yoo-shin to deliver them. Soon-shin is on her way out and says goodbye to Young-hoon. He wishes her luck at her audition and promises that he is her number one fan. Aw.

When Yoo-shin shows up with the bookbag,  Mr. Waiter immediately fawns all over her (even going as far to call her “unni” like a gay man would because he’s so flustered.)

Yoo-shin thought she’d return sooner and makes Soon-shin promise to come back if she doesn’t make it. She is teasing, but Soon-shin says that’s a huge possiblity. She wants to take the audition anyway and surprises Yoo-shin with her maturity.

Then she asks Yoo-shin about their mother. Yoo-shin thinks mom is depressed and is taking it out on Soon-shin, the most beloved daughter. She sighs and mutters that she has too may things going on in her life.

Of course you do, you’re in a  drama. If you didn’t, it wouldn’t be a drama.

Yoo-shin awkwardly asks if Soon-shin still has a crush on Chan-woo, which cues Soon-shin in as to what is going on. She asks if Chan-woo asked Yoo-shin out earning a jawdrop. As Soon-shin tells her sister that she looks good with Chan-woo, Joon-ho meanders in and oh-so-nonchalantly eavesdrops. Soon-shin assures her sister that she feels nothing for him as a man; she sees him as an older brother. Then she congratulates Yoo-shin who is trying to absorb all this.

Joon-ho gets cuaght eavesdropping, but doesn’t need to save face because Mr. Waiter is making an ass of himself instead. He’s brought Soon-shin a shit ton of food on him, which confuses the hell out of her.

Then Soon-shin performs the audition script for Joon-ho who is mesmerized by her performance. It looks like he might think she’s talking to him. When she is through, he gruffly wonders how she got so much better all of a sudden. AWWWW!

I bet it’s ‘cause of the hard time she’s having with mom.

Soon-shin accepts the compliment, but is confused when Joon-ho wonders if she found the emotion because of handing Chan-woo over to her sister. Why would Soon-shin like such a freaking tall guy.

BWAHAHAHA. You jealous bastard.

He tells her to get over Chan-woo and she assures him she did; this is why she got better. He snaps that he shouldn’t have complimented her and has her read it again. Heh. Why so cute, you two?

Then she reads for Mi-ryeong who is also pleased with her reading; now Soon-shin can tell people she is Mi-ryeong’s student. This compliment makes her ecstatic. The situation also assures Mi-ryeong that her suggestion to Director Choi to consider Soon-shin won’t humiliate her.

Mi-ryeong bought Soon-shin an audition dress and has her try it on. While Soon-shin does so, Hwang comes in and doubts Soon-shin will pass. Mi-ryeong assures him that she will and he gets angry. He reveals that Soon-shin is Chang-hoon’s daughter. At first Mi-ryeong can’t believe him, but doesn’t have time to respond before Soon-shin comes in wearing the dress.

Cut to Soon-shin hanging up the dress in the practice room and reliving Mi-ryeong’s compliment. Then she remembers her mom’s ultimatum: me or Mi-ryeong.

Jung-ae is looking at childhood photos of Soon-shin (which look to actually be IU’s childhood photos.) She gets a text from Soon-shin telling her that the audition is tomorrow and that she really wants to do it. She also remembers Mi-ryeong telling her that she wants to take care of Soon-shin (as a teacher.)

Mi-ryeong remembers Chang-hoon’s accident and then all the talks she had with Soon-shin that indicated that she was Chang-hoon’s daughter. But she doesn’t realize that Soon-shin is her biological daughter.

Hwang interrupts her brooding and asks what she is planning to do about the situation. Chang-hoon’s wife came around the house, the crazy woman from before. Why would she do that? Mi-ryeong thinks it was about Soon-shin, but Hwang says it doesn’t matter. If the familiy finds out Mi-ryeong was involved with the accident, it could mean the end of her career.

Soon-shin gets her hair and make-up done and Joon-ho tells her “she looks a little better with her hair and make-up done.” He puts her hand on her shoulder befor ehe leaves to take care of a few things.

They head to the audition with In-sung and Soon-shin glances around at all the auditionees who are all nervously practicing. Soon-shin notices how pretty the girls are. Joon-ho assures her that it’s because they went under the knife and that she is the prettiest.

Then the best part ever: Soon-shin stares at him after the compliment and asks, “What is wrong with you?”


He has no idea, gives her a once over and asks if she’s nervous. She lies that she’s not and he tells her she can do it. He hands her a medicine ball to calm her nerves, but she doesn’t want it. He is so nervous that he tells her she BETTER pass the audition or pay the cancellation fee.  She is so shocked that he forces the medicine ball into her mouth. HAHAHA. Love him.

Then, bad news. Soon-shin isn’t on the audition list. In-sung checked to see if she was there several times.



This episode was basically battle of the moms: who is the most selfish? Result? It’s a damned tie. Although since I messed with Jung-ae’s picture, it might be her. What do you think? Cast your votes!

Jung-ae is just so insufferable. She’s having a one-sided battle with everyone and the only person who takes her up on the fight is Mi-ryeong, who has no idea the true reason of her opponent’s attack.

I wish Hwang hadn’t found out the truth but it would’ve come about through some kind of meeting. His character is useless. Guh.

I can see Yeon-ah readying herself to step up and meddle, though. And I’m actually looking forward to it. I find her a bit fascinating. Her motivation is selfish, but she obviously still likes Joon-ho. I want to know why she loves bruising his ego so much. Is she just evil? I wonder if she’ll find out the truth about her beloved mother/teacher/mean lady.

I’m loving the dynamic that Jin-wook as adding to the family. They need the stability. He is stable despite his awkwardness. I love seeing him make Granny smile and giving Yoo-shin a run for her money. She’s judged him and now he has to prove her wrong. Same with Woo-joo who is just terrified to lose her mother.

I still want to see Hye-shin step up more. She’s just putting bandaids on everything and it’s pretty useless. At least Yoo-shin ahd the courage to tell her mother that she is being ridiculously stubborn.

Speaking of stubborn, I’m glad Chan-woo laid his feelings on her. Maybe now she’ll realize hers. I like the pacing of this relationship and the troubles they’re having. She’s unsure of the change in their once very consistent friendship. Maybe she’s afraid to lose that. Or maybe she’s just a playgirl who’s afraid of love. Or both! Or more…

Now Sexy Baker needs to start wooing. I want to see that awkwardness.

And Joon-ho and Soon-shin. We got like, what?, two scenes with them. NOT COOL! MOAR! They are so cute together. I know shit will hit the fan eventually, but I want cuteness. GIMME!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Character introductions.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 15 Screencaps.

5 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 15 Recap”

  1. Oh Raine I enjoy every second of reading your recap. I saw Jung-ae’s picture and thought “wait was she wearing that when I watched the drama?” then realized you messed with it bahaha it suits her! I don’t get why she feels the need to get revenge on anyone??? So much misdirected anger, especially towards her daughters and Soon-Shin. I hate it when people are angry and they don’t tell anyone WHY. I was actually starting to like Mi-ryung but I guess the drama wanted to remind us that she’s pretty prideful and puts her own welfare above everything else. Also, I don’t get Yeon-ah….she seems to really like Mi-ryung as is so happy to call her mom but is it just so she can move up in the entertainment world? Sometimes I feel like she’s being genuine and other times I want to slap her. Aughhh.

    Not enough Soon-shin/Joon-ho interactions in this ep 😦 I LOVED his awkward muttering when he was telling her that everyone else in the room was plastic and her natural beauty was the prettiest<33 almost squealed hehehe. I also love Yoo-shin/Chan-woo moments because I am a complete sucker for best-friend turned lover stories and bold declarations. I wish we would get a little more background about how they grew up together! They have good verbal rapport and meet up a lot but I want to see a bit of their past! Hye-shin/Baker guy's (sorry this is what I call him lol) story is moving more slowly but I'm ok with that. I do wish there would be some kind of accident and they were stuck together in a room for the night or something hehehe. But I'm sure we'll have to get the divorce and jail parts into the light before there's any real development in their story. More cute misunderstandings please!

  2. ugh totally agree about the mom. I wanted to fast forward her scenes so badly. Whenever she’s onscreen I feel like precious screen time is being wasted… Can’t the writers let her be her angry mopey self more offscreen? Bummer. Well, here’s to hoping things change up a bit in the next couple weeks! More of the sisters & couples, please 🙂 can’t get enough of it!

  3. Yay! I am glad there is someone else who is as irritated by Jung Ae as I am. I get that she’s angry and bitter because she thinks her darling husband cheated on her, but she is acting so brattishly that it makes me want to shake her. I think what makes me angriest is that her absolutely bullheaded determination to push Soon Shin away is actually pushing her closer to Song Mi Ryeong. It’s as if she doesn’t realize that she is in fact sabotaging her relationships with her family because she feels so hurt. I don’t for one minute think that Soon Shin is either one of her parents blood child (I really don’t think daddy dearest cheated on Jung Ae), but that doesn’t mean she isn’t their child. I don’t think she really fully understands what being a parent means, or that blood really doesn’t matter. I also don’t really love that he never told his wife the truth about Soon Shin…though it might have meant her casting her off. What I don’t really get though is that she has found out about a potential affair (which I wish Bo Dok Man/chicken man would actually refute) and she is now lashing out at everyone. It’s ridiculous. It seems like rather ham-fisted and awkward writing to be trying to hammer home the point. And all the secrecy in general – it’s driving me a bit bats. Sorry, that was rather ranty.

    I do however love the side story lovelines, and I want more of them. I LOVE sexy baker man – and I LOVE how his character is so loveable, but with enough spunk to make you love him. Every time he’s one screen the moods lifts, and that’s what we need. Less melo and more cute. Woo Joo is also adorable! And I love her interactions with sexy baker man (whose name I cannot quite remember right now.) This is my first daily drama, and I was under the impression that they can be a little lighter in tone and then slowly unfold…or maybe I was getting confused. I also love Mr. Handsome Chan Woo and how direct he is about his feelings. Yay for K-drama heroes like him!

    And I most definitely agree with you, we NEED MOAR Soon Shin and Joon Ho on screen together! They are lovely when they’re together. (And I also chortled at the “What’s Up” reference).

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