Why So Serious…when you’re performing without Jonghyun?

SM was seriously desperate to get this promotion cycle on the road. So desperate, in fact, that they decided not to include SHINee’s main vocalist, Jonghyun. Poor kiddo got his nose bummed up in a car accident (April 1st) and is still going through the healing process.

Now, in case you didn’t know, nose injuries take some time to heal. Even more than that, Jonghyun is a singer, which means the nose is a VITAL part of his ability to perform. We use our nose and nasal cavities to breathe, vibrate and do all sorts of things while we sing that I don’t really know how to explain.

It’s not surprise that he couldn’t record the “Why So Serious?” MV and help promote. So why didn’t SM wait? WHY?! That boy’s voice is like aural chocolate. Nom. Now I’m hungry.

*pauses to eat real chocolate*

*comes back licking her lips*

Where was I?

Oh yes, being seriously angry about Jonghyun being left out of a five member group where each members role is vital.

Okay, you get it. I’m unhappy about him being left out.

But let’s get to the song. I’ll admit, I’m a new SHINee fan and I haven’t been through all their stuff yet. I can, however, tell you that all of their promotions have been on songs that really don’t have any sort of rock sound to them…AT ALL.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the groovin’ guitars and drums. And I was also happy to hear that my little BAAAAAABY Taemin has a rocker’s voice! I mean, truly. It isn’t as powerful an instrument as Jonghyun’s, but it still has a great timbre and the right kind of rough, husky edge to it.

If you noticed, I mentioned Taemin’s singing. I think that has a LOT to do with the fact that Jonghyun’s parts were sung by him in the video and live. (On the album version, we get to here Jjong sing!) But here I’m talking the video and the live performances. The other guys really get a chance to shine (pun intended), even Onew.

Wait, doesn’t Onew USUALLY sing main? Yeah…but!

With Taemin rocking the upper register (fancy music speak for singing high parts), Onew really got to get down and dirty in his lower register, which, in my not-so-humble-opinion, we don’t hear enough. It is glorious. Darn the K-pop loving masses for adoring high notes and neglecting Onew’s lower register.

Onto Key. Now, I don’t know how to describe his voice, so when I use the word I will use, don’t get angry. I mean it in the coolest way possible. Key has this “whine” to his voice that makes it so interesting. I really loved hearing it in combination with Taemin’s.

Minho gets sexier every video. But what is this? Is that Taemin rapping a little? BAAAABY IS GROWING UP!  (I know it’s like sprechstimme, but whatever. Oh, what’s sprechstimme? Raine, stop showing off your music school education and tell us what the fuck sprechstimme means… It’s a cross between speaking and singing where the words take on the hint of pitch, but still sound spoken. At least that’s my definition.)


The dance. So this isn’t the most intricate thing we’ve seen SHINee pull off. (Think Sherlock or Lucifer.) BUT, it’s so rock with some K-pop flava. It’s got a lot of ball-changes (dance move that shifts weight between feet and back), heavy hits with feet and arms and shoulders. Some 60s and 70s dance steps. Really fun stuff. The old rock lover in me is reveling.

And how’s about those zombie moves? SHINee is the sexy bunch of rocker zombies that I ever did see. Is that Taemin on a bed I see? Yeah…I got distracted.

Back to the song. It took me a few listens to really get into it. Well, I actually really liked most of the song at first…except for the random chorus that busts into AC/DC style four-part harmonies and just hits you in the face out of nowhere. Like a K-drama angry step-mother bitch slap. It still kinda jars me. I think…this is the fault of the writer and then the producer for not ordering the idiot to write a better transition in there. It’s not the kinda chorus that you can just stick in there. It’s too major and happy and ugh…

By itself, the chorus is SUPER fun. But…it’s not by itself..is it? *pulls out editing software*

If you ask me to compare it to their other stuff, I’d say it was a pretty big step to go outside the electronic music that has made their promotions so popular. The electronic, R&B, heavy mixin’ stuff.

After this through, I’ll probably go listen to “Sherlock”.

Thanks for reading my first ever K-pop review! I’m a newbie, so forgive my ignorant opinion. But it’s my blog so I can put out whatever kinda opinion I want SO THERE. MEEEEHRONG!


P.S. SM still shoulda waited for Jonghyun’s schnoz.

5 responses to “Why So Serious…when you’re performing without Jonghyun?”

  1. Raine – I am glad you are joining the ranks of K-pop lovers 😉 This was a great post for a K-pop newbie. Who knows why SM didn’t wait, but SHINee have actually done the four member promoting thing a few other times as well actually. I guess it’s a thing they do. I don’t know if you know this, but at last year’s KBS music awards, the sound system wasn’t working properly, so most singers didn’t have proper playback. So pretty much all the crummy singers in K-pop were mightily exposed…but NOT SHINee!!! They KILLED live, like they always do…but it was so much more apparent because of what they were able to do that many other groups couldn’t.

    Even though I was sad that Jonghyun was missing, I was super happy with how Taemin and Onew (and Key and Minho) really stepped it up. They really are such a fantastic idol group.

    • They haven’t done the MV without a member before though, huh? That’s pretty much the most lasting bit of promotion imho!

      As for live, I agree SHINee is really strong live. But when monitor’s go out, it’s realllly hard to hear. But more practiced/talented individuals will shine through!

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