Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 38 Recap

by: Raine

Yeon-ah needs to be fed to Jaws. Joon-ho and Soon-shin need to make babies. The end.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 28.5%.

episode 38 recap

Joon-ho and Soon-shin miss the last boat off the island until morning. Yay! They’re going to be forced to spend cute time together. Chan-mi isn’t worried about leaving them together, but In-sung is and has a mini-fit. I already like the sidekicks together. Moar please. Less of Yeon-ah brooding over Joon-ho with her enemy.

Soon-shin and Joon-ho get carted off by a match-making ahjussi whose radar goes off when he espies their easy-going relationship. He offers them the only room he has all while winking madly at the awkward Joon-ho.

As if anything wink-worthy would happen. This is a family drama.

So our couple sit awkwardly together, imagining their night to come in a shared bedroom. Match-making ahjussi brings them food and then grins at the couple, enjoying their love vicariously as only a single ahjussi can. He makes remarks about how likeable Soon-shin is and how there is NOTHING to do in the area, but sleep early. Joon-ho chokes on his food. Hehe.

The staff eats together. Yeon-ah spends all of her time eavesdropping on In-sung and Chan-mi. Chan-mi asks about Joon-ho and Yeon-ah and finds out that she dumped Joon-ho despite the fact that she’s clinging to him now. In-sung is dying to tell Chan-mi about Joon-ho liking Soon-shin, but she pretends not to care. It’s kinda adorable how he’s such a little gossip. Chan-mi guesses the truth and says Soon-shin likes him back.

That night, Joon-ho and Soon-shin have changed into ahjussi clothes to sleep and Joon-ho is about to die from tension. He decides to sleep outside despite the mosquito swarm. The awkwardness is so adorable.

Joon-ho fends off the mosquitoes and Soon-shin listens to him shift around outside and feels guilty. She offers to share the room and he refuses. They chat and then she falls silent. He sits and then Soon-shin pops out of nowhere to scare him. He jumps a mile to her (and my) amusement.

They decide to go for a walk and end up sitting on a seawall. They stare up at the stars. Well, she stares up. He stares at her. *squee* Then he teases her and she promises to make him suffer when she becomes a star. Why so cute, you two?

That night we are treated to a most adorable sight:

Soon-shin wakes up and her heart starts to pound when she realizes that she’s trapped against his chest. So she takes the opportunity to trace his features and be cute. Later, it is his turn to realize she is cuddled against him – he smiles like a fool. ACK! Where was this cuteness all my life?

The next morning, the match-making ahjussi wakes them up and they are wrapped in each other’s arms. There is a very long moment of tense silence and then they meet eyes and jerk away. Heh.

Mi-ryeong wanders around the pier brooding over Soon-shin and comes across Dong-hyuk fishing. They hang out and flirt.

Soon-shin and Yeon-ah shoot a scene and it’s weird to see them get along. I wish they did…’cause it’s sweet. The scene requires Yeon-ah to cut into live abalone and she gets grossed out, causing an NG. She doesn’t want to do so the director has her switch lines with Soon-shin – who does it perfectly and gets complimented by the director. HA. Suck on that.

Soon-shin is studying her script when Yeon-ah comes to pick on her. She asks if Soon-shin stayed on the island on purpose. Soon-shin tells her to stop picking on her, but Yeon-ah doesn’t. She insults Soon-shin’s family and Soon-shin won’t let her get away with it. She grabs Yeon-ah and demands an apology. They scuffle and Yeon-ah falls and hurts her ankle. The cast and crew come over as Yeon-ah pitches a fit. The hoity toity actress blames Soon-shin for everything and then Joon-ho makes her apologize without even asking what happened.

Soon-shin bitterly apologizes and Yeon-ah apologizes as well. Fucking bitch.

Mi-ryeong and Dong-hyuk make sashimi out of the fresh catches and flirt. He tells her that he promised to get out of the country and make something of himself. He did and now he misses the sea and his hometown.

Yeon-ah of the twisted ankle GOES FOR A WALK. Who the hell walks to make a twisted ankle feel better? Oh I know, someone who needs to spy her fake mother flirting with Joon-ho’s father. Yeon-ah stores away the information in order to make trouble later.

Soo-jung sits at the table depressed and moping while Yi-jung tries to find out what happened between her and her father. It doesn’t work. Soo-jung goes to mope at Young-hoon’s restaurant. She doesn’t want to take a cooking lesson today because there is nobody to cook for. She tells him that she learned to cook to make her husband happy, but now he doesn’t even look at the food she makes. Her kids are tired of it. Young-hoon says Joon-ho is bad.

Yoo-shin and Chan-woo are shopping for beds and Gil-ja has something bad to say about everything they like – especially since they’re disgustingly cute as they flirt. They lie on a bed to try it out and Gil-ja immediately wedges herself between the cuteness to stop it. She protests the bed, but Chan-woo tells her she has no say. HA!

They continue to shop and the aegyo kills Gil-ja. It’s awesome.

Gil-ja goes back to the shop and totally chugs the drink that Bok-man brought for Jung-ae. He laughs at her for following the young couple and getting grossed out by their flirting. She complains that children are useless and Jung-ae agrees. Heh. Parents in this drama are useless, too.

Dong-hyuk returns home and says nothing happened. She asks again if anything happened and he walks off.

Soon-shin greets the director then leaves, ignoring Joon-ho who waited for her. He explains that he had to make her apologize in that situation. Also, he has something to say to her so he wants to give her a ride. She refuses, still peeved. Yeon-ah watches as he chases her around and decides to make a call to a reporter.

Seriously, get over yourself. Why do you have to have a man you already threw away? You could have anyone you want. Stop being a spoiled pig.

In-sung approaches Joon-ho and advises him to just confess to Soon-shin. Joon-ho feigns ignorance. In-sung shows Joon-ho how to confess and is generally adorable (and very misguided in his advice, which includes shoulder touching and shouting). He even advises him not to sing that cheesy song. You know, the awesome one Jo Jung-seok sings for the OST?

Soon-shin goes to visit Jung-ae, brushing past a very silent and hurt Mi-ryeong. Good, be hurt. It’s the only way for you to understand what you did.

Granny is unhappy to see Soon-shin; Hye-shin is happy. Blah blah. All is as per usual. Soon-shin brought gifts and Granny complains that it’s not enough to make up for leaving them. If she wasn’t Chang-hoon’s daughter, she shouldn’t have seen Soon-shin for a while.

Really? Really? Granny, just die already.

Soon-shin leaves feeling generally unwanted and I’m sure like she doesn’t have a home. Reporter Park sees Soon-shin walking from the house but decides not to pursue her. I’m waiting for more trouble out of him.

Later that evening, Hye-shin is working and Woo-joo wakes up in severe pain. She throws up violently and cries. They hurry out of the house and Jin-wook happens across them. He quickly assesses the situation and carries Woo-joo to the hospital. He stands over her as Hye-shin fills out paperwork. Aw, good guy.

When Hye-shin comes out to thank him, he’s still wearing the jacket that Woo-joo threw up on. I know it’s a directorial oversight, but ew. Hye-shin feels guilty for not noticing that Woo-joo was sick earlier. Jin-wook tells her to cheer up so she can support Woo-joo to a quick recovery. Then he gives her the barf jacket and goes to buy them warm drinks.

Jung-ae, Yoo-shin and Granny talk about Woo-joo who has to stay in the hospital a few days. Jung-ae is thankful for Jin-wook who carried Woo-joo all the way to the hospital. Granny wants to find him a good woman. How about one of your grandchildren? *cough*Hye-shin*cough*

Jin-wook stays by Woo-joo’s bed when Hye-shin goes home to pick up the juk. Woo-joo wakes up and isn’t very happy to see Jin-wook sitting beside her. She rudely wakes him and tells him to leave. He agrees to go, but not before telling Woo-joo he doesn’t have feelings for Hye-shin. He knows that he doesn’t match Hye-shin so Woo-joo shouldn’t hate him too much. He wants to get along well with Woo-joo and says “I like you” in English. Aw.

It’s too much sincerity for the sick and cranky Woo-joo and she throws a pillow at him, ordering him to leave. But it’s obvious that he’s shaken her. He’s consistently kind to her, which is exactly what she needs from a father-figure.

On his way out, he runs into Hye-shin and lies that Woo-joo sent him for coffee. Hye-shin thanks him and he leaves, feeling the weight of his forbidden love(s). The phone rings as Woo-joo is contemplating all that Jin-wook has done for her. It’s her father – she completely forgets about Jin-wook. It’s to be expected, but I hate her father for being a two-timing douche-y prick bastard. Said bastard is coming to town the next day.

Yeon-ah brings Soo-jung a gift and then nastily brings up Dong-hyuk who was there with Mi-ryeong. Soo-jung pretends not to be affected and Yeon-ah pushes the situation further. “They looked so comfortable together. I could’ve misunderstood the situation.”

Can I push her off a cliff? Throw her into jellyfish infested riptides?

When Dong-hyuk comes home, Soo-jung hands him a suitcase and kicks him out. He’s confused, but she is adamant. What did he do yesterday and why with Mi-ryeong? He’s surprised that she thinks they went on a trip together, but he’s still a cheater, so I don’t mind the misinformation. He didn’t want to piss her off by telling her about Mi-ryeong, so he kept the information from her.

This man needs to get his act together and stop treating his wife badly. Cheating is not only sex. It’s emotional as well.

Soo-jung orders him to leave and he does, surprising her. They need therapy.

Young-hoon is teaching Soon-shin how to chop an onion because she wants to prepare for a confession scene in which she chops an onion. It’s a one-sided love because the main character likes Yeon-ah’s character.

Speaking of love, Joon-ho is looking at the picture of him and Soon-shin and contemplating whether or not to confess to her. She’s practicing her script and thinking about sleeping against his chest. The part she is rehearsing is her confession and she channels her emotions for Joon-ho while she recites the lines. They help her realize that she likes Joon-ho.

He calls while she’s in the middle of this realization and he asks to meet (to confess!!!!!) They both adorably rush to their closets to get ready. EEEEEE! So cute!

Unfortunately, Yeon-ah the useless character calls Joon-ho on his way out and wants to meet because an article about them came out.

Yeah, that you instigated.

Soon-shin waits for him and primps, putting a cute pin in her hair while Joon-ho meets Yeon-ah. The t.v. at the cafe reports that Yeon-ah is in a relationship with an agency president who was a singer.


When this show is cute, it is so cute. But it has so many contrived situations that I’m started to just gloss over them. They aren’t even superbly annoying as they were before. I just think Yeon-ah is pathetic. Why chase someone with no interest in you? That relationship woudl be miserable.

More Soon-shin/Joon-ho action. I want Joon-ho to show a little more of his work prowess, too, since the show keeps saying he’s awesome at it. But after he has cute times with Soon-shin. Or Yoo-shin and Chan-woo act cute. I really like that conflict with Gil-ja, too. It’s the only conflict that genuinely makes sense to me on both sides.

As for sexy baker Jin-wook, I LOVE him and Hye-shin and Woo-joo. I’m actually looking forward to see how the comparison between him and Woo-joo’s biological father works. A man who was jailed but is redeemed and a douche who seems alright on paper.

Focus on the relationships, show. Forget that jealous annoying crap.

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