Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 39 Recap

by: Raine

The ending of this episode makes everything worth it. Let’s all say “Finally!” and then “KYA!” together.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 24.4%.

episode 39 recap

News breaks that Choi Yeon-ah is dating a successful executive who used to be a singer. A picture of Joon-ho is pathetically blurred. The look on Soon-shin’s face as she watches is heartbreaking

Joon-ho is completely thrown by the news and demands to know how it leaked. Yeon-ah lies that she doesn’t know. Then a rabid raccoon runs out of the kitchen and attacks her pretty, smug little face! HA!

No…there is no raccoon. But there is a Joon-ho who asks her to put out a press release saying that they are not dating. He’ll put one out as well. Yeon-ah argues that no one will believe it if they deny it. She’s going to let time take care of it.

Then Soon-shin calls and he lies that something urgent came up and he’s going to be late. She deflates and says she is suddenly busy. They can meet next time. It’s so sad and cute how they’re both disappointed and neither knows what to do.

Hwang reads the news about the scandal and is shocked while Mi-ryeong could care less. Soon-shin quickly leaves for a shoot without breakfast, hurting Mi-ryeong’s feelings again. Good.

But Hwang thinks Soon-shin is going overboard. He tells her that Mi-ryeong went to Wan Island to be with Soon-shin because she didn’t know of any other way to relate to her. It’s time for Soon-shin to open up.

How about, it’s time for Mi-ryeong to apologize and stop doing backhanded things to win Soon-shin’s affections. How can Soon-shin forgive her if she’s constantly blackmailing her director, being mean to Jung-ae and spreading bad news about her family? I seriously think Soon-shin is an idiot for living there at all. She needs to grow a backbone and tell people to treat her right.

At the shoot, everyone congratulates Yeon-ah for dating and she pretends like the scandal is true. Soon-shin has to listen to everyone fawn over the “new couple” and when Joon-ho comes in, he gets congratulated as well. They even get asked for a marriage date.

When he tries to talk to Soon-shin, she walks out and Yeon-ah stops him from chasing her. Instead, Chan-mi follows Soon-shin out. She thought Joon-ho liked Soon-shin and is surprised by the news. He followed her everywhere and takes care of her schedule. But Soon-shin is too down to believe it.

Yeon-ah and Joon-ho have their own chat and before Yeon-ah starts talking the rabid raccoon dashes in and snatches her nasty wig and shoves it down her throat!

No…Yeon-ah actually gets to talk, and it’s as unpleasant as you would imagine. She turns his behavior around and says that if he pays attention to Soon-shin, she’ll look bad. She’ll be the woman who stole Yeon-ah’s man.

I hate that Yeon-ah is right and that she orchestrated the whole thing. Either she gets Joon-ho, or Soon-shin looks like a boyfriend stealer and ruin her career.

Where’s the rabid raccoon when I need him? She needs to be bitten…now!

Woo-joo waits for her father to show up. He even told her that he broke up with the “other woman”. She thinks he’ll take them back to Hong Kong. Wow. Just…wow. How lonely for a good father must this child be? 😦

Then sexy baker Jin-wook shows up and Woo-joo immediately tells him to leave. He promises to leave, but not before leaving some cookies. She refuses to eat them. He tells her to get better so they can fight again. Awwwww, then he leaves and Hye-shin walks him out. They say some awkward goodbyes and she smiles as he leaves.

A voice calls out and this unbelievably pompous man smiles at her as though he owns her. It’s Woo-joo’s father and he’s every bit the prick we imagined he’d be. He’s brought Woo-joo lots of presents that make her squeal with pleasure. He aegyos her to win her over and he barely has to try. He accuses Hye-shin of feeding Woo-joo something wrong to make her sick and mumbles that she should just forgive him. He even gets Woo-joo to agree with him.

This guy needs to be kneed in the nads by an angry sumo wrestler.

Yoo-shin gives a presentation and then is offered a big project afterwards to make a new item. She is completely ecstatic and her team is super supportive. They mention late nights and not enough time to date, which makes her frown. She has a fiance now.

Gil-ja calls her out to check out a wedding venue and brags about Chan-woo. Then the venue agent wants to know the date of the wedding and Yoo-shin starts stuttering. The wedding will be in a year. Gil-ja freaks out over how long it’ll be and then realizes that they could break up before the wedding happens. She changes her mind and thinks waiting is a great idea. She goes home happy as a clam.

Chan-woo is suspicious of Gil-ja’s easy agreement to postpone the wedding and suggests moving the date up instead. He just wants to live with her. She looks unsure.

Woo-joo’s father obnoxiously pays the hospital bill and then asks why she refused his mother’s help. Oh, you meant the Harpy who also deserves a rabid raccoon attack? He starts ragging on her hair and clothes and when she walks away, he tries the aegyo apologies on her. He never thought she’d divorce him. He says he would’ve broken up with the other women if she’d asked. A look of disgust crosses her face and she reminds him that it’s over.

When Woo-joo is released, Hye-shin tells Woo-joo to keep her father’s appearance a secret from the family. She doesn’t want to get back together with him, but she’ll let Woo-joo see him whenever she wants. Good for you, Hye-shin!

Woo-joo is happy during dinner because of her father’s visit, but she doesn’t mention him. The topic of conversation shifts to Yoo-shin’s wedding date. She mentions moving the wedding up and doesn’t care much about the wedding. She just wants to be married.

Jung-ae offers her some money for the wedding, which Yoo-shin immediately refuses. She also wants the wedding to be held at a nice place and feels bad she can’t help support the wedding. Yoo-shin says even if her father was alive she’d pay for it herself. The mother and daughter have a much needed bonding moment. D’aw.

Breakfast at Joon-ho’s is quiet and tense without Dong-hyuk present. When asked about Dong-hyuk, Soo-jung merely walks away. Joon-ho wasn’t even aware that Dong-hyuk wasn’t coming home at nights and finds out that he was kicked out of the house after a fight with Soo-jung. Yi-jung admits that she thinks it’s because of a woman.

Joon-ho heads straight to the hospital to confront his father and receives another congratulations from an employee. He makes the most awesome face of annoyance. Hehe.

Anyway, he directly asks his father if he has a girlfriend and Dong-hyuk shoves it back in his face – take care of your own business and don’t make it public. Joon-ho keeps at it and asks when Dong-hyuk is coming back. He’s not, he says, and tells Joon-ho to stop meddling in his business.

Wow, I think it’s Joon-ho’s business when he lives with his parents! I can’t believe Soo-jung is throwing fits rather than talking. But then again, their relationship has never had much talking in it. Still, this is ridiculous. Talk to your husband and children. Let them know at least that things are changing.

They are interrupted by Chan-woo and Dong-hyuk asks about the wedding preparations. Joon-ho half-heartedly congrats the smiling Chan-woo.

Back to the agency Joon-ho goes and he spots Soon-shin and beelines for her. They are really awkward around each other. He tries to flirt with her, but her mood dampens their conversation. He congratulates her on her sister’s wedding and then she says it back, “I guess you’re getting married soon, too. Congratulations.”

Doh! WHY?! ARG! I know you can’t blame her, but ARG!

Joon-ho denies the truth, but Soon-shin says he doesn’t have to lie. She excuses herself to go to a shoot and when she’s far enough away, the tears spill and she pounds her tightened chest. She tells herself she doesn’t care who he dates. Yeah. RIGHT.

Joon-ho returns to his office to brood sexily (where’s the shower?!). When In-sung comes in, Joon-ho is confused because he should be taking Soon-shin to her shoot. But there is no shoot. In-sung dramatically declares his disappointment in Joon-ho for playing two women and Joon-ho explodes. He’s already demanded that Yeon-ah print a retraction article, but she hasn’t done it. In-sung points out the fact that doing nothing is the same as admitting it to the press.

Yeon-ah brings the director to Young-hoon’s restaurant to scout the place as a shooting location. Director loves it and Young-hoon is in on the drama. Then he has a drink with Yeon-ah and asks about the article with Joon-ho. She says none of it is false information and Young-hoon gives her this look that says, “You’re dark and twisty inside, just like Meredith Grey, but you’re just not as cool because you don’t cut people open for a living.”

Yeah, so he probably hasn’t watched Grey’s Anatomy, but he still thinks Yeon-ah is nuts.

Young-hoon warns her not to go further with this. If Joon-ho had wanted Yeon-ah, he would’ve gotten back together with her already. He was there when she left Joon-ho and watched him try to cling to her. She says that she’s back now and that Joon-ho will come back eventually.

Wow, she doesn’t even feel guilty. I will have Meredith Grey pull a scalpel on her…and I’ll release TWO rabid raccoons!

Hye-shin goes shopping for a present for Jin-wook who helped so much with Woo-joo and got barfed on in the process. It’s going to be a shirt or something

Her ex is lurking around the house and he gets got by Jin-wook who asks what he’s doing. The ex immediately gets up in his face in banmal and asks the same questions. He even pokes him in the chest and Jin-wook makes him stop. When the ex grabs Jin-wook, Jin-wook easily takes care of him via a pressure point in his hand. The ex collapses like a wimp and unfortunately, Woo-joo sees the whole thing and runs to the defense of her father. Jin-wook is stunned and Woo-joo calls Jin-wook a gangster. Hye-shin arrives and drags the ex away.

They go to a coffee shop and the ex spots the shirt Hye-shin bought. Of course, he thinks it’s for him. Then he tells her to stop being mean to him. Uh, I don’t think she’s being mean enough. Anyway, he wants to greet her family and she tells him to get lost. No one will be happy to see him. He calls her by name instead of “Woo-joo eomma” and she lives, furious. The guy seriously needs to back the fuck off.

Woo-joo goes outside holding two dolls and wearing new shoes that her father bought her. She shows them off to Jin-wook who smiles at her happiness, but still seems really down. She tells him she loves them and he tells her not to show of the shoes because they don’t look designer. Ha.

Chan-woo and Yoo-shin announce that they will marry in two weeks, blowing Gil-ja’s mind. She tries to stop the hurried marriage. Bok-man smirks as Gil-ja coughs and blusters. Yoo-shin thanks her for being so understanding about her job and even bows. But Yoo-shin won’t be able to help with the house because of the project. Bok-man encourages them and Gil-ja gives in. It’s a huge step for her. Heh.

The engaged couple celebrates all cutely with hugs and kisses.

Yeon-ah visits Soo-jung to talk about the scandal. Yeon-ah is happy that she and Joon-ho are closer – in her delusional dreams. Then she asks why Soo-jung doesn’t look well and brings up the incident with Dong-hyuk and Mi-ryeong on Wan Island. Soo-jung admits that Dong-hyuk left home and Yeon-ah acts all sympathetic. She mentions the cosmetics contract with Mi-ryeong. Guh, Yeon-ah. Why are you doing this? It’s lame.

Soo-jung goes to order Mi-ryeong to cancel the cosmetics contract because she’s uncomfortable with Mi-ryeong hanging around her husband. Mi-ryeong seems genuinely surprised by this and even more surprised when Soo-jung questions her about Wan Island. She fires back that Soo-jung needs to stop taking out her insecurities on her.

Well, both women are right. Mi-ryeong shouldn’t be signing the contract with a married man she’s flirting with. And Soo-jung needs to handle her own problems directly.

Anyway, Soo-jung talks smack about Mi-ryeong’s dirty past and mentions hooking up with a married man no one cares about and having an illegitimate child, which is, of course, when said illegitimate child comes home. Soo-jung storms out with a warning, “I will ruin your life if I see you again.”

Okay then. More annoying problems to contend with in this show…

Soon-shin can’t stop thinking about what she overheard and neither can Mi-ryeong. But instead of being rational, Mi-ryeong acts like an idiot and calls Dong-hyuk to meet. Seriously, woman?

In-sung is ridiculously out of tune as he sings along to the radio. I had to say it. He’s not even close to the right pitch. It’s horrible. Anyway, Chan-mi tells Soon-shin that the wedding date has been set and is surprised that Soon-shin doesn’t know about that. They also didn’t tell her Yoo-shin is shopping for a dress. Chan-mi invites Soon-shin along to shop, but she refuses. She’s feeling more left out than ever.

We get the requisite scene where Chan-woo waits for his beautiful bride and she appears and looks beautiful. Chan-mi offers her fashion expertise in choosing a dress and then tells Chan-woo that Soon-shin isn’t in any communication with her family recently. She didn’t even know about the dress shopping.

Soon-shin tries to study her lines but keeps getting distracted with thoughts of Joon-ho and how good he is to her. As she starts to cry, she gets a call from Chan-woo. They meet and he can immediately see that something is not right with her. He tells her to call him anytime she needs to talk. She responds to that by admitting she used to have a TEENY crush on him. If she’d confessed, maybe he wouldn’t be getting married.

Aw, she’s cute trying to deflect from the subject and he’s cute letting her.

He asks why she never confessed. The answer is obvious: he’s always loved Yoo-shin. She admits that she thinks she likes someone, but that he’s seeing a different woman. She doesn’t have the courage to confess to him and wouldn’t have the courage to see him if she was turned down. She is just someone who runs away. Then Chan-woo advises, “Stop running away.” YES! Stop running away from Joon-ho and your family! He advises Soon-shin to confess so she won’t regret it later.

Dong-hyuk and Mi-ryeong meet like the flirty cheaters that they are. She immediately asks if the separation is because of her.

Joon-ho looks for Soon-shin in the practice room and is disappointed not to find her. He gets a call from Yeon-ah and they meet at Young-hoon’s restaurant. Soon-shin spots them as she heads back to the practice rooms. Of course, she was just contemplating confessing her feelings, but seeing the scandalous pair probably put a damper on her courage.

Yeon-ah is very friendly with Joon-ho who is just itching to leave. He asks why she didn’t release the refutation press release; the situation is getting worse. She seems to get off on the fact that he’s uncomfortable about the whole thing. He orders her to meet with a reporter and tell the truth and when he rises to leave, she hurriedly admits she told the reporter to release the news about the scandal. He GLARES at her and she starts acting pitiful. “I wanted to make you come back so badly.” Blah blah blah. How could he forget loving her? Give her a change. Blah blah. She’s all teary and he walks away like a BOSS.


On his way out he spies Soon-shin. She hurries away and he chases her down. He stutteringly offers to teach her how to play guitar. The air between them is thick with tension. He grabs her hand to guide her away, but she shakes him off. “Don’t be good to me,” she begs. It makes her confused. She turns to leave and he stops her, demanding to know what she means.

Soon-shin: I’m confused because I like you. I’m confused and sad.

He is stunned for a moment and watches her leave. Then he goes after her and pulls her into a tight hug. *SQUEEEE* His voice is so adorably shaky as he starts to stutter:

Joon-ho: You idiot. Why is that confusing you? How much more do I have to show you to make you realize? Huh? How much more of my heart do I have to show to you? Soon-shin…

Finally, he goes in for the kill.

KISS!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

And she reciprocates and wraps her arms around him.



How much do I love Jo Jung-seok? That confession was so moving and adorably. His voice was shaking and halting and yet, he was so sincere and oozing sexiness and awesomess. Props, oppa. You da man.

We’ve been waiting way too long for that kiss. And it was glorious. Hooray! Now let’s hope the show lets us keep these happy cute feelings for longer than 0.000002 seconds. And if you could ACTUALLY create a rabid raccoon that would go around biting annoying characters that would be fun, too. I have a list of characters it has to take out: Mi-ryeong, Dong-hyuk, Soo-jung, Yi-jung, Yeon-ah, Gil-ja, Granny, the Harpy, the Ex. I want to put Jung-ae on there, but she’s more annoying than pathetic right now.

I hate that the Ex showed up although I know it was inevitable. But I like the comparison made between him and Jin-wook. I also like how Woo-joo is so ecstatically happy that she’s extra mean to Jin-wook. Why? I think she’s softening towards him and feels guilt towards her father. I hope he disappears soon. I’d rather watch Hye-shin work with Woo-joo with the issues of divorce and watch their relationship with Jin-wook grow. It’s tough to step into a fractured family. That’s an issue worth exploring.

I have no qualms with Yoo-shin and Chan-woo. I’m looking forward to house hijinx with Gil-ja as long as she doesn’t get too ridiculous. I’ve been loving how Bok-man makes fun of her whenever Yoo-shin thwarts her plans. And I love seeing her happy instead of scowly.

I hate that time is spent on Yeon-ah and Mi-ryeong and Dong-hyuk and that the issues between Soon-shin and her family are looked over with a “oh, they just don’t keep in touch.” Does that make sense? There are too many connecting factors for them to not keep in touch. And it’s retarded that Jung-ae literally was desperate to hold onto Soon-shin and then sends her packing to Mi-ryeong. And it’s retarded that Hwang wants Soon-shin to forgive Mi-ryeong after all the crap she’s pulled. Of course, Soon-shin shouldn’t be living with her, but it’s a drama. In house drama has to happen.

And Yeon-ah literally just stops Joon-ho and Soon-shin at every turn. Her job isn’t to act, it’s to be annoying.

So as to reward us patient viewers, more cute, more kisses, more skinship. Please.

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  1. “And if you could ACTUALLY create a rabid raccoon that would go around biting annoying characters that would be fun, too. I have a list of characters it has to take out: Mi-ryeong, Dong-hyuk, Soo-jung, Yi-jung, Yeon-ah, Gil-ja, Granny, the Harpy, the Ex.”

    Super LOL. yes please make a rabid racoon!

    i love your recaps!

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