Master’s Sun: Episode 4 Madcap

by: Raine

Welcome to episode 4’s Madcap where Deeno from MadDinoAsylum and I madcap, a very special breed of recapping where crazy things happen. This thing is getting GOOD. Finally! It took a little while to warm up, but I’m finally getting my hopes up that Master’s Sun will be a good drama!

AGB Nielson Nationwide had episode 4 coming in at 16.8% as compared to episode 3’s 15.2%.

episode 4 madcap

Raine: Gong-shil wakes up in Master Joong-won’s bed, holding his hand and thinks she’s dreaming. She gets all cute and adorable thinking about sleeping, all kinds of “sleeping” with him; y’know, so she can use his manly ‘ki’ to fight ghosts… Her giggles wake him up and he asks her who she is, “Are you Tae Gong-shil?” She wonders if this is a dream; he confirms it’s his nightmare. Sourpuss! He warns her not to make a big deal of sleeping with him because they JUST held hands. She asks where they are: his house. She immediately checks it out and he’s weirded out by her relaxed response. Shouldn’t she be all shy and stuff?

We discover she’s not because she’s been in this situation before; she’s even woken up in a graveyard. He wonders if it’s good for her to be waking up in random places, which begs her to ask the question, “Are you worrying about me?” No, he’s worrying about the people she must’ve scared at the graveyard. Cue a flashback of her waking up in a graveyard and scaring away a group of mourners at a memorial. HAHAHA!

Deeno: This scene is just so awesome and full of humor. And we needed some of that.

Raine: It was so desperately needed. And it was so AMAZINGLY funny. I watched the scene twice and then once again a little later just because I wanted to.

Deeno: I tried to hold it in since everybody was asleep and I was watching with my head phones on.

Raine: Come on, laugh aloud. Laughter is good for the soul!

Deeno: So is blood!

Raine: Then it occurs to her to ask him if he was okay and he sneers at her lack of foresight. He was VERY frightened. Thanks to her, he had lots of house guests yesterday.

Omigosh…does that she was possessed…multiple times? HAHAHAHAH!

Deeno: Multiple fun!

Raine: This is a good sign. Keep it up, show. We likes this. Yes we do!

Deeno: Yes more of this. Less CGI.

Raine: Amen. Hallelujah!

First possession is a little girl begging him to find her mother. He grabs her to shut her up and the ghost leaves Gong-shil’s body. The second ghost is a French ballerina who just wants to dance. Je veux danser! Again, his touch dispels the ghost leaving her free for a third…a doggie possession! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE this. YES! It’s completed by the beginning of the Circle of Life from The Lion King, Gong Hyo-jin barely able to keep a straight face and a whole lot of barking, howling and ripping a poor little pillow to shreds.

After recapping her multiple possessions he tells her that she turns into a dog when she drinks. And not a Chihuahua, but more like a Husky by the ferocity of her howls. Hehehe. She wonders how she was possessed if she wasn’t drunk. Maybe she was tired? (Hrm, will she find out Sneaky security guard snuck her alcohol?)

Deeno: Shouldn’t she already suspect Sneaky?

Raine: I’m wondering how she didn’t taste the alcohol in her soda…

Raine: Master says the only time she was quiet was when he touched her, so he held her hand and slept. D’aw. He asks if she gets possessed, too, and she says that it happens when she’s completely unconscious it occasionally happens. That’s why she doesn’t sleep well and has to be very careful. She gets her first look of pity from him: that’s why you act weird and have circles under your eyes?

Deeno: I like how this episode seems to focus on how much she lost since she’s starting seeing dead people. And how now normal is the best life she can wish for.

Raine: I agree. It’s focusing more on her than on her power or sixth sense or whatever. It’s good to see her full of hope again and I think Master sees it, too. The difference is obvious enough that even a virtual stranger like him can see it.

Gong-shil gets cute and scoots closer to him and acts all coy. She slept well because of him. He scootches away from her and says that he slept badly because she was “Ke (dog) Gong-shil”. It doesn’t phase her. Instead, it makes her wonder why she was possessed. She remembers seeing Cha Hee-joo and asks Master if he met Hee-joo.

Flashback: Hee-joo in Gong-shil’s body wonders how hard it was for him to hate her for so long after liking her so much. It must’ve been hard to forget. We see them as teenagers playing, her apologizing to him while he’s tied up, and then her death in the flaming car.

Deeno: I like flaming cars. I saw an awesome one on the road today. Unfortunately the fire department got to it first so it was just the dead shell, but still cool!

Raine: Fire is cool. I keep wondering why Hee-joo’s ghost doesn’t look like a crispy piece of chicken, though…

Deeno: Coma? I hate comas.

Raine: Can a crispy piece of chicken be in a coma?

Raine: He is angry he was deceived and couldn’t repay her, the curse of his first love, and wants her to release the curse. Hee-joo denies that she deceived him, she tells him she loves him and that she wants him to return to himself again. He wants is to find the kidnapper and to find his money (that he lost during that time).

Aha! So that’s why he’s obsessed with money? He fixated on that to cope?

Anyway, Hee-joo reaches out to touch his cheek and the contact dispels her ghost. The ghost leaves, but not before saying she loves him. Then Gong-shil collapses against him and he brings up an arm to hold her, still massively affected by the encounter.

Deeno: It’s not everyday that your dead kidnapping girlfriend possesses your friendly sleep-deprived janitor.

Raine: I’m slowly becoming a fan of So Ji-sub. *glancing around and whispers* I’ve never seen in him anything…shhh….

Deeno: This drama will ruin him in my mind forever. Melodramas won’t be the same any more.

Raine: He’s wonderfully subtle and the little hiccups in his line delivery are gold.

Raine: Master doesn’t tell Gong-shil the details of the encounter so she remains cheerfully optimistic about him meeting the person he wanted to meet. He declares he’s going to keep her close to him instead of her sticking to him all the time. There is a benefit for him: 10 billion won ($8.9 million!!!) Hee-joo’s ghost is the only being that knows where the money (ransom money) went and since Gong-shil is the only person who can contact Hee-joo, Master has decided to keep Gong-shil close by. In return for the money, he’ll give her his body.

PFFFFT! I LOVE the punny goodness of this situation. I love her flirting with him for a completely unusual reason and I love him LOVING her flirting.

Deeno: Sometimes it’s nice when both people are so transparent with the reasons why they are using each other.

Raine: And it’s always good when the reason for using is the need for lots…and LOTS…of skinship. Hehe.

Deeno: Skinship just makes me happy.

Raine: The Hong sisters know how to make their viewers happy…and Gong Hyo-jin happy. She gets to feel up on So Ji-sub for a LIVING.

Raine: He promises to be her safety zone if she’ll be his Hee-joo radar. Gong-shil freaks out at being able to touch him HOWEVER she wants. All that’s left is for him to figure out where to “install” his radar. She wants to be his secretary like Driver Kim Gwi-do, but he says she’s not suited for the complicated work with with her greasy hair. Gong-shil assures him that she’s smart. He refuses to let her be his secretary and will think up another way to put her near him. (I.E. He doesn’t want her to know about his disability that Gwi-do helps him with by recording all written documents.)

Deeno: I’m sensing she’ll be getting a makeover.

Raine: He might just start with making her wash her hair…

Deeno: Or he’ll wash it himself. With a hose. On her rooftop. I could see that.

Raine: With the white linens floating around. They’d be the only things floating since he’d be, y’know, touching her and banishing all spiritual pests. Hehe…touching…hehe….

Raine: Jump to sexy security guard Kang Won knocking on Gong-shil’s door. It’s open so he sneaks in, puts on some gloves and snoops around her room. There are a lot of religious relics around the room as well as pictures of Gong-shil with awards, lots of friends and smiling. She has a degree from a prestigious university as well. Kang Won flips through her yearbook and sees that Yi-ryung was her classmate. Yi-ryung looks a little nerdy in the picture! Hehe. Kang Won contemplates all of this information and wonders why a talented woman is living like this.

‘Cause she can see ghosts…that’s the most logical explanation!

Gong-shil wants Master’s number just for emotional comfort. He won’t let her call or text him though: he won’t read the texts. Hrm, I wonder when she’ll find out about his strange dyslexia thinger.

Deeno: Not till after she makes the mistake of texting him at least once. Maybe that will be the cure.

Raine: Or they get stuck in a situation where he has to read! Like…in a library…surrounded by ghosts…okay. That failed. Maybe she’ll find the tape recorder.

Deeno: Or she’ll get possessed and the only way she can communicate is by writing.

Raine: Does she remember what happens when she’s possessed?

Raine: They get to chatting about their values. He’s worth the 10 billion won (which in this inflated market is even more…ha!) and she says she’s worth over 100 billion. Her unni used all of her marriage money to save her after her accident. Gong-shil feels bad for her sister because she woke up a total weirdo who lives in a study motel, hiding like a ghost. She tells Master he’s a great soalce to her. Master is really touched and gives her his real number – earlier he’d given her Driver Gwi-do’s. Hehehehe. You big ol’ softie!

Master reminds her again not to text him and only to call for solace. He seems really touched by her smile of gratitude. Eeeeh. I love them.

Deeno: They are so cute.

Raine: *melts into a puddle of goo*

Raine: Aunt and Uncle talk about Gong-shil. She reminds him that she wears the pants in the relationship and then he braves asking her about Master. He wonders if Aunt knows that Gong-shil has been hanging around Master. Aunt doesn’t give him the time of day and walks away, which is exactly when Gong-shil walks out of Master’s house. Hehehehe. Aunt misses Gong-shil and Uncle is left feeling like a whipped fool.

Yi-ryung the model promises herself to talk to Gong-shil the next time she sees her. She basically wants to show Gong-shil that she is now the “Big Taeyang” (taeyang = Gong-shil’s last name plus the ending for a lady OR the word for “sun”) and Gong-shil is the “little sun”. Of course, when her manager mentions this, Yi-ryung denies her inferiority complex…then proceeds to stare at herself in a mirror. Ha!

Yi-ryung stares at another actress across the room who is being haunted by a ghost. Yi-ryung is confident of being prettier and struts by the other actress with a smirk. The ghost takes notice of her and decides to go after her instead by telling her she’s the prettiest with his ruby red lips. I wonder if you click those things together you get to Kansas.

Raine: Kang Woo gets caught coming out of Gong-shil’s room by the little mooching boys. They don’t believe his excuses so he has to bribe them with ice cream for them and for Gong-shil. The newly bribed boys suggest she date Kang Woo ‘cause he likes her. She gets all giddy over it and I love how her flirting with Kang Woo and her flirting with Master are totally different in her mind but look exactly the same.

Deeno: They do look the same and they both make her so happy.

Raine: The boys decide to support Kang Woo so that he’ll buy them ice cream. Very practical. You’ll make good loan sharks when you grow up.

Gong-shil runs into Kang Woo upstairs and she lies about meeting the kids even though she’s eating the ice cream he bought. He asks if they said anything and asks what she thinks…about the ice cream. She’s having trouble biting into it so he helps her break it up into pieces. He was worried about her yesterday and she is loving the attention. He smiles as she leaves. He may have other designs, but seems to genuinely like her.

Inside, she revels in the fact that a flower boy, not a ghost, likes her.

Raine: Kang Woo speaks to his mysterious employer who is the Master’s father. Daddy has a younger girlfriend and a white chick as a servant. Kang Woo has sent info on Gong-shil to Daddy and says she shouldn’t be a problem, but Daddy still wants to keep tabs on her.

Deeno: Is that who it is? I thought it was the owner of Giant. Well I guess he could be both.

Raine: Kang Woo calls him “abeoji,” but the title doesn’t really give much away. It was a later scene that made me sure.

Driver Gwi-do suggests that Master meet with the Giant mall’s CEO at the next charity even to talk business and hands him some documents and a recording device with them verbally inputted. Master asks Gwi-do to create a job position close to him but that will remain invisible to him and outsiders. Kekeke.

Raine: The security guards catch Gong-shil checking out her lack of wrinkles, happy for that solid night’s sleep. Of course, it looks like she’s primping for her new lover, which Sneaky the security guard latches onto. He offers her a coffee bribe and gives her his real name, Lee Han-joo, then he leaves, happy to be making connections with one of the Master’s women. Then Sneaky get’s called to Uncle’s office and is asks about the relationship between Gong-shil and the Master. He points out all the strange situations that have occurred that make it seem like there is something special between the two. Sneaky promises that he only told his closest friends (which means that everyone knows.)

Uncle is glad to know he was hallucinating Gong-shil earlier and makes Sneaky his eyes and has him spy on Master and Gong-shil. Sneaky makes their couple name: the Master’s Janitor. A play on the title of the show. Yes, I got that Korean pun alllllll by myself. Pat me on the back.

Deeno: I now feel justified for calling her Janitor.

Raine: I thought of your nickname for her when I heard it. *pats on head*

Raine: Yi-ryung’s hair has a little wave in it as she decides what to wear to be the most radiant sun in Kingdom mall. Her manager suggests that she not do too much for the charity event and walks away. Then Yi-ryung hallucinates her high school self stabbing a picture of smart and popular Gong-shil. She is freaked out by the image of her past nerdy self…and it might be the scariest thing in the show by far. She stumbles into the ghost that decided to haunt her…and then wakes up from a bad dream. The manager brings the same dress that she chose in her dream. Or rather, that the lame ghost that is obsessed with being pretty chose.

Yi-ryung heads to Kingdom to sort out the dream.

A happy Gong-shil meets with her coffee shop friend who is happy to see Gong-shil out and about. Her smile fades when she realizes Gong-shil still sees ghosts (Gong-shil serves a ghost some coffee, tee-hee).

Deeno: But now Janitor is happily serving ghosts.

Raine: SO much better than unhappily serving ghosts.

Raine: Yi-ryung struts around the mall and finds Gong-shil who was busy primping to meet Kang Woo. Cute. Kang Woo watches the interaction and is surprised when Gong-shil runs away. She’s seen the ghost haunting Yi-ryung and wants nothing to do with it. Unfortunately that leaves Kang Woo at Yi-ryung’s curious mercy. She wants to each with him and pick his brain about Gong-shil, but he quickly escapes the rude woman (she’s using banmal with him) by telling her, in banmal, that he would consider eating with her if she was pretty. Pffft.

Raine: Gong-shil worries about Yi-ryung and Kang Woo seeing her weird side while sitting outside Master’s office. He catches her and she admits she was embarrassed. He finds it hard to believe after everything she’s done, but she is happy to be embarrassed. Now that he has given her respite from her sixth sense, she has time and energy to be embarrassed. AWWW! He mockingly claps for her and congratulates her on “finding shame”. Then he wonders why she’s telling him – because he’s her breathing hole. (She told her coffee shop friend earlier that she found a way to breathe easily.) Gong-shil glances around the office and he warns her not to think of installing the radar there.

Before she leaves, she promises to look for Hee-joo’s ghost. He kicks her out and she’s happy despite his attitude – hand he looks touched by her. Aw, she’s totally breaking through to him.

Deeno: Uncle wonders whether Janitor is sleeping with Master. Security tries to follow her home but she takes a scenic detour to avoid ghosts. Security helps her sort the trash and wonders why she’s living such a hard life. The granny pestering her all night knows.

Raine: Once a nagging granny, always a nagging granny.

Deeno: I want to kill that granny, but that’s kinda hard. This show may just have too many dead people.

Raine: *records this in the annals of history* I can’t believe you just said that.

Deeno: Actress continues being haunted and having creepy dreams. She decides to get plastic surgery to become prettier. That is probably a bad choice.

Raine: The ghost that haunts her is the goofiest thing I’ve ever seen AND heard.

Deeno: Master withholds touching privileges until Janitor find the money that Hee Joo stole from him. He’s so mean. I just want some more skinship.

Raine: MEANIE FACE! I will sick my cat on you! Go Timmy, go! Just don’t ruin the face!

Deeno: It’s all in the laser eyes.

Deeno: Janitor suggests visiting where Hee Joo died, but Master hands the job over to Secretary. He explains that the ransom for Master was actually jewelry from Master’s mother. The old man that Security reports to has it now. Master was forced to read statements every half hour to prove that he’s alive, which may be where the reading issue comes from. Hee Joo was supposedly kept hostage after Master was released and died in the car chase that followed while the other kidnapper escaped. Hee Joo died right in front of Master. There was fire. I like it!

Raine: This is the scene that made me think the ahjussi is Master’s father. It’s jewelry that belonged to Master’s mother.

Deeno: What would have caused this kind of rift? I’m thinking something along the lines of hippos.

Raine: Hippos are really good at keeping people apart. You have an army of mini-hippos. You could ask them.

Deeno: Master wonders why Actress has poodle hair.

Aunt asks Master what his relationship is with Janitor. He wants her close by but doesn’t want to marry her. Janitor only wants his body and meaningless physical contact. Then he tells his aunt to find him a nice wealthy wife.

Raine: He is totally going to enjoy the skinship and he knows it.

Deeno: He likes being misconstrued.

Deeno: Master decides to humor his radar and get rid of a ghost for her. He asks her to take care of Poodle’s ghost, but she doesn’t want to help the person who only wants to sneer at her. Later Security gives her some advice about not comparing herself to her past self. Blah. Blah. Blah. He touched her! Eeee!

Raine: It was such cute advice. Basically, start living now and liking yoruself. She hasn’t thought about herself in a LONG time.

Deeno: Poodle gets more poodley. Uncle dresses up Janitor and she steps in to tell Poodle to ignore people who tell her to become prettier. She’s great the way she is. Poodle ignores her, but then the ghost finds another vain girl to chase after and Poodle goes back to being not a poodle.

Master tries to find a way to make a use of Janitor at the party. He wants to know dirt on Giant’s CEO and to get her possessed by Steve Jobs. I guess there are some perks to seeing ghosts.

Raine: He’s totally getting into this. I LIKE it.

Deeno: He’s got some fine ideas in his noggin.

Deeno: Giant is supposed to meet Master before the charity event and Master asks Janitor to tag along. Janitor tries to smooth things over between Master and Hee Joo, but of course she gets it all wrong again and he kicks her out for lying to him.

Raine: She cries. It’s sad.

Deeno: Sad makes me happy, but maybe not her sad. She’s so good at it.

Raine: Gong Hyo-jin is one of my favorite cryers.

Deeno: Giant gets held up when there is a big car wreck and several people die. Master asks for the phone, but it’s not to check up on Giant. EEEEEEEE!!!! He’s totally worried about his radar. She stumbles upon the accident site and freezes. He finds her and gives her a hug.

Raine: EEEEE! He tells her to use him as her safehouse! EEEEEE! So cute! He found her! This was some seriously awesome emotional payoff.

Deeno: And it’s only episode 4. I’m finally excited about watching the rest of this drama.

Raine: Me, too. I finally feel like it knows where it wants to go and I’m anticipating next Wednesday!

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  1. I hated ep 3 but I loved this one. I even liked the narcissistic ghost. Maybe the sisters were possessed by an evil muse for the previous one? Anyway, I hope it will continue like that.

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