Master’s Sun Episode 4 Review on Hancinema

by: Raine

BEST episode so far. I am a total fan. So much development and glorious goodness.

Master’s Sun Episode 4 Review on Hancinema

One response to “Master’s Sun Episode 4 Review on Hancinema”

  1. Gosh, I wish all the ghosts in this show had less of the scary makeup. Very Six Sense and very very icky. Though I like the show, I hate having to see these scenes. My skin crawled and I had goosebumps watching some of them. And I was watching it in the day time too!!. My childhood nightmares come true….

    So Ji Sub’s character, mannerisms and his lankiness, cannot help but remind me of Cha Seung Won in another of the Hong’s sisters drama ‘the Greatest Love’.

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