Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 47 Recap

by: Raine

Moping. Brooding. Crying. Yelling. Hitting. Rinse and repeat.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 25.0%.

episode 47 recap

The detective asks Jung-ae what Chang-hoon’s relationship with Mi-ryeong is because he was with her on the day he was killed: he thinks Chang-hoon was trying to save Mi-ryeong. It’s strange that Mi-ryeong never said anything about it.

Jung-ae trudges home and finds Mi-ryeong in front of her house, ready to beg for an apology. Well, she is ready, but Hwang doesn’t want her to. It doesn’t matter what he wants because Jung-ae angrily confronts Mi-ryeong, demanding to know why she’s there. Her yells bring out Granny and Hye-shin: what the hell do you have to tell me? Jung-ae accuses Mi-ryeong of making Chang-hoon die and stealing Soon-shin. She says Mi-ryeong isn’t even human. Hwang explains the situation, but Jung-ae gets even more hysterical. Mi-ryeong ran away and didn’t explain.

Granny finally speaks up, unable to believe what is going on. Then she, predictably, passes out.

Soon-shin slept overnight in a practice room and Joon-ho greets her. Apparently she’s been sleeping there every night. He tells her to stay and she wants him to stop worrying about her. Ha, yeah right. He takes her stuff and tells her to sit while he goes to buy her food.

Wait, they’re not back together after that hugging park reunion? Seriously, show?

Jung-ae cares for Granny who is in shock. They cry together. Afterwards, Jung-ae goes to mope downstairs. Hye-shin checks up on her and wonders if Soon-shin knew. Jung-ae realizes that she must’ve based upon her earlier behavior. She calls Joon-ho to find Soon-shin and storms into the practice room where Soon-shin is brooding over Mi-ryeong’s selfishness. Jung-ae tells her daughter that she knows everything and wants her to go home. Soon-shin refuses, which Jung-ae doesn’t understand. She won’t’ let Soon-shin go anywhere anymore and drags her home.

Where was this 30 episodes ago? Guh.

Hye-shin is happy to see Soon-shin. Soon-shin makes the requisite visit on a sobbing Granny.

Mi-ryeong mopes. There is so much moping and brooding with this show that I’m getting annoyed. Anyway, she’s moping, Dong-hyuk is moping. Luckily, his moping is cut off by Joon-ho. He tells Joon-ho that the cops have his car’s black box. Dong-hyuk wants Joon-ho to do what he can against the media and apologizes for keeping all of this a secret. He should’ve stopped Mi-ryeong. Yup, you should’ve. Joon-ho asks if he really had feelings for Mi-ryeong and he’s not sure if it was sympathy or not.

You’re going THAT route? You suck.

Dong-hyuk asks Joon-ho not to be too hard on Mi-ryeong who was worried about losing Soon-shin. Joon-ho is kinda in a tight spot because he loves Soon-shin, but Mi-ryeong IS his client and he hasn’t been serving her very well.

Before Yoo-shin can head in for a performance review, she gets a call from Chan-woo who hasn’t heard from Gil-ja. She goes in for her review and receives rave reviews. The bosses want her to launch her product. Her staff wants to go celebrate, but she has to deal with her mother-in-law issues.

Gil-ja is poking around the neighborhood and sees that Bok-man temporarily closed the restaurant. That gets her back home quick where she finds Bok-man lounging on the sofa. He’s not surprised to see her and snarks on how much she loves money that she didn’t go on a trip. The newlyweds come home and are happy to see her. Chan-woo goes to check on Gil-ja and Bok-man storms out, pissed at Gil-ja who is crying in the kitchen, feeling unloved.

She’s a total jerk, but I can see why she’s crying. Her husband treats her like poo. Still, she brought a lot of it on herself.

Chan-woo and Yoo-shin head into their room and he tries to explain Gil-ja to her. He wonders why Bok-man is so mean and then Yoo-shin surprises him: they should all go on a trip together. Chan-woo is happy that she considers his family, too. She says it’s a selfish desire to not have to live through things getting worse, but we all know that Yoo-shin cares.

The Ex comes to pick Woo-joo up from school and she avoids him. He can’t follow her ‘cause his car is parked in an illegal spot. She won’t answer his calls either and Hye-shin kneels down to have a heart-to-heart with her kid. Hye-shin apologizes for making things hard on Woo-joo and making her really mad at her parents. She promises to do better. Woo-joo brushes her off, but you can tell Hye-shin’s words got to her.

Jung-ae goes to Granny for a talk and I try not to fall asleep. Granny wonders why her life is so crappy and refuses to eat. She cries over Chang-hoon. While I feel bad for her for losing her child, she really does exacerbate a lot of her problems with all of her moping and judging her family. Then she decides to go see Mi-ryeong and hash it out. Another bad idea. Good thing her body gives up on her and doesn’t let her do it.

I feel bad getting annoyed at all her sobbing, but she brings so much of it on herself.

Jung-ae goes to her room to mope in front of a picture of her husband. Hye-shin comes in for MORE talking. Jung-ae doesn’t want to tell Yoo-shin about Mi-ryeong and the accident until they find out more.

Soon-shin reads over her first script with notes from Mi-ryeong and rips it up in a fury after Mi-ryeong calls her. I totally get why she’s angry. Now if only she had told Mi-ryeong she coudn’t mess with her, y’know, when this all started. If she had gone about forming a relationship with her on HER terms, not Mi-ryeong’s manipulative ones. Not that it would fix this pain, but she wouldn’t be so curdled inside.

Joon-ho can’t get ahold of her and he mopes. STOP MOPING PEOPLE!

Dinner at Chan-woo’s is awkard when Yoo-shin suggests a family vacation. Bok-man and Gil-ja fight it at first, but Yoo-shin has already bought all the tickets and begged for time off. Chan-mi can’t go, so it’ll be a couples thing. Gil-ja refuses, but the next day the newlyweds shove her onto the train. Everyone is in a good mood except for Gil-ja who is fighting it. Bok-man rags on her for only caring about money and never wanting to spend it on vacation. Nice. That’s how you earn points from your cranky wife. She nags him for not having a job and making her work.

Yoo-shin brings out food to soften the mood and it works.

They take a family photo and send it to Chan-mi. In-sung steals the phone to take a peek and calls her parents “abeonim and eommeonim” which creeps her out, but she can’t really say she hates it.

In Korean culture, in In-sung’s case, calling someone else’s parents “mother and father” instead of “ahjumma and ahjussi” indicates decided interest in their child. Hehe.

In-sung says that Soon-shin is on her way and Chan-mi guesses that Soon-shin’s absence on set was not because she broke up with Joon-ho, but had something to do with Mi-ryeong. She heard the police are investigating her. Yeon-ah overhears.

Soon-shin shows up and everyone is glad to see her. When she goes off to get ready, In-sung asks Joon-ho about Mi-ryeong and the cops. Joon-ho says nothing and instead goes to greet Soon-shin, relieved at seeing her. They are awkward and she asks if he came because he was worried. She tells him he doesn’t have to anymore.

How long are you going to let this go on Joon-ho? Give me one good thing in this show, okay?

Soo-jung goes for some petty revenge on Dong-hyuk who is sleeping in a chair in his office. She vacuums him awake and keeps attacking his feet saying that she’s cleaning up “the trash”. It’s kinda funny as he dances around trying to avoid her and she trips him.

Yi-jung, newly mature, asks Soo-jung to be nice to her father, but Soo-jung is still pouting.

The Ex goes to pick up Woo-joo again and after a moment’s hesitation, she decides to go with him. They sit down to eat and he says that he’s been worried about her. He tries to weasle his way into her good graces and explains that his girlfriend wants to meet her. But Woo-joo stays mature. She knows that he wants to meet his girlfriend again and that he still wants a relationship with Hye-shin and her. She tells him to live with his girlfriend and she’ll live with her mother. She’s okay with it now. Her words surprise the Ex into the first look of true guilt and shame that’s he’s shown on the shown.

Woo-joo explains that it’s been very hard for her and her mother. Hye-shin has cried a lot and Woo-joo hated when he didn’t call her. The Ex stutters a reply. Woo-joo says that her mother smiles a lot now and she wants her to keep smiling everyday.

And the kids are now the most mature people in the show.

Woo-joo passes by the bakery and sees Jin-wook smiling and serving people – she is most definitely softening towards him. She remembers him saying that he doesn’t want her to suffer and he’ll listen to her wishes concerning Hye-shin. She runs when he spots her though. Aww.

Hwang freaks out when he hears about the black box, but she is only concerned about Soon-shin despite the fact that their careers are finished. I’m not sure what to think about her. She flip flops.

Soon-shin shoots a scene where she sings a song while tearing up over slicing an onion. It’s very beautiful. Points for IU. Yeon-ah and Mi-ryeong watch, touched. They both should jump off a cliff holding hands. The director is pleased with the scene and reminds Soon-shin to take care of herself.

Mi-ryeong tries to talk to Soon-shin and gets blown off. HA. Then she has to deal with another mess she made: Yeon-ah.

Yeon-ah pities Mi-ryeong after she tried to hard and all she got was this mess. She warns Mi-ryeong to be careful because people are gossiping; Mi-ryeong just throws it back at her. You have everything, but you don’t look happy. It makes them both similar. Maybe it’s why they are so close.

Mi-ryeong doesn’t like that and starts blaming: Yeon-ah’s threats broke Soon-shin and Joon-ho up. Mi-ryeong points out that the more Yeon-ah tries for Joon-ho’s heart, the more she’s left with nothing.

Young-hoon overhears and is pissed at Yeon-ah who doesn’t want to hear it right now. YOu don’t need advice, you need a slap in the face.

Joon-ho finds Soon-shin before she heads home and they are AWKWARD. She assures him she won’t do anything to cause a loss for his agency. He says that’s not it and she coldly asks if he wants to come back to her because he feels bad for her. She asks him to leave her alone and he let’s her leave without explaining everything. Why doesn’t he? Everything is in the open now.

Granny works herself into a fury and decides to run on over to Mi-ryeong’s to cause trouble. Jung-ae follows once she realizes Granny isn’t in the house. Granny explodes at Mi-ryeong, grabbing her collar and demanding her son be returned. Mi-ryeong takes the abuse and waits until Granny collapses sobbing into the chair.

I feel bad for this halmeoni actress. She must be cried out.

Anyway, Granny does her “woe-is-me” schtick and Mi-ryeong reverts back to her “What did I do?” refrain. She says she didn’t kill him and that this has been hard on her. Granny grabs her collar again, demanding to know why she stole Soon-shin from them. (If I remember, you pushed her out of the house, Granny.) Jung-ae comes and separates them. Granny tells Mi-ryeong never to see Soon-shin again, which finally riles up Mi-ryeong. She drops the last bomb: Soon-shin isn’t Chang-hoon’s daughter. She has no ties to your house. Why should she go to your house? I took MY daughter from you.

I don’t get how that makes her NOT Jung-ae’s daughter, though. She raised her.

Anyway, Granny beats on her for lying yet again. Hwang comes this time to separate them and I’m wondering how long this crap is going to go on.

Mi-ryeong starts yelling at Granny: Do what you want. I don’t care anymore. Jung-ae looks absolutely stricken, as she should be. Chang-hoon didn’t cheat on her as she believed and Mi-ryeong lied.

Jung-ae takes Granny home who thinks that Soon-shin left because she’s just like Mi-ryeong. Wow. You’re awful.

Soon-shin comes home and Jung-ae brings her into her room for a talk. She calls Soon-shin an idiot for leaving just because she’s not Chang-hoon’s daughter. Soon-shin is stunned. Jung-ae says it doesn’t matter one bit. She won’t let her live with Mi-ryeong from now on. She’s her daughter and Chang-hoon’s daughter. She will never let her go back to Mi-ryeong who hurt and humiliated them so badly.

Where was this, like, the entire drama?

Jung-ae refuses to let Soon-shin Mi-ryeong who is not even a mother. Then they both cry. Omg, the tears in this episode.

Then Jung-ae calls Mi-ryeong out to meet at a restaurant. She looks resolute as she says, “Please leave us. Get out of my sight and my family’s sight. And from Soon-shin’s sight. I want you gone forever. You greed made all of us so miserable. You weren’t probably uncomfortable with what you’ve done, but we’ve been through enough. Please don’t show yourself in front of my family.”


Despite the ending, most of the episode was insanely annoying.

Get of your asses, stop moping, and do something about your life. Stop passively living!

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