Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 48 Recap

by: Raine

Only one good thing about this show…it’s almost over.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 30.8%.

episode 48 recap

Jung-ae tells Mi-ryeong to get out of their lives, which makes Mi-ryeong’s nasty temper flair. She asks if Soon-shin wants her to disappear and Jung-ae says it’s for her benefit. Mi-ryeong sneers that Jung-ae can’t stop pretending to be her one and only mother.

Guh, Mi-ryeong birthing someone doesn’t make you a mother.

Mi-ryeong says she never liked Jung-ae and always thought she was gross and hated how she acted like she was Soon-shin’s only mother, like Mi-ryeong never could. Really Mi-ryeong? This is about who’s a better mom? Really? She says she’s Soon-shin’s mother and she cares and not to tell her what to do. Only Soon-shin can say it.

Jung-ae speaks up and asks how she can be so bold. Who cause Chang-hoon’s death? She’s holding back for Soon-shin’s sake. She asks if Mi-ryeong even cared about her daughter getting hurt. Mi-ryeong leaves to collapse outside as though she actually deserves to feel wronged.

I’m trying to remember why I liked this show at some point, but I just can’t seem to.

Mi-ryeong goes home to look at the picture of her and Soon-shin. Hwang says that Mi-ryeong’s innocent according to law and just has to worry about gossip. She ignores him.

Jung-ae goes home and finds Granny scolding Soon-shin for keeping the secret and warns her to never go back to Mi-ryeong or she’ll break relations with her. Jung-ae tries to stop her, but Granny thinks she’s justified. She leaves and Jung-ae sits down in front of the crushed Soon-shin. She can only apologize to her mother. She wishes she hadn’t been born to cause all of this trouble. Jung-ae says that Soon-shin was hurt most and tells her not to blame herself.

Yoo-shin sets up a barbeque and says Gil-ja should be treated like a princess while Yoo-shin works. They take pictures and try to keep Bok-man and Gil-ja from fussing. Later, Yoo-shin and Chan-woo hang by the pool and Chan-woo is happy because his parents seem to be having a good time. He feels bad that his mother has had to work so hard that she hasn’t taken many vacations in her life. He thanks Yoo-shin.

Turns out Yoo-shin was regretting not going on trips with her parents before her father died because she was always too busy. Chan-woo offers to go on a family trip with her family next time. They flirt a little and he wants a kiss. She denies him a bit and then gives him one.

Joon-ho visits Mi-ryeong to ask about the investigation. Hwang doesn’t want it to happen because both Mi-ryeong and Soon-shin will be hurt by the media. Joon-ho asks what Soon-shin’s opinion is. We all know what Soon-shin wants: the truth and an apology.

Joon-ho heads to Soon-shin’s, but she doesn’t pick up her phone. The next morning he meets his father as he heads out to be investigated. Soo-jung and Yi-jung overhear and ask what happens.

At breakfast, the family finds out that Mi-ryeong will be investigated. Granny doubts that Mi-ryeong will tell the truth and Soon-shin overhears on her way to a shoot.

Mi-ryeong gets ready and takes strength from the portrait and Soon-shin’s gift. She tells Hwang she’s going to the police station, not abroad. He’s not happy, but he takes her. They meet Dong-hyuk there and Reporter Park. Hwang grabs Park by the collar and I’m wondering if he feels guilty for starting this mess. Remember? He got drunk at the beginning and told Park everything?

Mi-ryeong orders Hwang to release Park. He will release the article on her today. Mi-ryeong merely smiles and basically says, “You win.” Then she walks away.

Young-hoon approaches Joon-ho about Yeon-ah’s threat. He doesn’t get very far because the news about Mi-ryeong and the accident breaks.

Joon-ho worries about Soon-shin who has to listen to everyone on set gossip about Mi-ryeong and her father. Chan-mi worries for her and she should. The idiots on set keep gossiping.

Reporters keep calling Jung-ae’s house and Hye-shin says that there is gossip going around about Soon-shin as well.

The newlyweds take the feuding Bok-man and Gil-ja out for food and fun. The older couple bickers, but they are getting along better. It’s basically a lot of wasted time. The only plot point is that Yoo-shin overhears two girls gossip about Mi-ryeong and Yoo-shin finds out about the scandal. She freaks out and so Chan-woo decides to take her back to Seoul. They leave the parents there for more fun.

On set, a bunch of idiots are gossiping and get shut up by the director. Between scenes, Chan-mi and In-sung talk about how people are making up malicious rumors. Soon-shin is even being implicated because she’s related to Mi-ryeong. She might not be able to finish shooting the drama.

Soon-shin has missed calls from Mi-ryeong. Then she gets a visit from Yeon-ah who asks, with genuine concern, if she’s okay. But Soon-shin isn’t in the mood and walks away, telling Yeon-ah to ask Mi-ryeong how she’s doing herself.

Then Young-hoon finds Soon-shin and drags her upstairs for a chat. His character is pretty much useless now. He just has stupid chats with everyone. Well, in the next scene he’s a little less useless. He pities Soon-shin’s situation and then tells Soon-shin about Yeon-ah’s threats. Joon-ho broke up with her because of them. Young-hoon says Joon-ho is an idiot, but now he’s having a hard time and is blaming himself for hurting her. Young-hoon asks Soon-shin to forgive the fool and I’m really hoping she does, or else this thing could cycle on.

Joon-ho runs upstairs and finds Soon-shin sitting pensively at a table. He wants to talk, but she has nothing to say. Joon-ho won’t let her go alone because he’s worried about reporters. She pulls away again and this time, thanktfully, he stops her. She asks how he could be so selfish. Why did he do something for her without asking and break their promise to stay together? She suffered a lot. She says that’s not love. He apologizes and hugs her.

Finally. No more idiocy from you, please.

Jin-wook is worried about Hye-shin and her family. He calls her to check on her and predictably, she says everything is fine and not to worry. But he is worried and heads on over. When he arrives, Granny is being assaulted by reporters and he carries her inside when the crowed trips her and she sprains her ankle.

He brings her inside. She sobs over her sad life and hates on Mi-ryeong. Then she asks Jin-wook why he was in front of their house and refuses to thank him. She orders him to leave, but in reality appreciates him. He does and Hye-shin walks him out. Woo-joo kindly greets him. What a change! I need more Woo-joo/baker time.

Dong-hyuk reads about Mi-ryeong and then Soo-jung comes in to ask about the investigation. He feels bad about it and Soo-jung wants to know what he’d do if the same thing happened to her. She thought he was having an affair. (HE WAS!) He defends himself that he was just keeping a secret that Soo-jung didn’t need to know. He came home to her even if it was uncomfortable. But Soo-jung can’t get how he looked at Mi-ryeong out of her head.

I hate how the show is dealing with this. They’re going to gloss over the emotional cheating, aren’t they?

Yoo-jung storms home and rages about not being told. Jung-ae says she didn’t want to ruin the trip. Soon-shin comes in while Yoo-shin is yelling that she’ll do something. Soon-shin quietly apologizes and then….Yoo-shin asks why she’s sorry. How could she be that stupid? There is nothing to be sorry about? She hugs Soon-shin and says she should’ve turned to them and told them.

Aw, okay. I’ve been waiting for Yoo-shin to do this. Only took her 48 episodes.

Hwang drinks and watches the news. Mi-ryeong shuts the computer and Hwang is feeling drunk and sorry for himself and her. He’ll have to cancel contracts and pay cancellation fees. He’ll lose his job. She promises to give him money and he rails at her. He followed her out of the orphanage because he trusted her. He tells her to do what she wants from now on and leaves.

Mi-ryeong talks to herself in the mirror, calling herself, “Kim Kyung-sook.” She wonders how she became this way.

It’s all on you. I don’t pity you.

Joon-ho hears that everyone wants to break contracts with Mi-ryeong. Even the director of Soon-shin’s new movie wants to rethink his decision. The agency might go under and investors are calling. Joon-ho has In-sung call the investors now and Joon-ho will deal with them later.

When Mi-ryeong calls, she says he probably regrets making a contract with him. He asks where she is and all she says is that she left money with Hwang to cover the cancellation fees. She hangs up and turns off her phone. That’ll probably make a pauper out of her.

Hwang listens to the news at a restaurant and orders the proprietor to change the channel. He gets a call from Joon-ho asking where Mi-ryeong is, but doesn’t care ‘cause he quit. He hangs up and heads home to check up on her. Ha. She’s not there. He calls Joon-ho in a panic and blames himself.

Mi-ryeong has gone to visit the orphanage where she grew up and…you guessed it, she mopes. And broods. She turns on her phone to call Soon-shin – no answer.

Soon-shin finds the bracelet Mi-ryeong gave her and remembers how hard Mi-ryeong’s life has been. She puts the bracelet away and gets called out by Joon-ho. He asks if Mi-ryeong called and she says she won’t answer. He won’t tell her why he asked, though. Fail.

Yeon-ah gets a call from Hwang who is worried about Mi-ryeong. Turns out she’s worried, too.

Hwang calls out Soon-shin and tells her that he can’t find Mi-ryeong. He’s pretty frantic with worry and it gets to Soon-shin. She says she doesn’t know, but can’t stop thinking about it once she goes back into the house. Mi-ryeong called her a lot.

Mi-ryeong goes to the beach and cries.



The only thing I’m glad for this episode is that Mi-ryeong isn’t worrying about losing her career, but her daughter.

I’m sick of the role of pride in this show. I know it’s important and all that, but it causes so many problems.

OMG two more episodes left. YES!

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Character introductions.

2 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 48 Recap”

  1. Thanks for the recap 😀
    I got bored of watching this show and dropped it at around the 30th episode.
    Since then I’ve been reading your recaps! Well, I got to know the story but more importantly your remarks kept me entertained 😛
    Thanks again. . .

  2. I can’t remember why I once liked this show either.
    Thanks for the recaps–if I decide to finish watching the show, they’ll help me know where to fast forward 😉

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