SHINee’s Everybody: A Reaction (YAAAAAAY!)

by: Raine and Lil’ Raine

(Note: Lil’ Raine is my little sister who I have gotten addicted to K-drama, K-pop and whose favorite Kpop group is SHINee…just like me! We decided to write some K-pop posts together! Here is the first of (hopefully) many!)


Raine: Initial reaction: Love the dance. Not sure about the song. The dance has amazing transitions. The song has…not so amazing transitions. The video and the effects are amazing, but I’m not sure why they’re smashing statues…

Taemin shirtless is kinda…AWESOME. *drool* Or as Lil’ Raine says “Taemin shirtless = win!”

Lil’ Raine: WIN!

Raine: After watching it twice: The dances are getting more teamwork heavy. Before, they were required to dance in sync. Now they do a lot of relay work and are very interactive. That, and Tony Testa FUCKING ROCKS. Definitely one of my favorite dances since Sherlock.

Lil’ Raine: And Min-ho has SINGING parts! No rap.

Raine: It’s nice to break away from that formulaic rap.

Lil’ Raine: But Min-ho’s a good rapper so I don’t mind it too much with him.

Raine: Ditto. But I like hearing him sing and now that he’s had a big part, he will most likely be developing his voice and his vocal parts in future songs.

Lil’ Raine: Min-ho and Onew seem a lot less reserved in their dancing. I think they’re growing into themselves as movers/dancers. They were always the most awkward.

Raine: I agree! It’s really awesome to see them grow over time. They really work hard and I like seeing the improvement. They’re talented, but they work. That is awesome. Go Min-ho! You’re no longer quite as awkward!

Lil’ Raine: And Min-ho was in the front in the middle! It made me giggle because he looked happy…

Raine: …and hot.

Lil’ Raine: About the song, I’m not sure it’s one I’d put on my playlist.

Raine: Me neither. Although I have “Why So Serious?” on my phone playlist and I didn’t like it at all initially. I like this one a lot more. The industrial sound is really fun. But mostly, it matches the dance so well. Or maybe the dance matches it…?

Lil’ Raine: Well, I probably will put this on my playlist. It’s SHINee.

Raine: Well that’s not biased…*she says as she adds the song to HER phone playlist*

Lil’ Raine: It’s also different when you listen to it without watching the video or dance.

Raine: I feel like SHINee is often dependent on their dances. Or rather, the integration of the dance and the music. They really are an all around group. Often I like dance versions better than the actual music videos.

Lil’ Raine: *cough* Sherlock *cough*

Raine: Lookit everyone! I found jewelry in a room that wasn’t even hidden! No, my dog did. Does that count?

Lil’ Raine: Let’s take pictures of ghosts and not run away!

Raine: SM ghosts!

Lil’ Raine: Let’s put the laptop next to the typewriter!

Raine: And have Taemin pretend he can play the violin…

Lil’ Raine: No…just no…Sorry Taemin. I LOVE you. But no.

Raine: So this video. Taemin is nekkid.


Lil’ Raine: Nekkid!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

Raine: Besides that, it was interesting in concept with the whole robot/powered mannequin concept.

Lil’ Raine: I like when Min-ho powers on/turn on everyone. Oh…that sounds wrong.

Raine: It sounds hot…

Lil’ Raine: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *giggles*

Raine: So we’re listening to this again as we write…

Lil’ Raine: I like it much better now and it grew on me way faster than Why So Serious did. And I like Why So Serious.

Raine: I do, too. And I like that every-everybody sings, and every-everybody but Min-ho gets to belt.

Lil’ Raine: I hope not all the songs are as dubsteppy…it can be easily overdone. Also, that mask thing with no eyes in the beginning looks really really creeeeepy. I don’t like it. NO LIKEY! *Hides under covers*

Raine: Lil’ Raine has a “creepy eye” thing. I have a SHINee thing…like they all look so sexy and grownup. And Onew’s make-up makes his features look almost as sharp as Key’s in this video, right?

Lil’ Raine: He does have very sharp features. IZ PREEEETTY!



Raine: Why?! I prefer rainbow SHINee.



Lil’ Raine: MEEEEEE too. And how Key had it during Ring Ding Dong. I do LOVE him with black hair. Just no mullets. Just. No.

Raine: Back to the mixing of the video elements and transitions really follows the industrial/electronic/dubsteppy sounds of the song and it’s cool.

Lil’ Raine: Dubby dubby dub step. Dubby dubby dub step *goes around chanting*

Raine: Our cats are staring at you…I think they’re scared…I think I’m scared…

Lil’ Raine: Dubby dubby dub step. Dubby dubby dub step!!!!!

Raine: You guys know what’s badass about this dance? AS though we needed to point out more SHINee dancing badassery…

Lil’ Raine: They carry each other!

Raine: And THROW each other! Tony Testa…you da man.


Raine: So verdict?

Lil’ Raine: They all fall down.

Raine: What?

Lil’ Raine: At the end!

Raine: And that means…you liked it?

Lil’ Raine: They all fall DOWN!!!!… So yes!

Raine: Dirty, dirty girl.

Lil’ Raine: I actually didn’t mean it that way…

Raine: Well…then I’m a dirty, dirty girl.

Lil’ Raine: I coulda told you that one.

Raine: So….I liked it I think it’s their best dance this year except for their Japanese single “Breaking News”.

Lil’ Raine: It’s one of their best songs/dances.

Raine: Better than Dream Girl?

Lil’ Raine: Song- Dream Girl is better. Dance – Everybody is better. Breaking News is just all around awesomeness. They should’ve made a Korean version. It’s better than Boys Meet U.

Raine: I agree. I’m happy. I can’t wait for the rest of the album!

Lil’ Raine: Ditto, DITTO! DITTO!!!!!

Raine: This is Raine and Lil’ Raine signing out of our first K-pop reaction review…thing!

Lil’ Raine: SHINEEEE! Dubby dubby dub step! *dances away*

10 responses to “SHINee’s Everybody: A Reaction (YAAAAAAY!)”

  1. JongHYUN. Sheesh. This is what happens when you have SuperJunior shuffles on the Ipod and thoughts of Eunhyuk doing sexy dances pops in your head when you are typing Jonghyun. Then again, maybe I have created a new couple? 😉

  2. Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed this video. I like the song on its own too. Getting into Shinee: Shinee was always on my radar, on my Ipod, but I am a lyric driven person with music and while I like dance groups too, I’m not a huge music video viewer, so I really do not always LOOK at artists (yes, I know I am not normal lol). And then JoAnne over on Dramabeans made a comment about Jonghyuk being a growler and pointed me at Jonghyuk photos of hotness, and I was totally in big time trouble. But it’s good that I came to the MUSIC first right? That’s what I keep telling myself. 😉

    • Symptoms is a much better song. Everybody is made for the dance and for the comeback and to fit well with a video. We were going to talk about Symptoms that but I had to go to work…hehe. We really like password, but Breaking News is our faaaaaaaavorite. Password is up there though! Lil’ Raine: we were mostly talking about singles. But we would like to do an album review to get songs like Symptoms in there.!

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