Updates on LIFE!

by: Raine


So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve not been writing a lot on my blog. I write six reviews a week for Hancinema and on top of that, Halloween is coming up so work has been crazy with preparing for Halloween concerts. I also, as you know, GOT A NEW CAR and we have a new kitten, who I will post about soon. I PROMISE. She’s getting big and she and Timmy finally get along. My mom came to visit a few weeks ago, too, which was quite lovely. More than anything, however, it’s just the little things in life that have piled up and made me neglect the Dichotomy. I’m planning some K-pop reviews, some general drama reviews, some joint ventures with my sister, and some series reviews as well. Is there anything you’d guys like to read about?

5 responses to “Updates on LIFE!”

  1. Cute auto and kitty! I have a blue point Birman. I was thinking the other day that my K pop listening and knowledge is rather limited,you know, from that thing called time. I tend to listen to mostly male singers, because mostly the large female groups seem very much alike to me…and take that with a grain of salt because really, haven’t done my homework, I know that is not true. I know of and like a few female singers, but I’d like to have more exposure. But most of the time when I look for recommendation/lists, most all say the same thing about a handful of girl groups. Where I am going with this is-I’d love to see a blog/article about female Korean singers/musicians that have been/are influential and/or have something to say, whether they are in groups or bands or solo, mainstream or indie or inbetween.

  2. annyeong, raine!
    whoa! you’re busy!
    and you have 2 new cuties, the car and the siamese kitten! plus of course, timmy!
    i’m happy that things are going great for you. cheers!
    i read anything that you blog about, no special request or i’m sure that you know. LOL

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