by: Raine


Cherkell, Shuk, CV and I have just had a most awesome adventure involving galbi, Hoya’s shoulders, Engrish and a teenage boy losing his voice and his nuts to the beauty of Infinite.


If you didn’t already know, I came to California to meet my fellow Korean pop culture loving kin and to see Infinite. I came in last night and so did CV. We checked into the hotel room and then promptly downed a few shots of sake. Not just any sake: Fuji apple sake. It tastes like juice. Very dangerous juice.

We passed out and then woke up way to early the next morning to eat delicious French pastries. (I know, I know, French pastries aren’t Korean. So sue me.) We ambled through the Korean market, which is way more impressive than the dinky Fort Collins Asian markets. I bought some Pepero sticks for Pepero Day!


Then we met the most awesome Shel and her daughter for a snack and chatted before I came out to rest up for the show. I’m pretty sure I drooled in my sleep in anticipation of watching Hoya’s shoulders work their magic.

We get ready, jamming to some Infinite tunes like good Inspirits and then we went for dinner! Full out Korean BBQ.


That food was SO DELICIOUS. We need real Korean food in Fort Collins. I seriously ate so much I could barely sit. So delicious. Did I say that? I also tried my rudimentary Korean and was UNDERSTOOD. *victory dance* We also drank lots of beer. LOTS of beer. Mmmm….beer. The Fort Collins girl in me was happy. OB few!

Then it was time for:


INPINITEU! I was seriously disappointed in the small crowd, but those who were there were enthusiastic. We had this teenage boy behind us who probably had to change his underwear in the middle while screaming Sungjong’s name. There were the scary fangirls and fanclubs in the fenced off standing room only section. Bitches…

ANYWHO, the show started with video footage. They had filmed a short film that was used throughout the show for the boys to use as a break to do whatever they needed to do back stage. It was super cheesetastic. Music is dead, it said. Infinite is dead, it said. It was the boys’ job to save music and bring back Infinite. There were guns and troops and masks and L getting kidnapped and tied up. Yum. Then they save music and get their glory march towards the screen and all is hunky dory because they’re Infinite, young, beautiful, talented and adored by every single person there! Well, maybe not the security guards…no, I saw them peeking! PEEKERS! GET AWAY FROM HOYA’S SHOULDERS!


They started with Destiny, my favorite, but I wish they hadn’t because it was full of screaming and me taking illegal footage and sorting out who was who from far away. But I found Hoya because of, yup, you guessed it, his shoulders! OMG, they are just as finessed live. Dancing…beautiful. Shoulders. Boys! Amazing! They did a fake strip tease down to their wifebeaters, which mostly made me laugh. But was very sexy. I pretend I don’t like it…hehehe.

Although I complain about the size of the crowd, being at San Jose versus LA was the RIGHT choice. WHY? Because the boys decided that they would VENTURE INTO THE CROWD! I was 10 feet away from Dongwoo, 30 feet from Myungsoo and I was too stunned to get a picture. That and I froze while the other fans swarmed to get high fives. (Probably not high fives….but I would’ve gotten a high five.) But Myung-soo is SO GORGEOUS in real life. So ridiculously pretty. Perfect skin. I can’t believe they did it. They got swarmed, but crowd control was fairly easy. I was very  shocked. They did it several times. Actually, Myung-soo dared to dart into the standing room area and only a few fangirls noticed before he escaped! I wish I’d gotten a picture, but I was too busy staring. I think that makes me a good fangirl. The only thing I’m sad about is that Hoya didn’t come back to where we were.

They did a few time fillers where they spoke in their ADORARKABLE EngRish. Hoya’s English was surprisingly good. So was Dongwoo and Sunggyu’s. Myung-soo’s was, too. The others relied mostly on the INCOMPETANT FOOL OF A TRANSLATOR! They would speak two sentences and she would translate five words. My inadequate Korean allowed me to understand enough to know that I should’ve been hired instead. Translator fired. Raine hired. It was to the point that she was saying, “I’m so happy to be here,” as the translation for everything.

But off of HER. The live band was awesome. They were dead on and the songs were so much cooler with a life band. A few of the songs were mixed badly by the sound engineer. I saw him scrambling behind his computers a few times to get mikes working and work on the rhythm section’s volume.

There was lots of fanservice besides roaming in the crowd. Myung-soo kissed a bear! As Cherkell says, “Panties melted.” And as my poor left ear experienced, the boy behind me screamed himself horse and probably had to go change underwear again.


Dongwoo showed his shoulders. Lots of saying “I love you” in their Engrish. And of course, singing their awesome songs that are way better with a band than with some of the mixing they do on the albums.

And in all, I really enjoyed the concert. It was a good experience. I even enjoyed them talking too much to fill time. I just enjoyed seeing my boys who I fangirl over in person, performing, smiling, being dorky and then cool. The ladies enjoyed it. I think I blasted CV’s ear out when The Chaser came on. We left happy and then PASSED OUT.

Here’s a shout out to my sister Lil’ Raine who I texted the whole time. Next concert, she comes with.

Now to go hang out with the ladies and live off the glow. I leave you with more Infinite news: they will film in NYC for MTV K. Amen. Hallelujah!


4 responses to “I saw INFINITE!”

  1. I cannot even tell you how JEALOUS I am!!!! I have loved INFINITE for such a long time T T, but I am so glad you had such a lovely time. I wish I could have come out too. Ah! One day I will be filthy rich and be able to go to all the K-pop concert I want to and hang out with my Twitterbeans.ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. !!! What a fun adventure!!! 😀 SO COOL that you gals met up to go together! & YAY that you saw your boys in person! And so up close too! Daebak, seriously!

  3. OMG OMG OMG I’m so sexcited! Ooops, I mean excited LOL. I’m going tomorrow nite and the venue is way smaller and it’ll also give room for the boys to roam around with their audience——-> me!!!! This is exciting! Thank you so much for your post! That boy better not show up behind my back!

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