New obsession: Vixx’s Voodoo

by: Raine and Lil’ Raine

Raine: Talk about music crack. EEEEEE!

Lil’ Raine: EEEEEeeeeEEE! I scared Momo…lolz.

Raine: OMG I think we listened to it about 50 times and I could listen to it more. SO GOOD!

Lil’ Raine: We played the video in the car just so we could listen to it ’cause we don’t have the CD yet.

Raine: Sad day. *sob*

Momo: MEOW!

Raine: I know, Momo. I know. We want it, too.

Lil’ Raine: She did seem to get upset when someone other than Key was on the screen.

Raine: She’s a serious fankitten. But enough of the cuteness that is Momo. Let’s get to the badassery that is this Vixx video.


Raine: Basically, it’s a badass mofo in every single way. Video is awesome. Dance is awesome. Song is awesome. Performance is awesome. Concept is awesome. Mood, tone, just frickin’ everything. I’m in love.

Lil’ Raine: I’ve definitely become a Vixx fan.

Raine: You’re welcome.

Lil’ Raine: Time to go on a Vixx rampage and learn all of the members!

Raine: So let’s start with this dark concept. WHOA. Like WHOA. I loved Hyde for being dark and edgy and going places that K-pop normally doesn’t go.

Lil’ Raine: I don’t even know what to say…it’s…it’s…so cool!

Raine: I just love how the dance and the video are so in sync. That girl is creepy. Who is that actress? Anyone know?

Lil’ Raine: A trainee or something. Or a debuting actress. But I love that the dance is so simple, yet effective.

Raine: It’s wicked cool. And the boys do a fantastic job acting as the manipulated voodoo manipulated people. *Squee*

Lil’ Raine: Can I talk about the rap???? OMIGOD!


Lil’ Raine: The one person I know, Ravi, I LOVE his voice.

Raine: He’s got the grittiness we love and he does that “Eeeeeeh” thing I LOVED in Hyde (at 3:04 in this video).

Lil’ Raine: I love the set up to get into the rap. It fit even though the song didn’t seem to be set up to have a rap.

Raine: You stole my words. Yes, the rap is awesome and has this way of drawing out and then rushing into lyrics. It’s totally organic in the song. Not sudden or tacked in just to have the rapper rap.

Momo: MEOW!

Lil’ Raine: She quite literally meowed after I said that the rap was awesome. We have such a good kitteeeeeh. We have a k-pop loving kitteeeeh.

Raine: She’s a smart kitteh. You know what else she loves about the video? The hard hitting beat and bass lines. It makes you want to stop your feet and headbang! I was doing it in the car on the way home from lunch and I was definitely getting some eyeballs. Whatever, all you people in the street don’t know the love that is K-pop!

Lil’ Raine: We just watched it again…oops. No, not really.

Raine: Tee-hee. Check out the lyrics. They’re as crazy sadistic as the video is: click here, please. Or if you want the lyrics with the video: click here, please. Obsession and voodoo combined is a scary, scary concept. I loves it. And then you have moments like the sudden shift to major at 1:09 that are just gorgeous with Ken’s voice. It’s like this strangely angelic moment and then the lyrics basically say, “I will do anything for you, even get hurt.” Or, y’know, be tortured by a psycho holding a voodoo doll.

Lil’ Raine: Crazy psycho bitch.

Raine: What is she doing to pooooooooor Hongbin at the end there?

Lil’ Raine: Pobrecito!

Raine: Also, this is some damned brave material that Jellyfish and Vixx have taken on. There is skin being pierced, blood, torture, and lots of grossness. So awesome!


Raine: Does that make US sadistic for liking it?

Lil’ Raine: No, it just means we like Vixx.

Raine: Again, you’re welcome. Hehe.

Momo: I like Key. (Raine: She didn’t really say this. What she said was “meow”, but that was the rough translation from kitteh speak.)

Lil’ Raine: This is not a SHINee post!…even though we LOVE them. Vixx sings so prettily, too.

Raine: They do. I feel like there is a marked vocal improvement from album to album.

Lil’ Raine: Which is always nice to see.

Raine: If you look at SHINee from 2008 to now, there is a HUGE improvement. I think Vixx could mirror that.

Lil’ Raine: Me, too. I thought this wasn’t a SHINee post! But I guess being compared to SHINee is not a horrible thing.

Raine: *pauses to bicker with Lil’ Raine about who gets to say what…literally…we’re fighting and I’m throwing a tantrum and pulling rank since this is my blog*


Raine: *looks around innocently* So I doubt SM would ever let SHINee do something as bold as this.

Lil’ Raine: That would be fucking awesome.

Raine: This whole video looks like it was fun to put together, fun to perform, fun to sing and dance and everything.

Lil’ Raine: *whines* I want to see the whole dance. I want to see them perform it. But they haven’t done it yet because it just came out yesterday.

Raine: *covers ears* You are seriously, whiny. I think we should do a video post of these so you can HEAR this shit I put up with.

Lil’ Raine: Hey you’re just as bad…or worse!

Momo: Then you can actually hear my pathetic meow. (Lil’ Raine: Again, rough translation of “Meeeeuuuuuuw Meow!”)

Raine: We give this four thumbs up, 11 out of 10 and all that badass goodness.

Lil’ Raine: You know what time it is?

Raine: What?

Lil’ Raine: It’s time to go watch it in HD on the big screen.

Raine: OOOH! Okay bye guise! *runs downstairs with Lil’ Raine*

5 responses to “New obsession: Vixx’s Voodoo”

  1. I LOVE Vixx!! Their choreography has been consistently outstanding and I’m loving their styling for this promotions (no crazy hair dyes, it’s au naturale, baby). They perform well and also have pretty good title track songs. They are climbing up on bias list of groups that I love!

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