2013 Polls: A Year of Unfulfilled Potential in K-dramaland

by: Raine

CM Capture 118(Kim Yu-mi as Lee Jin-sook from Heartless City)

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to assess the hours that we’ve invested into dramaland and hope that all that time was worth it. Here are some polls, so cast your vote, leave your opinions in the comments and tell me your holiday wishes for next year! Did this year’s dramas fulfill their potential or fail miserably?

Some of the nominees I put in several categories because of the wildly differing netizen opinions floating around. Some nominees I couldn’t bear to put in certain categories, and since these are my polls, I think that’s fine!

Personally, I was kinda disappointed in 2013 and thought that there was a lot of potential unfulfilled. Vote and let me know what you think. Polls close January 17th to give you some voting time! Get in there!

Note: These polls are based off dramas I’ve watched. If you have other favorites or…non-favorites, please leave them in the comments. I didn’t watch a few big shows this year like Nine and Incarnation of Money. For the record I finished 25 dramas and didn’t finish about 5. The unfinished dramas are not included.

**I JUST finished Nine. I wanted to include it, but it’s too late. So if you liked it, comment!

Potential WIN: Best Drama of 2013

Potential FAIL: The drama that left you hanging in 2013

Idol Actor WIN: Best Idol Casting of 2013

Idol Actor FAIL: Worst Idol Casting of 2013

Most Over-hyped Drama of 2013

Most Under-hyped Drama of 2013

Biggest Overnight Sensation of 2013

Most Potential for Dramas airing into 2014

WTF? Drama of 2013

As for your favorite actors and actresses, leave me a comment and tell me who you ADORE! Maybe I’ll put up some pretty pictures of them. Hehehehe.

Get voting, drama addicts!

23 responses to “2013 Polls: A Year of Unfulfilled Potential in K-dramaland”

  1. Park Sa is my number 1 for 2013! He is a total badass and quite ballsy! He remained caring and loyal to his people. I loved his sexy chuckles in the beginning. BUT did you notice that his smile disappeared as the story progressed? Ahhh i can go on and on and on about him! Ehehe. Jang Kyung Ho played Park Sa very well and really rocked the guy liner!!!! Ahhh

  2. My top pick would be King’s Family, a drama loosely based on my life story. But it wasn’t an option, Sooo I went and voted for my second favorite… Nam Gyuri and Heartless city /o/ \o\ /o/ \o\

  3. I loved I Hear Your Voice, That Winter the Wind Blows, Cruel CIty, Nine and Master’s Sun. Reply started off great but it hasn’t progressively gotten worse. Suzy ruined Gu Family Book, which is why that and Heirs are my least favorite dramas of the year. I liked a lot of dramas this year but I would say that last year was better.

  4. Heartless City was definitely my top drama. I will never get over Paksa! I was quite please with some of the idol actors this year, but mostly because I’m trying to forget that Nail Shop Paris ever happened.

  5. Hi Raine!
    I’m loving prime minster and I. So funny and fun. Otp has great chemistry together. Only four eps and you can see he’s starting to like her already. ^^
    Hope rating goes up if the pace stay consistent.

  6. *waves at Raine* Dangit! Ji Chang-wook is not an “overnight sensation!” Why does everyone think My Precious just appeared on the scene a few months ago when EK premiered? Just because he’s in a Hit Drama now? *big heavy sigh*

    Heh. Like that stopped me from voting for him… 😛

    • Cherk – I meant the spike in popularity. Just cause he was already popular doesn’t mean he didn’t get MOAR popular. Didn’t He?. Jung Woo is not either. At least not to me. I knew of precious before. Hehe. But people have gotten to know him better in EK. Which is fantastic!

      • Just giving you a hard time, dahling. You KNOW I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity! 🙂 Maybe “overnight sensation” was a strange choice of words. How about “stunning/fantastic/amazing breakout performance”… which would pretty much apply to all the folks you nominated above! ♥

        Loved the poll nonetheless; it reminded me of the gazillion hours I spent watching in 2013. Sleep is overrated anyway. 😉

  7. And another reminder of how many dramas I’ve watched this year though there are some missing here 😀 Though I have no freaking idea how I mangaed to watch over 30 dramas and my favourite variety shows (Running Man, WGM, Cool Kidz on the Block etc…) But then again…I barely watch TV anymore 😀
    As for my favourite actors/actresses:
    actors: Gong Yoo (he whose fault it is that I got sucked into the K-Drama scene *cough*CoffePrince*cough*), Lee Jun Ki, Lee Bum Soo, Yoo Seung Ho and many many more^^
    as for actresses. Gong Hyo Jin aaaaalll the way =) I just love her! She’s amazing and has this natural way of acting which I really like 🙂

    • Yeah, I watched more than 25, but those were not 2013 dramas…hehe. I agree about Gong Hyo-jin. One of my favorite actresses. I need to get into Variety Shows. I’ve been pigging out on Kpop and kpop interviews and shows….hehe.

  8. Heirs was the worst of 2013. After 4 episodes I stopped watching it. School violence should be “banned”, not golorified, no joking. Lets all hope that Park shi-oh will be back in 2014, his talent was missed.

    • Ahnyong little kitteh! (that’s what your name is, right? Unless my Korean serves me wrong….)

      Thanks for the comment. Heirs…guh. I 2x speeded my way through it out of LMH and KWB loyalty

  9. I’ll go first: favorite surprise actor of the year was B2st’s Yong Jun-hyung. Favorite actors: Jo Jung-seok, Choi Jin-hyuk, Ji Chang-wook, Jung Kyung-ho, Baro, Yoon Shi-yoon. Basically everyone in Monstar, Flower Boy Next Door, Heartless City and Empress Ki, Answer Me 94, and Park Shi-hoo. Hehe.

    Same goes for female, but standouts include: Choi Ji-woo, Dahee, Kim Yu-mi (pictured at the top), IU, Park Shin-hye in FBND (NOT HEIRS), Mom in AM94. I’ll get writing about all this sooon….ish…

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